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theadsteam468                                                                           Real People And Real Ads

             This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
[SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSORS]: PZ, STP, PY, PM, BC… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 120% Profit… AdPack Rates: $10|$25|$50… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products… Dedicated Support Team… Revenue Distributed Daily… Up To 2.5% Daily Earning Cap… $10|$300 (Min|Max) Daily Withdrawal… Surf 10 Ads Every Day To Earn… View PTC Ads For Extra Cash… 13% 5-Level Referral Commission (8% 2% 1% 1% 1%)… [ADMIN]: Muhammad Azam And Najam Ul-Hassan… [PROGRAM STATUS]:  The Launch Was On October 15, 2016.

Thank You,                                     Open Your Free Account Now, and you will
Admin & Team                             Get 100% RCB from us: The Know How Team

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  1. Admin|Update

    Dear Members,

    Due to some technical reasons Payza deposits and withdrawals have been temporarily switched off.

    You will not see Payza balances under account balance because it’s hidden. Payza earnings are working fine in the background though.

    Error Should be fixed by Monday and everything will come back to normal.

    All other processors are working fine.

    Admin, TheAdsTEAM.

  2. Admin|Update

    From Support Team:

    Some important things you need to keep in your mind before sending ticket…

    1) Send complete details in your ticket and explain it completely
    2) Dont create new ticket to reply just reply in your previous ticket
    3) If you have entered a wrong wallet address then send correct wallet address in ticket
    4) Dont send ticket on behalf of your referral or friend let him send ticket himself
    5) Dont send multiple tickets
    6) If we ask verification documents then send clear visible verification documents

    -Sajjad Ahmad

  3. Admin|Update

    Top 10 Earners and Recruiters in TheAdsTEAM Academy. They believe on our Vision and are pushing Hard to take TAT Project to next level.

    Are you in TheAdsTEAM Academy?

    #100percent #onevision #pushtogether #TATProject

    -Najam Ul Hassan

  4. Admin|Update

    System Update:

    Our programmers Installed a new code yesterday which was supposed to fix the revenue share error and Leaders commission Withdrawal error.

    But unfortunately new code had an effect on Payeer payments, website speed, revenue share distribution and Withdrawal limit.

    1- Payeer error has been fixed. Payments are coming in and going out fine.
    2- Withdrawal Limit error has been fixed. You will be able to withdraw according to your position.
    3- We have disabled SURFING and there is no requirement to surf until we fix the underlying website speed issue.
    4- Revenue Share Distribution Error is still being worked at. We will let you know once we have any update.
    5- PPC Advertisement Update: Our programmers are working to make PPC advertisement more efficient. We have disabled PPC for next 1-2 days on the website while programmers work on the code to make it work better.


  5. Admin|Update

    The Latest T.A.T. News And Views From The First Pakistan Event

  6. Admin|Update

    TAT Lahore Event

    If you have got the ticket for the event you need to report there by 12:00 noon. Make sure to bring your tickets in hard/soft form which is required for entry.

    Complete address of event is as follow:
    1st floor, Khursheed Hall, Avari Hotel, Mall Road, Lahore.
    Google Map location:

    PS: Later comers will not be allowed to enter hall.

    Jawad Rafique|Facebook

  7. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Academy Dubai Trip & TAT Leadership Pool Updates:

    Dubai Trip: It was an amazing competition and you guys promoted TAT Academy products with a great push that you definitely deserve a well earned all expenses paid Luxury Break.

    Dubai trip winners are;

    1. Jakub Żak
    2. Kamal Gaira
    3. Ireneusz Fudro
    4. Myonghoon Heo
    5. Aaron Kuczyński
    6. Atif Gen
    7. Manuel Cooper’s Emanuele Fiore & Maurizio De Simone
    8. Jawad Rafique
    9. Naseer Khan Tanoli

    See you all in Dubai from 3rd May – 6th May 2017. We are going to have an amazing time.

    Leadership Pool Payout: This month’s Leadership Pool payout will be $380 per person. Congratulations to all who qualified for it. You will receive this payout within next couple of days.

    Keep on Rocking!!!

    TheAdsTEAM Project

    Get yourself and your teams ready for our upcoming international Events. These events are going to be full of inspiration, motivation and recognition. You can not afford to miss them because Co-founders and all local leadership will be present to share their vision and plans.

    Here is the schedule;

    Pakistan Event:
    Date: 23/04/2017
    Time: 12PM
    Venue: Avari Hotel, Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

    Dubai Event:
    Date: 05/05/2017
    Time: 6PM
    Venue: Capitol Hotel, Al Mina Road, UAE

    POLAND Event:
    Date: 27/05/2017
    Time: 5PM
    Venue: Airport Hotel Okecie, Warsaw, Poland
    TICKETS ONLY (Tickets will be made available soon)

    Date: 17/06/2017
    Time: 6PM
    TICKETS ONLY (Tickets will be made available soon)

    LONDON Event:
    Date: 20/05/2017
    Time: 6PM
    Venue: Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf London
    TICKETS ONLY (Tickets will be made available soon)

    Looking forward to see you all. 2017 is going to amazing.

    TheAdsTEAM Project

  8. Admin|Update

    TAT Academy Leadership Plan:

    TAT Academy Leadership Bonus Plan went live on 8th April. It’s really powerful because you have a chance to make up to 8% on total turnover in your team to unlimited levels.

    Lets see who makes full use of it. Download updated presentation from Files section and share it with your teams.

    Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    A Facebook Video Update From Najam Ul Hassan‎|Program Admin

    This Link Opens In The Same Tab:

  10. Admin|Update

    New Features in TAT:

    Launched in October 2016 with a concept and a vision of making this industry better and today with the help of all of you we are standing strong at more than 75,000 users worldwide. Members base increasing at 400-600 members per day and sales are going strong.

    We wanted to make a change in the industry by building a Solid Long-Term platform and we are very proud to say that we have achieved it. TAT is one of the best in the industry and now its time to take TAT to a whole new level and make it the best in the industry.

    In order for us to achieve it we need to innovate, anticipate and plan for next 1-2 years right now. We have been in discussions with our consultants, Leaders and industry experts on different options of how to achieve our long-term goals.

    We were presented with few recommendations and suggestions, we analyzed them and are now ready to implement these new features which we all believe that will not only make this company the best in the industry but also make this platform long term and stable which people can promote with full confidence.

    Following new features will be implemented in coming few days:

    1- Unlimited Withdrawals on Commissions:
    You will be able to withdraw your commissions on all new purchases happening in your Level 1 & Level 2 with no daily limit.

    Note: You need to have minimum 10 packs ($50 packs) to benefit from this feature.

    This feature will help Team builders to benefit even more from the program. People will never stop promoting the plan and company will keep on growing at a fast pace. We do not want a situation where all our top promoters have maxed out and lost interest in promoting because it does not make any financial sense to them.

    We do not want them stop encouraging, motivating and guiding people on the platform. With this new feature we will never have this scenario and Leaders and promoters will always be promoting and pushing this program which is a really powerful news.

    2- Commission Levels:
    Commission on Fresh sales will be paid on 2 levels. 8% on Level 1 & 2% on Level 2. Repurchase will be only paid on 1 level i.e, 8%. It makes more sense for business, less burden on our system and will bring our company in line with the standard industry practice.

    3- Withdrawal Limits:
    You will be able to withdraw maximum 2 times of your own purchases. Once you have withdrawn 2 times your purchase, your Adpacks will be paused (not made 0 or frozen, there is big difference). As soon as you make a new purchases using your processor or using commissions from Fresh sales, all the Adpacks including new and paused will start giving you revenue share again and you will be able to withdraw 2 times of that purchase. Lets look at 3 scenarios to understand how it will work;

    a) Lets say You start with $1000 (20 Adpacks) with no Team and kept on building your account to a certain level and then started withdrawing untill you have withdrawn $2000. Your remaining Adpacks will be paused. Lets say you buy another $500 worth of Adpacks, now all your packs including the new ones and paused ones will start giving your revenue share and you can start withdrawing again and repeat the process.
    b) Lets say you have already withdrawn 2 Times your purchase amount, in this case your Adpacks will be paused, you can either buy new packs using processor or get New Sales commissions from downline to buy new packs and start withdrawing again.

    This new feature combined with existing Leadership position withdrawal Limits will help you make more than what you are making right now. All your team will be making new purchases and you will keep on making new sales commissions. Sky is the Limit.

    4-Processor Fees:
    a) We managed to get 1% reductions on purchased made with Payza because of our excellent track record with them. New fees will be reduced from 4.99% to 3.99%.
    b) There will be 2% fees on purchases made via BTC to cover the costs and fluctuations in daily price.

    Our programmers are working on these features and we will let all of you know when we are ready to implement this.

    Dont forget to watch our updates video:

    Najam Ul Hassan
    TheAdsTEAM Project

  11. Admin|Update

    TAT/TATA Webinars Mega Day (March 29, 2017)

    Today we are conducting webinars in 5 different Languages.

    What will be covered?:

    a) TAT & TATA Presentation, so you can plug your prospects and they can learn about both platforms.
    b) Updates by Najam Ul Hassan & Muhammad Azam
    c) Testimonials

    [These Webinar Links Will Open In The Same Tab]:

    1- 4pm GMT- Hindi/Urdu Webinar:
    2- 5pm GMT- Italian Webinar:
    3- 6pm GMT- English Webinar
    4- 7pm GMT – Polish Webinar

    Najam Ul Hassan

  12. Admin|Update

    Pakistan Event Update:

    We are getting an amazing response and a lot of people are showing interest and booking event tickets. We are looking to move the event to a bigger place because Marvel Hotel can hold 250 people max and more than 500 people have booked tickets already.

    We will update you if there is any change in venue as soon as it’s confirmed.

    Note: Only 3 tickets allowed person. Orders with more than 3 tickets will be cancelled and you will have to book it again.

    Najam Ul Hassan

  13. Admin|Update

    He is a Super Star, He is Speed Train or He is a Super Man? What an achievement and I am truly amazed to see the manner and speed in which you achieved this Position.

    Help me congratulate Myonghoon Heo on achieving prestigious Diamond Position in TheAdsTEAM in just 48 days. You are leading one of the strongest teams in both TAT and TATA. You did not just achieve Diamond position but also qualified for Free Iphone 7 and a rise in your withdrawal limit to $350/day.

    Many more promotions to come. Lets make Korea No.1.

    Najam Ul Hassan

    ***Gold Gold Gold***

    WOW! The very first female gold member from Pakistan ladies and gentlemen, Would you please help me Congratulate Mrs Mehwish Naqvi. This is a great achievement and we are so proud of you, very well done indeed. You have also won the Samsung tablet and deservedly entered into the Leadership Pool.

    Muhammad Azam

  14. Admin|Update

    Najam Ul Hassan was live on TheAdsTEAM Official FaceBook timeline…

  15. Admin|Update

    Update: TheAdsTEAM Academy withdrawals are on. We’ll process all the withdrawal tomorrow. So please make sure your withdrawals are in by midday GMT tomorrow (Tuesday). All the future withdrawals will be processed on every Monday after that. Min withdrawal $10 and you can use any of the four processors to withdraw.

  16. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Academy Must Read:

    1- We try to process all applications asap but It can take Upto 48 hours to get a confirmation of your position after you have made a payment.
    2- Email verification link will only come once our system has confirmed your position and it can take Upto 48 hours in some cases. (Due to payment processing and security checks in place).
    3- Please do not contact support regarding account verification and activation before 48 hours after making a payment.
    4- All Educational Products will be available from Monday 13th March. Live webinars and 1 to 1 coaching session will begin from 3rd Week of March.
    5- Minimum withdrawal is $10 and there is no limit on maximum.
    6- You can use your Withdrawable and Upgrade balance to sign up other members.
    7- 50% commissions will go to Autoupgrade if you don’t have all 4 levels.
    8- You will only get commissions from the tree you are in. You will move to the next tree before your sponsor if you upgrade before them.
    9- Withdrawals will be processed every Monday. You can request a withdrawal anytime you like but it will be processed on Mondays.
    10- You can request 1 withdrawal per week.
    11- You will be able to request withdrawals from 15th March.
    12- You can withdraw to any of following processors. i.e. BTC, Payza, Perfect Money & Payeer. Does not matter which one you paid from.
    13- We do not offer any refunds on any of our TATA products. Please read our terms and conditions before signing up.
    14- We can not change your sponsor or position once your payment has gone through. We do not sell position, we sell educational packages.
    15- Last Day for Dubai VIP trip Qualification is 8th April.
    Requirements: Anyone achieving $40k in personal Sales and Top 3 Recruiters in TATA
    16- You can have multiple accounts is TAT academy using same name, different email and different username.

    TheAdsTEAM Academy

  17. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Email Delivery & Referral List Update:

    Hi Guys.

    1- Due to some technical reasons our email delivery system is not working properly. We have disabled email verification for new accounts for now. You can create account and login without verification. Our tech team is working on the fix and will update you once the issue with mail server has been resolved.

    2- We are doing some customizations on referral list to give you more visibility of your referral’s packs etc. The list might not open on few browsers during this customization.

    Regards, TAT

  18. Admin|Update

    Get Up, Get Ready, Take Action. Academy Registrations are live.
    -Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan

  19. Admin|Update

    Update: So excited with the buzz The Academy has created. We had tremendous response and new registrations were going crazy. I would like to congratulate you all on this successful start. Obviously we had some hiccups but we stood together, and the way everyone supported it was awesome. At the end of the day we are one TEAM, TheAdsTEAM.

    We had so many registration applications that some of them are still sitting in the queue, so we have disabled the new registration in the academy to clear this backlog. All the accounts that did not get confirmed will be completed first. We are looking at few hundreds of them so please bear with us, and please let your teams know as well.

    If anyone is missing his account he/she should send one, just one email on:

    Please include all the following information, and wait for the confirmation:
    Username (you tried to create):
    Sponsor username:
    Payment amount:
    Processor name:
    Processor ID/Wallet address:
    Transaction ID:
    (for coipayments we would need transaction ID like CPBB5AZBYJXNG8ZJOYAHTT****)

    TheAdsTEAM Academy (TATA) Update:
    Najam Ul Hassan: March 2, 2017

    Hi All. We had a meeting with our developers regarding TheAdsTEAM Academy Website today. They are working on few fixes;

    a) To make whole registration smooth and payment processing error free
    b)Replicated websites (so when new member click on your link they land on home page and can scroll around with your referral link in the background
    c) Give members an option to use their Balance (withdrawal & upgrade) to purchase educational packs for other members.

    -All these optimizations will be done mid next week and we will give all of you 24 hours notice before we bring the website back live.
    -All the pending registrations will be completed within next 24 hours.

    Thanks for all the amazing support and let’s get our teams ready for massive push.

    TheAdsTEAM Academy (TATA)

  20. Admin|Update

    THEADSTEAM… From: Faisal Gul|Facebook

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