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Start RevShare

Program Name: Start RevShare Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, PY, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until October 26, 2015… 150% Revenue Share… Surfing Not Required… Earn Up To $250 A Day… AdPack Prices: $2.00 to $100… 15% Referral Commission How It Works: See the Home & FAQ page.

Thank You,                                                     UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                                 No Longer In Business

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily to help you, and we know how to keep you content & updated.

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11 Thoughts to “Start RevShare”

  1. Admin|Update

    Attention SRS Members!

    Hi Everybody, Next week the SRS seed money will be credited to your ADZbuzz account and daily earnings will resume until everybody is paid back. Here you can find more info: >>>

    This means Startrevshare will pick up where it left off 6 months ago. There will be no new ad packs sold however and earnings will solely come from a variety of products and services the SRS team has built the last 6 months. Everybody will be able to withdraw in USD or Bitcoin.

    The facts are clear, everything will be automated and all info will be provided through the email you used for registration.

    Have a nice day, The ADZbuzz Team

  2. Admin

    February 24 at 9:42am ·

    Hi Everybody,
    I want to announce that payments for SRS will start on monday March 7! This because some funds which were currently held will be released, and i’m confident that we’ll be able to continue payments to members without additional pause, as in about 2-3 weeks we’re also launching one of our major income streams.

    So to recap:
    -> We’ll refund seed money (initial investment- + 50% as stated on our homepage)
    -> We’ll make small payments one by one and put the amount due in a list
    -> This list will be published online so you can follow progress

    I appologise for letting members wait so long, but i don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Building an online business is a lot of hard work, so i really wanted to first focus on this aspect.
    Right now i feel confident that we can both start and maintain payments until all members have received the product they bought.

    IMPORTANT: Payments will only be made in Bitcoin or Perfectmoney. No other payment methods will be available as it’s a hassle to transfer funds and i’m sick and tired of any other payment options…

    Albout the negativity and accusations, well i understand it (partially) but i don’t even bother to read it. I know what i’m doing and there’s nothing that will stop me from achieving the goals i’ve set out. That just for the record.

    Unfortunately, i needed to change the angle to help people, because helping people make money brings out the worst in people if there are bumps along the road. I don’t want to associate myself anymore with this, so i won’t be relaunching SRS after all payments are made, as this would be a bad idea for sure…

    Some FAQ’s:
    When will i receive a mail?
    It depends when you signed up. The people that signed up first will receive a mail first, unless they already got paid 150% cashback.

    How long will it take to pay back all members?
    That totally depends on the business we build. I’m sure you understand we need to earn external revenue to make this happen. There is no set time when we will pay back, if it takes a year so be it but as i already stated many times, everybody WILL have earned money on SRS…

    Can i be paid in ADZcoin?
    Yes you can but only if 1 ADZ = $1. Our aim is to see a growth like Ethereum and reach $5+ in some months, and if some major websites use ADZ monetization this will happen so it’s a pretty good deal. But that’s up to you…

    In case you wonder how we will achieve paying back all members, continue reading. If not, just wait for more updates on payments…

    As i already said, we have come up with a totally new angle, and give ADZcoin a real purpose. I stated this in several blog posts already, but the idea s to make ADZcoin become to Google and Facebook, what Bitcoin is to commercial and central banks.

    So what’s the purpose of ADZcoin?
    It will serve as a replacement income for income lost from people who visit a site using adblocking software. Adblockers are on the rise and for good reason, as browsing sites is getting pretty annoying. However, sites who make money from puttng ads on their site (like Google Adsense for instance) lose revenue as the ads don’t appear.

    Read here how ADZcoin monetization will work: In order to supply this revenue and pay ADZcoins, these are the income sources to make this happen:…/

    So that’s all the info you need. The revenue to pay back SRS members will mainly come from our browser extension (affiliate commissions) and ADZcoin trading. So that’s it for now, i guess everything is covered and i will keep you updated on progress!

    Buy/Sell adzcoin:

    Have a nice day,

  3. Admin


    Today I want to share some real great news with you about Startpeeps, ADZcoin and your future, if you are smart enough to take action NOW!

    As you already should know from my PDF, Startpeeps is a social network that is paying you using its own Cryptocurrency called ADZcoin! (Check the real value here!)

    The price is defined by the trading value, the amount that is bought and sold, and the options avaiable to use ADZcoin as payment method! Here are a few real great news for the ADZcoin value :

    1. Coinpayment will add ADZcoin today! This means 100s of Websites just need to click a few buttons to add ADZcoin as payment option to their sites!

    2. ADZcoin is accepted in 3 Exchanges by now,more will follow soon!

    3. Startpeeps market is almost ready for the puplic, this will be a fiver-like marketplace where you can sell and buy services for ADZ!

    4. Payment Gate for ADZcoin is ready to use, so all webmaster can add a payment processor for ADZcoin to their site!

    5. Revshare Site Admins are contacted to add ADZcoin to their site to create a win/win/win situation!

    6. First Revshare Site has Added ADZcoin as payment option (Will launch in a few days,ensure to sign up here to get my rebrandable report to promote Startpeeps, Yobit and Adpluscash!)

    All these facts will really help to massively increase the value of ADZcoin,the price is already rising fast (Almost 4 cent by now)

    As special bonus if you create a account on AdPLusCash, you will be allowed to send your referals to the rebrander too, so they can build our downline as well!

    Hope you liked this information, feel free to share it with your friends!

    If you have not already, ensure to sign up for Startpeeps!

    Best regards

  4. Admin

    Hi Everybody,

    Now before i update on proceedings let me tell you something interesting. Some of you might have heard the good news, but we made our first deal with a revsharing site who will integrate ADZcoin into their platform.

    Here you can find that:

    This will allow you to spend the coins you earn on Startpeeps and grow them automatically on one of our partner sites. Our aim is now to grow the amount of sites you can spend your ADZcoin and increase your income tremendously. The concept will be like this:…/20…/01/Saving-Revsharing-Sites.pdf

    So we created a win-win situation for everybody involved!

    So what does this mean for payments of SRS? Well, if multiple revsharing sites adopt ADZcoin into their site, the price will skyrocket. Really it can go from 2 pennies to $1+ in a matter of weeks, because only that many coins are mined yet so scarcity will kick in. It’s the simple rule of supply and demand, i’m sure everybody at least has a basic understanding about that.

    So with this in sight plus the launch of our payment processor and our marketplace in a couple of days along with some WSO’s, it looks like we’ll be able to start payments for SRS next week.

    How will that go?

    The moment we start payments we’ll make the list with due payments public, and make a certain payment every day in batches. People that joined first will get paid the first batches first until we reach the end of the list and then we start all over while scratching the usernames that got their full payment.

    Please don’t ask for the list now, this just takes the focus off the important thing which is growing our business. You now know how it’ll go so that should be enough.

    Meanwhile, make sure to spread the good news about ADZcoin being accepted into multiple revsharing sites soon, it will help all of you make a lot of money!

    And smart people, get some ADZ right now and thank me later

    -> (new exchange with instant feature!)

    Have a nice day and stay tuned for amazing things to come


  5. Admin

    The StartRevShare Admin on the new FaceBook Group: “Saving RevSharing Sites”…

  6. Admin

    Hi Everybody,

    It’s unfortunate to mention this, but the way things are going with SRS i believe it’s better we finish SRS in it’s current form and simply deliver the product everybody has bought. Before you panic, this means that:
    -> We will deliver the ad credits
    -> We will pay back the 150% cashback on your deposit according to our TOS.

    There are three main reasons why we have made this decision:

    1. The ongoing disputes in Payza
    Recent events in other revsharing sites made it clear that this is something we can not stop. It’s very unfortunate that people don’t have respect towards other members and simply file disputes putting our account in danger with all other members funds in it. As you might have seen, this behavior can cause some serious damage…

    Just ask yourself: Do we need to wait for something magical to happen like disputes ending, or do we better secure the funds before they get locked away as on other sites?

    2. The ongoing abuse
    I won’t go deeper into how it all happens not to give crooks any ideas, but we have to ban multiple accounts every day. Some people are very creative to squeeze every last dollar out of the system, and we would rather focus on building our business.

    3. Counterproductive behavior
    Even though many people post screenshots of payments, just as many post screenshots when they don’t get paid and straight up stalk us for payments as if they signed up for something and have no clue what happens (read the terms page). This mindset isn’t the crowd we want to surround ourselves with because it’s shortsighted and behavior of people that will never become successful. We on the other hand will become successful so it’s best we part ways…

    What happens now?

    -> We will make a list of all members who deposited on SRS
    -> The list will contain the initial deposited amount + 50% plus 15% earnings of referral commissions as stated on
    the homepage
    -> We will pay back all earnings according to our terms of service

    What this means is very simple: We pay back using company earnings and no more ad packs will be sold! If the company makes money, we pay it back to members.

    So simply put: Everybody that spreads around bad words or puts down our company causes SRS members to be paid back slower!

    Apparently this wasn’t very clear to people before causing slower payments, so i want to make it very clear now. Again: The faster our company grows, the faster you’ll get paid back the 150% cashback on your deposit.

    If you still don’t understand and post bad stuff about SRS, Startpeeps, ADZ or any other aspect of our business and/or stalk me or our staff, here are some rules which we are entitled to enforce according to our TOS:

    -> Strike 1: You will be put at the bottom of the list and paid last
    -> Strike 2: You will be paid last but only refunded and paid 100% back of your seed money instead of 150%
    -> Strike 3: You will be banned and paid nothing and only receive the ad credits you paid for, no cashback!

    ANYBODY who sees another person spreading nonsense or shout scam or whatever may report this to our help desk, because he/she causes YOU to get paid slower!

    So in short: let’s not sabotage each others earnings but help each other alright?

    Some other info:
    -> Earnings will be paid in the processor you deposited
    -> Earnings will come from our ADZ reserve funds (5 million ADZ), our marketplace which is about to launch, our email marketing platform Lead-swaps, the Wso’s we’ll create, our payment gateway which is launched today, additional special offers for every new platform we launch.
    -> To make clear: EVERYBODY will get paid so there’s no point in spamming negativity all over, it will only slow down when you get paid, period.

    The future of SRS
    Many have asked this already and i can confirm that we are still working on the new script. Only one developer for the moment though so it takes a lot of time. We want to have all the bells and whistles in place, integrate some unique ideas to make it a profitable asset in the Start Network.

    What’s the big difference? SRS will be ADZ-only!

    Yes we will create the first revsharing site that only uses ADZ as method of payment, for the simple reason that we can use an initial budget to form a buffer while we sell additional products using ADZ on SRS, which is what makes long-term revsharing sites stable. We’ll also add a PTC script along with multiple advertisng packages all across the Start Network including Startpeeps. SO the quality of advertising will be really high.

    It will also help to drastically increase the value of ADZ, which means more cash will flow into the business to help pay the current members of SRS.

    Anyways, that’s it for now, our team is already working on compiling the list and the buying of ad packs has been disabled on SRS using any processors available. We will work continuously to pay the cashback on ad packs purchased and won’t stop until EVERY member is paid, unless you don’t follow the simple rules of not posting negativity about our company as it hurts other members.

    Either way, you can use our free to join revsharing social network Startpeeps now to earn free ADZ. We just finished creating the payment gateway and will start selling products using it pretty soon so the value is about to go up drastically.

    If you have any questions just let us know!

    All the best,

    PS: Before posting ANYTHING ask yourself this: Even though we can’t promise you a full-time income at the moment, just see how other revsharing businesses have handled the issues they faced. (Revadburst, HQrevshare to name a few) If you don’t appreciate the fact that we’ll work non-stop to deliver the product and help you earn a profit, then just keep it to yourself and let us do our job of paying you back your seed money PLUS your profits

    PPS: Before you start posting screenshots of pending payments: Payments will start once the list is ready in a few days!

  7. Admin

    Hi Everybody,

    As you might have seen, ADZ is trading well on Yobit at the moment, so for the new people here, this is a short overview on how to get started with this:…erm-Profits.pdf

    ADZ can be bought for pennies at the moment which is insane for what we have in store the next weeks/months.

    Have a nice day!

  8. Admin

    Hi Everybody,

    Hope you had a great time this week during the holidays!

    Well the moment is finally here to introduce the launch of ADZcoin on the first exchange Yobit and it’s trading already. So this is great news for SRS and Startpeeps members as we have created a major asset that will secure the future of our project. (more about that later)

    Here you can find the exchange: (ref link, sign up here as every bit helps )

    Trading can be done in the ADZ page, and you first need to fund your Bitcoin wallet. You can see that ADZ is currently selling for about 2-5 cents here: but it fluctuates a lot which is common with cryptocurrencies.

    So in short to trade:
    -> Fund your yobit Bitcoin wallet
    -> Go to the ADZ page and check the “sell” orders (prices are listed in Bitcoin)
    -> Click the amount of ADZ available and “buy” and your Bitcoins will be traded for ADZ
    -> For selling the same applies but in the other column.

    As i said, ADZ can be bought in large amounts for a couple of pennies which is an absolute steal. In fact, everything below $1 is an absolute steal as our coin has so much potential it’s crazy…

    So how will this help SRS members i hear you wonder. Well, here’s an overview of solutions and measures:

    -> Securing SRS’s future
    As some have already suggested, setting a reserve funds is something that will help secure SRS’s future. So we’ll be setting aside 5 million coins as a reserve funds for SRS cashouts. Anybody who read the report about Startpeeps and making the coin useful in our network understands that the only way for this coin is up, so 5 million coins is more than enough for SRS members to feel secure. Read the report here if you haven’t done so yet:

    -> No more begging and name calling
    The important measure is that the admins and staff of SRS and Startpeeps need to be treated with respect. You wouldn’t believe how people behave for a couple of dollars pending in their account. Clearly they don’t have a long-term vision, don’t respect the hard work we put in and they can simply go elsewhere. So the rule is very simple:
    No more begging for cashouts, stalking any admin, member or SRS staff or your SRS and Startpeeps account will be suspended and your initial deposit minus paid cashouts will be sent back to you and we wish you all the best making quick bucks elsewhere (you’ll need it).

    -> So before asking and losing your account and not making a dime on SRS, let me make it very clear that everybody will keep on earning on SRS and get paid in due time. I think by now that should be clear as Startpeeps is exploding, the ADZcoins gain value and we’re working on several other projects simultaneously. PLUS, without the beggars and complainers, we’ll have a lot more time as our staff will be able to actually help grow our business, not needing to deal with people trying to destroy our business. While we build up this business, we’ll do as many cashouts as possible.

    -> Earn more using Startpeeps, trading ADZcoin and help the community!
    As you know now, negativity will bring our project down, so we need to illiminate that and weed out the people looking for a quick buck which we will do efficiently starting today. That being said, we’re also looking to build a solid community of people helping each other, and what’s a better way to help each other than to make extra money in the process?
    So what you can do is:
    – Start using Startpeeps on a daily basis to earn free ADZcoins. If not a member yet join here:…
    – Invite your friends and family, show them the Startpeeps report and earn affiliate commissions in the process (it’s free)
    – Spread positivity about Startpeeps and ADZcoin, as perception is a main aspect of determining coin value, so every bit of positivity helps a bunch.
    – Buy ADZcoin NOW and stash them some months to cash out big! Seriously you’re able to buy ADZ for some pennies at the moment which is absolutely crazy. If you want to learn about a solid investment, this is about as solid as it gets.

    So i think everything is pretty clear now, if needed we’ll add more measures as our only goal is to build a long-term sustainable business, and nobody can hold us back from achieving this. If it’s needed to go on a mass banning spree, so be it… I think it’s pretty clear SRS is not a regular revshare site, so we just want to work with people who understand what we are doing and support us. I don’t think that’s too much to ask right as you’ll be the one earning a solid passive income.

    Have a nice day and all the best,

  9. Admin

    Hi Everybody,

    Just a quick update on proceedings and an a question to the community about something that could change the revsharing world forever.

    -> As you know we’re working hard on putting together everything o Startpeeps and making ADZcoin our wn currency popular. Just think of it this way, if ADZcoin becomes popular, we have a huge external income source to pay members of SRS. Now i need to shuffle money around from different processors and it’s simply risky and not the way i want to run this business (see what happened to other revsharing sites). I know everybody wants to get paid asap, so we’re working hard to make that happen.

    – We’ll start selling advertising products using ADZcoin soon, mainly ad space on Startpeeps, our forum and static banners on SRS.
    – We’re finalizing the payment gateway to be integrated in the marketplace, which will look quite similar to Fiverr for instance and allow users to buy and sell micro services and/or products. So we’re looking forward to add this addition to our network soon!
    – I’ll be launching some heavy promo campaigns to mainly attract advertisers. This will both allow us to make more sales and leverage their marketing skills to attract more users to Startpeeps. The marketing angle is very simple: “Get Free Advertising For Life!” How can they get that? Be active and invite all your friends and family to Startpeeps to earn a lot of ADZcoin!

    -> We have started distributing free ADZ, and i’m now busy with setting up the promotions for people who have ordered the special offer. We’ll be distributing a lot of free referrals so you’ll be able to see your earnings grow fast!

    Also make sure to get active on Startpeeps, it’s the main platform that will be the catalyst to make our project succeed so any help is appreciated.

    – Share your referral link on social media
    – Invite your friends and family
    – rebrand the free report, add your affiliate link and share it everywhere
    – add a mention on your website or blog
    – send an email to your email list

    Or if you have other creative ways to promote Startpeeps just share with the group!

    -> The coin has been added to various exchanges and is now pending approval. So i hope to get good news on that very soon so the coin be exchanged, bought and sold.

    I think i mentioned this already but for EU and UK members there’s good news as in January the coin will be added to which is a buying and selling platform for cryptocurrencies so you’ll be able to easily sell your coins for cash straight to your bank account.

    -> Changing the revsharing world
    Now here’s something i already talked about before, but which is more relevant than ever. As you might know (and experienced) several revsharing sites are closing doors lately. Revadburst and HQrevshare for instance stopped paying and any people lost money.

    We can help them!

    Yes that’s right, we can ensure everybody that lost money (or wasted a lot of time) on other sites can recoup their money and make a very solid profit on the sites that were forced to close doors. Here’s the concept:

    1. Admin adds option to buy ad packs using ADZcoin (same gateway as Bitcoin can be edited in minutes)
    2. Admin invites all his members to Startpeeps and earns referral commissions and a lot of ADZ (3-tier referral program)
    3. Admin uses these referral commissions to pay his members the ad pack returns

    It’s a very simple but very effective method for the members to earn a lot of ADZ easily, and the admin to add an extra income stream to the site which is basically 95% hands-free. A win-win situation for everybody involved.

    Now i’m just talking about the revsharing sites that failed, i’m not even talking about the revsharing sites that already do well and can expand their business! Just thinking about this gives me chills because if we can convince the admins to add ADZcoin as a form of payment to buy ad packs, the volume will go through the roof and the value of the coin will go up like crazy and could make ADZcoin a top 5 coin in a matter of weeks!

    And that’s not all, ADZcoin could be used in this way for ALL hyip and other reward programs online. The potential is just huge…

    Now as you see, this can (and will) benefit all SRS members because you all have the opportunity to earn a lot of ADZ on Startpeeps right now as we’re still in the initial phase, and ensure SRS to have a solid reserve funds that will allow us to keep paying members forever.

    So that’s why i want to ask if there are members here who can somehow get in touch with either other admins or members from other revsharing sites? Perhaps through facebook groups or whatever just to enlighten them about thsi opportunity we’re about to unleash.

    Obviously i’ll contact all admins of other sites myself too, but i think as a group we can make a serious impact and have ADZcoin added to even the biggest revsharing and hyip’s out there.

    Anybody who has any suggestions or wants to help out, just reply to this post!

    I look forward to hearing what you think!

    Have a nice day!

  10. Admin

    Start RevShare: Very Important SRS Update. Please Read!

    Dear SRS Membes,

    Jens will post an extensive update with a complete overview of the SRS plans on Saturday.

    All The Bitcoin and Payeer Payouts also will be finished on Saturday . Pending withdrawals to STP, Perfect Money, Payza are are currently being paid, we expect to catch up with all the pending withdrawals shortly. We appreciate your patience!

    SRS Project Manager

  11. Admin

    Start RevShare: Very Important SRS Update. Please Read!
    Dear SRS Members,

    As you know from the previous update we are now working on the new custom script which will improve members experience tremendously and provide higher security for member’s accounts. We expect the script to be ready within 2-3 weeks.

    Because of the multiple attempts of some members to defraud the system, by attempting to steal other members funds, make fake deposits etc, we are implementing some measures which will help to protect your accounts and the program as a whole.

    Until the new script is implemented, starting today 24 Hours Withdrawal guarantee will be removed. Every withdrawal will be checked manually for security reasons. It will require additional time to process, and we are asking for you patience and cooperation.

    Also some permanent changes are made to withdrawal amounts and repurchase rule.

    Minimum Withdrawal amount is raised to $25, and repurchase rule is changed to 50/50.

    SRS is designed for our members to be able to build long lasting $250 a Day income stream, and we will not tolerate members who are here not to do so, but to take an advantage of the system.

    SRS is growing fast and it is positioned to become one of the best Revenue Sharing Programs on the net. Lets work together to achieve this amazing goal.

    We will not allow few cheaters to ruin this life changing opportunity for the rest of the members!

    High standard security measures and new repurchase and minimum withdrawal rules, will insure the program stability and add more confidence for brand new members.

    To your Amazing Success
    SRS Project Manager

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