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banner5-tadsol468TADSOL is an advertising and revenue sharing program that delivers guaranteed traffic…
Program Name
TADSOL Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, Payeer, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until March 4, 2016… Earn 130% or 150%… $0.50, $5.00, $10.00 AdPacks… Surf 5 to 10 Websites Daily… 1.0% to 3.9% Daily Cap… Revenue Shared Hourly… 40% Repurchase Rule… Instant Withdrawals… Paid To Click Included… $2.00 Minimum Cashout… 10% 2-Level (8%/2%) Referral Commission… 3% Deposit Fee & No Withdrawal Fee… Minimum Deposit Is $10.00… More Information: You can refer to the Home, FAQ, Privacy, T&C, Disclaimer & Refunds  page… Get 100% RCB

Thank You,                                                      UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                                  No Longer In Business

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12 Thoughts to “Tadsol”

  1. Admin

    Tadsol Update!!!
    Hello Team #TADSOL
    First of all i would like to humble apologize for my short absence from the group. There are a lot of thing going on lately and i was pretty busy dealing with all these things. In this update i want first of all to ensure you that i am still here and i also want to fully explain our situation to all the members.

    Let’s start from the beginning. When TADSOL Launched the higher daily earnings was up to 3,90% and it was going on well for a while but we didn’t have a good growth. It looks like most of the people prefer programs with higher earnings so we change our pay plan and change the higher daily earnings to up to 12,00%. These higher daily earnings in combination with our instant payments make TADSOL very popular and we reach over 10.000 members in less than a month.

    What happened lately is that unfortunately the current growth was not enough to sustain the program as it is. The money that members ask to withdraw daily was a lot more than the money coming in to the program from the existed and the new members.So the fact is that today we have only a small amount of money available and we are unable to continue the payments. At least not for now.

    At this point i would also like to kindly remind to all our members that TADSOL is a revenue sharing program and in order to be able to distribute our revenue to all the members, first we need to generate revenue.

    In the Terms and conditions i mention clearly that i cannot guarantee any earnings and the only reason for that is because i cannot predict for how long TADSOL can continue to have sales and generate revenue to distribute to the members.

    Another issue we have is that some members have already started to dispute so some of our Payment processors are in trouble (like Payza) and we have our funds hold. This is another reason i cannot continue the payments.

    However, i am still here and i want you to know that i am willing to do whatever i can to make the program fully functional again. We will probably have to change some things and maybe implement some new rules and i already have some things in my mind like for example to implement a monthly membership, to change the pay plan or even to restart the program. Your advice as a valuable member is very important and i would like to ask everyone to feel free and suggest some ideas in the comments below if you want. I will personally review all the ideas and possible solutions.

    I humbly apologize for the situation we are in. I can admit that as admin and owner of TADSOL maybe i made some mistakes. Maybe i could do some things differently and maybe the situation will be better. However, i am still here.

    One of the things i try to implement is to launch the new revenue sharing program 12 Daily Earn to support TADSOL but unfortunately this was not enough.

    About the future… At this point i cannot do a lot of things about TADSOL. I have to fight the disputes and take back the control of our remaining funds in all the processors. As i do that i am also going to think what will be the best thing to implement in order to continue with TADSOL and as i mention before, feel free to write your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

    TADSOL is on hold for now but 12dailyEarn works normally. I would like to invite all the members to start in 12dailyEarn and i will soon post some incentives here in the group. These incentives will be offered only to the existed TADSOL members out of respect for the current situation and to show you that i respect you and i appreciate you as well. More details about that soon.

    Again, i humbly apologize for the current situation but i am still here and if we all work together we can make it!

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  2. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL
    Good Day Today.

    In this update we would like to share with you some of the important move we have done to keep TADSOL sustainable, It is important that you read to the end because the information would help you understand things as they really are. But before we go into that detail let’s welcome all new members to Total Advertising Solution. A place where you can advertise and earn hourly, we have been in operation since February, paying members instantly and providing the best customer support.

    You would agree with us that TADSOL is a good program, since operation we have not come up with any issue of missed AD PACK, missing account or failed payment processing. We have offered our members the best support via live chat, facebook group and email this we are still providing, we pay using automatic instant processing, this we are also till doing until today. TADSOL has really been amazing paying up to 12% daily in the 0.50cent Plan, 10% in the Prime Surf and up to 6.5% in the Basic, Not many programs can survive past a single week on this plan However we have comfortable paid this until today when we think we have to revert to our original design for TADSOL. What we want is sustainability and we know that our members just want to have an honest paying system where they can make some profit, to realistically achieve long term operation we are taking TADSOL back to the initial profit sharing term which we pre-launched and launched the program on in February 17th when we first announced our business to the online community, what this means is that our plan term has change to pay higher overall profit while the daily profit share is reduced. The four plans continue it would now be;

    BASIC SURF PACK: 130% Expiry Revshare and 2.5% – 2.9% Daily CAP
    BASIC NON-SURF: 130% Expiry Revshare and 2.0% – 2.4% Daily CAP
    PRIME SURF PACK: 150% Expiry Revshare and 3.5% – 3.9% Daily CAP
    PRIME NON-SURF: 150% Expiry Revshare and 3.0% – 3.4% Daily CAP

    and the tester plan which is the 0.50Cent Plan: 110% Expiry revshare and 3.5% – 5.0% Daily CAP.

    For those of you who want to see a plan with higher daily CAP, You must know that it is highly risky to sustain, This present plan is good, It can help you make money online daily and good profit in the end. One thing is sure now, with this plan we do not have to worry about closing the business anything soon, we can comfortable sustain payout for many more months, If we didn’t have good intent we could just close and disappear but NO we are here to stay, to make You earn online, Appreciate our business and let’s keep the fire burning.

    Now it’s time to take charge and get powered Up. We are giving 12% Funding Bonus for limited time only. This is the highest funding bonus ever and it would be STOP Shortly so FUND in now to get Your Instant 12% Bonus credited to your account.

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  3. Admin

    TADSOL |Earnings and Business Reassurance
    Hello Team #TADSOL

    It’s another business week and we are pleased to inform you that TADSOL is still in business. Accepting new members, Giving bonuses and processing withdrawals instantly to your payment processors account.

    Some hour again it seem the profit sharing stopped, once I woke up and saw it, I immediately fixed this and earnings are back again.

    It seem some of you are having you doubt again about the life span of #TADSOL, let us reassure you that #TADSOL is not closing up anytime soon. we are doing everything possible and keeping our consistency in offering quality customer support. Fear not, we are in Business and #TADSOL is good business.

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  4. Admin

    TADSOL | Instant Funding Bonus and Daily News

    Hello Team #TADSOL

    Today is a good day in TADSOL, as the days counts we grow stronger and we take charge by simple offering you the best of advertising and income solution. We the management team of TADSOL want to welcome all new members to joining this opportunity, our business have been online for months and have been running smoothly without any problem or drama. We take this business seriously and keep our members in the best position at all time while we pay up to 12% daily cash back on all purchase made. We value our members and offer quality support via live chat, email and facebook support.

    To welcome new members and continue to support our older members for their patronage we are offering 10% Instant Bonus on Funding for a limited time which is Today Saturday, April 9th ONLY. This is another call to make more from your participation in TADSOL.

    Fund In – Get Your Bonus – Earn More On Your Dollar Spend.

    All withdrawals are instantly processed without hassles, the business is going good and growing with new members and deposit. All we want to do today is present you consistency in what we’ve been doing over a month now, helping our members make money while they advertise.

    I charge you to take action, those who procrastinate or sit on the fence don’t achieve anything, if you want to buy pack, today is the best day to fund your account and buy pack, do it already and begin to earn with Us.

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir (Program Admin)

  5. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL
    It’s a new day and the beginning of something amazingly Hot!. Yeah finally, the long awaited news ought to be shared yesterday would be unveiled SOON, so read to the end of this newsletter.

    We’ve got new members joining everyday of the week, we welcome you all to Total Advertising Solution. We’ve been operating for months paying members and offer advertising services that counts and generate results. All old members are appreciated as usual, we thank you for your wonderful support.

    You see when we began not a lot of people said we will close after 3days, some said 7days but now it’s been more than a month of successful operation without a single delay in payment or drama, TADSOL stand out from the rest, we have the skill and know how to give our customers the best, which is what we’ve been doing.

    The good news is here


    The Next Giant Revshare will be unveil for 7days prelaunch tomorrow at 12NOON GMT

    Well Planned For Higher Profitability and Sustainability!

    Lots Of Customization Done On the Script For Proper Functioning

    12% Referral Commissions in 4 Levels and more…

    Stay Tuned Tomorrow at 12NOON GMT

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  6. Admin

    A Progress Report From: Isner Nazir
    Hello Team #TADSOL,

    Today is another day to Succeed in Life and with TADSOL. When we talk about succeeding you must understand it goes a lot with information and action, at TADSOL we constantly update you with the right info that can help you take a decision with us and other programs so that you achieve some level of financial freedom.

    TADSOL started: Feb 17 2016 and since then we have stayed committed to our members offering daily info and the best of customer support via live chat, facebook chat and Email corresponding.

    Our official program launch was on the 4th of March 2016, at launch we had about 2000+ members and have grown daily, today we can confidently say we’ve reached a Total Members of : 9431 • and have made Actual Total Withdrawal of: $59614.1354.

    For a one month old program TADSOL is a true success. The best of it is that we have gained stability, we have up to 230+ members joining each day, not just free members but active members who promote and buy ad pack.

    in TADSOL there are NO Drama, in TADSOL there is No Lack of enthusiasm, we have kept on the pace and we want to reassure you today that your time with us will be worthwhile. We are going to keep our consistency and develop more positive feature for growth and sustainability.

    It’s time to announce the winners of our daily activity bonus, Usernames for the winners are;

    All five members got $20 Each, added to their cash balance and available for withdrawal. Now is the time to keep up your activity in TADSOL, YOU can be the next winner, post your payment proof in our forum link and facebook group and stand a chance to win $10 today with 5 winners to be awarded at the end of the day.…io-t511192.html

    Advertising on TADSOL is easy. Making Extra Money with TADSOL is 100% Real and Safe, If you’ve not started making money in TADSOL then you’re missing out on this great opportunity, with as little as $10 you can grow your income.

    BUY AD PACK Promote Your Link

    Earn with Us Today!! TADSOL| We Provide Profitable Advertising Solution.

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  7. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL,

    TADSOL is Delivering results and the statistic can show you this: Total Members: 6561

    Total Payouts: $19238.5009. Face book Group: 4,413 Members(626 new)

    Key Features:
    Earn Up to 10% Daily with Hourly Profit Share. Instant Withdrawal.
    $1.5 Low Min Withdrawal. Withdraw Upto $1000 Daily.
    Responsive Customer support with 18Hours. Live Chat What else would you want to see in #TADSOL?

    It’s another week with TADSOL as we continue to grow and seize a place in the profitable advertising industry. Before we unveil all the updates for today let’s welcome all new members, Over 400+ members joined in the last days and we are pleased to have you all on board, Let me reassure you that your decision to work with TADSOL will bring you Traffic and Cash while you enjoy a friendly community. Older members are also much appreciated, you’ve been the backbone and we are going to give you the best result you desire.

    Isn’t it amazing that you can really earn up to 10% Daily? and even on weekends?, If you are not in the Prime then you need to get in there because that’s where most of the money in TADSOL is. I encourage all members to own a Prime Pack and claim the best benefits with TADSOL. By the way, who is missing out on the 5% bonus? Waoo! I think we all like to make some extra ++, this bonus is paid to your withdrawable balance and available for cashout, Same Day – Same Minute. Maximizing opportunity is the secret that separate the men from the boys, Maximize every opportunity to get more Traffic and More Cash.

    In TADSOL we want all members to be a participant, It takes only 1-2minute to post a payment proof, this is the easiest and strongest act to show that we pay, we need you guys to post payment proof. Those who have kept a consistency have been rewarded today and the usernames and amount are:

    ibc4u —–$10 STP
    Mojjeracerman–$10 STP
    rastoha—$10 BITCOIN

    Celixichic–$10 STP All Bonus is credited to Withdrawable. Balance and available for withdrawal this very minute.

    With this been done, we are launching an $100 Daily Activity Bonus, this bonus would be awarded on the basis of participation, and free members can earn also.

    Make a video Explaining our Plan. Make a video Showing how members can cashout, deposit, place banner ADS.

    Post Payment proof and make it creative Promote your referral links.

    Show your support, all of the above comes with a huge bonus of up to $10 per activity. Claim your Spot ASAP, Don’t Miss Another Opportunity To Earn With Tadsol.

    It’s gets more profitable in #TADSOL If Extra $1000 Weekly Sounds Good Then Check Out our Leadership Offer, Be Reminded Your Team Need Success and It Begins With YOU, Connect Your Followers To A Reliable Program.

    #TADSOL is one, we will give you free customizable promotional materials upon request. Tadsol Is The Hit, Let’s Get On Top Of Our Games And Keep This Buzz.

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  8. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL,

    What is the Issue? Revshares are closing up People are not enjoying the true concept of profit advertising Admin come up with stories on why they fail

    You have never made money online You don’t have the tools needed to promote to get true success

    The list of why You don’t want to participate or fully take charge of this TADSOL opportunity can go on and on BUT don’t forget Our presence is a SOLUTION, We’re Total Advertising Solution: This means we want to totally fill in the mixing gaps on why You have failed in the past and why most revshares programs have failed.

    TADSOL is new and growing good since the prelaunch days, Every day we have new members joining in good numbers, our members have expressed satisfaction in the way we go about our business and are connected with us.

    Ask yourself; Are we delivering on our words? The answer is Yes. In just 32days of opening and 14days since official launch our members have enjoyed profit share of up to 10% daily with INSTANT Withdrawals. No Bugs, No Stories, No Hassles.

    TADSOL has been on a smooth cruise, improving daily to meet the need of our members We have Live Chat Support 15Hours Daily offering instant solution to your challenges

    We stay connected to our members on facebook and we are building our own community We communicate with our members daily this way they know what is happening and the current status of the program

    Add new promotional materials for team build and Now We are in the process of setting up Live Webinar, WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU WANT From A revshare Program that you don’t have in #TADSOL?

    It’s Simple; TADSOL was designed to bring the Needed Solution, It’s for those who have failed in past revshares, it is for those who have never made Profit with revshare, It’s for You, For You and For You

    I challenge you today to take action that will catapult you to the success you need, Who told you TADSOL will be a scam in the next few months, Well they also said the same about MyPayingAds, Fortadpay and other so never mind, You have to make a move to get result, it’s simple law of success.

    Okay, Let’s do this today, in the next 72Hours anyone who makes new deposit and buys AD PACK gets 7% Bonus. This is Credited to your account in withdrawable balance.

    Let the Profit Sharing Begin Now!!!
    Total Days Online: 32Days Program Launched: Friday 4th March, 2016
    • Total Members: 5927 • Total Payouts: $12981.7548

    Rock ‪#‎TADSOL
    • Earn 10% Daily • Instant Withdrawal

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  9. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL,

    Greetings and happy new week.

    In a short list we want to share with you our compensation plan. This is better than any other plan you can find online, see this;

    120% Expiry Plan:
    4.0% – 5.0% with 120% Expiry Term in Basic Non-Surf Plan
    5.1% – 6.0% with 120% Expiry Term in Basic Surf Plan

    135% Expiry Plan:
    7.5% – 8.5% with 135% Expiry Term in Prime Non-Surf Plan
    8.6% – 10.0% with 135% Expiry Term in Prime Surf Plan.

    Earn 10% Daily – Instant Withdrawal – 10% Commission

    #TADSOL is Hot on Fire

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  10. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL,
    Greetings and happy weekend.

    It’s another weekend with #TADSOL and we hope things are going fine with You. Today I personally reached out to a lot of members, checking if they are pleased with the #TADSOL services until date.

    Actually, I do not have much Update for today. I just want to reassure you that #TADSOL will be the hit for 2016 with the way things are going and all the momentum with new members flocking in.

    We keep improving and want you to expect cash explosion beginning in 24hours. Bonus ahead, don’t miss your best chance to earn online.

    Live support is on, if you have any issues please connect with the team, we are online for your #TADSOL success. As usual, fully instant payment is what we operate so there is no pending withdrawal request.

    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  11. Admin

    Hello Team #TADSOL,

    Greetings on a Monday, March 7th 2016.

    We welcome our new members and appreciate older members of this program. #TADSOL program is in good shape today because of the class of members and support we receive from you all, Thanks, we appreciate your support and promise to do our best to make this program the opportunity you’ve longed for, helping our members achieve success in advertising and earn with Us.

    Good New, will always come to members of #TADSOL and we want to inform you of the latest; Deposit Bonus is now extended until Friday March 11th, 2016 Therefore any deposits of 50usd and above will attract:

    4.0% Bonus on Monday March 7th, 2016

    3.0% Bonus on Tuesday March 8th, 2016

    2.0% Bonus on Wednesday March 9th, 2016

    2.0% Bonus on Thursday March 10th, 2016

    0.5% Bonus on Friday March 11th, 2016

    This is another opportunity with #TADSOL coming to you, take charge people are already making money with us, don’t be deceived that #TADSOL will not function accordingly, we are building and taking over, it’s been smooth until now and we will keep consistency to the end.

    Several additions have been made on the site to make it more user friendly with more advertising source;

    Firstly, The $0.50 pack is now available for purchase, members having balance in their repurchase balance can buy this plan rather than keep funds sitting in your account. Take advantage of every single opportunity you have to make more money and advertising credits.

    Transfer of Cash Balance to repurchase balance Allowed: Knowing that some members would rather build their account by compounding, we have enabled the transfer feature to help you actualize this without having to bear payment processor fee of withdrawing and re-depositing, with this feature you can easily build your account to earn more with #TADSOL.

    Text advertising is now added to the website, You can now activate your text ADS.

    surf requirement expires 24 hours from when a user last surf, we encourage members who are in the surf plan to view 5 or 10 ads after server time 00:00 shows, doing this will not make you lose hourly profit sharing.

    Let’s continue to promote #TADSOL
    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

  12. Admin

    AN UPDATE FROM Isner Nazir
    Hello Team #TADSOL,

    It’s my pleasure to share with you #TADSOL statistics:

    Total Members: 2906 Active Team #TADSOL Total Deposited: $13574.31 Launch Time: 5PM GMT Today; Friday 4th March,2016

    Let’s face it – We all know the facts that
    Barack Obama is US President
    Vladimir Putin is President of Russia
    Pranab Mukherjee is the 13th and current President of India

    Now, it is with this same conviction that I put it before you that TADSOL is a profitable revshare for You to make money and achieve the true value of advertising revenue sharing that you desire. Whether or not you will achieve success with #TADSOL depends on You. This program is easy for you to succeed and everything is set up equally for everyone to take charge. Some will and some will not, the choice is yours but choose the path of success because you will be glad in the end.

    The Path of Success Join #TADSOL : Your Journey Begins Here

    Fund Your Account: $125 can get you both Basic and Premium Pack, this will help you earn good daily rebates. This is not the minimum amount, with as little as 50cent you can get a #TADSOL pack, anything worth doing is worth doing well, with 125 you will get 25basic and move to premium pack.

    Buy AD Pack: This is the only guaranteed you have to make money in #TADSOL. Earn Up to 3.9% daily with Pack expiry of 130% and 150%

    Build Your Account: If you have 5usd, you can build your account from it, buy pack and compound.

    Promote #TADSOL: You will earn when you promote, if you don’t get 10% commission you will get a bonus for your effort.

    Withdraw Your Profit: It feel good to have some extra cash in your bank account

    In all Participate and Stick with Us, #TADSOL may not make you rich but it will help you earn extra income to cover your monthly phone bill, electricity bill, dinner with your family, vacation with your friend, A Mac Book and even a 2016 car of your choice.

    I’m Team #TADSOL
    To Your #TADSOL Success,
    Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

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