Program Name: Traffic Monsoon Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Launched On October 10, 2014… Earn 110% Hourly Shared Revenue… AdPacks Are $50.00 Each… 2% Daily Revenue Cap… Earn Extra Cash with Cash Links PTC Ads… Instant Withdrawals… 10% Referral Commission… No AdPack Limit… Surf 10 Sites Daily… No Repurchase Rule… Admin: Charles Scoville… How It Works: Read Home-About-Ad Plans-Security-FAQ page… 100% Referral Cash Back…

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Admin & Team                                          No Longer In Business, Due To SEC

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45 thoughts on “Traffic Monsoon

  1. Admin|Update Post author

    Thank you ever so much for your wonderful donations towards our legal funds every donation is truly appreciated and we thank you all.

    I just wanted to share you are able to make a donation via a debit or credit card incase you are unable to donate via Payza, Bitcoin or via direct wire to the fund.

    To make a bank or credit card donation you will need to go to:
    Funded for Justice https://fundedjustice.com/f1C8h8 go to browse and look for the picture below of Mom’s Fund for Charles Scoville it maybe on Page 1 or Page 2 and then follow the steps it’s very easy to donate this way.

    or you can make a donation via:
    PAYZA: sldfund16@gmail.com [lowest fees]
    BITCOIN: 12Xkjbqknaub1JnSbKff73k66nYQ96dR4m [low fees]
    WIRE FROM YOUR BANK: Go to your bank with the information below and ask your banker for help in sending a WIRE directly from your account into the fund. [consider bank fees]

    Scoville Legal Defense Fund
    BBVA Compass Bank
    Routing number: 107005319
    Account number: 6740871364
    SWIFT code: CPASUS44

    Thank you once again to you all 🙂
    #TMFAMILY #keepstrong
    Anita Langley|Facebook

  2. Admin|Update Post author

    When the SEC filed a lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon alleging that it operated as a ponzi, it sparked controversy throughout the industry. Chaos erupted among members both online and off. A Federal Court Judge, Jill Parrish, signed the order to freeze assets, setup a receiver to hold the assets, restrict any business activities, and basically place the lives of many people all around the world in holding while decisions are made in court.

    One of the arguments found both online and off about Traffic Monsoon is that it’s a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme pays compensation for recruitment, and requires paying a participation fee which isn’t for products, services, or property. It’s sometimes called gifting instead of buying anything, because nothing is truly sold. The only thing for sale is the opportunity to recruit others, and it’s from recruiting that money is earned; not the sale of any product, service, or property.

    These (gifting) schemes are sold with the offer to make money fast by gifting some amount to someone, which qualifies the individual, then they can make a whole lot of money (or so they’re told) selling the opportunity to as many people as they can. The problem most people face is they aren’t able to get anyone to get involved in this type of scheme, and their gift with the dream of making money is not realized.

    This is a fraud because people are lead to believe they can make money yet no value, no product, no service is actually offered in exchange for the sale — only the dream of making money off their purchase by having others do the same.

    People get pyramid schemes confused with legitimate multi-level marketing, which sells products/services and only pay compensation when products and services are sold. MLM is not a pyramid scheme, even if people look at its structure and think it looks like a pyramid.

    Another argument facing supporters of Traffic Monsoon is the accusation that Traffic Monsoon is a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme offers an investment. Usually the operator is telling people he can get high rates of returns due to some genius trading technique, or because of some software he uses that no one else has available to them. He lures investors in by a feeling of low risk and high returns.

    As soon as the ponzi obtains their first investor, they cannot possibly meet the obligation to provide the returns. The money invested by investors is not used the way the ponzi operator describes. He’s not taking people’s money and investing it in any common enterprise. He’s not utilizing the money to trade stocks, trade commodities, or trade currencies. So he certainly cannot provide any returns to the very first investor.

    He’s in debt from day 1, because he cannot meet the obligation he’s agreed to with that first investor. To attempt to meet the obligation to the first investor, the operator must obtain more investors, but with each investor obtained the commitment for returns exponentially becomes greater and greater.

    Eventually, with the steady returns people request to be paid what they have supposedly earned in interest or returns, but they are not able to get the money they believe belongs to them. Their money was paid to earlier investors, and no longer available. The figures on paper aren’t real. It’s a fraud, and what people thought they were investing in wasn’t really there either.

    Traffic Monsoon sold valid advertising products which actually are cost savings over many mainstream advertising services. Anything that originated from the company specifically offered ad service, and no investment. Traffic Monsoon certainly made no commitments to meet obligations it couldn’t keep, nor needed future sales in order to keep current commitments. The company sold ad service, then had money from the transaction of that sale. Commissions were paid to the person who referred the customer.

    There’s no requirement to purchase anything before selling the services. Those who click ads could be rewarded for their surfing from the money the company had already received. They could continue to click each day to qualify for rewards. At all times the rewards given for surfing came from money the company had already received. So if everyone wanted to cash-out all their account balance at the same time, everyone would be paid.

    Those surf rewards wouldn’t go on forever, and the company specified that surf rewards would stop at $55, or if the company didn’t have any funds to give any rewards for surfing. Rewards and reward amounts depended on how much money the company had already received. Figures are real, and the ad services customers paid for are real.

    So now you can see why many say that Traffic Monsoon is not a ponzi scheme, or a pyramid scheme, and should win this case.

    So regardless of whether you support or oppose Traffic Monsoon, at least when someone brings up ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes – you can say: now I get it.

    Charles Scoville|Admin

  3. Admin|Update Post author

    Hi Guys URGENT

    I wanted to say that we know that Traffic Monsoon has done nothing wrong. We showed in court how we are

    NOT A PONZI … we are a simple system that allows you to buy Traffic and earn an income as we have an Amazing CEO. If we had been a Ponzi trust me the case would have been over already…

    So many other businesses have popped up since TM and are all operating fine its frustrating knowing that they operate just because they are away from THE SEC

    Pay Pal created the freeze and slowed our business down ⬇ but we fought on and then The SEC came along and told lies to help their case

    They are weak in their argument. They have nothing…

    The situation is this: Due to the SEC, TM have no funds

    Charles Scoville can not ask for any donations but he has always been here for us all and I know many of us think

    Why should we donate?????

    Well it is simple. Why should the SEC get what they want. And that is make sure they fight until TM runs out of funds

    The (TM) Lawyers need to be paid for what work they have done to date and this months bill is due


    All I ask is for $10 each can you imagine 10,000 donations this would secure our Legal Team to BLOW THE SEC OUT OF THE WATER AND CRUSH THEM: http://trafficmonsoon.org/legal.htm

    Sharon James|Facebook|February 19, 2017 at 11:36am

  4. Admin|Update Post author

    ++ Great News – We CAN now ACCEPT Donations in Payza towards our legal fund ++

    Please send your donations to : – sldfund16@gmail.com

    You can also send in Bitcoin, FJ or Direct to the SLDF Bank account. http://trafficmonsoon.org/legal.htm

    1) Payza
    2) Bitcoin
    3) Funded for Justice
    4) Direct to the SLDF fund

    Remember everyone this is your business too – we have to do whatever it takes to make this happen – without donations we don’t have our amazing attorneys – we all know the facts of the case here and we need to pull together even more now.

    If we had been a Ponzi trust me the case would have been over already … and its not that’s why we are still waiting for a decision!!

    We will keep asking – we won’t stop and we won’t take this lying down – we have to fight for what’s ours and this is what we will do!!

    All I ask is for $10 each can you imagine 10,000 donations this would secure our Legal Team too 🙂

    With thanks in advance

    TM Family Forever 🙂

  5. Admin|Update Post author

    Why is this case lasting so long? We have only theories and guesses. Here are some of them.

    1. The judge is so busy with her schedule filled up with other cases she doesn’t have time to make a decision.
    2. There are much more pressing matters, and with TM not really being a ponzi nor is there any real fraud to worry about, she’s placing priority in other matters.
    3. The facts line up in our favor and she needs to be solid as she makes her decision.
    4. Maybe the tough thing for her is that all the facts line up but the SEC was compelling in their arguments which caused her to step back and place it on hold so she can think about things while focusing on other matters.
    5. She knows the case the SEC has brought against TM is weak, and thinks with a simple agreement the SEC and I could work this out among ourselves without her having to make a certain judgement which if aligning that decision with laws and how they are stated should resolve in our favor.

    Judge Jill Parrish said, “…I don’t know if there’s a middle ground that you are advocating and you want to propose something for me to look at in that regard. I don’t know if the SEC wants to, I mean, maybe take a hard look at what it’s proposed and see if there are some things that are maybe overreaching in what was initially proposed given where we are.” (Transcript 30 Nov 2016 Page 114/146 lines 4-10). So maybe the judge is hoping for both parties to take a hard look at our positions and come to some sort of agreement.

    So the judge is balancing out the SEC’s argument that there might be room to infere something different than what was actually offered and agreed to within the terms of service, but also having to look at the laws that protect consumers and companies through clicking agreement to the terms of service, and having the offer clearly described (as it was) on the website.

    With such a busy schedule she might simply not have time to make a decision while focusing on much easier matters to resolve. She also might be hoping if this goes on long enough the SEC and I might feel compelled to work something out without having to dismantle the business.

    I’m exploring with TM’s attorneys the possibility of making a few small modifications which wouldn’t overall change the business model, but add MORE value for the previous buyers of adpacks and improvements which may satisfy the SEC. Clearly the SEC made some comments during the last hearing which leads me to believe they don’t really think TM is a ponzi.

    A. They said originally that surf rewards issued from money paid for by adpack buyers makes TM a ponzi. However, in court they explained they didn’t have a problem with that, only that the rewards cut off at an amount greater than $50. So they actually contradicted their original claim as to what makes something a ponzi.
    B. They said the adpack is a security, but if priced differently it wouldn’t have been. So yet again there is a contradiction in their original claim.

    These 2 reasons certainly don’t match up with the definition of ponzi and also don’t match up with the definition of an investment.

    Is something truly an investment based upon rewards cut off point and pricing? Do either of these things truly make something a ponzi? The clear and definite answer is no. However, as I said the SEC does infer something different than what was actually and factually offered.

    -Charles Scoville|Admin


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