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theadsteam468                                                                           Real People And Real Ads

             This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
[SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSORS]: PZ, STP, PY, PM, BC… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 120% Profit… AdPack Rates: $10|$25|$50… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Products… Dedicated Support Team… Revenue Distributed Daily… Up To 2.5% Daily Earning Cap… $10|$300 (Min|Max) Daily Withdrawal… Surf 10 Ads Every Day To Earn… View PTC Ads For Extra Cash… 13% 5-Level Referral Commission (8% 2% 1% 1% 1%)… [ADMIN]: Muhammad Azam And Najam Ul-Hassan… [PROGRAM STATUS]:  The Launch Was On October 15, 2016.

Thank You,                                     Open Your Free Account Now, and you will
Admin & Team                             Get 100% RCB from us: The Know How Team

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53 Thoughts to “The Ads Team”

  1. Admin|Update

    Important System Updates!

    -Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

    Update: has been up and running since midnight GMT. We tested it intensively and found it to be running smoothly and loading fast. Thanks for being so supportive and believing in #theadsteam. Najam Ul Hassan

    -Muhammad Azam|Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Academy Update!
    -Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan

  3. Admin|Update

    ??? Here comes the UK’s First TheAdsTEAM National Event… ? Theadsteam excitement never ends…

    It’s your chance to:
    ➡ Meet the real owners in real
    ➡ Witness all the exciting recognitions
    ➡ Learn from the top leaders
    ➡ Hear about TheAdsTEAM progress and Future Plans
    ➡ Benefit from all the information to grow your business

    And much more…

    ⚠LIMTED SEATS⚠ So book your ticket RGIHT NOW… and £££ Ticket Price will be refunded to the attendees…

    Are you guys ready to rock with the rocking TAT ??? Look forward to seeing you all there ?

    Please click here to book your ticket:

    -Atif Gen|Facebook

  4. Admin|Update

    Najam Ul Hassan…
    TheAdsTEAM Academy Compensation Plan Video:

    Muhammad Azam…
    Hey Guys. It’s about 4am over here in UK and myself and Najam are still working to make TAT platform great for you and your teams. We are giving our best to this programme and most of people are also really supporting us and the plan and standing behind the company and trying their best to make TAT great. But unfortunately few people are trying to manipulate the system especially to achieve positions and create multiple accounts for stacking. It is not fair with people who are working hard and giving all effort they can.

    We will be taking actions where necessary and will be blocking accounts permanently if we find that system manipulation has occurred. We do not want to be harsh but we want to protect this system for all members and can’t let few to destroy it. I hope you think the same way we think.

  5. Admin|Update

    ??Wowww… 50,000+ Members just in under 4 months…☇☇☇ can’t say much as TheAdsTEAM is roaring louder itself…

    A sky big congratulations and well done to our Admin Heroes Najam Ul Hassan Muhammad Azam and ALL leaders superstars and whole TheAdsTEAM Family for this achievement… This is our team TheAdsTEAM and let’s rise and shine together with TheAdsTEAM and be no 1. #tatdisruption

    PS: sorry if I missed someone in the video, couldn’t bring all in short video, but we’re all part of this achievement 🙂

    -Atif Gen|Facebook

  6. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Academy Launch Update. Great news for everyone
    -Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan|Admins

  7. Admin|Update

    >> Gold Promotion >>

    Today this Gentleman has created history by becoming First Gold Member in Bangladesh. Help me congratulate Maz Sujon on achieving this prestigious position in such a challenging market.

    We salute your leadership and are proud of you and your team. You have also qualified for Leadership Pool and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

    TheAdsTEAM is growing at fast pace in Bangladesh and we will have TAT event very soon over there.


  8. Admin|Update

    Email Update:

    Due to Some technical issues our Verification emails, withdrawal and commission emails are not working properly. Our Tech Team is working on it and we will get it resolved asap.


  9. Admin|Update

    >>> Gold Position Promotion >>>

    Today I feel very happy and proud to promote Nebojsa Zarada to Gold Position. I admire your work ethics and honesty all the time and we are proud to have you in TheAdsTEAM.

    You are a great guy, an amazing Team Player and You have contributed a great deal toward TAT success. Looking forward to many more promotions for you and your team.

    You have also qualified for Monthly Leadership Pool and Samsung Tablet. Keep on rocking.

    Regards, TheAdsTEAM

  10. Admin|Update

    Book your Flights & Hotels with TheAdsTEAM Shopping:
    -Najam Ul Hassan

  11. Admin|Update

    Here Are A Few Mid-Week Video Updates:
    -Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

  12. Admin|Update

    Leadership Pool December Payout:

    The results for Leadership Pool are out and everyone in the Pool is going to receive $430 as a Leadership Bonus for December. Congratulations to each and everyone who qualified, you will get your payout within next few days.

    Team is growing and Leadership Pool payouts are growing every single month. You can not afford to miss out on this.

    What is Leadership Pool?… 8% Commission from All the Adpacks sales going directly to the Admin will be put in this pool and shared amongst Gold Members & Above every month. Please download Latest Presentation from Files section.

    How to become Gold?… You need 200 adpacks & 20 paid direct referrals. (all based on $50 ad packs)

    Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

  13. Admin|Update

    TheAdsTEAM Shopping Launching on 06/01/2017!!!

    How does TheAdsTEAM Shopping Platform Work?

    -Najam Ul Hassan|Admin

  14. Admin|Update

    Najam Ul Hassan|Admin Updates:

    1- TheAdsTEAM Shopping Platform: 6th Jan 2017… Ladies & Gents the wait is over. Our Shopping platform is ready and we will be launching it big time on Friday 06/01/17. Get ready to do your shopping, Book your Flights & Hotels and Send gifts to your loved ones using TheAdsTEAM Shopping – Search, Compare & Shop

    2- Leadership Pool: Results & Payouts for December Leadership Pool will be announced on Sunday’s Webinar. Our programmers are still working on Leadership position customisations. Will be completed soon.

    3- Top Recruiter Competiton Results: Results for Top Recruiter Competition between 23/12 – 31/12 will also be announced on Sunday’s webinar and winner will receive a nice $500 bonus.

    Regards, TheAdsTEAM


  15. Admin|Update

    Very Important TheAdsTeam Admin Video Update

    >The Poland Event
    >New Gold Members
    >30,000+ Members in 75 days
    >Withdrawal Limits going up
    > TAT Shopping is Just around the corner

    -Najam Ul Hassan

  16. Admin|Update

    Guys here is the list of Retailers from Poland which will be available
    on TheAdsTEAM Shopping Platform>>>

    Ali Express
    Dobre Garnki
    Partner AGD-RTV
    Qatar Airways
    T-mobile E-shop
    TradeTracker Poland – Wydawcy
    VIP Collection
    Wyjątkowy Prezent

    Plus, Trip advisor, Expedia, Skyscanner and many more…

    Get Ready, TheAdsTEAM Shopping is Launching Soon…

    -Najam Ul Hassan

  17. Admin|Update

    $500 Give Away: Top recruiter from 23/12/16 to 31/12/16 will receive a $500 Reward.

    Businesses make more profits and sales in last few days of December than any other days. They remain open longer hours, employ more staff, staff work longer hours because everyone know that it’s time to make money.

    Are you taking full Advantage of this Spending period? Take action and let’s build aggressively and end this year on a high.

    Note: Only paid members will be taken into account.

    Regards, Najam Ul Hassan, Admin

  18. Admin|Update


    London Event is Ticket Only Event. Please make sure you book tickets for yourself, your team and your prospects if they want to attend. Limited Seats available

    Book you FREE Ticket here;

    TheAdsTEAM London Event
    Date: Sunday 2711/2016
    Time: 5PM
    Venue: The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conference Venue, 81-103 Euston Street, London, England, NW1 2EZ
    Parking: Free around Hotel

    Book you free Ticket here for London Event.

    Looking forward to see you all there

    -Najam Ul Hassan with Arslan Afzal

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