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Hello and Welcome to our Top Ten page! On this page you will find FOUR Top Ten Lists! The first list is named Top Ten Recommend for established programs! The second list is named Top Ten Could Have Been for new programs with good potential! The third list is named Top Ten You Can Win for the newest or prelaunch programs! The fourth and final list is named Top Ten Honorable Mention for the overflow of these programs! Scroll down now to view all four lists…

P.S. The four lists below could be full, empty, half-full (or less) at various times on a daily basis. You will usually find a mixture of different types of programs, but we do specialize in revshares. Some program details will most likely have changed since we first listed them here on this page.

Note: These programs are not listed in any particular order (including the first programs), and they are subject to change at anytime, depending on the daily & weekly status of each program.

We Do Allow 100% Referral Cash Back (RCB) For Some Programs: Check For Our Current Offers.

Disclaimer: We do not own any of these programs… Therefore, we can’t offer any guarantees. If, or when, we find any program that is an ongoing problem, it will be removed from this page. Please understand, and remember, that no program is perfect, and that perfection is subjective.

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TOP TEN RECOMMEND (#1 thru #10): Long-Term Established Programs
Here are today’s Top Ten Know How To Earn Programs that we highly recommend. All of these programs have been thoroughly researched by us, we have declared each one of them to be scam free, and we have given them our official stamp of approval. We hope that you agree with our current choices, and our upcoming future choices. In the meantime, join us now, and profit.

(1) MY PAYING ADS [MPA]: This Is A Great RevShare Program That Was Launched On March 30, 2015. The Trustworthy Admin, Uday Nara (From Singapore), Has Recently Resurrected This Program From PayPal Hell. The Program Is Now Stronger Than Ever. Here Is The Info: (1) Earn 120% Total ROI. (2) $5|$10|$20|$50 AdPacks. (3) You Must Surf 10 Ads Daily. (4) No Repurchase Rule. (5) Profit Share Is Distributed Every Hour. (6) $5.00|$200: Min|Max Daily Withdrawal Limit. (7) $6000 Maximum Monthly Withdrawal Limit. (8) Earn Some Extra Cash From PTC Ads. (9) There Are Seven Advertising Services. (10) Payment Processors: Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, 2Pay4You and BTC. (11) No Membership Fee. (12) 10% Referral Commission… 235,047+ Members!!
UPDATE: We Removed The Link Above, And Placed This Program On Hold… We will replace the link, or remove this program from our Top Ten list, as soon as we are able to determine the final outcome of the current situation… Check our Program News page daily for latest updated news.
(2) THE ADS TEAM [TAT]: Real PEOPLE To View Your Real ADVERTISEMENTS, And Real PRODUCTS To Purchase In The Shopping Platform, Plus Real Active And Proactive ADMINS (Muhammad Azam And Najam Ul-Hassan)!! The Program Summary: Earn Up To 120% Profit… AdPack Rates: $10|$25|$50… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products… Dedicated Support Team… Revenue Distributed Daily… Up To 2.5% Daily Earning Cap… $10|$300 (Min|Max) Daily Withdrawal… Surf 10 Ads Every Day To Earn… View PTC Ads For Extra Cash… 13% 5-Level Referral Commission (8% 2% 1% 1% 1%)… No Membership Fees… Payment Processors: Payza, STP, Payeer, PM, Bitcoin… This Program Was Launched On October 15, 2016. It Is A Long Term Project.
(3) TRAFFIC HURRICANE [TH]: “If You Liked Traffic Monsoon, You Will Like Traffic Hurricane”… Nuff Said!!… Ernie Gatz And Dave Barker Launched This Program On August 20, 2016… Registered In The Philippines… Earn Up To 110% Profit… AdPacks Are $50.00 Each… No Repurchase Rule… Eight Advertising Products, including “Hurricane Cash Links”, “Flood Warning Traffic”, and “Mobile Ads” for Quick Traffic To Your Website… No Monthly Membership Fee… Up To 2% Daily Earning Cap… $2.00 to $10.00 Minimum Withdrawal… Surf Fifty Ads Daily (5 Seconds Each) To Earn Your RevShare… Dedicated Customer Support Center… 10% Referral Commission…
(4) MY PAYING CRYPTO ADS [MPCA]: Trusted. Transparent. Transcend. Together… Mr. Uday Nara (refer to #1 above) Has Done It Again By Creating Another Successful And Potentially Long Term Program… This Is A BitCoin Only Program Which Launched On November 10, 2016: Earn Up To 120% Profit… AdPack Rates (BTC): 0.01|0.03|0.05|0.10… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products… Public Support Ticket System… Revenue Distributed Hourly… Earn More With An Explorer, Professional, Or Elite Monthly Membership… 0.01 BTC|1.0 BTC (Min|Max) Once Daily Withdrawal… Surf 10 Ads Every Day In The Traffic Exchange… BitCoin Training Videos Will Be Included… View Cash Link Ads For Extra Cash… 6% To 10% Referral Commission… Outside Traffic
UPDATE: We Removed The Link Above, And Placed This Program On Hold… We will replace the link, or remove this program from our Top Ten list, as soon as we are able to determine the final outcome of the current situation… Check our Program News page daily for latest updated news.
(5) FUTURE NET CLUB: A Multi-Media Network Club that Pays You For Everything done at their site… Products: Games, Advertising, Videos, Apps, Music, Ebooks, Banners, Movies, Tutorials, Images, Templates, E-Learning, and FN Magazine… Processors: Neteller, P.M., bitcoin, Western Union, dotpay, Credit Card, barion, Bank Transfer, sofort, and FN Payments… Pay Plans: Matrix|Affiliate|Sales… Basic Details: Company Launched In 2014… EARN FROM A MARKETING PLAN WITH 10 TYPES OF MONEY MAKING BONUSES: Multimedia, Social Media, Login, Sales, Friends, New Position, Matching, Leader, Advertising, and Career Plan… GET PAID TO: Post, Like, Watch, Download, & Share… CEO’s: Mr. Stephan Morgenstern and Mr. Roman Ziemian
(6) FUTURE AD PRO [FAP]: A Revenue Share, Automatic 3×3 Matrix, And Advertising Company… FAP Is A Subsidiary Of Future Net Club (Refer To #6 Above)… Earn 120% ROI… Get Paid Every 15 Minutes with 1.0% Daily Revenue Cap… $10.00 & $50.00 AdPacks… Watch 10 Ads Daily To Qualify For Revenue… Holiday Time (No-Surf) Package Available For 10% Of Your Daily Pay… $100 Customer Vouchers Available… 100% Custom Built Revenue Sharing Script… A Real Company with A Real Management Team and A Real Established Source Of Outside Income… 5-Level 15% Referral Commission: 8%|4%|1%|1%|1%… Owners: Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern…
(7) TRAFFIC SUMMIT ADS [TSA]: The Admin: Harvey Earl, Was Also The Admin Of A Previous Revshare Program: Venture Plug Traffic… Harvey Is As Honest And Competent As Uday Nara (Refer To #1 & #4 Above)… Earn Up To 125% Profit… AdPack Plans: $5.00 (no fee) or $50.00 ($10 monthly fee)… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products: Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, PPC Ads, Traffic Exchange, AdPacks, And PTC Ads… Up To 2% Daily Earning Cap… $5.00|$200 (Min|Max) Daily Withdrawal Limit… Surf 10 Ads Daily To Earn Your Revenue Share… Licensed Script, DDOS Protected Hosting, Comodo Secured… Earn Extra Cash By Viewing The Available PTC Ads… Payment Processors: Payza, BTC, PM, STP, & Payeer… 10% 1-Level Referral Commission
UPDATE: We Removed The Link Above, And Placed This Program On Hold… We will replace the link, or remove this program from our Top Ten list, as soon as we are able to determine the final outcome of the current situation… Check our Program News page daily for latest updated news.
(8) Stay Tuned: More To Come Soon!!

TOP TEN COULD HAVE BEEN (#11 thru #20): New Programs With Good Potential
These newer programs could have been listed above, if they were older, and already had an honest payout history. However, they do have good potential, and they still might be listed above in the future, depending on future performance. Click the links for details or to comment.

(11) GLOBAL MONEYLINE: Real Time Global Leads For Your List, Plus Lucrative Internet Income.

(12) REALLY SIMPLE SYSTEM: Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, List Building, & Multiple Affiliate Incomes.

(13) MATEBUX: Social Network|PTC|RevShare|Complete Offers|Download Apps|Rent Referral 

(14) EDEN TRAFFIC: Earn 130% Revenue Share… 10% Affiliate… Earn 100% From Referral Clicks…
(15) INFINITY TRAFFIC BOOST: World’s First Legal & Sustainable Surfers Pool & Referral Rewards.
(16) ENVIRALIZER: The Smartest Way To Turn A One-Time-Pay, Into A Steady Income Every Day.
(17) CASH DOWNLINE BUILDEREarn 100% Instant Pay & 30 Income Streams At The Same Time.
(18) FOUR CORNERS: We Look At Money Differently, Because We Look At It Through YOUR Eyes.
(19) MY EXTREME HITS: Five PTC Referral Commissions & RevShare Platform. Get Massive Traffic!
(20) ADS CRYPTO: Up To 125% RevShare Profit. 1.5% To 2.5% Daily Earning. No Repurchase Rule.

TOP TEN YOU CAN WIN (#21 thru #30): Newest Or Prelaunch Programs
The programs below are the newest on this page. You can win with these programs, because many of them are still in prelaunch, so you can join before launch, and start earning at launch. All of these programs were chosen by us here at Know How To Earn due to their promising outlook for short-term profits or long-term sustainability. Click links for details, or to comment…

(21) PRELAUNCH BUILDER: Massive Team Build Makes MLM Simple Again! Join FREE & PreBuild.
(22) WORLDWIDE EARNING: Up To 125%… Retirement Plans|Inside Insurance| PTC|Video Ads…
(23) SUCCESS POWERLINECreate Your Own Success, And Stop Waiting For Your Life To Happen.
(24) BANANA FUNDBuy/Sell Positions In Projects Before They’re Built. Fund & Trade Startups.
(25) BITEARNClick Ads|Complete Offers|MultiPlayer Games|Head/Tail|Place A Bet|Lucky #’s.
(26) BITSSURFER: Earn Bitcoin Simply By Surfing In Manual Traffic Exchange. A UK Registered Co. 
(27) THE ADS PRO: Earn Up To 125% Revenue Share Profit… There Is No Fixed Daily Earning Cap.
(28) EVERGREEN ADZ: Click For Dollars, Advertise To Paid Members, And Play The Coin Game!!…
(29) ORGANIC PROFIT ADS: RevShare, PTC, Daily Surveys, Facebook Likes, & A Traffic Exchange.
(30) THE BIT ADS: 150% Cash Back. Up To 3% Daily Cap. Hourly Mining Rewards. 10% Referral.

TOP TEN HONORABLE MENTION (#31 thru #40): Overflow (Correct Category Is Full Above)
These programs are classified as honorable mention, because they are an overflow from all of the previously listed programs above. Therefore, the programs listed below may fit into any of the three categories above (new, prelaunch, established). Whenever a space becomes available, these programs will be moved up into the appropriate category… Click for details, or comments.

(31) CTFO: Three Steps To Success… Earning $14,433 A Month, And More, Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…
(32) FUTURE PROFIT SHARE: Earn Up To 150%. Withdraw Up To 3X Your Deposit. 100% Refund!
(33) W3ADZ: A PTC And RevShare Program With A 100% Zero Loss Guarantee (Z.L.G) & Free $0.05!
(34) BITQYCK: The Bitqy Coin… QyckDeals: Daily Deal Platform… QyckEats: A Delivery Platform…
(35) ALL ADS WORK: Earn 120%|Earn From Cash Links|Earn 8% Referral|Earn As Representative
(36) GLOBAL PAYING ADS: Dedicated Server, SSL Certificate, Licensed Script, & DDOS Protection.
(37) ADZBUZZ: A Unique Social, News, & Blogging Platform Where You Get Paid To Do Everything.
(38) ADS TRADE SHARE: Earn Up To 120%|No Repurchase Rule|2% Daily Cap|220% Maximum Cap
(39) SYNERGY TRAFFIC: Earn By Viewing Ads In The Traffic Exchange, Cash Links, And Traffic Grid.
(40) ADS TROOPER: Earn Up To 135%|Up To 3% Daily Cap|Earn More With The Earning Multiplier.