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20160315051513-MPA468The New! My Paying Ads is an advertising & revshare program that delivers great traffic…
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My Paying Ads Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, PM, BitCoin, 2Pay4You… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: MPA Launched On March 30, 2015… Earn 120% ROI… AdPack Prices From $5 to $50… View 10 Traffic Exchange Sites Daily… Min/Max Daily Cashout: $5/$200 paid within 48 Hours… Earn Extra From Paid-To-Click Ads… No Repurchase Rule… Seven Advertising Packages… 10% Referral Commission… Admin: Uday Nara from Singapore… More Info: Refer to the Home, “FAQ”, Details, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, and Stats page 100% RCB

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25 Thoughts to “My Paying Ads”

  1. Admin|Update

    Dear MPA members,

    Our technical team have now integrated functionality that will provide members an option to transfer their leadership commission balance to an alternative payment processor. For example transferring leadership commission held in Payza to leadership commission held in CoinPayments or to SolidTrustPay.

    On an MPA side note, we have been working on some new features and products. We are excited to roll them out in due course of time.

    Many thanks,

    MPA Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    Dear All,

    There seems a glitch in the pool stats update at MPA because of which, when the members submit the withdrawal requests today, the amount is not being deducted from the available withdrawal limit.

    We reported the issue to our IT team and they shall be looking at it as soon as they are available in the office. Until then the withdrawal request submissions are disabled. We will enable it again once the issue is fixed.

    MPA-MPCA Admin Team

  3. Admin|Update

    Dear MPA and MPCA members,

    Great news, we will be re-activating surfing at MPA today.

    Members will have a surf free plan for the next 4hrs (until 13:30pm GMT) although after this point the usual surfing requirement will be needed to earn activity rewards.

    Please note surfing has now been enabled and you will be able to surf ads from now.

    The reason for deactivating the surfing previously was to minimise the server load while our technical team were working on some core functionality.

    We will closely monitor the server load and take any necessary action. As always we will keep you updated with any technical updates via Facebook.

    Many thanks,
    MPA-MPCA admin Team

  4. Admin|Update

    MPA And MPCA New Back Office Box Explanations

  5. Admin|Update

    Dear MPA and MPCA members,

    Please be sure to read this entire message.

    First of all, we would like to congratulate the entire MPA family on the successful 2nd anniversary event! This is a phenomenal achievement and we look forward to the 3rd anniversary event. The UK is the front runner with regards to location!

    Secondly, we have a very important announcement with regards to both MPA and MPCA.

    Our key goals are to provide long term and consistent services to our members. With this being said we have reviewed our rewards plan and have decided to implement some changes that will strengthen our ability to uphold our primary goals.

    We have taken action, for our members, to ensure that the MPA Network stands strong for the next 5 to 10 years. We have seen time and time again many online platforms surviving less than 5months, this is a result of not understanding the demands of the market and not making the necessary adjustments to their business.

    The key reason that MPA stands at the peak of the industry and is in the best possible standing is that we make the required adjustments to ensure smooth business transition. We are also well aware that our decisions have an impact on shaping our industry. All this being said, we make our decisions after meticulous preparation and careful thought.

    MyPayingAds are officially announcing new rewards functionality for both MPA and MPCA.

    The new rewards functionality is summarised below:

    1] The maximum withdrawals that can be made is 2 times the purchase amount (i.e. purchases made with payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader’s commission)

    2] A new Adpack plan has been introduced to both MPA and MPCA i.e. Adpack Plan 5 which is almost identical with Adpack Plan 4 with an exception that the Adpacks can only be bought using the payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader’s commission.

    2a] The maximum number of Adpacks that one can buy from different plans at MPA are as follows:

    Adpack Plan 1: 100;
    Adpack Plan 2: 100;
    Adpack Plan 3: 100;
    Adpack Plan 4: 1200;
    Adpack Plan 5: 1000;

    2b] The maximum number of Adpacks that one can buy from different plans at MPCA are as follows:

    Adpack Plan 1: 100;
    Adpack Plan 2: 100;
    Adpack Plan 3: 100;
    Adpack Plan 4: 1000;
    Adpack Plan 5: 1000;

    3] Both MPA and MPCA will include a purchase fee and withdrawal fee of 2% for Bitcoin purchases and withdrawals.This fee amount is used for the site maintenance and staff.

    4] All these features will be enabled in both MPA and MPCA at 12 noon Indian Standard Time (IST) on 7th Apr 2017.

    5] Whatever the outstanding withdrawals at the time of the enabling of the above features will be cancelled and all the funds will be returned to the earning balances. New withdrawal requests can be made after the enable of the above new features.

    This functionality in combination with the leadership commission, will provide a fair reward opportunity to all members.

    Members that have already withdrawn x2 of their purchase amount will not be penalised with a negative account. The Adpacks in their accounts will be paused and will become active as soon as more Adpacks are purchased with either fresh funds or leadership commissions.

    Just to re-iterate, our key goals are to provide long term and consistent services to our members. The new rewards functionality will strengthen our ability to uphold our primary goals. This concept will take our platform to a new level of steadiness.

    As we mentioned previously, as industry leaders we need to ensure that we can shape and improve our industry and help it grow from strength to strength. This is the new era of online advertising & revenue share and MyPayingAds are leading the industry to new heights.

    Many thanks,
    MPA & MPCA Admin Team

  6. Admin|Update

    Tickets for the MPA 2nd Anniversary Dinner Event are now available!

    Tickets sold here >>

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact our event organiser Mr Keithy Broome!

    Many thanks,
    MPA Admin

  7. Admin|Update

    Leaders Commission Wallet Announcement
    Message Date: February 10, 2017

    Greetings MyPayingAds Members,

    We have some very exciting news to share with you.

    Our members and leaders put in the effort to promote our brand every single day and this monumental effort has made us the #1 advertise and get reward platform in the world.????

    Our senior management have been looking at innovative ways to reward and incentivise your efforts. ?

    Over the course of this year, we will be making some major announcements and are very excited to roll out these features! ???

    Today, we are formally announcing the Leader Commission Wallet!?

    This special wallet will allow members to withdraw their referral commissions! ✅

    Any cash purchase made by your referrals will entitle you to 10% commission rewards that will be allocated to your Leader Commission Wallet and any repurchase of adpacks made will entitle you to 5% commission rewards that will be allocated to your regular commission wallet.

    Just to add, there is no withdrawal limit on the Leader Commission Wallet!!?

    You may want to read the line above again!!

    This is an extremely powerful feature and provides a massive incentive for those that share our business!??

    These enhancements will come into effect on the 11th Feb 2017 @ 9am GMT. ?


    MPA Admin

    Leaders Commission Wallet
    Message Date: February 13, 2017

    Dear MPA members,

    It’s fantastic to see that so many members are taking action and benefiting from the leader commission wallet.

    We would like to highlight that the leader commission balance will appear as Cash balance in the back office.

    To access your leader commission balance to purchase services or when making a withdrawal, please select cash balance!

    We are very excited to be able to reward our leaders with instant commissions!

    Many thanks,

    MPA Admin

  8. Admin|Update

    Maintenance Is Over:

    Dear All,

    The site came back to normal operation. The adpack purchases are enabled, withdrawal requests can be made and distribution of revenue sharing rewards were also enabled. All functions are working fine on our testing.

    To put in simple terms, we were trying to change the hosting company and moving to new servers for better functionality but the whole process was failed as the new servers were giving some unknown errors. The coding team have tirelessly worked to make it happen but they were not successful. Hence, we went back to our old servers and the hosting company. We will try again for this after 1-2 months time after checking the root cause of the errors.

    Apologies for all the inconvenience caused. We did our best during this whole process.

    We will announce soon regarding our new function that was added to the site.

    The business is as usual. Thanks.

    MPA Admin

    Cronjob Update:

    Dear MPA members,

    Just a quick note to inform you that the cron job for level 1 adpacks will be temporarily set to run every 2hours as opposed to the usual 1hour.

    Reward earnings on all advertising packs purchased will be NOT be affected.

    Just for clarity. You would normally earn rewards every hour, although temporarily the rewards will be allocated every 2hours. The total reward amount will be unaffected. Only the timing will be altered.

    Our technical team are running some important diagnostics and the cron job will be reset to normal setting upon completion of their testing.

    Many thanks
    MPA Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    Dear MPA Members,

    We have some lovely news to share with you all.

    ✨✨ Within the next 24hrs all withdrawals that were pending over 72hrs will be paid out!!

    ✨✨ Within the next 24hrs all new withdrawals will be processed within the 72hr service level time frame!

    We would like to take this time to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay in processing withdrawals.

    Our business structure is efficient and streamlined, meaning we can generate great profits to share with all of our members. The drawback of this structure is that we are reliant on key personnel.

    As you may already be aware we have had a senior member of our team in and out of hospital, this has resulted in some disruption with our withdrawal process.

    We want to emphasise that the MPA team work around the clock, 7days a week, to deliver a high quality service. This being said we are always looking for ways to improve and to strength our brand.

    We have decided to ramp up our support team as well as to employ more staff to help us on the withdrawal side.

    MPA has always delivered for its members and will continue to provide the best services and rewards that are possible.

    We were disappointed with responses shown by some of our members regarding the delays in withdrawals. When certain members talk nonsense or have a lack of understanding about the issue and feel the need to damage our business is something that really does upset us. This essentially undermines all the effort we put in for you.

    On a closing note, thank you to all of our loyal members. We are excited for the future of MPA and have some major announcements to make over the course of this year!

    ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Please keep tuned into our Facebook page as our next update is HUGE! Expect this to land in the next few days!

    We have planned a massive 2017 and look forward to rolling out our exciting new products!

    Many thanks,
    MPA Admin

  10. Admin|Update

    Dear MPA members,

    We have enabled Adpack purchase functionality and this feature will be working as usual.

    Our technical team are working on a long term solution for the PPC display issue that we are currently experiencing.

    Once again we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We have made the decision to fully review this section of our code to minimise any future impacts.

    Many thanks, Admin

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