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From: Mustafa Muflehi

I’ve just spoken to Charles over the phone:

Good news: credit card system is about to be tested over the next 2 days starting from tomorrow.

1) The credit card payment system will be in place by end of this week and as soon as it’s up and running, they will stop Paypal payment processor.

2) They are trying to get a loan from some sources in Dubai whilst waiting for the funds to be released from Paypal to process pending withdrawals.

So, we should hopefully expect the new system to be up and running by end of this week, God’s willing.

Mustafa Muflehi
(Telephone conversation between Mustafa Muflehi and Charles Scoville 3rd Feb 2016)

P.S. Thank You to Nebojsa (Income Guy) for this current insider information.

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