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theadsteam468                                                                           Real People And Real Ads

             This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
[SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSORS]: PZ, STP, PY, PM, BC… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 120% Profit… AdPack Rates: $10|$25|$50… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products… Dedicated Support Team… Revenue Distributed Daily… Up To 2.5% Daily Earning Cap… $10|$300 (Min|Max) Daily Withdrawal… Surf 10 Ads Every Day To Earn… View PTC Ads For Extra Cash… 13% 5-Level Referral Commission (8% 2% 1% 1% 1%)… [ADMIN]: Muhammad Azam And Najam Ul-Hassan… [PROGRAM STATUS]:  The Launch Was On October 15, 2016.

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53 Thoughts to “The Ads Team”

  1. Admin | Update

    Najam Ul Hassan | Admin | Facebook· October 11

    TheAdsTEAM Update:

    Latest update from the managment is as follows;

    1- Managment and admins are getting messages from memebrs about why the revenue share is very low?
    Revenue share is dependant upon daily sales of the company. Daily sales have gone down considerably thats why the revenue share has gone down considerably. Sales of adpacks were almost 0 thats why we had to stop Adpacks. We are still promoting and offering our other services like text ads, banners ads, login ads, withdrawal ads etc and sharing the rewards from sales of these products. There is nothing extra admins or managment can do because that is how the business was setup from day one and that is how the business worked from day one.

    2- What is TAT managment doing to bring it back to where it was few months ago?
    Together we have tried almost everyhting but it seems that nothing is working. We had to pause all our projects because of shortage of funds. We are trying to reduce as much expenses as we can that is why we have downgraded the servers becasue the company is not able to afford high end servers.

    3- Why can’t you refund all who has not withdrawn more than their purcahse?
    Our products came with no refund policy and that is how the whole system is built. We never gave anyone guarantees and we never advised any members to give guarantees to anyone. Like we can not just get money back from those who have withdrawn more than their purcahse, similar way we cant not just give to those who have withdrawn less than their purcahse. Revenue share was a reward based on companys sale, there were no guarantees.

    4- Why there are no regular updates?
    There is nothing much to update. We will only post an update or news if there is something imporant or meaningful. There is no point in posting abusive messages on the platform about the managment becasue managment has been working day and night for you and still doing the same. If you beleive that you were mislead about TAT products and were given guarantees then you should get in touch with the person who gave you guarantees rather pointing fingures at TAT and it’s management.


  2. Admin|Update

    Najam Ul Hassan|Facebook
    Admin · Yesterday (Oct 4, 2017) at 3:07am

    TheAdsTEAM Update:

    There is a technical issue with the ads team .com Our programmers are looking at it and will try to fix it as soon as possible.


  3. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Update (September 20, 2017):

    TheAdsTEAM Management has decided to stop/discontinue the sales of new Adpacks with immediate effect because of lack of demand and sales. It is no more profitable for the company to continue this product.

    All other marketing products like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, PPC etc will run as normal.

    Old Adpacks will continue to deliver the services as normal.

    Regards, TheAdsTEAM
    Najam Ul Hassan

  4. Admin|Update

    July 23rd 2017 | Irfan Urooj | Important Message!

    I request to all TAT members who earned more than one thousand USD (or equilent to 1000 dollars) from TAT, they must return 10% of their earning back to TAT to stablize the position of TAT in this situation while sales are very low. Are you agree with me????

    We earned from TAT in good times, TAT fully supported us in good times. Now its time to support TAT so that it can stand again to previous position.

    July 25th 2017 | Kais Mefteh

    TAT plz show your honesty to your poor members… think about Allah and his punishment to any cheat … think about our Hard-earned money that we invest in your Site… what if I invested all the money I have collected in my teaching career in your site TAT? It is Unfair in front of Allah! your earnings is decreasing in ridiculous way!! ..why? … do u intend to kill us ? … do u want us to get a slow death? …

    I got diappointed… sick…Ill…all the bad feelings!! I am sure now that u will not be able to get the success in the future just because you spoil and u damage your projects yourselves!!! So be more HUMaN and more Righteous in front of Allah and refund money to TAT members …do that as it was done by Eyadads !!! I thanked him alot that admin because when he regognised that his Revshare site couldn’t succeed anymore , so he stopped it immediately and refunded his members !!!

    be Human TAT’s admins … be comprhensive and courageous and do that… Be aware that only ALLAH is the rich … Only him who makes his people Rich. Otherwise , don’t make members in TAT suffer anymore… don’t make them feel the slow death, But close ur site forever and bring with you all the funds there and don’t worry we will meet in front of Allah one day and we will resolve the issue .

    thanks alot TAT .

  5. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Update:

    1- Account Balances on Hold:
    We want to clarify and inform all of you that account balances for those who have withdrawn more than their purchase has been paused & are on hold until the sales reach a certain level (they have not been deleted). We have all the figures in admins BackOffice so there is nothing to worry about.

    2- Regional Representatives (RR):
    Help me congratulate Jakub Zak, Naseer Khan Tanoli, Kamal Gaira & Manuel Cooper on becoming Regional Representatives (RR) for TAT/TATA. New members will be able to choose their RR from today and existing members will be able to choose their RR from their Profile from today as well.

    Najam Ul Hassan

  6. Admin|Update

    Update: We are fully operational. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

    There has been no effect to members with less withdrawals than their processor purchases. IF for any reason your account has been effected incorrectly then please do not panic and just send us a support ticket and we’ll do the rest.

    Some members might see their Active Adpacks showing 0, its because their adpacks have been paused (not deleted) and can be found in the Inactive Adpacks field. These members have withdrawn more than their processor purchases. These adpacks will become active once sales improve significantly.

    Any Service Adpacks purchased after 22/06/2017 will not pause even if you have reached the above criteria.

    Note: No income/earnings/rewards/revenue is guaranteed, all is dependent upon future sales.

    -Muhammad Azam|Admin

    Breach of Terms & Conditions:

    Our support team has been notified by member that some people (TAT members) are trying to discredit the company, spread lies and rumours.

    Any breach of terms and conditions will be taken very seriously by TheAdsTEAM and members will have their accounts blocked permanently if they are found breaching any terms and conditions.

    -Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

  7. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Five Important Updates:

    1. All those members who have already withdrawn equivalent to their purchases made via processor, their all adpacks along with their current balances will be paused on 20/06/2017 until the sales improves to a certain level where we can share to both new and old members.

    2. If you have not withdrawn money equivalent to your purchased amount, your adpacks will remain active untill you withdraw equal to or more than you purchased amount.

    3. If you purchase any adpack from tomorrow onwards, it will be considered as new adpack and you will get upto 1% revenue share from them.

    4. Saturday and Sunday Earnings and Withdrawals will be switched off but all other services will be working as normal.

    5. Regional Representatives will be announced tomorrow so stay tuned.

    These features have been introduced after a lot of consultation and analysis and we want to make sure than maximum people benefit from services and revenue share not just the few.

    Note: Revenue share is not guaranteed. It all depends upon future sales.

    Webinar Replay;

  8. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Update:

    Our sales have not been good recently and we need to take some measures. It’s not going to be possible for us to pay everyone at current rate.

    We want all people to benefit from the programme and not just the few. So our priority would be to look after those who have not withdrawn anything or not more than what they purchased. We are looking at couple of options.

    We are going to pause the withdrawals till Monday so we can discuss and finalise our next steps.

    Revenue share distribution and withdrawals System will work as normal for those who have not withdrawn more than their purchase. Will update you all with more details tomorrow.

    Najam Ul Hassan

  9. Admin|Update

    From: Najam Ul Hassan

    Get ready TheAdsTEAM Italia for our first ever National Event in Rome on 17/06/2016.

    Book your tickets on link below. 1 guest free with 1 ticket. Looking forward to see you all.

    Check out “TheAdsTEAM EVENTO ITALIA 17/06/2017”

    Click This Link To Book Your Tickets For The-Ads-Team National Event In Rome, Italy

  10. Admin|Update

    We are pushing forward with our TEAM. #wewillmakeithappen #rottenapplesout #standtogether
    -Najam Ul Hassan

    TheAdsTEAM Revenue Share Update:
    Tuesday’s sales will be shared today. Here is how much you would be receiving.

    07/06/2017 Revenue Share Distribution:
    New AdPacks: (Packs bought AFTER 02/06/2017)
    $50 AdPacks will receive 50 cents per Pack approximately.
    $25 AdPacks will receive 12.5 cents per Pack approximately
    $10 AdPacks will receive 5 cents per Pack approximately.
    Old AdPacks: (Packs bought BEFORE 02/06/2017)
    $50 AdPack will receive 14 cents per Pack.
    $25 AdPacks will receive 7 cents per Pack.
    $10 AdPacks will receive 2.8 cents per Pack.

    Note: You can request your withdrawals as usually and we will honor all withdrawals requests within 48 hours. Revenue share is not guaranteed and it depends upon daily sales.

    Muhammad Azam

  11. Admin|Update

    Update by Muhammad Azam:
    Earning distributions are back to normal and working absolutely fine.

    We are still working on the internal withdrawal implementation so the work is still going on. Once we complete the work withdrawals will be back on, it may take another 24-48 hours.

    Really appreciate your patience and support.

    Best Regards,

    TheAdsTEAM Video Update by Najam Ul Hassan:

    TheAdsTEAM Leadership Meeting London 21/05/2017:
    All our key UK Leaders are getting together today 21/05/2017 @3pm in London to discuss new ideas and plans on how to make TAT even better.

    You can post your idea & plans in the comments and we will discuss them in the meeting with our UK Leaders.

    Najam Ul Hassan

    TheAdsTEAM Update. 100,000+ members by Najam Ul Hassan:

    Not official just for information by Sajjad Ahmad:
    Here is the solution to pending bitcoin transactions for sender or receiver no matter they are pending since 1 day or 3 days:

    1- Go to
    2- Enter TX Hash, enter the captcha, click on submit.
    3- If you get the error (Submissions are beyond limit), try again at the beginning of each hour such as 20:00-21:00 etc.

    You will see that your transaction will be confirmed in a few hours. It is working like a charm.

  12. Admin|Update

    Exciting new Feature added. You asked we delivered
    Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

  13. Admin|Update

    TAT Project POWER LEADERSHIP Webinar on Sunday 14/05/2017 at 7PM UK Time.

    All our Black Diamonds, Blue Diamonds & Diamonds will be present on this webinar with co-founders. Important news, updates and strategies will be discussed.

    We all believe that right now is the time to take massive action, right now is the time to Dominate and Right now is the time to LEAD and Right now is the time to make TAT Project the BEST in the Industry.

    See you all on Sunday.

    Najam Ul Hassan

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