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Really Simple System


  • You can earn free traffic & income for each person you refer.
  • There are more internal revenue streams to choose from.
  • Earn $1.00 Per Qualified Opt-In & Instant Commissions.
  • Builds You A Stable Affiliate Marketing Business
    Instead of relying on just 1 program, you’ll be generating residual traffic and commissions from a number of sources so you have a business that’s “built for the long term!
  • Build A Residual Traffic Machine
    Since you’ll be earning commissions just for generating leads, you’ll be able to quickly reinvest in driving more traffic… which will let you scale fast!
  • Downline Diversification 
    Turn your “Shiny Object” Syndrome into a Good thing.  Dump your links in here and get free traffic to them forever. It’s really that simple.

If You Are Willing To Be Dedicated, Here Is A Way For You
To Finally Earn Reliable Free Traffic, And Internet Income

P.S. If  you need help with anything, please just ask us below.

2 Thoughts to “Really Simple System”

  1. Admin|Update

    HUGE UPDATE — Please read. I’ve swapped out the qualifying program for something “custom made” for the purpose… a new site I launched yesterday, specifically built to work as an awesome initial step for RSS, called LifetimeBanners . Basically everyone gets a FREE Lifetime Banner, and can earn $5 commissions on Pro Upgrades. (Pro’s earn on 2 tiers) —

    So far it’s converting wonderfully, and is super simple for your referrals to sign up for. (no email confirmation, dead easy to add a banner) . Fugly Banners is still there and has been moved to the Lifetime Banners section below… Also to be fair, if you upgraded in Fugly over the past 2 weeks, just let me know and I’ll comp you the upgrade at LBanners

    -Ryan Hartman

  2. Admin|Update

    RSS Update From Facebook
    Hi Everyone. I’m getting some very appreciated feedback that the downline builder is massive and intimidating… and may be scaring people away from using the system.

    Here are 2 ideas —
    1. What If We “Drip-Released” the downline builder, so only 1 new program becomes visible a day and new members can focus on just configuring that one program? This will also allow sponsors to “stay ahead” of their referrals and not have to worry aboutjoining a bunch of stuff all at once.

    2. I’m considering removing “non Traffic Generation” stuff from the downline builder. So more expensive “pay to play” primary biz opp stuff can only be advertised by VIPs.

    The idea that you can “share some content, and use free traffic sources” to generate commissions seems to play well, and the ideas above should help keep that “really simple” focus.

    What do you guys think?

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