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Traffic Summit Ads

                                                           Advertise And Earn Profit At The Summit

            This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic
Trafic Summit Ads (TSA) [SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSOR]: Payza, BitCoin, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 125% Profit… AdPack Plans: $5.00 (no fee) or $50.00 ($10 monthly fee)… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products: Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, PPC Ads, Traffic Exchange, AdPacks, And PTC Ads… Up To 2% Daily Earning Cap… $5.00|$200 (Min|Max) Daily Withdrawal Limit… Surf 10 Ads Daily To Earn Your Revenue Share… Licensed Script, DDOS Protected Hosting, Comodo Secured… Earn Extra Cash By Viewing The Available PTC Ads… 10% 1-Level Referral Commission… [ADMIN]: Harvey Earl[STATUS] ==> Not Paying… Do Not Join… Do Not Purchase AdPacks.

Thank You,
Admin & Team

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily for you, and we know how to keep you updated and rewarded. [Determine your risk-tolerance level, and do not spend more than you can afford to lose.]

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25 Thoughts to “Traffic Summit Ads”

  1. Admin|Update

    July 26th 2017 | Panos Papadakis

    Hello my friends, most of the people here wonder how i remain positive when the situation is like this.

    Well… part of the “role” of a Facebook group admin is to maintain a positive environment in the group and now that we face the issues that Harvey mention in his previous posts, it’s not the easiest thing to keep people positive. 😛

    Most of the people here worry mostly because Harvey did not post an update for a long time. I agree that it would be better to have regular updates but the most important thing is to have good news and not to have an update just to have an update.

    By the way i still believe that we will have an official update soon. 🙂

    But instead of being negative or silent, i prefer to stay positive and keep the group as active as i can. I do that because I still believe that Harvey has good intentions and he will return. I don’t know what news he will bring but time will tell.

    Until then… i choose to be positive !!!

    July 27th 2017 | Panos Papadakis

    The site is back online !!!

  2. Admin|Update

    Today i would like to remind something to all of us! To me, to all the members and to Harvey Earl as well!!!

    Venture Plug Traffic (VPT) was the first revshare program run by Harvey and he managed to run it for more then 1 year. So VPT was one of the most long term revshare programs of the last years and a lot of people earn money in VPT.

    Did VPT was flawless and run without any problem for the entire time it was online? Absolutely no. 😛

    You see… Harvey was not as experience as he is today and most of the problems was not even his fault. It was things out of his control. Like for example technical issues on the script or the hold of the funds from PayPal.

    However… Harvey manage to continue again and again no matter the issues. This shows me that he have good intentions and he want to have a successful program.

    Right now we face a similar situation in Traffic Summit Ads (TSA). I honestly didn’t expect to have this issue so fast but again… there are things that Harvey cannot control. Like for example the sales of the program.

    As we all know, revenue has to be made in order this revenue to be shared with all the members. That means that people have to buy the product that TSA offers which is advertising services (traffic).

    Whatever happen, happen for a reason and the important thing is to continue forward. So… basically what i wanted to do with this post is to remind to all of us the above facts and to say that i personally believe that Harvey will find the best possible solution for the program to continue.

    Like i always say… let’s all try to be positive and patience until the next update.

    Harvey Earl we believe in you !!! 🙂

    P.S. The picture below is from one of the post that Harvey post in the VPT group when VPT was near 1 year old.

    -Panos Papadakis|Facebook (6/27/2017)

  3. Admin|Update

    The site is not working fine a while ago and my team already informed the hosting team lately… Now, Our website “” is loading fine globally. Thanks to the hosting team.

    About the plans in trafficsummitads. I already mentioned in my recent post about the issue and how we could start moving again once the issue in my wallet will be completely resolved.

    I will just give an update soon once everything will be back to normal. I have high hopes that this issue will be resolved soon. I am asking for your patience and support.

    Harvey Earl, Admin

  4. Admin|Update

    Announcement Server Time = June 10, 2017

    Coinpayments issue…

    I am not able to proceed with my plans that will be implemented as I am very affected with the coinpayments issue in my wallet. All of my personal funds that was stored in coinpayments are converted into XRP a long time ago which is now worth $130,000+ but suddenly it was gone.

    The issue of their XRP wallet began last june 5, 2017. This resulted to XRP users not being allowed to withdraw or convert their funds until the time came that the balance has been wiped out from the accounts of all XRP users.

    My plan is that I will get some % of my personal funds into the pool in order for us to start moving again and of course I will get back the funds which I added into the pool once we are stable again.

    Still we are lucky because they promised us that they will recover all the funds which was taken from me as soon as they can.

    The plan I mentioned above is now halted until they recovered all the funds in my account.

    Of all the plans I thought of, this is the best solution for our problem right now. So that we could continue our daily activities and promotions.
    I really need your patience and cooperation regarding this matter.

    Sincerely yours,
    Harvey Earl
    Admin TrafficSummitAds (TSA)


    Please read the message coming from coinpayments below:

    Dear Harvey,

    It is with deep regret we must inform you of an error we discovered in our Ripple service on June 5th, 2017 that allowed a few users to withdraw excessive XRP from hot wallet XRP accounts. Our records show that you are one of the users affected by this unfortunate activity.

    The issue was hard to detect because of the rarity of circumstances where it could happen. We have done a full review of our systems and added additional checks and protections to make sure similar issues don’t occur in the future.

    This isolated incident is the first of its kind on our platform and affected only ripple wallets which were not taking advantage of our long-term coin storage solution, the Vault. The people who exploited the glitch were not hackers, but other long term users of our service who made errors or chose not to report the discovered issue and ended up withdrawing other client’s XRP. Their detailed personal information has been collected and they all have been contacted to return the funds immediately.

    We are in communication with some already and reclamation process has begun with the help of our lawyers. Early response indicates that honesty appears to be prevailing. Some of the funds have already been returned and through a series of escalating steps we will be making every effort to ensure the XRP is returned to its rightful owners.

    We will be working diligently with local and international authorities for the safe return all balances and will proceed with criminal prosecution of those who do not return the funds willingly.

    Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work through this matter. Note that your balance has been updated to reflect your new balance. Our support staff will not be able to give any information regarding the situation or adjust your Ripple balance.

    We would like to remind everyone that any coin stored for an extended period should always be Vaulted. This service is free and offers the highest level of protection for any funds kept online.

    Additionally, we will dedicate 1/4 of our revenue flowing directly to effected users until we restore all of the missing value in their accounts. All coins recovered will be evenly distributed among all accounts effected as those come in.

    Alex Alexandrov
    Chief Executive Officer
    CoinPayments Inc.

  5. Admin|Update

    Announcement Server Time = June 5, 2017

    First of all, I would like to express my gratefulness and sincerest thanks to all members who have stayed supportive in promoting our business from the start until today.

    For the last two weeks, TSA was not running at a healthy pace. Our sales have dropped drastically. This occurrence drained our money pool. I can’t state a much clearer explanation as to why this happened but all we noticed was these two things:

    (1) Our business have been affected after the downfall of some larger advertising companies. We have received quiet few prejudices from members.

    (2)Most of the payments come from BTC. As of the moment, BTC is rising rapidly. Majority of the people/members no longer use BTC in purchasing, our guess is maybe because they are keeping it and waiting until BTC will calm down.

    I never intended for this to happen but considering the number of withdrawals compared to deposits/sales, our unfavourable disposition is inevitable. It is true that there are still a few funds left but those are reserved to refund members who funded from June 1 until today.

    Hope that you will consider my transparent and honest administration even if this kind of issue had happened in our business.

    I am currently thinking of any possible solutions on how we could generate more sales again in order to move forward. I am hoping you gave us some time to think.

    Right now, all transaction are held until further notice.

    Thank you for your support and understanding.

    Harvey Earl|Admin

  6. Admin|Update

    Finally, we have successfully reached our third month!

    We have started with a bang and I am proud to acknowledge that until this time the impact of that positive start still exists.

    TrafficSummitAds is continuously growing and the quality services it offers have been expanding throughout the globe. I appreciate the hard work and patronage of all our loyal members.

    I am extremely happy that our efforts of improving TSA did not go to waste because we could definitely notice the number of members supporting TSA with all the positive intentions of doing business with us.

    Have a productive day ahead

    Harvey Earl|Admin

  7. Admin|Update

    I am very happy to see that Traffic Summit Ads have a lot of happy members and some of these members have also provide the TSA site with their testimonial.

    Testimonials is a great way to express your happiness and really help with the growth of TSA since when other people will see these testimonials will feel better about join us!

    If you are happy with TSA and you haven’t already provide the site with your testimonial, i highly suggest you to do that as soon as possible. 🙂

    Panos Papadakis|Facebook

  8. Admin|Update


    There are some members who reported that there were issues of hacking activities on their account. In order to avoid this issue, I request everyone to activate their Google 2-step verification.

    – Google Authentication using ‘QR code’ or ‘Secret Key’

    Please follow this steps below:

    Go to Account activity > Security page.

    I encourage everyone to apply this to enhance security.

    For the members who experienced ‘Not able to purchase ad packs’, I already reported this issue to the concerned team and this will be fixed soon.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.
    I would like to thank all members who expressed positive comments about our fast response in the withdrawal requests and other advertising services.

    As what we always say, one of our goals is to offer quality advertising services and attainable revenue sharing. TSA is indeed in a healthy state. ??

    Our progress and growth is evident in the number of our interested and active members. We have gained the trust of people globally because of the company’s excellent status.

    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 8495
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 91174
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $97158.08

    Do continue to uphold the good name of TSA!

    A productive day to all!

    Harvey Earl|Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    Congratulations to the user “Koreatop” who is our number one position earner with more that $13.600 in earnings!

    And of course congratulations to anyone in our Top 5. It looks like Korea really loves Traffic Summit Ads. 🙂

    Panos Papadakis|Facebook

  10. Admin|Update

    Today’s Update: Server Date – April 06, 2017

    It’s almost our second month in this business and I am proud to say that we have been doing great! A lot of things have developed in TSA. We have received vast number of supporters from all over the globe.

    People from different walks of life had come to appreciate our growing business. A lot have indeed enjoyed our quality advertising services and felt secure in putting their trust on TrafficSummitAds. We will continue to do better for us to achieve success together.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 8062
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 105284
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $68496.4

    A productive day to all!

    Harvey Earl|Admin

  11. Admin|Update

    Good news!! New homepage design is almost done!

    *You can now check our homepage’s new design which shows exciting features that would certainly bring more interest to advertisers.
    *You can also view the “Top 5 position Earners” and “Top 5 Commission Earners”
    *We also added the testimonials and company registration and its image which can give more trust and confidence to others to advertise and join our growing community.
    *We will also continue to provide quality services and think of innovative features and activities to make our business grow and move further.

    About our business:
    The site is in a healthy state. The sales have positively increased and the number of members are continuously growing. I want to thank all the members who never fail to support and promote TrafficSummitAds. Your efforts will be rewarded.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 7786
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 115894
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $43457.95

    Have a productive day ahead!

    Harvey Earl|Admin

  12. Admin|Update

    Today’s Update: Server Date – March 14, 2017

    The concerned team already resolved the issue in identical images in surfing page. Thank you for your patience. Kindly let us know if the issue still persist at your end.

    We will make it certain that TSA will continue to improve! Our progress is the result of all the members’s trust and support. Let us continue all the positivity in our business and help each other build a stronger confidence to lift TrafficSummitAds at the top.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 5669
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 139235
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $22286.3

    Success to us all!
    Harvey Earl|Admin

  13. Admin|Update

    Hope you have a great and profitable day today!!

    Update: GOOD NEWS!!!

    1️⃣ About EV SSL – Green Bar Address
    => The concerned team successfully installed EV SSL

    These are their updates below:
    We are pleased to announce that the COMODO EV SSL Certificate for the domain name: is now issued.
    We have successfully installed SSL certificate into your server.
    We have tighten our site’s security!!

    ✅If you did not see it. Kindly include to type https in your browsers. So it will be “

    I already informed the hosting team to direct the traffic to “HTTPS” whenever members type without “HTTPS” included.

    2️⃣ About The button for ” Use Commission Balance First” Option in Purchase Adpack page
    => We have received an update from them and they told me that they will be able to finish it on March 11, 2017. For those members who need this button, kindly extend your patience a little longer. This is not the only the customization that they will work on, they will also include monitoring of adpacks in ” Purchase Adpack Page ”

    I apologize for the delay as the coding is preoccupied at the moment, and they will cater first come first serve basis. Hope that you will understand.

    About our business:
    We are seeing great progress and improvements. We are growing more stable as well. Indeed, TSA is making its name in this industry. Let us continue sharing this business to others and uphold the good name of TrafficSummitAds.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 3836
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 177152
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $12403.08

    We will also continue to provide quality service, and think of innovative features and activities to make our business grow and move further.

    A productive day to all!

    TSA Admin

  14. Admin|Update

    Hello TSA members! How are you today? Hope that everybody is doing great.

    I am glad to announce that we are continuously developing as a business.We are on a healthy pace. It is noticeable that we have more new members daily. Everyday we are growing which means our business is also becoming more solid and stable. So, it is a positive and healthy sign.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 3545
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 185867
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $7338.71

    As we can see, the design of our log-in page and surf-page now looks better. I also added more advertising space on each page.

    The next one to be redesigned by the designer is the member’s overview page and current earning and commission balance of each processor will be added in the STATS. This will be finished soon.

    Also, the button for “Use Commission Balance First” Option in Purchase Adpack page is on process.

    I want to thank all the members who never fail to support and promote TrafficSummitAds. Your efforts will be rewarded.

    More power to all and to our business.

    Have a productive day!
    Harvey Earl|Admin

  15. Admin|Update

    Hello TSA Members!!

    Update For today: Our company is now successfully registered in UK.

    Company Registration: HARVEY ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS LTD – Now incorporated

    Registration Details:
    Company Number 10632394
    Date Incorporated 22-02-2017

    They are starting to process EV SSL ( GreenBar Address ) highest level of SSL protection. It will be done very soon.

    About the customization and the design:
    => Last time I contacted them to add “Use Commission Balance First” Option in Purchase Adpack page. But they are very busy until now to cater our needs. Please give them sometime. I know this will be done soon.
    => I also contacted the designer team to redesign the members overview page and add current earning and commission balance of each processor in the STATS. This will be finished soon.

    We are proud to say that TSA will definitely hold true to what it says and offer quality service, security and sustainability. Indeed, we are growing more stable daily.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 3254
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 216039
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $4031.21

    More updates will be given soon.

    Do continue to spread this opportunity to all and uphold the good name of TrafficSummitAds.

    Harvey Earl|Admin

  16. Admin|Update

    Update For Today:

    I am working with these following details below that will be implemented in our business VERY SOON!!

    [1] Business Registration in UK
    [2] EV SSL ( GreenBar Address ) highest level of SSL protection
    [3] More Customization and Features
    [4] External Source of Incomes

    I will do everything to make our business more sustainable and secure. There will be many more upcoming exciting activities in TSA. So, stay tune.

    Our supportive promoters are doing an excellent job in TSA by bringing more advertisers and new supportive members in our business. So, everyday we are growing more stable and we are on a healthy pace. Your unending efforts are highly appreciated.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 3188
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 225144
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $3222.37

    Keep sharing this opportunity to others and be rewarded!

    Sincerely, Harvey Earl|Admin
    TrafficSummitAds (TSA)

  17. Admin|Update

    Hello TSA members!

    We already reached 3k members in a short span of time.(Y)

    Everyday we are having more and more people that support and patronize our business. It seems to give us a feeling that we have been firmly lifted upward for us to continuously grow and develop. Let us prove everyone that they have made the right choice in joining TrafficSummitAds. (Y)

    Do invite your referrals to join our group to keep them up to date of the current activities in TSA. Let us share our experiences about our business here in our group,in order for us to grow constructively.

    Check our stats below:
    ☑️TOTAL MEMBERS: 3015
    ☑️ALEXA RANK: 269544
    ☑️TOTAL PAYOUTS: $1549.81

    We are continuously making improvements in the site to cater the needs of our advertisers. One of the features that was suggested by members is “use commission balance first” option when purchasing. And i’m already working on this.

    More exciting features soon. Suggestion will be much appreciated. (y)

    If you have any queries, feel free to submit a support ticket. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Thanks and have a great day ahead!
    Harvey Earl|Admin

  18. Admin|Update


    These are the changes in our deposit fees below:

    Payza – Fee ( 4.99% )
    STP – Fee ( 3.99% )
    PM – Fee ( 3.99% )
    Payeer – Fee ( 3.99% )
    BTC – Fee ( 0% )

    I am glad to announce that everyday we are growing more stable. More people are joining daily. You can check the stats below.

    ALEXA RANK: 309110
    TOTAL PAYOUTS: $788.14

    Thank you to our active promoters! Your loyalty and support is what makes our business grow.

    Keep promoting our business to maintain the positive progress of Traffic SummitAds!

    May all have a productive day!


  19. Admin|Update



    ✓ Members overview page
    ✓ Commission earnings
    ✓ Share earnings
    ✓ Account Type
    ✓ Links Ref. click earnings
    ✓ PTC/Cash links Earnings

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

    We are planning add more features on the site and strengthen our security. More update will be given soon.

    The progress of our business is doing well. We are continuously expanding. You can check the stats below.

    ALEXA RANK: 389072
    TOTAL PAYOUTS: $75.85

    TSA would certainly prosper and grow because there are a lot of supportive and understanding members.

    Do continue to promote our business and uphold the good name of TrafficSummitAds.


  20. Admin|Update

    Hello TSA members! A pleasant day to all.

    We already reached 2k members! That’s really something to be happy about since we are still on prelaunch.

    There’s so much positivity radiating in our site today! Only 1 day and 2 hours left before our official launch date!

    Do continue to share this opportunity to all and uphold the good name of TrafficSummitAds.

    We already have a winner for our February 06 referral contest. CONGRATULATIONS to our referral contest winner!!!

    Username: mavz619
    Number of referrals: 39
    You will receive your $10 in your cash balance. ? ? ?

    As for our referral contest, you still have a chance to win! The referral contest will still continue!

    Members who have the most number of downlines for this date only: Server Time – February 07 , 2017, will be rewarded $10. You can check the server time in the member’s overview page. You will get your prize in your TSA account Cash Balance. ?

    QUICK REMINDER: There will be an exciting prize for the member who gets the most number of paid downlines after the LAUNCH date. The prize and details will be announced soon.

    Good luck!

    Harvey Earl

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