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Traffic Hurricane

                                      “If You Liked Traffic Monsoon, You Will Like Traffic Hurricane”

           This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic
Traffic Hurricane (TH)… Registered In The Philippines [SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSOR]: Payza, BitCoin, Solid Trust Pay, Bank Wire… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 110% Profit… AdPacks Are $50.00 Each… No Repurchase Rule… Eight Advertising Products, including “Hurricane Cash Links”, “Flood Warning Traffic”, and “Mobile Ads” for Quick Traffic To Your Website… No Monthly Membership Fee… Up To 2% Daily Earning Cap… $2.00 to $10.00 Minimum Withdrawal… Surf Fifty Ads Daily (5 Seconds Each) To Earn Your Revenue Share… Withdrawal Requests Are Paid Within 24 Hours Or Less… Dedicated Customer Support Center: Live Chat (soon), Ticketing System, or Toll-Free Phone… An Optional Free Rotator Is Available… 10% Referral Commission… [ADMIN]: Ernie Gatz… [STATUS]: Paying|Launched August 20, 2016.

Thank You,
Admin & Team                         

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily for you, and we know how to keep you updated and rewarded. [Determine your risk-tolerance level, and do not spend more than you can afford to lose.]

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40 Thoughts to “Traffic Hurricane”

  1. Admin|Update

    I want to give a huge congratulations to Frank Calabro Jr. for reaching Diamond Rank!

    He is the first and currently the only Diamond at this time! 250 ACTIVE referrals!


    Dave Barker|Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    FIRST ever USA Traffic Hurricane Event!!!

    Register NOW!!! (limited seating).
    Get tickets here:

    Place : Raleigh North Carolina
    Saturday April 29, 2017 @ 10am – 4pm

    Top Hurricane Leaders (CONFIRMED): Frank Calabro Jr, Dave Barker, Shawn Powell, Keith L. Jones, Valentine Negron, Sean Lynch, Chris Germond, Duniel Tejeda, Bob Spiro and many more great leaders.

    CEO Ernie Ganz will release a WORLD LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT that will forever change the traffic exchange landscape!

    Event hotel location:


    Frank Calabro Jr.

  3. Admin|Update

    (( You know what my favorite part of the day is everyday? Picking my little boy up from school, going out to get something good to eat together and then cutting up for the next few hours together doing just about anything.. Listening to what my little boy has to say and just being 9… I love every second of it and I’m there for it…

    And guess what, It wouldn’t have ever happened if I didn’t take online business seriously… I stood out in so many ways and was motivated to get the work done. And I did NOT say MY SPONSOR didn’t do this or that, Or this is the reason I can’t get it done or do that…

    There is NOTHING more important than freedom or spending time with my son… IF it took me a year or 2 years to get there… Then THAT is the path to take period!! It didn’t take that long… I believed in what I was doing… And if I had to start over I could do it in a matter of 2 months if not less now to be honest.. DO whatever you have to do to get this… NEVER sign up and do nothing and don’t ever half way do a business…

    I can tell you my son is 9 years old… I never missed a day of being home or with him the entire age of 8… ALL OF IT! He turns 10 in April… I will be able to say the same thing about the age 9 as well…

    This is the answer… Find a business you believe in and go all in… Don’t quit and get comfortable applying action all the time for it… There is no other way to do it… ANYTHING ELSE IS PLAYING WITH IT and you are wasting your time and possibly others… DO YOUR Businesses and change everything.. ))

    I honestly hope this motivates you. That’s what I want it to do… Whatever it takes to wake you up and put your butt in gear!!

    Shawn Powell|Traffic Hurricane

  4. Admin|Update

    The FIRST USA Traffic Hurricane event is now coming together and is lining up to be very exciting and valuable. We will be having many top guests speaking that are having tremendous results with the services offered here. They are going to talk about topics that can help you advance your business as well.

    Our line up as of now is as follows:

    Host: Dave Barker
    Key Speaker: Ernie Ganz
    Key Guest Speaker: Frank Calabro Jr.
    Guest Speaker: Keith L. Jones
    Guest Speaker: Shawn Powell
    Guest Speaker: Valentin Negron
    Place: Raleigh North Carolina –
    When: April 29, 2017

    Reserve your ticket asap! Only 100 seats. Event registration is at 9am. Event starts at 10am. There will be lunch included and expect to end around 4pm.


  5. Admin|Update

    So the NC event is set and booked. Now we are accepting registration for those who are attending!

    Place: Raleigh North Carolina –
    When: April 29, 2017

    Reserve your ticket asap! Only 100 seats. Event registration is at 9am. Event starts at 10am.

    There will be lunch included and expect to end around 4pm.

    More details to come:

  6. Admin|Update

    USA event is being planned! Get Ready!

    -Dave Barker and Frank Calabro Jr.

  7. Admin|Update

    Stay in the good company, that pay you, that give you direct money from your referrals. Make money online THANK YOU TRAFFIC HURRICANE YOU CHANGES (ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT) — feeling glad.

    From Kristiaan Vdv: “feeling glad with Dave Barker and Ernie Ganz.”

  8. Admin|Update

    Update from event Traffic HURRICANE in Belgium Antwerpen
    Ernie Ganz|Dave Barker|Kristiaan Vdv

  9. Admin|Update

    A Traffic Hurricane “First Event” Attendee Testimonial:

    Just wanted to give my thoughts about the event which took place in Belgium and where I attended.

    I wanted to be part of the first event to see what was the general feeling and what was the enthusiast of members.

    Before the event I was super excited about TH and during the event I was a bit off probably because I drove all night to get there so I was super tired. But also because 2016 wasn’t a great year at all for my online business journey (like many of you who were involved in a similar program)

    Then Ernie took the stand and I was blown away… All my doubts were gone and I again see the potential of TH. This system is really working, even if the business model has bunch of negative critics (I notice over months that the most virulent people are not even registered in this type of business and didn’t even try to purchase some services to see if it’s efficient or not)

    I always knew that the revshare business is working well and what I love about TH is the quality of the traffic. Like Ernie said : « you may try something else but you will always come back in TH because of the traffic » and damn he’s right…

    I’m also confident that TH will be a huge success because it’s not a one man behind this opportunity. Ernie knows how to deleguate things and be really focused on his role of CEO. And also because he ran previous companies and still has one.

    Also when you see the CEO of Payza (Firoz Patel) attended the event and let us own a TrafficHurricane prepaid card I think you know that we are on the right path… I know that the CEO of Payza already attended to another event from another opportunity but when you see that 30 revshares are being created each month Firoz Patel stayed away from them… You don’t see him present each time.

    He sees the real value of TH and that the system is legal even if many organizations want to prove otherwise to members. When a problem occurs regarding the legality it doesn’t prove that the system isn’t legal… Haters shouldn’t create shortcut like that but they always try to scare people…

    Don’t forget that we live in a strange world and of course many official organizations prefer to tell us that is better to put our money in banks…

    Many of us have a bad experience but all can I say is when I will do well with TH (advertising results, money…) I will be proud of myself because in my head I will know that I did all I can do to change my future despite the bad experience I had.

    With that being said you really should start doing business with TH especially because this opportunity is exploding right now and you should be part of this enthusiasm. It feels great to know that you are belonging to the right business.

    (PS: I tried to write this message the best way I could but I’m French so I might have made few typos, sorry about that)

    Romain Botto|Facebook

  10. Admin|Update

    Dave Barker And Friends (After The First T.H. Event)

    Dave Barker|Admin…
    Thanks everyone that came out to the very first event. Thanks to also all the others that came to the tour of Antwerp and hang out we had as well. These times will be forever remembered and cherished.

    Traffic Hurricane really has a lot going for it and this is only the beginning. As we know the new site feature of Youtube Cash has been released, and now we have also Payza cards, and new site will be ready soon.

    This is only the beginning so much more is to come I am so thankful for the hard work everyone has done to make this a success.

    Thanks so much to Kristiaan Vdv for making this event possible and taking on the host role for our first event.

    Dave Barker:
    “It will be ready for ordering shortly! Get Ready!!!”

  11. Admin|Update

    Dave Barker
    getting ready for the first event!

    Kristiaan Vdv
    Antwerp, Belgium

    Frédéric Guittré
    Boom Today i got 250 AdPacks!!
    Keep growing guys and focus 500 AdPacks 😉

    Dave Barker
    Antwerp, Belgium
    who is ready?!?!?!?

    Frank Calabro Jr.
    Did you get paid while YOU SLEPT last night???
    A GREAT way to START the day!!!
    “Results Not Typical” this is proof of payment is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

    Dave Barker
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Today is the day!!

  12. Admin|Update

    I think some might not understand, so here we go, and will not approve anymore (facebook) posts about how to withdraw.

    First must purchase 20 dollars of advertisement to verify your processor, and this is only needed one single time for each processor you use. So for example, if you only use Payza then a ONE TIME ONLY 20 dollar purchase then you can withdraw up to 500 a day and withdraw every hour.

    Only exception to this is BItcoin has limits if you purchase 100 dollars, then you can only withdraw 100 dollars, and this is your withdrawal steps.

    Thank you,
    Ernie Ganz|Admin

  13. Admin|Update

    There will be a big surprise for all the people present at the meeting in Antwerp on 2/18/2017. Would you know what, let me now and I give all those who reacted with great surprise. You know it tomorrow!

    Kristiaan Vdv|Facebook

  14. Admin|Update

    If you still don’t know that it starts on 18/2/2017 together with the best paying system globally, we will teach you how you make money from your pc, taptop, cell phone, tablet… with 5 minutes per day On an ad clicking changed your lifestyle in luxury. No foolish promises but actual examples every hour payout in the profits.

    If you do not already know it will be launched on 02.18.2017 with the best payment system worldwide, we will teach you how to earn money from your PC, taptop, Mobile, Tablet … With 5 minute per day clicking on an advertisement changed you life in luxury.

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  15. Admin|Update

    Here Is An Updated Video About The New Traffic Hurricane APP

    -Ernie Ganz|Admin

  16. Admin|Update

    Free to attend, limited seating. Only a few are left so don’t miss out!

    -Dave Barker with Ernie Ganz

  17. Admin|Update

    Firoz Patel the CEO has confirmed he will be attending the FIRST EVER Traffic Hurricane event in Belgium!

    He will give an insight on a few more exciting things that we have going on behind the scenes that will be revealed first to those at the event! So hear it for yourself, you do not want to miss it!

    Last time I checked there were around 25 seats left!

    -Dave Barker

  18. Admin|Update

    The Admin Speaks About Traffic Hurricane:
    -Ernie Ganz

    The Traffic Hurricane Presentation Video:
    -Dave Barker

    TrafficHurricane is owned, registered, and compliant to laws and regulations in the Philippines.
    T H Registration
    -Dave Barker

    The unique mobile application, and surfing process, very easy!
    -Dave Barker

  19. Admin|Update

    Traffic Hurricane packages which consists of massive traffic is our only service that is used outside of Traffic Hurricane.

    All other services for advertisement is shown to the members of Traffic Hurricane, so it really will not help to use any other service to promote Traffic Hurricane other than massive traffic which is a awesome service.

    We have provided other means of advertisement for you when purchasing banners and websites that will benefit you much more as a advertiser.

  20. Admin|Update


    Contest time! Share this flyer (see below) on your wall, with your referral link, tag line, and any extra details.

    Once you have done so take a screenshot post it here on this Contest post and then keep doing it everyday for the next few days, every time you share you get an entry into our give away this Friday for FREE TRAFFIC! This time it will be in the form of Hurricane Ca$h links! This is huge exposure to all the members of Traffic Hurricane!

    So to sum up the contest:
    Step 1: right click this image, save to your pc.

    Step 2 :post it on your wall with a similar post.
    “Who needs traffic and want’s to get paid to view ads daily?”
    Join for free at ” YOUR REFERRAL LINK HERE”

    Step 3: take a screenshot and share your proof that you did it on this post!

    It is that easy, you will then qualify to be chosen on Friday as we will be giving away free traffic to 5 winners again!!!! Keep in mind you can do this every day to gain an entry!

    ** Entry’s will only be counted for proof that is shared on this post please follow directions.

    -Dave Barker

    Traffic Hurricane

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