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Program Name: Traffic Monsoon Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Launched On October 10, 2014… Earn 110% Hourly Shared Revenue… AdPacks Are $50.00 Each… 2% Daily Revenue Cap… Earn Extra Cash with Cash Links PTC Ads… Instant Withdrawals… 10% Referral Commission… No AdPack Limit… Surf 10 Sites Daily… No Repurchase Rule… Admin: Charles Scoville… How It Works: Read Home-About-Ad Plans-Security-FAQ page… 100% Referral Cash Back…

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60 Thoughts to “Traffic Monsoon”

  1. Admin

    Update on Pending TM Accounts And Submitted ID’s

  2. Admin


    Verification process is going nicely.

    You need to click the unverified link under your profile picture and just upload you ID or Passport.

    Make sure it matches your name on Traffic Monsoon and give them few days to verify you.

    Once you are verified you will be able to watch cash links and make withdrawals and you will be soon able to buy packs with your card directly.

    Traffic Monsoon is going strong it will still be number 1 for years to come.

  3. Admin

    PayPal truly did limit my account simply due to the amount of growth in such a short time.

    Quoting Jason Gardner (my PayPal account manager), “The reason for PayPal’s decision to part ways with your organization is due to the size of growth in a very short time frame. Due to the amount of growth in the short amount of time this creates too much risk for PayPal.”

    PayPal isn’t asking me for documents. Not this time. Through a previous review from their underwriting team, they did ask me for all the documents, and I provided them. This was back in Oct 2015.. and I was given the news that PayPal has chosen to do business with me long-term.

    Dec 22, 2015 I had another conference with them, and an additional risk review specialist named Michael .. they congratulated me on all areas of the business, and actually said that with my volume, I had the lowest dispute/chargebacks when compared with other accounts with similar volume. They told me the disputes/chargebacks were less than 1/2 a percent.. and they said they didn’t know how I was doing it, but keep up the good work! They encouraged me, and made me feel I would never have to worry about losing paypal.

    I know the truth, PayPal knows the truth, and God knows the truth. What these silly people in forums are saying, and accusing me of.. I know is not true. At the end of life, I’ll stand before the great judge and creator of all mankind clean from having done anything wrong in this situation.. and will be rewarded for having had to go through such attacks from mean individuals. I leave it with God. He knows best.

    It was designed this way as a test. I didn’t do anything wrong. There’s a paypal limitation. I can’t touch those funds, and neither can the members who want to get paid.. it’s causing people to feel frustrated because they want to get paid.. and they read words from people who are casting doubt upon my character.. doubt whether the money is really there.. doubt whether paypal is really temporarily holding the funds.. and doubt that they will actually ever get paid… They will. Especially people in my PTC sites would know that after the money was released and it was loaded in Payza, they got paid! Just like I told them they would be..

    21 Feb 2014 (as recorded in this forum) I said this about potential of ever losing PayPal:

    “if something were to happen, we’d continue as normal.. we’d do our best to supply any info to PayPal to help resolve anything, but worse case scenario all the funds would be transferred to TrafficMonsoon after waiting 180 days, and then placed in other payment processors for withdrawals. That’s the worse case scenario. In other words, nothing to worry about.”

    That’s exactly what we’re doing. Continuing as normal. The funds inside PayPal are temporarily being held by PayPal, and placed into pending within Traffic Monsoon.

    When PayPal releases the funds, they’ll be placed in other payment processors for members to withdraw. There truly is nothing to worry about.

    75,201 unique members have clicked on ads within Traffic Monsoon TODAY!

    That’s up from 63,903 March 4. Many people are realizing that we’re continuing forward!

    Yes, PayPal has limited Traffic Monsoon’s account and they are temporarily holding funds. Our other payment processors, Payza and SolidTrustPay are doing business with us as usual and we expect to add another payment processor within about two weeks. We are demanding that PayPal immediately release payments to our members and affiliates. No matter what, PayPal has confirmed that it will release all funds no later than 180 days from 11 Feb 2016 and that it may start releasing funds sooner.

    One of the greatest tests you’ll have in life, is whether you’ll give up on what you believe in when the storms of challenges roll in. It’s not only to withstand the storm, or wait the storm out.. but choose to persist forward and advance to new ground while the storm of struggles beat down hard upon you. I’m amazed, and inspired by the many Traffic Monsoon members who aren’t giving up.. Those who aren’t just waiting for “something” to happen.. but are rising up, and taking their own TM business to new heights.. advancing towards higher and better grounds. Thank you all for your support. I’m with you.. and you’re with me. Together we’re a force to be reckoned with!

  4. Admin

    UPDATE FROM ADMIN @ MMG: First Reply
    While TM’s alexa ranking is on the decline, over the past few months we’ve seen a boom in sales, which is exactly why PayPal chose to part ways with Traffic Monsoon.

    As far as since the limitation – mirroring the limitation with placing earnings into pending — we’ve seen a jump in sales over the course of the past month as people have gotten over the initial shock of the paypal limitation.

    ClixSense’s alexa rank history (for example) has gone up and down.. last year about this time clixsense was around 1200 – and even dipped down too.. but did it mean clixsense was on the decline? no.. and has it increased? yes!

    Is it possible for Traffic Monsoon’s alexa to increase then too? Of course yes!

    UPDATE FROM ADMIN @ MMG: Second Reply
    Believe what you will, but the members are pulling together .. and I’m feeling very positive that things will become even better. Especially with the adviser board we have. I didn’t have one of those with any previous program. These advisers have strong backgrounds.. every single one of them.. They’ve taken small businesses like TM and took them to a whole different level. Working with them has been a privilege and honor .. and through the discussions, and laying foundations of greater things to come.. I feel very certain within that not only will we see alexa rankings grow… but we’ll see the business grow much larger than “give up when things get challenging” minds could possibly comprehend 🙂

  5. Admin

    While We Wait PayPal Funds

    Plan Moving Forward:

    We know for certain the funds inside PayPal will be released. Exactly when that is we do not know, but we are working on getting them released ASAP.

    While we wait for the funds to be released, the earnings which are backed up by those funds will be placed into PENDING status.

    Sharing positions from adpacks purchased 11 Feb 2016 or before which are active will be placed into PENDING.

    Reason being, they have shared in revenues which came in mostly from PayPal purchases.

    Pending Withdrawal Requests have been returned to your balance.

    Earnings from 11 Feb 2016 or before will be placed into PENDING also. Reason is because earnings before this date mostly came to members from PayPal purchases.

    Once PayPal releases the funds and we have them available for payouts, all pending balances and positions will be restored into Active status.

    This will make it so you can get paid instantly on the new commissions and earnings generated by the new purchases of services.

    In other words, all the business which has been impacted by PayPal is placed into pending while we await for those funds to be released.

  6. Admin

    Update from Immy:

    Yesterdays Message from my Directs Lawyer:

    Dear TM Family,

    As some of you will be aware, that I am in detailed discussions with Charles regarding this Paypal issue. I am delighted to say that it is all good and positive.

    here is a short summary:

    1.Charles is awaiting his lawyer’s letter of intent to be sent to Paypal which should be soon. He is a US attorney who has some connections within paypal.
    2.Charles and I are exploring other steps and procedures and actions to adopt ( (and I have sent him my draft proposals for review) to exert pressure on Paypal. these are to be followed simultaneously with the legal protocols.
    3.Charles is more concerned and committed with resolving this issue then anyone of us. He is not going leave any stones unturned for an expeditious solution.
    4. the bank and credit card issues are progressing nicely , will report on that further shortly.
    5.there is substantive funds in reserves and held in paypal to pay all the members.

    we need to keep positive, and stick together as a strong family and carry on regardless….in a spirit de corps… lets remove all negativity .

    until next time have a great day.

    kind regards Saheed Chaudhry

  7. Admin

    FROM: buitenstaander (Charles Scoville) @ MMG Forum
    PayPal’s last message to me says they will review releasing funds after 30 days, and more after another 30 days… until 180 days… but we want to make sure we get those funds out faster, so I’ve retained one of the top US attorneys to get more out faster… so we can get people paid

    What paypal has done is completely wrong.

    My vision for this company is strong and that vision is for you. We must stand strong and work together to move ahead. Challenges come on everyone’s journey in life and it is the people with vision that stand strong together and ensure success is achieved. All the big giants of today have been through struggles and it is the unity of the people that made them who they are. I know all of you are strong and you will want to see traffic monsoon be a part of your life in years to come. So let’s make this happen, let’s stand strong together and go towards your dreams.

    We know we’re legal, and our paypal account standing was in good shape. There’s no valid reason for them to hold onto so much funds…

    I want to use the funds to pay the members. Everyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a simple person, not motivated by money… but motivated in making people happy, and changing people’s lives for the better.

  8. Admin

    Please purchase adpacks with Payza!!

  9. Admin

    Good News About Payment Processors

    Thank you for being a valued Traffic Monsoon member.

    Video Message From Dubai:

    As you already know from the video, I’m currently in Dubai. One reason for that is to setup an office in the World Trade Center Dubai. Part of this process is also setting up a bank here, and having an additional business registration here in the UAE.

    We’re transitioning from using PayPal to opening our own TM World Bank.

    VIDEO: Processor Account Balances For Transition:

    Our goal with opening our bank is to send you TM MasterCards for easier access to your earnings! We’ll also have complete control over the funds received by the company for revenue sharing, without any worry about the payment processors taking control of funds.

    This will also increase quality of our services and reduce risk of click cheating, because with the bank we’ll need to verify “Know Your Customer” documents to ensure that each member getting paid is uniquely different from all other members.

    What this means for you if you use PayPal:

    For the next 30 days you’ll be able to still make purchases with PayPal. We’re unable to process withdrawals through PayPal because funds will begin moving into Payza and our own TM World bank account to support withdrawal requests.

    We do recommend that you start using Payza for purchases for now until we get the TM World Bank completed.

    If you used PayPal for withdrawals, you’ll be able to gain access to your funds with Payza instead during this transition.

    There will be a space provided for you to enter your payza email address and begin making withdrawals of your earnings through Payza.

    If you don’t have a Payza account, get signed up for FREE

    We’ll be moving funds from PayPal to Payza, then our own TM Worldwide Bank.

    Until the bank is finished getting setup, if you wish to make larger purchases unable to be processed through Payza or SolidTrustPay, you’re welcomed to wire the funds to the following bank details:

    NAME OF BANK: JP Morgan Chase Bank
    2610 S STATE ST
    SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84115
    BANK ROUTING: 124001545
    ACCOUNT #: 734785868

    Charles Scoville
    My Address:
    4927 Murray Blvd
    Apt Z9
    Murray, UT

    Best Regards,
    Charles Scoville
    Owner – TrafficMonsoon

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