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b468-TSGlobalTopShare Global is an advertising and revshare program that delivers guaranteed traffic.
Program Name
TopShare Global Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, PM, Payeer, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until May 21, 2016… Earn Up To 150% ROI… AdPack Prices: $3, $7, $15, $30, $50… Repurchase Rule Is A Variable Percentage… $10|$500 Min|Max For Each Deposit… Monthly Subscriptions: $10 Regular (300% Profit & 3% Referral) and $25 Premium (500% Profit & 10% Referral)… $10|$100 Min|Max Withdrawal Mon-Fri Within 24 Hours Or Less… 5% Deposit Fee & No Withdrawal Fee… You Must Surf 10 to 20 Websites Daily In The Traffic Exchange… 24-Hour Surf-Free Units Are Available For Purchase… Six Low-Cost Targeted Advertising Services… The Site Is 100% Mobile Friendly & 100% Secured… 24|7 Dedicated Support Team… A 100% Refund Is Available Under Certain Circumstances… Admins: Sarath Vavachan and Doney Varghese & 8 Co-Admins More Info: Home, FAQ, AdPack & Legal page Get 100% RCB

Thank You,
Admin & Team

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4 Thoughts to “Top Share Global”

  1. Admin|Update

    Hello Every One Very Good Morning.. As we all knows Decipline, following rules n strong Commitment can win the World.. So for longitivity of TSG We have to maintain proper decipline & with out default rules its not possible… Hope u all agree this!!!

    So here i am with my Suggestions which Can Transform the whole System…
    1. Weekly Withdrawals – Friday is good option.
    2. 50$ per day – Max 250 to 300$ Admin can take a final Call n decide the amount per week.
    3. Saturday to Thursday 100% repurchasing will be done by default which will never let the funds below the Wealthy Zone.
    4. After withdrawing the seeds its mandatory to maintain minimum 100$ balance in your account.
    5. This will keep system always in Wealthy mode like 8000members × 100$ = 8Lacs$ already more than 40% member are beyond 100$. So you can calculate by ur self.
    6. If any one is below 100$ keep repurchasing for next withdrawal.

    These are my suggestions to Go Green quickly i appeal to whole admin team Sarath Vavachan Abhi Sisodia to think about it also all members Tousif Parvez Ganesh Naiknaware Sanjay Singh Manvi Disoza can give there feed back in Comments…

    Thanks I Wish Longitivity for Our TSG
    -Prasad Bansod

  2. Admin|Update


    We all know, a lot of members are unhappy about reduced max withdrawal limit based on Program Health status.

    When I created TSG just on papers, I had a vision of creating a program which will become a source of income not just for people who are excellent marketers or good sales person but also for a person who is just a common man, works 8 to 5 and keeps thinking about how he can make some extra money to take his family on a dream vacation or buy an expensive gift for his wife or make his dreams come true, without quitting his current full time job and risking all his savings.

    I did not sleep much in last 2 weeks and kept thinking about sustainability of TSG. I thought we took all measures for the sustainability of program for several years. But you all can see the numbers. Our withdrawal rate is so high that we are already close to only 40% reserve funds. I think prevention is better than cure. We are not in trouble at all but we have to change somethings to make TSG forever. We tried to make some changes but that made a lot of people unhappy. That’s not what I want. I want everyone to be happy and make their dream come true. Make my dream come true and run TSG’s revenue sharing last forever.

    I had long meetings with financial advisors and co-admins and decided to make following changes to make everyone’s dream come true.

    Removing max withdrawal limit increase on commission balance purchases. New simple and easy way to know your max withdrawal limit is
    A) For Regular Subscribed Members: 3 X Total $ Deposited through processor (excluding processor fees)
    B) For Premium Subscribed Members: 5 X Total $ Deposited through processor (excluding processor fees)

    No more direct withdrawals from commission balance. Commission balance can be used only to purchase ad-packs and grow your account faster. Members can withdraw only from Earnings balance now onwards.

    Keep Reserve Zones as is but make it cool for everyone.

    A) We decided NOT to touch max withdrawal limit based on program health status. It will remain same 3X and 5X for regular and premium subscribed members respectively.
    B) We decided to let all members buy ad-packs and add & withdraw money even if their membership is expired, if TSG is in Healthy OR Weak Zone. If TSG is in Wealthy zone you need to renew your expired subscription in order to buy ad-packs or add & withdraw money. New Members cannot buy ad-packs, add or withdraw without buying a subscription first. In other words everyone will be paying membership fees at least once when they start with TSG. After that it will depend of program health Status.
    C) BIG CHANGE: We decided to change daily earnings % based on program health status. Nothing hidden. We will not reduce earning % randomly based on sales. All will be based on Reserve Fund Zone. Below are details

    $3 = Matures in 5 business days
    $7 = Matures in 12 business days
    $15 = Matures in 24 business days
    $30 = Matures in 45 business days
    $50 = Matures in 60 business days
    Weekends earnings reduced by 50%: YES

    $3 = Matures in 20 days
    $7 = Matures in 32 days
    $15 = Matures in 45 days
    $30 = Matures in 65 days
    $50 = Matures in 110 days
    Weekends earnings reduced by 50%: NO

    $3 = Matures in 60 days
    $7 = Matures in 100 days
    $15 = Matures in 150 days
    $30 = Matures in 200 days
    $50 = Matures in 240 days
    Weekends earnings reduced by 50%: NO

    Hope everyone will like these changes and help us grow TSG. All promoters will still be able to take advantage of commission balance by growing their accounts much faster than people who do not have many referrals and still will be able to withdraw up to 5X of their deposit no matter which zone we are in. Once TSG funds are stable we will review and may increase max per day withdrawal limit as well.

    We are developing following and will be launched soon
    1. Surf Free plans
    2. Login Ads
    3. Premium Ads
    4. New Cool Promo Codes
    A) Free subscription extension (5 Days, 10 Days, 20 Days, 30 Days)
    B) Free Ad-Pack(s) ($3, $7, $15)
    C) Surprise dashboard feature 😉
    D) Withdrawal limit increaser (100 – 125, 100 – 150)
    E) Per day Ad-Pack purchase increaser

    Etc…… Be Positive, Let’s think about whole program, let’s work as a Team, as a Family.

    Thanks everyone for your support, #TSGSuccess

  3. Admin|Update

    Official – IP verification update
    1. From now on TSG technical team can turn off IP verification on request in case you are not able to receive emails sent from TopShare or you don’t want to use this feature. Please keep in mind that turning off this feature will make your account less secure. Submit a support ticket to turn it off. We might ask for a little info.

    2. We have received a couple of Refund requests from some members who are not smart enough to explore and understand the platform. Their funds will be returned by tomorrow EOD.

    3. I am sorry I have a super slow internet connection here or else I would have updated the graphs on the Dashboard as well. I will make that all automatic tomorrow itself.

    4. All support tickets (258+ and 200+ of them duplicates) will be answered tomorrow, and that’s all for today!

    -Sarath Vavachan

  4. Admin

    An Important Announcement

    We have a great news and a disappointing news for you. The great news is that we are getting the business registered in Dubai. It’s not like registering a business online for a couple hundred dollars. It’s for real and we will have to prepare all the paper works, find a sponsor, arrange an Office space and all.

    Getting the business registered is always good for the members and for us. It will take around 10-15 days to process all the paper works and so the disappointing news. After having discussions with several big leaders and marketers we decided to delay the launch by two weeks.

    Reasons are:
    1) I and Doney will have to go to Dubai to prepare all the documents and find an office space. It will take a couple of days.
    2) We need to switch address on all payment processors or else it can cause problems later on.
    3) We need to make sure all the policies and documents are perfect.
    4) We are adding some more safety features like CSRF.

    Also we believe it is a good idea to make sure everything is working properly before the launch. It won’t be easy to make any changes after the launch. So we decided to let all users test the platform before launch. We will give you a FREE Regular subscription, load your accounts with dummy money and let you purchase Ad Packs for that. It will help us find bugs or logic errors if there is any and also it will help users get familiarize with the platform.

    Which one would you prefer, A revenue share tuned to last for long or a revenue share built in a couple of days to scam people. If you think option one is better then please be patient and allow us do what is right for the business

    Important dates (Updated & Final. There will be no more changes)
    1. May, 25: We will open platform for users to test and learn.
    2. May 31: We will reset all accounts and Shares.
    3. Jun 1: Subscription
    4. Jun 5: Official Launch

    (In the mean time we will process all the docs to get the business registered)

    We apologize for the delay. If you have any questions or queries please message me, one of the co-admins or submit a support ticket.

    Thank you
    -Sarath Vavachan

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