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20160217051934-TrafficHubb468Traffic Hubb is a advertising and revenue share program that delivers guaranteed traffic.
Program Name
Traffic HubbProduct/Service: Advertising… Processors: PP, PZ, Payeer, STP, PM, BitCoin, Neteller, Skrill… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: EARN Up To 130% ROI… Revenue Shared Daily with Up To 6% Daily Cap… AdPack Rates: $1, $2, $5, $10, $25… 5% Deposit Fee and No Withdrawal Fee… Click Ten Ads Daily with a No-Surf Plan Available… Six Advertising Packages… $6 Monthly Membership Fee with 10% Monthly Residual Commission… 24 Hour Customer Service… 50% Repurchase Rule… EARN Extra Clicking PTC Ads… Min/Max Withdrawal: $5.00/$200 Mon-Fri within 48 Hours… 10% Refer Commission… Licensed Script/DDOS Protected/SSL Secured… Admins: Hassan Ahmed & Ravi Kiran from India (both were popular leaders with MPA)… More Info: Refer to the Home, FAQ, Terms & Conditions, Details, Privacy Policy & Disclaimer page… Get 100% RCB

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13 Thoughts to “Traffic Hubb”

  1. Admin|Update

    Hello Dear Members ,

    We have noticed few rumors in Facebook that we run another site names as (fusion revshare ) and this site is using same google adsense codes which we use from last 4 months. Interesting thing here is Publisher of this post is a Fake Account and he is very good in Photoshop.

    First of all let me make you clear that we only run one site which is TrafficHubb.If we want to run a new site we would have closed traffichubb and started another program .It doesn,t make any sense. We would request our Members not to believe in these type of rumors. We do not want to give any further justification because there will be few haters who will always try to pull you back .

    Our main priorities are adding the seed money and restart our program.

    Enjoy the Rumors… Thank you, Ravi Kirran

  2. Admin|Update

    Hello TrafficHubbers, We would like to inform you that 60% of the Verification process is completed and each and everyday work is progressing.

    By the 4th of July the ProX Team will reset the database of verified accounts. As soon as the reset process is completed we will start adding Seed money (minus any withdrawals) in the respective accounts and members will start getting confirmation emails. Once all the accounts are verified and added, we will announce the launch date.

    When further updates are had we will inform to the group the updates we have. We understand that there are some negative rumors going around and as we want to give the restart the best chance for success we ask that you not indulge in any of those.

    We have also left the add funds option enabled so that those members who wish to purchase an advertising service such as login ad, banner ad, credit pack etc, may continue to do so.

    We appreciate the Patience and trust of our members during this verification process.

    Thank you, Regards, Admin TrafficHubb

  3. Admin|Update

    Hello Traffic Hubbers, Hope you all are doing GOOD. This will be the last week in which you can send the details requested for the restart. Any email submitted after midnight 19th June 12am Indian Standard Time will not be looked at.

    Exact restart date will be announced later after we verify all the emails and add their respective Balances. Please allow us the necessary time to add your seed as this is a detailed process in which we have to compare the data in our Payment Processors and that of which you send in your email.We will be sending confirmation emails to the members after we add the Seed money in their accounts.

    Kindly do not send multiple emails for same account as it will increase the work load to check all the data.

    Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation in this matter.

    Regards, Admin TrafficHubb

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