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Program Name: RevShare Now Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PayPay, PZ, Payeer, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Prelaunch until November, 15 2015… Hourly Revenue Share… Up To 158% ROI… 30% Repurchase Rule… PTC Ads… Surf 10 Ads Daily… AdPack Prices: $2 to $40 How It Works: See the Home and Help pages…

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5 Thoughts to “RevShare Now”

  1. Admin

    NEW UPDATE FROM Dryx Emerson
    Good day to all of you.

    As you are all aware from the last email update that we have sent few days ago. Still we have not received fresh funds. In our business when profits are not coming in, there is nothing to be shared. This is the reason that your earnings gone low. This is the other reason that is why some of you are still in pending withdrawals status. There is no funds coming in that is why in the past 1 week I have been covering the payouts out of my own pocket. People whom I buying some btcs and other crypto currencies who’s also RSN member are aware of this. I guess most of you have recovered their seed money already in a short span of time.

    What will happen now is we have created Pool 2 adpacks that can get can us back to our feet. These adpacks will earn 15-20% daily from pool 2 daily revenue. 10% of these adpack’s global pool earnings will go to OLD adpacks that were not earning and 90% will go to to Pool 2 distribution. New adspacks … New revshare

    We will relaunch on March 11 00:00 CET .Pre Launch counter will be visible. During pre launch, you can now purchase the new adpacks but earnings will start on March 11 and repurchase option will be open.

    You will see the new adspacks as “Fast Earner”. Payment Option of this purchases will by processors

    All withdrawals as of this time will remain as pending until we are able to and start generating income again. We deeply apologise this has come to this point but we believe that in any problem there is always a solution. Even I put money on our own program and ended up paying out my earnings.

    Please make use of your advertising package from adpacks that you bought. And promote your other online business.

    We are not going anywhere and your money is still inside RSN. Its just unfortunate that sales are not coming in despite of our efforts. We still need your support. .

    Dryx Emerson

  2. Admin

    UPDATE FROM Dryx Emerson
    Thank you for continues support with RSN despite of many Revenue Sharing that is coming out you choose to stay with us. Earnings are very slow because no funds are coming in. Despite of the efforts that we are doing.

    Many online users now are after for sustainability that is why users are going to a programs that offers lowers returns. This has been said, we come up to a decision to lower the maturity of each packs and slight adjustment of repurchase rule. Same earning cap it just mature faster. Your current purchased pack will still remain and the earnings will be the same or will be much higher if we get members adding funds and make purchases again.

    This will be our new adpack plans

    Trial Mini
    Price: 1$
    Maturity: 110%
    Repurchase Rule : 40/60

    Trial Pack
    Price: 2$
    Maturity: 115%
    Repurchase Rule: 40/60

    Starting Pack
    Price: 5$
    Maturity: 120%
    Repurchase Rule: 40/60

    Bronze Pack
    Price: 10$
    Maturity: 125%
    Repurchase Rule: 40/60

    Silver Pack
    Price: 20$
    Maturity: 130%
    Repurchase Rule: 40/60

    Gold Pack
    Price: 30$
    Maturity: 135%
    Repurchase Rule: 40/60

    All advertising Packages that are included from the old addpack plans will be the same since advertising services is our primary products.

    While we are making these adjustments, beginning Monday Feb 29, Available the only adpacks that will be available for purchase is Trial adpack. We will activate the new adpacks as soon as possible. We will sort the adjustment as quickly as we can with our developer.

    We will also lower the membership fees to 5$/month and change the commission structure to 40%. Starting on March 1, 2016 00:00 CET.

    With the past 48 days, we have proven our pure intention that RSN is a genuine program and aim to be a long term business. We have been paying consistently. Many have multiplied their coins, got their seed money in short period and time and provided you a good customer services. We are taking this measures for us to maintain stability for us to stay and keep providing those who wants to earn money online.

    We also proud to announce that we have took part with the new program KDK Trade Charity Club . Which you can join by using your RSN Balance. You can pay by sending your available balance to your KDK Trade Charity Club sponsor for you to activate your account. Go to for more info and create your account

    We hope for your wide understanding regarding this matter. We only wants the best for all of us and to our future members.

    Best Regards,
    Dryx Emerson

  3. Admin

    Hello RSN Members,

    A lot of questions about earnings. It never stops it just slows. Once again I am repeating how our earnings works.

    Earnings are distributed once a day (24 hours) . There is minimum and max earning cap 1% min 3 to 5 % max . It will run every hour. Plus maybe you’re used to 16% to 48% when the crons are running abnormally ( nobody’s complaining when the earning was too high ) which have mentioned in my previous updates.

    Some members did took advantage of that and withdrawing fast. But we are not complaining and processed withdrawals as usual (it has to be done). And take note that we are on launching stage last week. All are 100% Purchasing. Cron are running normal now and earnings are distributed fairly.

    Same explanation.If your packs are earning so fast – Mature Shorter . Likewise, if your earnings are earning so slow – Mature Longer. Either way your will get the earnings according to the maturity percentage of each packs that you have. We believe many of your adpacks has already matured/expired. You think that you’re being robbed or scammed. We have no intention of doing that. In just 9 days, we have processed and paid $19, 274.91. So think again if this is really being unfair.

    Keep in mind that this is Revenue Sharing. Meaning revenue that are generated by RSN, that’s the only revenue that we will share with all the members. As of now, its very low percentage of adding funds, buying ads, buying packs. We can’t force anyone or dictate anyone. Everyone has his/her own free mind where or how to spend their money or coins . We are doing our best to promote and generate more revenue. That is why… compound your earnings, share… share… spread the word. Let’s Generate revenue.

    We are not aiming for an get rich and ditch nor promising an easy money. What we are aiming is stability and sustainability.

    We believe in fair Play. Playing fair will give you more blessings in return.

    Best Regards to all!

    RSN Admin
    RevShare Now Advertising

  4. Admin


    We are now officially launched!

    Thank you all for you patience waiting for the program

    To those who did not activated their account yet. Activate it now.

    Processors like STP, Payeer, Perfect Money ,Bitcoin via coinpayments and GCR Coin via coinpayments are working fine. STP payments are approved manually at the moment . Please send us a support ticket if you have funded using STP and did not appear to your balance and include your transaction number and amount. Payza will be available soon

    Paypal – we regret to inform you that we are dropping Paypal as one of our processors. You’re maybe aware that Paypal reviews from time to time have effected many of revshare programs. We want to prevent other members who’s using other processors and prevent to jeopardise our operation . We are looking some other ways for Paypal users can still join our program.

    This has been said, those who have not refunded their Paypal deposit. Feel free to file a dispute. I guarantee you that you will win the case 100%. We have enough balance from paypal to cover the refunds. 50% of that balance is my personal paypal fund. This will hurt my paypal but this has to be done. I don’t want to hold money that is not mine. If Paypal will remove my reserved fund (as they have said from the last conversation) from them sometime this week, I will manually refund the claims. Please use the available processors that we have at the moment. The use of crypto currencies are more advisable. We are accepting Bitcoin and GCR Coin via Coins Payment and soon to accept other coins thats in the market.

    Here are some guides on how to get started with coinspayment.

    Bitcoin –

    GCR Coin –

    There are some more referrals issues please let us know if you have N/A as your sponsor and will fix that right away

    ISSUES That we are aware of:

    There are some issues about the program at the moment. We will fix this.

    Active Shares

    It is showing just the batch of packages you bought. Don’t worry your shares are not lost its just a coding error. You can see the number of shares in Finance > Earning History


    Eventhough you have purchase membership fees, It will say that you are not subscribe as a member. Reason is some payments are not automatically approve by the system. We will now switch to cash balance option if you purchase a membership. Select Cash Balance > Select your processor with Balance and buy. Those who have purchased membership that not letting you buy higher packs.Please let me know via support ticket.

    Combination of earnings ( Commission + Earnings + Repurchase) We will install that module by tomorrow. For you to use the combination of balances on purchases . nothing to worry about.

    Cron is running smoothly earnings are distributing just fine .As of this email is made , $7878.71 Total add funds. 80% are Crypto Currencies .

    If you discover more issues please do let me know. For further clarification and queries please send us a support ticket.

    Good Luck to all and Happy Earnings!

  5. Admin

    Dryx Emerson‎
    RevShareNow Advertising(OFFICIAL GROUP)
    10 mins ·

    Hello valued RSN Members,

    With all the efforts to meet our target date (December 20), I’m afraid we can not launch on this date.There are still many factors to consider for us to go live. As been said before. We want to do it right this time.

    We are aiming for sustainability and security these are the factors that we want to master in order to continue. We all want the program to lasts.We are studying all the feasibility of plans that we are offering for the long term benefits of each person who are with RSN. We are also in the process of migration of your infos and referrals from the old system as promised before.

    Also sorting our payment systems. I’m glad to tell you that we will be accepting GCR coins on our new platform. All other payment option suggestions are open, crypto ,merchant based or global remittance.

    Our website, as you can see is already up but not live yet. REGISTRATION and LOGGING in is NOT allowed yet. Don’t be surprise if you can’t login with your old credentials. I have seen so many forget password request on our logs. Our system will not send you that yet because your details is not yet encoded.

    We are opening our public support page for your queries and also to test our support system. You can see it by clicking the Support tab or by simply going to this link

    These has been said, we are adjusting the launch date after the holiday season on JANUARY 4,2016 .Let us enjoy the festive season first with our family and friends. Its first Monday of the year. Fresh start for all of us. A prosperous start for RSN community.

    We apologise of the frustration that we have caused you. But we don’t want to continue getting your money with a defective program. We understand the eagerness to earn with RSN. Since the beginning of development we have invested so much money already and bills in connection to this project are keep coming – So we are much more eager to earn ASAP.

    Have a great holiday and prosperous new year ahead.

    Much love … RSN TEAM

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