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20160315051513-MPA468The New! My Paying Ads is an advertising & revshare program that delivers great traffic…
Program Name
My Paying Ads Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, PM, BitCoin, 2Pay4You… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: MPA Launched On March 30, 2015… Earn 120% ROI… AdPack Prices From $5 to $50… View 10 Traffic Exchange Sites Daily… Min/Max Daily Cashout: $5/$200 paid within 48 Hours… Earn Extra From Paid-To-Click Ads… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Packages… 10% Referral Commission… Admin: Uday Nara from Singapore… More Info: Refer to the Home, “FAQ”, Details, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, and Stats page 100% RCB

Thank You,
Admin & Team

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25 Thoughts to “My Paying Ads”

  1. Admin|Update

    Dear All,

    We are working hard to send the refunds to the payment processor purchases made between 10th May 2017 to 15th May 2017 at MPA and MPCA. After we reply to your ticket, the finance team will send the refund within 24hrs. We target to finish this task by end of this week (28th May 2017).

    Below are the number of tickets pending for our replies regarding the 10th May 2017 onwards refunds:

    18th May 2017: 135
    19th May 2017: 297
    20th May 2017: 141
    21st May 2017: 277
    22nd May 2017: 173

    18th May 2017: 240
    19th May 2017: 151
    20th May 2017: 92
    21st May 2017: 100
    22nd May 2017: 107

    [a] Please kindly note that the refunds are for the payment processor purchases made on and after 10th May 2017 and not to the purchases made with the account balances.
    [b] Our Payza account went into negative balanc because of some of the reversals happened and hence Payza refunds will take some time as we need to see how this issue can be resolved.
    [c] Once we have some more progress on these refunds we will work on the changes need to be done for the sites so that they will function as a non-revenue sharing Traffic Exchange and Paid-to-click (PTC) websites. This shall be fully done by end of next week (2nd June 2017). Following this will be our new products and partner programs.
    [d] To generate the revenue through our future products and partner programs we need the traffic on our both sites to be alive and active and hence we urge everyone to continue surfing ads on the traffic exchange daily.

    We will update you all as soon as we have some progress on our tasks.

    Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and support.

    MPA-MPCA Management

  2. Admin|Update

    MPA/MPCA Stages Going Forward as of 18th May 2017

    Stage 1:
    *Refund all purchases made from payment processor from May 10th to May 15th 2017 back to members processors
    *Cancel all withdrawals up to and including 9th May 2017
    *Withdrawal amounts returned to member earning balances
    *Time frame: Proceeding now

    Stage 2:
    *Open MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange Sites
    *Time frame: Within 7 days

    Stage 3:
    *Open the new product platforms, CC,
    *Local Business Directory Listing
    *Time frame: Within 14 days(CC) to 8 weeks (Local Business Directory Listing)

    Stage 4:
    *Return ‘Seed Money’ – Total Processor Purchases minus Total Withdrawals
    *Time frame: Begin within 3 months, based on profit generated from the new products and partner programs
    *Members DO NOT to send in support tickets for Seed Money until further notice

  3. Admin|Update

    Dear all,

    Our journey here at MPA and MPCA is progressing well. We have always strived to deliver quality advertising products, services and rewards for our members right from the start of the business in 2015.

    We have been through a lot together and I wish to thank all of you for your energy and forward thinking approach.

    Wow. So many great ideas over the last 24 hours. Thank you.

    Today we announce our first big step back to opening withdrawals. Two Brand New Ad Packs, that will have benefits for the members and the company.

    Below given are the details of the Ad Packs:

    5 Dollar Booster Adpack at MPA:
    -Adpack Cost: $5
    -Activity rewards upto: 120%
    -No Membership required
    -Referral Commissions: 5%
    -Advertising credits: 100 Cashlinks [of 0.001 click value to the Surfer]
    -Cap on daily earnings: upto 1-2% per day
    -Maximum daily purchases: 100
    -Number of active adpacks one can possess: 2000
    -Purchases are from Payment Processor, Leader’s commissions and/or Booster Earnings

    0.005 BTC Adpacks at MPCA:
    -Adpack Cost: 0.005 BTC
    -Activity rewards upto: 120%
    -No Membership required
    -Referral Commissions: 6%
    -Advertising credits: 2,500 Banner credits
    -Cap on daily earnings: upto 1-2% per day
    -Maximum daily purchases: 100
    -Number of active adpacks one can possess: 1000
    -Purchases are from Payment Processor and Leader’s commissions

    The purchases are open for these two adpacks at respective platforms.

    We wish you a productive day ahead. Thanks.

    MPA Management

  4. Admin|Update

    #MPA #MPCA Daily Update (6th May 2017) and Training Tip:

    New Members joined yesterday (5th May) in our Advertising Platforms:

    MPA: 914
    MPCA: 538

    As we move forward and new members join our business, we need to help them understand our business model of revenue share and the advertising product rewards so that will be of benefit to those new members. Company sales make us grow. Use our company 2 minute video to help your new people gain the knowledge you already have. Send this Company video link to everyone you know today please.

    Tip for the day:
    Build your Facebook friends to 5000.
    Add only business minded entrepreneurs.
    Go to network marketing group to find friends, be selective.

    Have a great and big promotional day today.

    MPA/MPCA Admin

    #MPA #MPCA Daily Update (7th May 2017) and Training Tip:

    New Members joined yesterday (6th May) in our Advertising Platforms:

    MPA: 895
    MPCA: 545

    Have you ever wondered how the member sign ups come to be. The great portion is from all of your personal recommendations to your contacts and through online advertising to potential Internet marketers and online earning seekers.

    We at MPA management run adverts daily and post on to a number of the following resources:

    1. Other Advertising Revenue Sharing Platforms
    2. Other Traffic Exchange Websites
    3. Social Media Platforms
    4. Safelist Viral Mailers (or Email Advertising)
    5. PTC (Paid to Click) websites
    6. Solo Advertising Websites
    7. Ad Exchange Websites
    8. Classifieds Websites etc

    We do these tasks daily in addition to our other administrative responsibilities to grow the business for many years to come.

    We need to bring more education to the new members so they can enjoy advertising reward earnings more for many years.

    We wish members to have a business mindset for the coming years, so that we may work as a team, to be a strong company and brand that many millions can to be proud to join and advertise.

    Please take time to promote your business – MPA/MPCA in at least 5 websites today.



    There are many too and you can explore and find them.

    Meanwhile, we are working on some solutions to speed up the withdrawal requests and we will be sharing our strategies with you soon.

    Have a productive day everyone.

    MPA/MPCA Admin

    Dear All,

    Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and wish you all a joyful time of the remaining weekend!

    We, the MPA Management, have been working tirelessly to have steady progress for MPA and MPCA. There have been some delays in the withdrawals and we have been working hard to find solutions to improve the situation. It has come to make some adjustments to our current arrangement so that the situation can be improved. We try our best to make this update concise and clear as much as possible.

    [1] Though we have been making a great progress in terms of the revenue generation since our re-launch in Mar 2016, there has been short fall of revenue coming into the system compared to what we were paying out. We have never reduced the daily earnings as we set those daily earnings with an anticipation of future sales targets and achievements. Now, we have come to a stage where we need to increase our efforts to generate more revenue so that the withdrawals shall be processed smoothly without any delay.

    Please note that we have been generating good revenue daily but not fully sufficient to honor the daily withdrawals and hence we have come to the current state of delayed withdrawals. By putting more promotional efforts on daily basis we can be able to reach to the targeted daily revenue in very short period of time and then can be able to sustain the same.

    For MPCA, the raise in the Bitcoin price and the fear of fork etc in the recent past has some effect on the revenue generation and we need to take some measures for this platform too to make it more stable and steady in terms of finances.

    [2] Now, the biggest hurdle in recruiting the new members is of the delayed withdrawals. Hence, we found a solution wherein all the withdrawals will be processed within 24 hrs of the request being made so that everyone can completely work on promoting our services to the potential clients so that we can soon reach to our targeted daily revenue and steady state of functioning.

    [3] As the current daily revenue is not fully sufficient to honor the daily withdrawals hundred percent, we need to work towards an increase in the daily revenue that we generate so that we can meet the daily withdrawal requests. We are fully confident of reaching that stage but need our collective work to achieve the same.

    To have smooth promotional efforts, the withdrawal requests have to be fully cleared within the reasonable time frame. Therefore, after so much brainstorming, we decided to work on a solution for this so that all new withdrawal requests will be cleared within 24 hrs after the request submission so that we can boost our promotional efforts. Hence, we decided to have a variable maximum daily withdrawal limit starting from Tuesday, 9th May 2017 at both MPA and MPCA (which can be any amount less than $200 at MPA and less than 1 BTC at MPCA, respectively) which will be based on our daily revenue generation and which can be cleared within 24 hrs of withdrawal request submission. Our target is to maintain and/or achieve these daily maximum withdrawal limits to $200 for MPA and 1 BTC for MPCA, respectively, but it depends on how soon we can reach our targeted revenue generation.

    [4] Following are our plans to increase the daily revenue:

    -Increased Online Marketing: We will increase our online marketing by many fold than what we are currently doing. We are actually doing only less than 10% of what we are capable of because of our daily administrative duties. We now increase these efforts and reach to our full potential.

    -Increased Offline Marketing: This is one area that we yet to start. We will now organize business opportunity meetings all over the world through our affiliates and the management team. Some leaders from Australia and UK are going to have inaugural MPA-MPCA business opportunity meetings in their countries soon. We will have the arrangements made for such events all over the world.

    -New Advertising Products: We will have some new advertising products coming up. Especially one advertising product has great potential to bring the bigger revenue which in fact seen as a Dream Product by us. Following is an illustration of the revenue possibility: If one thousand members of MPA and MPCA, bring one sale for this product per day, the company will make $100,000 revenue per day (10% of which will be paid to the members as the affiliate commission and rest will be used for honoring MPA-MPCA withdrawals). We have not seen any such product in the market generating such a big revenue. Please remember that our clients for this product are any offline business owners. So, you can imagine the potential that we have for this product. We have thousands (or millions) of different offline businesses in every city we live and eevry offline business owner is a potential customer/client for this advertising product.

    This is by far the great idea that we have generated and we strongly believe that once we bring this product to our platforms, that will be the last day that we worry about our daily revenue generation. We need the quality time to work on this product development. Hence, it is very important to bring the above variable withdrawal limits so that the site functioning can be made smooth and steady and we the management time can put our efforts in bringing this dream product on board.

    The IT team are currently working on this product and we target to bring this product to our platforms in the next 2-3 months or less. We will update to you all on the progress as it develops.

    -New Partner Programs: We are also working on some new partner programs which will bring new customers and additional revenue to our platforms. Please remember that all our efforts in this direction are to bring new revenue to our two platforms. This also needs our quality time and energy to channel in this direction.

    -New Payment Processors: We are also working on the new payment processors so that it can bring more members to our platforms.

    -New CryptoCurrency Adpacks: We shall also be bringing new adpacks that can be bought with other crypto currencies.

    With all the above plans in place we are fully confident of reaching the targeted daily revenue as soon as possible so that the daily withdrawal limits will go back to normal. Until that time there will be variable withdrawal limits anywhere between $5 to $200 per day at MPA and from 0.01 btc to 1 btc per day at MPCA).

    The leader’s commission obtained everyday will be fully paid without any restriction. The variable limits applies to Earning balance and Booster earnings withdrawals, respectively.

    [5] Following are the key points to note regarding the variable withdrawal limits and how it works:

    [a] We will place the current pending withdrawals on hold until further notice. If any member wants to get them cancelled and return the funds to earning balance, please raise a support ticket (under category: Cancellation of Withdrawal Request) so that it can be done as soon as possible. We will let you know soon (before end of next week) on what is going to be done regarding these pending withdrawals in the system.

    [b] The new withdrawal request submissions and withdrawals processing will be closed on Monday, 8th May 2017.

    [c] The withdrawal request submissions will be resumed from Tuesday, 9th Mat 2017, server time 01:00 onwards. The maximum withdrawal limit per member on Tuesday will be fixed before 01:00 server time on Tuesday and you can see the same on the withdrawal page while submitting the withdrawal request. All withdrawal requests submitted on Tuesday will be cleared within 24 hrs from the time of withdrawal request submission. This will continue the same way moving forward until we reach our upper limits of withdrawals.

    [6] Please visit the below video for the hangout we had where we explained the details:

    We thank you all for your valuable contributions and support to MPA and MPCA and we look forward for bright future.

    Best Regards,
    MPA-MPCA Management and Admin Team

  5. Admin|Update

    Dear All,

    Hope you are all doing well. Here at MPA headquarters we are progressing well and would like to congratulate everyone for their contributions.

    Firstly, regarding the withdrawals at MPA, we are tirelessly doing everything in our capacity to improve the withdrawal processing time frame. All withdrawals will be processed in queue.

    Our management is prioritizing boosting our daily sales and we shall be running rigorous promotions over the coming days. With all our team work we shall see great results.

    We rate our performance as good although we are striving for excellence! We have many potential marketers and online earning seekers to whom we can reach and share our program with. MPA offers an invaluable opportunity and we are dedicated to ensuring quality value.

    We have also been working on some new and exciting products. So please keep a look out for these on our Facebook channel!

    In the meantime we would like to announce the MPA Booster Plan! This will replace Adpack Plan 5. Please see the details below:

    MPA Booster Pack (AdPack Plan 5)

    [The earnings for this AdPack will be directed to re-purchase wallet and this wallet will be re-named as Booster Earnings]

    ✅ Adpack Cost: $50

    ✅ Activity rewards upto: 120%

    ✅ Membership type needed: Elite

    ✅ Referral Commissions: 5%

    ✅ Advertising credits: 1000 Cashlinks [of 0.001 click value to the Surfer]

    ✅ Cap on daily earnings: upto 1-2% per day

    ✅ Maximum daily purchases: 100

    ✅ Number of active adpacks one can possess: 2000

    ✅ Purchases are from Payment Processor, Leader’s commissions and/or Booster Earnings

    ✅Daily Withdrawals Cap from Booster Earnings: Upto $1000

    ✅Total Maximum withdrawals: 2 times the purchase amount

    [1]There have been many new members requesting for higher withdrawal limits in the past and we are exploring this option through this Adpack plan.

    [2] The MPA Booster AdPacks can be bought by any member at any stage.

    [3] Also, by offering Cashlinks as advertising product for these adpacks, the advertisers will be provided with Faster traffic of high quality visits. Also, members will get lot of cashlinks and it can bring huge member base to our platform and can boost the Alexa rank to higher level. This will help for our future Advertising products that we are going to bring.

    [4] The revised Adpack Plan has great potential to increase our revenue.

    After the implementation of this Adpack, members can be able to request for a maximum of 3 withdrawals per day: one from Earning balance; one from Leader’s Commissions and one from Booster Earnings.

    This Adpack is available for purchases as of now and Adpack plan 5 will no longer be available for new purchases. The already bought adpacks under Adpack plan 5 will continue to receive the earnings until they expire.

    We thank you for all your continuous support and wish you all a great day ahead.

    Best Regards,
    MPA-MPCA Admin Team

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