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31 thoughts on “My 24 Hour Income

  1. Admin|Update Post author

    It’s been nearly 24 hours after my last post that outlined the members top complaints we are seeing. The good news is negativity has slow down a bit now that the site is open… but I believe not enough to make any kind of considerable change to create a great outcome.

    The majority of members that are not verified with my24 yet. Which is about 90% of our member base seeing we’ve only been verify accounts for the past 5 days… The complaint from unverified members is: “this process of verifying accounts is unfair. seeing the ones that are being verified day after day get to start making withdrawls while the ones that are trying to submit the KYC ticket. have to wait on the process of if verification to withdraw. I Actually agree with this but… there is a huge downside. is the concept that you need to show a business is working to create new business.

    The only way we can verify all accounts and everyone be treated equally with withdrawling out of the system. For everyone to start the withdrawal process on the same day and time. the majority of unverified members are complaining that they have to wait for their account to be verified to withdraw.

    Personally thought the process of letting all members that are waiting to be verified to build their accounts to withdraw would be all that is needed to make this process smooth and not involve any sort of negative outcome. This gives the opportunity to the members that do not want to be my 24 members the option to actually just cash out their account up to $1100 is more than most members seed money. But as you can see from the comments under the pinned posts since we’ve reopen the site the majority of them are about getting verified and it needs to be done now. Or trying for days on end to have their account verified but the ticket system is always full.

    What I’ve decided to do is make all my24 accounts dormant tell the verification process is over. then when the verification process is over my24 will open to the entire member base for withdrawals. Only active verified members in the system will be Able to withdraw. Members without adpacks will not be Verified until they add funds to the site and become active in revenue sharing.

    Drew Is Living The “Thug Life” With Your Money

    I Believe that if we only verify the active members this process will take no longer than 4 to 6 weeks. Seeing not every single my24 member is active. So it’ll speed the process up by about a month or so. There will be many complaints from active verified members in the system and those that I understood the concept which I was trying to do is let members build their account as they’re being verified to withdraw. But by reading the comments under the pinned post over the past five days. The majority of them are discouraged members that don’t care about building in just want to be verified to withdrawal.

    I’m very sorry to those members that understand what we were trying to do… get withdrawals going, let members build internally to withdraw once their verified. But this process a verification has created a ton of negativity and rumours around my24 that are just not needed at this moment in our business.

    What we will be doing is treating every member equally and everyone will withdraw when we open the system after all accounts are verified that are active. Also the verified members only Facebook group will be opening shortly. For this group the link will appear on your profile page once your account is verified.

    If members are found sharing this link your account will be suspended.

    Drew Burton|Admin

  2. Admin|Update Post author

    Hey everyone the programmers are done with all the fixes and New features. Payouts and funds worked 100% with the test group we had 91 testers using the site.

    Here are some things that we have changed with the site and with change also comes negatively and positively.

    So please once again Think about how you react to the changes…think of the full picture and what the goal is for my24 is to get back on track and make the system very attractive to sell. The best way to build new fresh funds is to sell.

    Big change #1: we have created a repurchase balance through the earnings balance on all add packs now you can buy add packs from your earnings balance. The positive side to this is members can scale and build their accounts very fast saying they do not need to with drawl to purchase our packs. The negative side of this… to keep the system stable. there is no commission earned from internal re-purchasing of ad packs.

    #2: you can make your first withdrawal up to 1100$ without adding funds. Of course new members would have to add funds to be an active member. So this would just apply for existing my24 members. I can’t see any one complaining about that 🙂

    #3: The big one we have implemented is KYC (know your customer) into the system. There will be a video on the profile page that will take you step-by-step through the process of what you need to do to submit your KYC document. For those wondering it can be any Government issued document with your photo and your name on it. You will also have to have your face present in the photo and the ID illegible. Seeing we only need to see your name and photo you can cover up any other information on your ID that’s not needed.

    The reason why we’ve decided to do KYC is because we found hundreds of fake accounts and I’m guessing thousands of stacked accounts in the system so far we found over 280 accounts. Without the systems of KYC. This came to our attention that many were cheating the system when payeer blocked all payments going to the US.

    The negative side to implementing KYC into the system is it’s a very slow process seeing we manually have to check your ID and verify your account. Our goal is to do upwards of 1000 accounts per day but still this process will take months. Members will not be able to withdraw out of the system tell their account is verified. We will be verifying accounts on a first come first serve basis. And have a maximum support ticket amount every 24 hours so we don’t get overwhelmed on our end.

    #4: we have moved any earnings bal. to the cash bal.

    #5: Any member that has withdrawals more then their add funds will add funds to make the first withdrawal when the site opens up… For those members who have not withdrawn more than their added funds, admin will be paying your first withdrawal. So you can create your withdrawal limit for your next withdrawal.

    I’d like to thank all members for being very very patient with us as we work the new feature out. We will be opening the site late tonight EST time 🙂

    – Drew Burton|Admin

    P.S. almost forgot… we will be opening a verified members only Facebook group. As you can tell this Facebook group has gotten way out of control with spam and negativity most of the negativity or spam is coming from members of the group that aren’t even members of my24. The funny thing is…this is a marketing strategy that some use. As you can tell it’s not a good one. Lol

    In about 30 days time all updates will be in the my24 verified members FB group. This Facebook group will be used for proof of payment and basically just a recruiting tool for those that are looking to build a team in my24 or keep on recruiting.

    The main test for the self maintaining system was to see if we could stabilize the system without a constant member base growth or adding membership fees and hoping for the best… The great news is it worked, we do not need a constant growth in a member base to sustain payouts. This is huge guys if you understand what I’m talking about.

  3. Admin|Update Post author

    February 25, 2017 at 5:50am

    Hello my24 members. Looks like the link to the test group has gotten out through a tester making a video and forgetting to block the URL to the test group. To the person who made the video it’s OK don’t worry about it I’ve done this before as well. Haha 😂

    For those people who have logged into the test group link and you’re not a tester of my24… As you probably know by now your account needs to be verified before you can withdraw. So there’s no point logging into your account… the website looks the same.

    The purpose of this testing is the mechanics of the site not the appearance of the site. Please only testers of my24 use the test group website link…

    If it gets out of hand…

    I’m very sorry it may come to a not so positive conclusion for the non testers that have logged in to the test group link…but I think everyone reading this post understands if you’re logging into the site during testing your intentions are to mess up the sites testing or take vantage of building your earnings bal before we open. Or maybe just very nosey and curious…

    The purpose of using KYC verification in my24 is to clear out the accounts that have been take advantage of my24 through stacked accounts over 3 levels and or fake accounts in the system created.

    To me anyone that logs into a website during this testing mode is trying to take advantage of the site or just a little to curious of what we are doing. 😳 My first intentions are to be 100% NOT lenient towards these type of members and do their KYC last. That’s about a 90 day wait to use the system…

    But in all fairness I feel the my24 members should come to an agreement upon what will happen to the members accounts who have logged into the test group link to build their earnings bal during this period of testing… or do when ever their up to.

    We will have a poll on this topic so leave your comment below. 🙂 I feel this is a very fair way of approaching these accounts… seeing the Final decision would come from our member base and not the admin team.

    Please don’t log into the test group link if you’re not a tester of my24.

    My #1 goal for my24 members: is to understand how the system works and how we advertise, earn, withdrawl. but before any of this happens we need the mechanics of the site to completely make sense from a very stable Business point of view.

    The past 3 months we have been constantly testing out with new ideas and New mechanics for a revenue share and creating what is to come for my24. My #1 personal goal is to create a revenue share that doesn’t rely on New people joining or putting our faith in another business to create funds for withdrawals.

    The self maintaining system that we’ve created has proven that we don’t need an extreme expanding member base or funds created through putting funds in other systems hoping for the best out come.

    I know we have been through so much change and testing of new or different ideas 💡 but at the end of the day anything worthwhile or amazing feat in others eyes. comes from a different idea or taking on a loved Business concept or idea but with not the same normal approach that we see time after time.

    I’m not comparing my24 with companies like Tesla, McDonald’s or Mac… but think of the beginning of these companies and what people thought of them…now their outcome is completely different then the majorities first impression.

    I hope to see everyone prospective of my24 turn positive… this will really sink in once the majority realizes our website does not need an extreme expanding member base or funds created externally by risk to survive.

    -Drew Burton|Admin


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