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Program Name: Traffic Monsoon Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Launched On October 10, 2014… Earn 110% Hourly Shared Revenue… AdPacks Are $50.00 Each… 2% Daily Revenue Cap… Earn Extra Cash with Cash Links PTC Ads… Instant Withdrawals… 10% Referral Commission… No AdPack Limit… Surf 10 Sites Daily… No Repurchase Rule… Admin: Charles Scoville… How It Works: Read Home-About-Ad Plans-Security-FAQ page… 100% Referral Cash Back…

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Admin & Team                                          No Longer In Business, Due To SEC

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67 Thoughts to “Traffic Monsoon”

  1. Admin | Update

    Charles Scoville | Admin | November 17, 2017

    I am an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not God, nor should my word be 100% trusted at all times, for I am but a man with greater imperfection than many of you, but the atonement of Jesus Christ can make you whole, why doubt that because of my faith I have been made whole too? You can be too! And this is what the Lord thy God is asking of the SEC.

    If there is no security, SEC– let my business GO ! Tell the truth and do this without further pain and suffering within the heart of any of God’s children, otherwise their pain will be held against you at the last day.

    For much suffering has been caused at your hand upon the lives of the innocent, and this sadness must end at your own hand or you will not stand worthy to receive of your Lord Jesus Christ at his coming, and will be wiped off.

    This is a promise from the Father, and I testify in the name of the Son Jesus Christ that it is true, and a witness unto you this day shall come in your heart, and a witness in reality will come when you are made desolate if you turn not unto the Lord your God and let this business go back to where it came from, and set it back up just the way you found it, and get Allied Wallet to fix that issue too, Peggy Hunt.

    This was your job to make sure assets didn’t get lost and you let Allied Wallet defy court order. Why? Do you not care about law and order?

  2. Admin | Update

    Sunil C Patel | Facebook | November 10, 2017 | # LATEST ON TRAFFIC MONSOON 10/11/1017

  3. Admin | Update

    Sunil C Patel | Traffic Monsoon Court Updates | October 16

    The SEC has filed its answer to Traffic Monsoon’s opening brief. The next step is we will answer the SEC in another filing before any court date will be discussed. The SEC has replied, but we have stronger arguments in our appeal. See the documents on my blog at:


    Securities and Exchange Commission v Traffic Monsoon et al Civil No. 2:16-cv-00832 JNP

  4. Admin | Update

    Charles Scoville | Admin · October 1 | Facebook

    Watch as I OWN the haters: If you’re arguing against legal definitions, law books, and dictionaries and the reality that elements within the definitions don’t match up with what my business actually is– then it’s pretty clear that you’re either arguing because of an agenda or you’re clueless. This position you’re taking is deception to manipulate consumers away from being customers of my services to assist competition in having perception advantage over me.. or by the fact you’re unable to match up elements in definitions of law piece by piece that match up things to meet the requirements in the definitions categories.

    Arguing against someone who has such low intelligence to argue with a dictionary is a waste of time to read their opinions. Honestly. Any true business person or person who understands law would NEVER argue against these things well established. Seeing that you do, they will clearly see no value in your opinion.

    Think about what you’re arguing against. No one in their right mind would argue against a dictionary. Right? Did you read the full judge’s opinion? The full one. Do you know preliminary injunction rules?

    In preliminary injunction, the party who filed the lawsuit gets preference. The burden of proof is nearly at an impossible level upon the defense. The judge in the preliminary injunction (you can read the transcripts) recognized that my business offered adverting product and a non-investment. She also couldn’t see any fraud. The SEC convinced the judge they believe they could find some if given proper time in discovery.

    So, the judge seemed to see that the website, business, terms, etc were not setup to be a ponzi. But, she said if we ignore the disclaimers, the service, and the business– then the economic reality is very similar to a ponzi– and if the SEC can find evidence of me committing fraud in some way, it could impact a jury decision, but the appeals court might see it differently at this stage. She seemed uncertain about what the circuit courts might think. You can see all this also through the transcripts in the hearings.

    You really should dig deeper than you do. Basically if she ignores all the disclaimers, ad service, and business itself– and looks just at the money coming in from purchases for ad service and going out for surfing rewards, then she was following court rules for her to give preference to the SEC since they filed the lawsuit.

    So to argue agains the truth (which all who truly dig can see) shows that you could have an agenda, that you’re deceptive, or that you’re just an idiot. Arguing against the truth simply gives everyone a decoder ring to see that you’re not all that smart. If no one points this out to you– how will you ever improve yourself in life?

    Wake up, Haters! You need to educate yourself in this area FOR SURE if you’re going to be a “scam-buster” or debate online, because all you’re doing right now is displaying how stupid you are to those who are educated in this area.

    There’s a certain type of person who draws towards false things and believes those things before they believe things that are true, and then there is another type that draws towards truth and believes those things and may never believe the false stuff.

    Haters, you’re the type of person who grabbed hold of internet rumors from FUD campaigns and smear campaigns against me, and you thought what they had to say had real merit and meaning, but in reality it doesn’t… but you couldn’t tell the difference, because you’re an idiot.

    I don’t mean to insult you, just saying you need to wake up in life and open a book and read what words mean, because you’re wrong in this discussion, and the facts and measurements in place to obtain truth here have all lined up to 1 single reality: Traffic Monsoon is NOT a ponzi unless they ignore all the ad service, disclaimers, business math, everything- including the definitions in the law books, especially since Traffic Monsoon could always keep its contractual obligations.. and isn’t that (end of the day) what the fraud actually is in a ponzi scheme- the inability to meet obligations? and if my company can, and always would– then what is your problem?

    So before you post your uneducated opinions again, TRY to educate yourself about these things more deeply. One of the things the judge also said was she didn’t feel comfortable releasing any funds without appellate review. She wasn’t confident of any decision she might make here.

    Take a look at things like the Judge ruling in a manner inconsistent with previous rulings. She ruled in a way about Morrison which is contrary to any other previous judge EVER. Did you think about that? Did that make you think that maybe other things she has decided COULD be wrong too?

    How could you not recognize that you’re currently seen as a foolish man who believes the opposite of the truth which all who have seen court records or been to the hearings know for themselves to be true. So you’re just looking like an idiot to those who know.

    So if you haven’t read things then you don’t know yet. That’s my point. You don’t know what you’re talking about. What things are you reading. Law books, law references? or haters comments and internet rumors? Which do you think is established in truth? Right. The law books. So why believe the internet rumors when I’m posting links to the briefs filed with the courts so people can review and learn the definitions of law for themselves, and understand truly that my business is actually legitimate by all counts.

    I get it. The SEC are usually right in what they do, but the SEC isn’t always right. In this TM case with the SEC, the SEC is wrong– they just are in our case… and they think they are right because their source of fact is haters comments and they are not basing their evaluation of my business by what is actually written, but based upon what SOME people THOUGHT, and people only thought that based upon people who taught the business wrong, and that only happened by people who had agendas or people who didn’t know any better– but end of the day, they didn’t read the website for themselves or have the intelligence to say the words they saw written on the website– instead they made up their own.. was it because of agenda or because they just didn’t know what was on the website because they never read it?

    Once we drill through the crazy internet rumors and have this case based upon what was actually there, this is going to resolve in our favor because if you understand law then you would know that the only winning points the SEC have about TM is how people promoted TM wrong, and that has nothing to do with me or the company, because I made sure everyone was educated before purchase.. now, if people didn’t take time to read their order before making a purchase, then that’s their problem.. but I did all I needed to in order to make sure each potential customer is aware their purchase on TM is for ad service, and not for any sort of investment, and there is not any sort of returns.

    So the SEC shouldn’t really be involved in TM, because an investment isn’t actually involved. For you to think so only shows how dumb you are. Why would you think buying an ad service is an investment if you’re given a reward for surfing? Do you see how stupid this is?

    Classic low intelligence arguments here. So you really should stop arguing and making yourself look bad, but hey– go on all you want and make yourself look as obviously stupid as you want. But you might not see too much argument from me, because I’m seeing that you don’t have the intelligence required to understand my words.

  5. Admin|Update

    Charles Scoville | T. M. Admin

    Traffic Monsoon had ad service, disclaimers, business math, everything- including the definitions in the law books. Traffic Monsoon could always keep its contractual obligations.. and isn’t that (end of the day) what the fraud actually is in a ponzi scheme- the inability to meet obligations? and if my company can, and always would– then what is your problem? How it was sold wrong? Then isn’t your problem how you didn’t read the website before making a purchase?

    Here’s a key for detecting who has ripped you off in TM. Here’s a question for you. Why would you think buying an ad service is an investment if you’re given a reward for surfing? Whoever told you that buying ad service is an investment = con man. If you really think through, it was never me who told you that.

    These same people are people right now saying I’m not a businessman, I’m a scammer. The same people who said join TM because I’m a genius. Real business minded people like Micah, who also is legally minded, reviewed my business for this appeal and told me I’m a genius. This is real. Others who really know the math think this is genius. My dad thinks this is genius and he worked as a project manager for Avaya and also managed teams in India. Looking over the numbers to see this business would never go into debt, and the services were ranked #1 in the industry.

    People reference the PayPal limitation and the SEC lawsuit as evidence I don’t know business. No, this is evidence people like Imy Aslam, Sharon James, John Smith, Dilip Patel, and others DO NOT KNOW BUSINESS. They join businesses without thinking, without digging, and only believing in their gut after meeting the owners. They think this is the best way to determine whether a business is real or not, go meet the owners.

    But they don’t know about psychopaths and sociopaths, nor know how to protect themselves against them. They fall victim repeatedly to scams from these types of people, yet believe in them so much they push these scams and create victims. Victims that wouldn’t have existed if they hadn’t been promoting. Every business they have been in has eventually failed. That is not good business acumen, folks. And talking publicly about me and my business skills when they have fallen victims (in their words) yet they were the ones creating the victims by measurements of reality.

    These people had Sharon’s facebook posts captured. Is she selling ad service on her fb wall. If you’re honest: NO! Talking about how many packs she has and how much money she’s making is not selling ad service. It’s things like what Sharon was doing on her facebook, what Imy was doing on youtube, John Smith was doing in his meetings, and Dilip Patel was doing.. and others too, you’re not the only ones who told people to “put money” or “put packs” into TM. This is NOT what I have ever offered.

    Capturing these proofs of how the business was being sold caused PayPal to disconnect their business relationship with us. They saw the spike in sales, and heard we were running meetings– but the more sales increased, the more they were trying to understand why– and they bumped into unethical sales techniques. They didn’t match up with what was on the website or discovered through their reviews.

    The business IS legal, but the “promoting it wrong” made it look like I had deceived PayPal, and they took action against me and drilled so hard they pressed the matter through the SEC, and got so angry that I would deceive them that they also wanted to get the FBI involved and really smash me hard with a hammer send me to jail.

    But the thing is– I wasn’t the source of the deception like PayPal and the SEC had supposed. It was the leaders. These leaders being deceptive by nature will do all they can to turn everything around from them. The problem in the business was not me. The problem was deception which was caused by deceptive people, and a lot (if not all) of those same deceptive people are in other scams right now pretending to have good business sense, but not know what they’re doing– and they are leading people into bad decisions because of bad ideas.

    Anyone who tries to shush people away from talking about “regulation” or “proof of trades” is a deceiver, con-artist, and persuasion expert leading you to make a bad decision which will hurt you for their own gain, and that is what a psychopath/sociopath is.. a fake friend.. and we’ve seen a lot of people who are fake, and shown their true colors through this case. Don’t be blind. Protect yourself.

    Anyone who tries to get people to ignore the website (fake leaders, haters, PayPal, SEC) and either sell this wrong or have it held liable for doing something wrong = a deceiver. Liar.. people who say words mean differently than what they say.. People who look at the sun and say it’s dark, or look at USI-TECH and say it’s legit.

    Deceivers, manipulators, and at the end of the day– this sort of evil is what caused the flood of Noah, will cause the end of the world, and this evil existed in TM which caused the SEC case to come upon us, but the evil FALSE things being said CAN be called out to help protect and warn people, but that deception has never come from me or any content provided by the company itself upon the website/videos/etc.

  6. Admin|Update

    September 18, 2017…

    Haters claim to want to protect people’s money and get them their money back.. but they encourage people to contact the receiver who spends more of their money every minute she works on anything related to TM. They don’t really care about you!

    If people could only see how truly stupid these tara talks/refund groups types really are when it comes to TM… in reality it’s truly not a ponzi, and the recently filed appeal brief clearly steps the logical thinker through the law and Traffic Monsoon’s business model to display that there is no valid reason for this case and it should be voided.

    It’s people that are so stupid who refer to the law cited in the brief filed as “pseudo-compliance..” and I’m thinking how stupid do you have to be to think REAL LAW is just pretend? This isn’t pseudo anything.. these are the real laws here with references to them too.

    Why would you try to tell people this is pseudo compliance when this is the real thing with citations to law that prove TM isn’t a ponzi whatsoever by definition of law… no wonder the haters are trying to “hit back” by telling people to contact the receiver.

    The haters don’t really care about anyone, just want to win an argument online regardless of how it impacts anyone, but they are wrong this time– TM isn’t really a ponzi. They are not happy about losing this argument. They have been right about some ponzi schemes, but TM is not one of them they are right about, and the brief we filed 12 Sept 2017 clearly outlines just how right TM is.

    The whole PayPal limitation started because of this online argument between haters and TM users, and haters desire to wreck our relationship with PayPal because they could see we had such a good one. So they combined and worked together to convinced PayPal of a lie, and PayPal believed their lie so well that they thought I had been deceiving them the whole time.

    So they limited the account and did all they could to get people to report me to the SEC and FBI. PayPal even pulled a bit of deception job themselves to make it look like things I said weren’t true. Those have all been proven to be truly exactly how I had been telling people within official court documents supplied by PayPal themselves. The haters worked with the SEC to help convince them to file this case.

    So if you think these people are really working FOR you, they are not. They are working against you simply to win an online argument about Traffic Monsoon, and by clear definition of law it truly isn’t a ponzi, as has been clearly demonstrated through the appeal’s brief.

    So all this destruction and impact on everyone’s lives had nothing to do with anything I did, but everything to do with what the haters, PayPal, and the SEC have done and caused an injustice to fall upon every single one of us involved in TM, and none of us should partner with them– but partner together to beat them at what they are doing to us, and simply using PayPal and the SEC as weapons against us.. to win an argument online.. and not having any concern about what they are doing and what impact it would have on any of the TM members’ lives..

    They don’t care about the destruction in people’s lives, in fact they cheer and want to have everyone believe I caused this, when it was actually them.. I would say they are “pseudo-caring” because they are attempting to fool people into believing they care, when actually they haven’t dug into the actual business to see that there actually isn’t any investment offered, and since no security exists the SEC shouldn’t have gotten involved.

    Since I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I wasn’t offering any security, (I offered ad service, referral program, and rewards for surfing) and I know there was truly no ponzi involved within my business as a matter of law based upon legal definitions, I know we’re going to prevail in this case eventually! Truth and justice shall prevail!

    Charles Scoville|Admin

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