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Program Name: Traffic Monsoon Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Launched On October 10, 2014… Earn 110% Hourly Shared Revenue… AdPacks Are $50.00 Each… 2% Daily Revenue Cap… Earn Extra Cash with Cash Links PTC Ads… Instant Withdrawals… 10% Referral Commission… No AdPack Limit… Surf 10 Sites Daily… No Repurchase Rule… Admin: Charles Scoville… How It Works: Read Home-About-Ad Plans-Security-FAQ page… 100% Referral Cash Back…

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Admin & Team                                          No Longer In Business, Due To SEC

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60 Thoughts to “Traffic Monsoon”

  1. Admin|Update

    I cannot fault the level of support we now receive (from Traffic Monsoon).

    -Verification of new account for new referral done within half an hour of uploading the documents yesterday pm.
    -A ticket raised just politely enquiring on timeframe for verification completion, answered within half an hour.
    -Payza all set up for her and 1st ad pack purchased, all in a couple of hours.

    Well done and massive thanks to Ernie Ganz and the team.

    -Nat Agius

  2. Admin|Update

    “Order your Allied Wallet Cards now for $6.” (Delivery times for Cards are not known yet)

    -Sunil Patel

  3. Admin|Update

    I just can not wait to give you this… AMAZING NEWS.

    TM has already given us the best opportunity online, Where we can earn a Life changing Income with a Legitimate Business, and after discussing with Pinakee Naik who Presented at the Birmingham Event tonight along with our very own CEO and Immy Aslam. Charles gave the Announcement ********* of the FANTASTIC news.

    Tomorrow we will have an update in our Back office. Yes you guessed it… To order our very now Allied Wallet cards. Wow this is Incredible!!!!!!

    We have had information that the card application process will cost around $6 and the withdrawals will be 0.50c per transaction !!!!! Wow Wow Wow!!!!! I just know that we have waited for a long time. But I just know that the wait would have been worth it.

    Please note that if it does not happen tomorrow be patient. So excited.

    -Nebojsa (Income Guy)

  4. Admin|Update

    I know the PayPal limitation has not been easy for any of us. As we near the release of funds in Aug, I just want to thank all of you for your patience, understanding, and support. Traffic Monsoon is such a great business because of how great our members are! It’s as good as it is now because of your endurance, hard work, dedication, and all that you’re doing. How good things are is because of you all, and I just want to say THANK YOU for keeping motivated, and inspiring your teams even through great discouragement, struggle, and facing immense pressures from opposition.

    There are people who seek to stir up trouble for the business, but you have remained strong. Your commitment to the success of Traffic Monsoon is what makes Traffic Monsoon so successful. Keep up the great work everyone. Let’s keep working to make Traffic Monsoon a fantastic opportunity for years and years to come!

    -Charles Scoville Owner/Admin

  5. Admin|Update

    How To *Correctly* Explain Traffic Monsoon The Company And How It’s Services Work
    (*explained by the Traffic Monsoon CEO himself Charles Scoville)

    Basically, people can click through the traffic exchange to earn free advertising credits. People can click on cash links to earn money, and refer others to click on cash links and earn referral cash from each referral click as long as the sponsor has clicked a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral cash link click earnings.

    There is no purchase requirement for earning from referral cash links clicks, and no purchase & no click requirement for earning referral purchase commissions. Anyone can surf and never purchase anything and still receive unlimited advertising credits for clicking through the traffic exchange.

    If people don’t want to surf to earn credits, they can spend money to receive ad services. The revenue from the purchases gets shared with people who have purchased adpacks and qualify through clicking ads to share in revenues. An adpack gives visitors credits through the traffic exchange, banner click credits, and a sharing position.

    Sharing positions will receive a max of $55.00. There is NO SET AMOUNT these positions receive in a day, and NO GUARANTEE the positions would ever reach their max. It’s completely related to sales of services, and only revenue which has come from advertising sales get shared with those who have qualified. There are multiple services being offered which provide the buyer an ad service, and the revenues from each of these purchases are shared and a portion of each purchase goes into reserve as well.

    ✔ Get Visitors To Your Website. Advertising your website can increase visitors. If you are a blogger it can increase the number of readers you have. If you are selling a product or service online it can increase the number of potential customers you have.

    ✔ Earn an income by telling others about the services.

    ✔ Earn an income by telling people to sign-up for free and click on cash links.

    ✔ With AdPacks you receive sharing positions. You can qualify to share in site revenues through clicking a minimum of 10 ads per day in the traffic exchange. You can surf an unlimited number of sites and receive an unlimited number of ad credits to be assigned to your ad campaigns.

    If you are telling people to “put in” $50 and get out “$55” in ANY time frame — THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. It’s not how it works. No one is “putting in” money or “depositing” money. The services we offer are for SALE if people PURCHASE the services.

    Please DO NOT position Traffic Monsoon as any sort of investment, because that is NOT what Traffic Monsoon offers. Traffic Monsoon ONLY offers ad services, and since the VALUE of our advertising is membership driven, the revenues from the ad purchases are shared with the members.


    When you qualify for sharing, there is NO GUARANTEED AMOUNT you will receive in a day, and NO GUARANTEE (implied or otherwise) that your positions will receive a max of $55. In fact, our ad plans page specifically informs the buyer, “Reaching this maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It’s completely reliant upon sales of services, and you being qualified.” PLEASE READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELF AS WELL AS OTHERS.

    -Ian Michael Bigg and Charles Scoville
    Ian Michael Bigg and Charles Scoville

  6. Admin|Update

    Are people still earning in Traffic Monsoon? YES! Are people still getting paid instantly? YES!!

    Haters will only try to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt within you. In case you have missed the answers previously to these questions:
    1. Where is the bank? – The Traffic Monsoon bank was planned before the PayPal limitation. After it was limited, plans continued and it was made known to me after news of the bank was released that an initial deposit was required to complete the plans. With the funds temporarily held by PayPal for 180 days, the plans couldn’t continue further until PayPal releases the funds.

    With this additional time given to us before completing plans with opening a bank, it’s given me a chance to evaluate whether this is truly in the best interest of the company as a whole, or whether simply using an established company such as Allied Wallet, STP, and Payza would be better.

    2. What about the bank account in Dubai? – There is a bank account opened there, but there is no need to use it because there is a bank account in the USA. There were some who shared potential that having the bank account in Dubai could create issues for the company. No funds were ever placed in that account.

    The bank account in Dubai was only intended to make it easier for people in that region to send wire transfers. Now that there is a business bank account setup in the USA, we are seeing this solution also is working just fine.

    3. What happened to Amin Forati? – There were circumstances which caused doubt to fall upon whether this man was doing the things he said he was going to do for the company. It’s now spread throughout forums that he is not a Maltese Ambassador any longer. He was dismissed and is currently being investigated for fraud. Amin Forati was let go without pay.

    4. What about PayPal releasing funds each 30 days? – I agree. PayPal did say that they would evaluate each 30 days, but they haven’t released anything yet.

    5. What about debit cards being released? – Allied Wallet cards would be done if it was up to me, but there are APIs and coding details being ironed out. I have been discussing these things with my developer and with Allied Wallet, and I have pressed them to finalize whatever needs to get done, and get these cards released. Both Allied Wallet and our members wish to have these cards released, so we are trying to sort out whatever needs to get done in order to release them.

    Obviously everyone is getting paid without problems with STP and Payza. We have improved support so if you haven’t received a purchase or withdrawal, our support team is better equip to handle solving things for you.

    -Charles Scoville/Admin

  7. Admin|Update

    Hey everybody 🙂 Wanted to share this post with you all, written by William G Bryant. Please take the time to read & share. Many members are still treating TM as a money game so I hope this post helps all our current/future members understand the key to our long term success.

    Understanding Traffic Monsoon 101: The Money’$ in the Exchange.
    When it comes to Traffic Monsoon, an online advertising revenue sharing business which sells real advertising services, then shares 100% of the revenue with active members- what’s most important for us the members of Traffic Monsoon to be aware of is the role we play in the business.

    If we know that our objective is to make money from the business, then we should also know that it’s our jobs to help facilitate Traffic Monsoon’s underlying premise. Traffic Monsoon’s underlying premise is that as a traffic exchange. Our business services are designed to garner visitors to websites. What we really want is to deliver massive traffic to a wide array of websites, we want to be that place where marketers love coming to for the promotion of their campaigns.

    Let’s be clear: Traffic Monsoon is in the space of advertising services, and we the members of Traffic Monsoon who hope to gain from the sales of Traffic Monsoon’s services should be well aware that a with a business such as Traffic Monsoon it’s the little things which the members do which helps not just to make money from it, but helps make Traffic Monsoon a well-oiled engine for generating visitors to marketers websites. I think that if we can get more people to understand this important point, we can facilitate Traffic Monsoon’s appeal to a broad base of promoters. I mean, if any of us have been paying attention to the ads popping up on the countdown during surfing lately we’d notice that the ads are becoming more diverse even now. Yes, we want to expand upon that level of diversification. We want all types of commercials running on our platforms.

    If ever you want to consider just how seriously Traffic Monsoon takes its services as a traffic exchange then ask yourself these three questions:
    1) Why does Traffic Monsoon sale cashlinks and makes no money from the sale directly. and
    2) Why does Traffic Monsoon give a “badge” when you view 50 ads in one day if we only need to watch 10?
    3.) Why is Charles Scoville considering raising the minimum number of adverts we must surf daily?

    For 1) Traffic Monsoon uses cashlinks to expand upon its capacity to exchange traffic from within its own generators. 2) Traffic Monsoon understands that by delivering massive traffic to websites Traffic Monsoon becomes more appealing to broad spectrum of advertisers, and thereby generate even more revenue for Traffic Monsoon to share. 3) The more adverts we surf the more we impact such rankings as Alexa, those objective tools that marketers and advertisers reference. All of these things point to Traffic Monsoon instructing its members, oh so subtlely, to watch more adverts when surfing, not just our minimum `ten a day.

    And that’s exactly what we the members of Traffic Monsoon can do to help Traffic Monsoon deliver on its premise as a traffic exchanger- simply by us viewing more ads, not less. But not just view them cursory, view them with curiosity. Marketers are monitoring the campaigns on Traffic Monsoon, those services are our services which we want the world to buy. Let’s make our services worth buying by engaging our business as its intended to be engaged. I would even go so far as to suggest to the savvy Boss who sees the bigger picture to go beyond just viewing ads, make a purchase of a product we see on Traffic Monsoon….

    Essentially what we want to do is think of Traffic Monsoon as having given us the game plan – “We’re going to make money from generating traffic to websites. Everyone has a role to play: The more visitors we can deliver to website, the broader base of advertisers we will attract. The broader the base of advertisers we attract, the more money we will share. The more money we share, the more people we will attract to our business. The more people we attract to our business, the more appealing we become to advertisers. The more appealing we become to advertisers….”

    Traffic Monsoon is an online advertising revenue sharing program generating revenue by delivering massive traffic to websites. That’s the premise of Traffic Monsoon. The only question which remains for those of us who say we really want our business to be here for years to come is: What are we going to do to help Traffic Monsoon deliver massive traffic to websites as a traffic exchanger?

    The Boss answers that question: by surfing more ads a day, not less.

    It’s the little things we do that makes a difference in Traffic Monsoon.

    Think about it.‪ #‎Iajs‬ -William G Bryant

  8. Admin

    Update From IM Bigg on FaceBook Group


    TRAFFIC MONSOON NEW YORK MOMENTUM DAY with my man TM CEO Charles Scoville and also the CEO of PAYZA Firoz Patel. Your boy Bigg will be the ever-colorful Master Of Ceremony for this POWERFUL full day event on Saturday, May 14th….and we WILL ROCK YOU!!! Then we even feed you lunch! Who’s excited and coming to this EPIC EVENT?

    CHECK IT OUT NOW! ==>…

  9. Admin

    Username Not Found Glitch Fixed
    We had a database connection issue on one of our servers 23 Apr 2016, which caused some people to see a message their username wasn’t found in the database.

    The username actually is in the database, the problem simply was the server wasn’t gaining connection to the database. It is fixed now. I believe this problem shouldn’t be experienced anymore. Thank you for everyone’s patience while we sorted this out. Took a bit of detective work to find the problem, but we got there and it should be ok now.


    Charles Scoville
    Owner Traffic Monsoon

  10. Admin

    UPDATE: Purchases By Wire Transfer
    It’s very important to include your username in the instructions for recipient.

    NAME OF BANK: JP Morgan Chase Bank
    6250 N SAGEWOOD DR
    PARK CITY, UT 84098
    BANK ROUTING: 124001545
    ACCOUNT #: 807958256

    Traffic Monsoon LLC
    4927 Murray Blvd
    Apt Z9
    Murray, UT

    Instructions to Recipient: [username] advertising

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