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Traffic Wave Surfing

20160302064637-TrafficWave468Traffic Wave Surfing is an advertising & revshare program that delivers targeted traffic…
Program Name
Traffic Wave Surfing Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, Payeer, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until March 26, 2016… Earn 125% ROI with 50% Repurchase Rule… $1.00 AdPacks with 30,000 Maximum Purchase… Up To 5% Daily Cap… Click 5 Ads Daily… Min/Max Withdrawal: $5.00/$200 Daily… Free Members Must Purchase 1 AdPack To Withdraw… AdPacks Mature Within 25 to 35 Days… 4% Deposit Fee… 4-Level Referral Commission: 8%|3%|2%|1%… Admin: Tomafu Mlm… More Information: Read Home, FAQ, and Terms page Get 100% RCB

Thank You,                                                 UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                            No Longer In Business

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14 Thoughts to “Traffic Wave Surfing”

  1. Admin|Update

    New Update (1:31PM 6/4/2016): To compensate issues we got today, WITHDRAWALS will be open tomorrow on SUNDAY 6/5/2016.


    1 – We are in MAINTENANCE MODE for around one hour to check site performance. Sorry again for yesterday site performance. Our developer finished his job yesterday morning and few hours later site was slow again.
    2- Surfing is not required and will be not from now, we deleted the surf countdown.
    3- We will have some changes in our PAYPLAN starting when TWS will be back in one hour.

    *ALL 1 dollars adpacks will mature at 1,125 dollars and not anymore at 1,25 dollars. This is done for sustanability. 1 dollar adpack is now maturing a 112,5%. ALL adpacks that are now beetween 112,5% and 125% will mature instantly. Commissions on 1 dollar adpack is now 5% level 1.

    *The 3 dollar adpack PAYPLAN will not change. We are still around 3% daily with 40% repurchase balance. And commissions on 4 levels, 8%, 3%, 2%, 1%.

    *Perfect money is closed for add funds and withdrawals. We made around 15 000 dollars of exchange from PAYEER to PM to satisfy our members but can not continue. CoinPayments is closed for adding funds for the same reason, We made around 10 000 dollars of exchange from PAYEER to CoinPayments. CoinPayments withdrawals still open because we have still 0,77 bitcoin reserve in the processor.

    * PM and Coinpayments members can withdraw with PAYZA, PAYEER or SOLIDTRUSTPAY. It is your choice. ADD FUNDS are open on our 3 principals processors PAYZA, PAYEER and STP with 0% deposits fees.

    *WITHDRAWALS LIMITS stays 400 dollars maximum daily from monday to friday.

    Sorry again for site performance, we will monitor the site and let you know the current situation.

    Thank You. Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    Hello TWS members, Last 24 hours the site was fast, we didn’t notice any problem for the site loading. (No timeouts) We are working hard since 48 hours to find what happened with site since 2 weeks. All seems to be ok now. We will continue to monitor the site.

    It’s big holiday in USA. Weekend before Memorial day. And for memorial day we will have surf free and a special bonus.

    BONUS : 5% bonus for 200 dollars deposits and more. 0% deposit fees. This Bonus will end on Tuesday 10 AM EST TIME and SURFING will be required again.

    PLease open a support ticket to get your price !!!

    Have a good weekend !!! Admin

  3. Admin|Update

    Update From Admin
    Hello, For our 2 months anniversary, you can enjoy 0% deposits fees

    And a BONUS deposit :
    – From 100 to 499 dollars : 2%
    – From 500 to 1000 dollars : 4%
    – More than 1000 dollars : 5%

    You have to open a support ticket to get your price in cash balance.

    Thank You. Admin

  4. Admin

    A No-Surf Update

    Our 3 past days was a little slow with some issues. We got a server issue and today an email issue. Sorry for that.

    Now ALL is fixed. SURFING ADS will be NOT REQUIRED until May 23, 10 AM EST TIME. Enjoy 🙂

    The 3 dollars adpacks give 6% daily. Deposits fees are 3%.

    Thank You.
    Stay tuned. Admin

  5. Admin

    Update: 3 dollars ADPACK is ROCKING !!!
    In less than 24 hours, members bought 30 000+ “Triple Adpacks” !!! We are rocking 🙂

    Congratulations TWS members !!!

    You can continue to enjoy 6% CAPPED daily earnings with the new 3 dollars adpack. We have 3% add funds fees.

    Don’t forget you have your new banners ready

    Thank You.Admin

  6. Admin

    Are you ready for the “Triple adpack” ?

    -> NEW BANNERS are already available in your member area

    The new 3 dollars adpack will be available in 2+ hours from now. 130% ROI, 6% CAPPED daily earnings

    We have 3% deposits fees on our processors.

    Thank You. Admin

  7. Admin

    Hello TWS members

    Here some details for our last email from us. Some people think now they can withdraw only with payza. This is not true lol !!!

    PLEASE READ: You can continue to withdraw with your main processor but from now you have the choice to withdraw with Payza too. The processor who causes most problems is Perfect Money. So i would like PM members start withdrawing with Payza instead of PM. Those who can

    It is your choice and it could help TWS to not lose fees in big amount exchange.

    Of course we will continue making exchange to have funds on PM for our members. But you can help us too.

    Thank You Guys.
    BIG NEWS are coming in 48hours from now
    Stay tuned

  8. Admin


    – TWS paid out more than 500 000 dollars in less than 2 months, it is awesome !!!
    – You know the rules for withdrawals in TWS.

    Your MAIN processor is the one with you most deposited.
    – The reason for this email is simple. Most funds we are getting are going to Payza and we could not have enough funds to all processors in the future.

    As an admin I want to make sure all payouts processed fast and on time . Please all members who do not have Payza currently open an account that way you will be alway able to get your earned money fast. Otherwise we will be forced to always work with exchangers and this will take time and cost system more money.

    – Even if you fund your account with PM, STP, payeer or Bitcoin, you can withdraw with Payza.
    – It works only with payza.
    – If you funded with Payza you can not withdraw with an other processor

    Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation! We always working to improve the system and make it the best possible!

    We as a family did great job and hope we will continue to improve this site and make the best possible!


  9. Admin

    Quick T.W. Update
    You can enjoy 0% DEPOSITS FEES with TrafficWaveSurfing, And 0% WITHDRAWAL FEES.

    All is running well. Have a nice day.

    Thank YouAdmin

  10. Admin


    1- Career Plan is live !!!! Details is available are your member area. TOP MENU then click on “Career Plan”.

    If you reach one level, just send us a support ticket with your username and the name of level you reached. You will receive your price in 72 hours maximum.

    You will see your level after on your dashboard ( THE LOGO will be shown).

    2- SURFING IS STILL NOT REQUIRED !!! Some members has still some problems to connect since migration to our new custom server. I will update you before Surfing ill be required again, don’t worry.

    Thank You.Admin

  11. Admin

    We have New Withdrawals limits from now :

    – MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL LIMIT : 10 dollars a day
    – MAXIMUM WITHDRAWAL LIMIT : 300 dollars a day

    7 days a week of course. Enjoy !!!

    I will keep you updated about career plan SOON

    Thank You.Admin

  12. Admin

    TWS Admin Update
    In less than 24 hours, Surfing Ads will be required to earn every hour. Tomorrow, March 30, 10AM Est time exactly.

    You can do your 5 clicks now in our Business Directory :
    – On your overview page, just click on “You Are Yet To Surf 5 Ads Today!”
    – Of course, you can do your clicks again before countdown reach 0, it will be reset to 24 hours.

    You can buy Surf free plans too if you click on your overview page on “Buy surf free units” :

    3 MONTHS Surf FREE $50 USD
    30 DAYS Surf FREE $20 USD
    7 DAYS Surf FREE $5 USD
    1 DAY Surf FREE $1 USD

    Thank You. Admin

  13. Admin

    Hello knowhow,
    The launch was a huge success,
    Thank you to all members of TrafficWaveSurfing!!!

    Here some statistics :
    – More than 200 000 dollars deposited by our members
    – 3850 Total Members and growing every hour
    – $1659.63 of Total Payouts
    – 200 / 300 new members are joining us everyday

    *By friday or saturday, you will get a Splash page and a Landing page to promote TWS in a better way,
    It will be available in your back offices.
    *On April 5th, you could see all your downline like a tree of referrals.
    *We are working hard behind the scenes to provide the best services to our beloved members.

    A lot of updates will come later.

    Thank You.

  14. Admin

    “ADD FUNDS” is OPEN:

    -> Payza, SolidTrustPay, Payeer and Perfect Money have instants deposits.
    So you could see your deposit in your cash balance instantly.

    -> Coinpayments, you can make your deposit and you have to wait up to 12 hours. Because we have to wait the deposit shows completed in TWS Coinpayments account and after we have to approve the deposit.
    For Coinpayments users -> You can create a support ticket with your ID number, your processor ID (bitcoin adress), and amount you deposited.

    Once you have your funds in your Cash Balance, you can already enjoy our services :
    – you can buy Login Ads. ( Advertisement -> Login Ad Plans)
    – you can buy PTC. (Adrvertisement -> PTC)
    And you can set your banners for free in “Advertisement -> Business Directory”. It will be shown in the traffic exchange.

    Launch is in 4 days. I will keep you updated.
    Thank You.Admin

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