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Progmatic Ads Paid

Program Name: Progmatic Ads Paid Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PP, PZ, STP, Payeer, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare & Matrix… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until January 28, 2016… Earn Up To 160%… $5.00 Minimum Purchase & Withdrawal… Up To 3% Daily Cap… Licensed Script with DDOS Protection… Three AdPack Packages: Classic, Progmatic, & Diamond… Optional: Earn With The 2X2 3-Level Matrix… Four Matrix Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum… 6% to 10% Referral Commission… 24/7 Email Support, Skype Chat, and Facebook… Surfing?… Program Restart Feature Available For Longevity… Admin: Baron Cuthbert… More Info: Read the Home, Revolving Matrix, Ad Packages, Terms, Latest News, Memberships, How It Works, & Privacy Policy pages… Get 100% RCB!

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Admin & Team

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5 Thoughts to “Progmatic Ads Paid”

  1. Admin



    First few Days were Amazing we thank you for your efforts in the next few months will make these large on the Internet!

    The starts dont lie new members signing up at a fast rate in just few days of Grand launch and will grow much more .

    If you ever wanted to be a part of something BIG now these is your chance go spread the news to Friends and family members get them to Join your downline and watch us grow.

    here is the working of the site Plan,


    The CLASSIC members can Earn up to 130% at 2% earning daily. With limitation of daily withdrawal just $200

    PROGMATICADSPAID members Earn up to 150% at 2.5% earning daily and join the matrix if they want but some limitation $500 daily withdrawal limit

    the DIAMOND members Earn up to 160% at 3% earning daily and can withdraw up to $2000 Daily. members may decide not to buy the ads pack but go on to buy the Matrix plan the choice is theirs

    You can compound your Earnings. If you are in a different program we are getting loads of Traffic get active and run an AD to our members you will do good.

    Thank you we will be in touch soon.

    P.S If you like even more money you can do some sponsoring we pay both free and upgraded members ref bonus.

    Do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information.


    To your success

    Baron Cuthbert

    Admin : ProgmaticAdsPaid

    Skype ID : progmaticadspaid.

  2. Admin


    A warm welcome to all our new members .This past few days has been amazing!

    Thank you all for your hard work and dedicated support. You are the reason why ProgmaticAdsPaid has been a huge success Right from the Date of Launch. With $3,589.69 TOTAL PROFIT in 7 RUNNING DAYS having $34,548 as TOTAL Deposit while $2,277 as TOTAL PAYOUTS as at the time of sending these news letter

    From all of us here at ProgmaticAdsPaid, we wish you and your family a very happy, successful and prosperous earning on the program.

    Take action before it’s too late if you have not. Decide how much you want to earn and how quickly

    * Fund your wallet

    * Buy Ad Shares

    * Check your earnings daily and maximize your income

    * Share your results with others to earn ref bonus

    * Congratulations now you’re making even more!

    It is this easy to join our top earners some of which are earning already!

    The ProgmaticsAdsPaid System is working well. All members who create their accounts for the first time can immediately buy a Ads Pack or Upgrade to VIP to get a Matrix Spot and start earning

    ProgmaticsAdsPaid is likely to become “the program everyone in the know joins.”If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it…before they join under someone else.

    THANK YOU for your Patience and THANK YOU for your Trust

    To your success

    Baron Cuthbert

    Admin : ProgmaticAdsPaid

    Skype ID : progmaticadspaid

    Working for our wealth and success always,

  3. Admin


    We have decided to move the official launch date to, the 20th of January 12am CST This decision was made to allow more time for some of our members to take advantage of the system. We want you to keep up the good work with spreading the word about Progmatics Ads Paid. There is so much support for Progmatics Ads Paid and we want to let you know that we will not let you down. We have also made a launch schedule to allow everyone be in sync as to how the launch will go down.

    repurchase rule has also been added to allow for program sustenance. This means that as you can ajust it to the percentage of your chioce % of that earning will be reserved in your repurchase wallet so that you can use that to make further purchase. You will be able to top this balance at anytime to enable for more purchase power if desired.

    Our team is set to receive any questions, comments or suggestions you may have regarding the additions, adjustments and launch schedule. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any issues or you can just drop by to say hi. We love to get to know you and serve you better as we look forward to the big launch. We hope you all have a great day and thanks once again for your support for ProgmaticsAdsPaid.

    We Are Just 14 Hrs To Launch!

    Login / Fund Now :

    To your success

    Baron Cuthbert

    Admin : ProgmaticAdsPaid

    Skype ID : progmaticadspaid

  4. Admin



    I am delighted to come to your email box once again today.ProgramaticAdsPaid is growing by the day and activities will Climax with daily rebate payments to members that purchase AdShares with us in Days time .

    We are very rock solid in the business and will continue to serve you better with the best sustainable investment case you do not know

    Programmatic advertising became an industry buzzword back in 2011, but it was no passing fad. Programmatic ad spending reached nearly $15 billion in 2015, and that number is expected to reach $20 billion by the end of this year.

    Indeed, marketers are realizing the benefits and efficiencies that automation offers; publishers, too, are reaping the benefits of unwasted inventory. So what’s in store for programmatic in 2016? We posed that question to these industry leaders. Here is what they predict. pls Click to read more

    Our advertisers are very happy with us because they are going to getting daily traffic to their sites through members and earning like never before to all our Leaders and promoters we say a big thank you your effort is noted and bonus will be paid as at when due soo after launch on the 19/01/2016

    We are happy with all those who are making sure that members of the public are aware of the good things ProgmaticAdsPaid program can do to their finances.

    We are happy with members who believed in us and are Funding their ewallet getting ready for the big launch to buy AdShares and VIP Matrix postions with us, as they are already earning daily rebate. Your dream of a sustainable program that will give you financial freedom is HERE to stay.

    If you have not fund your ewallet with us, you are missing a lot, because delay is theft of opportunity, don’t let it this time.

    If you have FUND your WALLET, please make sure you click on BUY ADS PACKS AND VIP MATRIX POSITION

    We are checking the system to make sure none of your purchase will be missed, but if you make purchase and it did not appear, please use Report By send us Tickets and your account will be credited with the number of shares missing after our investigation of the report.

    If you have any issue which we promise you will not have, please send a support ticket to get the admin attention or go to the skype support room where members and the support team is waiting to give you answers to your request. We hope you all have a great day as we look forward to Launch Date .


    To your success

    Baron Cuthbert

    Admin : ProgmaticAdsPaid

    Skype ID : progmaticadspaid.

  5. Admin


    A very warm welcome to all our new members. I am delighted to come to your email box once again today. We want to reach out to our members to let you know that ProgramticAdsPaid is experiencing good growth.

    This means one thing for you: ProgramticAdsPaid is doing exactly what you hoped it would. Now is the perfect time to re-engage your financial dreams. By Inviting your friends and family members to join your downline Because these is the program everyone in the know joins.” If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it… before they join under someone earn ref bonus Up 15%

    Every day our members would be making money on their Ads and Matrix Positions and Referral Commissions, plus E wallet beening credited every day our members can withdrawing their earnings regularly. Now is a good time to be a member of ProgramticAdsPaid! your compounding Buttons can be set to what ever percentage you want to compound your earnings.

    To get started,you will need purchase one of our advertising packages. We offer several types of advertising packages tailored to various needs. Wether you have a small or Big budget, you will find a package that is suitable for you. Our packages are categorized in three: Classic ad packages which comes with advertising credits you also earn every day form our rev share pool until you earn 130% ROI ,Pragmatic ad packages which comes with advertising credits and also pays you cashback up to 150% on the amount spent on purchasing package and Diamond ads Pack which earn you 160% ROI

    To be on the matrix to earn like never before. All you have to do is to buy a position in the matrix . and start making money using the amazing PROGMATICADSPAID System. It is working exactly as it is designed to work. the Payment Processors would be open soon for members to make deposit.

    Thank you we will be in touch soon.

    P.S If you like even more money you can do some sponsoring we pay members ref bonus.Do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information.


    To your success

    Baron Cuthbert

    Admin : ProgmaticAdsPaid

    Skype ID : progmaticadspaid.

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