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My 24 Hour Income

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31 Thoughts to “My 24 Hour Income”

  1. Admin|Update

    Hey MY24 I did this video for you all, as a response to that extremely unprofessional email that ProX put out.

    This video link opens in the same tab… It may, or may not, be working…

    also the reset very strange posts floating around on Facebook that we all see…

    We are at a very venerable time now and all the people or company’s that what to see My24 go down or harm us know this is the right time to attack.

    i dont know 100% whats is going on or why some want to see MY24 fail so bad.

    as requested by many members Ive done a very details very of my thoughts on what we are seeing in emails and social media.

    To tell the truth i’m in the same boat as many members, just wondering whats next now, what will be tomorrows rumors for MY24.

    I know I can make My24 work but I pray all the rumors surface in the end. there will always be people out there trying to slow us down. the best thing we do is focus on not thinking to much about what others say tell the honest truth is revealed

    Drew Burton|Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    Hello my24 members,

    We are changing hosting company’s to a dedicated server and have put the website under maintenance mode till it’s in the system.

    As I have said many times before… basically now we need to fine-tuning the website while the members use their accounts. this is very hard to tack on seeing all the support needs as we are focused on getting everything together.

    …seeing everyone wanted to get back in asap…

    with the old MY24 it took a good 3 weeks to get all the bugs out. so my guess is 2 to 3 more weeks of tuning is needed.

    just a heads up… we work on the site most nights around 12am to 12pm EST.

    Im very very sorry about all the ups and downs. but it’s part of a proper system.

    Please be patient with MY24.

    We will be having a hangout at 11am est this morning, see you all there. you can ask us any questions live at the hangout. we are all ears!!

    Drew Burton|Admin

  3. Admin|Update

    Here a video I did for you all on how to set your withdrawal limits and maintain your account with the self maintaining system.

    Step 1) Withdrawal
    Step 2) Add back 90% (add funds)
    Step 3) Purchase position
    Step 4) Place ads (my websites tap)
    Step 4) Click your ads
    Step 5) Withdrawal the next day
    Step 6) Do step 1 again

    I encourage every member to watch this how to video I made

    Drew Burton|Admin

    Video (opens in the same tab)…

  4. Admin|Update

    Hello My24 members, we are seeing a ton of support pending posts about missing funds in accounts. We have looked into this and found what happened.

    In the next two or three days we will open up support tickets through the website. We will gather the following information we need to resolve this problem for the members.

    This issue reflects in about 5 to 7% of our member base. Which is a lot of people…

    1) Over the next three days gather your member ID number… it’s at the end of your referral link. 2) Also the amount of missing funds from your account.

    I know a lot of members could take advantage of getting extra funds in their accounts, but please do not think like this or take advantage of My24 in the situation…

    I want to be the best possible admin I can be. That’s the reason why I am publicly notifying all members, and not personally contacting the members that have missing funds.

    If we have a issue I feel the entire member base should know the situations to have an understanding of what the system and admin team is going through.

    This will cause a huge stress and strain on the support team.

    We will do our very best to support all the members in every area that they need support through. Please be patient with us this could take quite a long time to sort out this issue. But will be 100% resolved.

    So please we ask only members that 100% are sure they are missing funds send in a support ticket through the site. This will be available within 2 to 3 days…

    We will be asking for your member ID, the amount of funds missing from your pending withdrawls. I’m very sorry about this and we will do our very best to sort this out as fast as possible.

    Thanks for understanding,

    PS. Please see the video I go into great detail about this.

    PPS. Pending posts about this matter have been deleted seeing it’s 5 to 7% of the member base which Lots of pending posts. ?

    Video (opens in the same tab):

  5. Admin|Update

    Here’s the most important video update of the week!!!!

    WE are 48ish hours away from OPENING MY24… Watch this video to see the new MY24 site.
    (links will open in the same tab)

    I also talk about the power of the new self maintaining System. If you thought the OLD MY24 was Stable wait till you see how this new system works…

    Enjoy, ~Drew

    PS. on a side note… All members that have been complaining non-stop that the site is under maintenance or calling my24 a scam… We have blocked your accounts for 3 months. I know that’s over the top, but we want to see the members that love MY24 creating susses online.

    If you have been shooting your mouth off on Facebook, YouTube or wherever… sorry but we don’t see this as a positive experience for members that want to advertise and earn with the system.

    I know its impossible to stop all the naysayers but this just might make some respect a short under maintenance wait in their next Biz Online.

    Things came together much faster then expected. Please give a hand to the admin team and all involved… We have created something positive & different that will once again set a new standard for 2017 and beyond!!!

    PPS. We have noticed there’s 10 or so members that have logged into the shell site. basically the framework of the really my24 site we are putting together. This is not the actual my24hourincome site, but is linked to your account. So any changes that you’ve made in that shell account will not show up in your actual account, but if you clicked ads to earn in the revenue share, or move funds around those funds, we missing in your actual account… So as a warning, please do not log into the shell site.

    The only link that will work is the special link that I will share with the test group which will come out very shortly in about 4 hours…
    (links will open in the same tab)

    See you in the site soon.

    -Drew Burton|Admin

  6. Admin|Update

    The logo contest is over… Here is the winning logo… This logo will be on the new website, and on the front of the new t-shirts…

    My24HI Front Logo

    This logo will be on the back of the new t-shirts…

    My24HI Back Logo

  7. Admin|Update

    here’s another update with big news for you all enjoy

    (link opens in the same tab, or Right Click and select: “Open link in new tab”):

    -Drew Burton|Admin

  8. Admin|Update

    WIN $100… See the video below =)

    Hey MY24 members I’ll be doing this every weekend motivating you all to build your team by incentivizing you to promote…

    …Man I wish I was a member of MY24…win cash just to promote!!! this is crazy. haha

    So watch the video you could win 100$ cash in your processor =)

    Step 1) On your FB wall make a post with the video link below & your referral link:

    Step 2) leave the perma link to that post under this post…
    watch the video below if you don’t know how to find the perma link.

    Step 3) if you make a mistake you can not win so if you do not understand step 1 or 2 watch the video…

    (link opens in the same tab)…

    -Drew Burton|Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    – Cronjobs error fixed – and they are automatic now
    – Always secure your details : correct site is
    – Withdrawal time

    Watch the video for more (opens in the same tab)…

    -Faheem Rajput

  10. Admin|Update

    Update 8/25/2016 cron job earnings!

    Dear members, We are aware of the problem of earnings not being shared hourly today… This is a problem because the automatic system for sharing earnings have been off few hours back due to a glitch… This is very common in revenue sharing sites …Currently Admin Faheem is distributing earnings manually too and trying to resolve this issue…. He is working very hard on….

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    PS please don’t worry there is no loss in earnings. Think of it as getting an oil change you can’t drive your car if the oil is being changed.

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