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25 thoughts on “My 24 Hour Income

  1. Admin|Update Post author

    Hello members of my24 🙂

    Our test group is running along very smooth Everones KYC went into the system with ease and all testers are now verified my24 members…

    Our next test will be ads surfing 🏄 then building the earnings bal. for 24 hours. Then we will test the new withdrawl feature this allows the member to make a withdrawal without adding funds to the site to set their withdrawal limit.

    Then we will test the add funds and the web site credits and placing ads on the site.

    Right now the programmers are working on the suggested changes to KYC from our test group.

    My goal is to make KYC very very easy to understand…hopefully this will keep support needs to a minimum 🙂

    I’ll have another update after testers have made the first withdrawl.


    Ps. It’s great to see the videos and posts from some of the my24 testers thanks guys 🙂

  2. Admin|Update Post author

    Hey my24ers

    So what I decide to do with my pinned post (on facebook) is basically answer your questions regarding the last pinned post, and also answer to those people that I see have questions that are being commonly asked 🙂

    …please remember I cannot be everywhere at once. I see some people’s comments in group calling me out that I’m not being a professional admin because I’m not responding back to them from a PM, comment or even on their Facebook wall where they’ve tagged me…

    we have close to 60,000 members in the my24 site I’m only one person please consider this when you’re commenting or posting and looking for my personal reaction. I don’t have a bunch of clones to help out lol 😂

    I see Many comments about creating funds for the system. And I see some great ideas. The most common idea that I see is members talking about a my24 membership fee… Please remember if we add a membership fee we would have to change the entire structure of the system and take out our self maintaining system. Or set it to start at an unstable point like 60/40.

    Seeing if I was to add a membership fee or ask members to pay some fee to use the site if they’re active. It would create the question why do we have to put a % of funds back into the system to make our next withdraw. this would for sure create frustrate upon members.

    The only reason my24 needs to create funds is because I plan on paying everyone’s first withdrawal after they verified their account. This is hundreds of thousands of dollars that will come out of the system that is not in the system right now. We are not low on funds but we would be low on funds by implementing this remembering not every single member of my 24 is using the self maintaining system a lot of members have stopped because they don’t have funds to put back into the system to make their first withdrawal.

    Hopefully admin paying their first withdrawl will solve this issue.

    Another commonly asked question that I’m seeing is. Why do we need KYC (know your customer) in the system. KYC in the system links directly to The system paying for your first withdrawal. without the member having to add funds to set that withdrawal limit.

    if the system is allowing you to make your first withdrawal without having to place funds. There will be thousands of members that have not use the self maintaining system because they didn’t have the funds to start withdrawls. I’ll need to generate these funds for all these members. Our reserve that we have built now is from members using the self maintaining system. But is only about 65% of our Active member base member base.

    I believe at least 5 to 7 maybe even 10% of our member base have cheated the system somehow with stacked accounts by creating three accounts all linking back to their original account to take full of of referral commission. through their first created account.

    KYC is necessary if we’re going to pay that first withdrawl to everyone in the system.

    The other biggest reason for KYC is the individual who hacked the My24 (well I don’t even know if the right word is hacked the site) was working with us since launch till the end of OCT we have incredible amounts of proof proving how who and where this went down… if you need to see the proof again please contact admin T.L. Kumar he’s put together a very detailed video of the hacking of my24.

    Anyways we have found numerous fake accounts that were created in the system that have funds in them but these funds are just numbers they’re not added through the ad funds page

    Hence when we open the system back up and if we were not implement KYC these accounts could do withdrawls. If KYC is implemented into the system these accounts will be found or will remain disabled and not verified. Seeing only one account can be verified per user.
    Lastly I’d like to add. I see many members are think of their own solution for my24 and most of the solutions involve a totally different plan than my24 has been building towards.

    The self maintenance system works as you can see from following the recent withdrawls page & website homepage we’ve done close to $5 million of payouts after the hack and frozen funds. Which I believe no other site has done this before. We got back on our feet very fast if you think about it 🙂

    For those members that have publicly shared their ideas. I’m not disagreeing with your ideas or your thoughts what I’m saying is why change something that is working when all we need to do is make a couple tweaks to get back on track. (KYC and build funds for everyone’s first withdrawl without them having to add funds to set a withdrawal limit I believe will solve all the issues that members are facing with my24

    quickly I’d like to add. I see many members thinking that the site will be off until our frozen funds are released from Payza. which is around $700,000. As I stated in my last pinned post update my plan for these funds is not to use it for just a bunch of payouts or to get us to a 50-50 split. Over night then just hope for the best…

    I believe we need to be smart about my24 and not just blow through the 700K by pleasing the members and giving them a 50-50 split. In business you’re constantly have ups and downs you have to overcome. if we have a reserve that is strong this is the best scenario for any Business and will make payouts very strong and on time. Seeing if we have a slow day or two we can easily recover.

    I believe if we can build the system starting at 90/10 then build to even 70/30 most members in the system will be happy with the funds they can pocket. pocket 30% of their withdraw per day is great I feel.

    The website will be open shortly for members to click a link in their back office that will take them to the new Facebook group for members of my24 only. We really need to clean up this Facebook group I’m see The majority of comments that are negative are coming from members of this Facebook group that aren’t even members of the main 24 system.

    After that we will take on a test group of 100 my24 members to work the bugs out of the new features that we’ve implemented into the system. The admin team will be picking these people to test the site so please not message asking to be in a test group

    Why we believe there are so many fake and stacked accounts inside my24 is because one of our payment processors payeer has blocked all US users from their site we had many users of this payment processor in the my 24 system that were US citizens. Just from this alone we found over 280 accounts in the system that were blocked from being fake or stacked that were using the payeer payment processor.

    As you all know about 98% of our member base uses BTC in the system so this says to me there’s most likely thousands and thousands of accounts that will be cleaned out of the system from us implementing KYC. This’ll make the system withdrawls and that initial first withdrawl coming from admin much stronger and easier to implement

    Also I see many members pitying the fact that I’m publicly saying I’m going to come up with the funds to make every members first withdrawl out of my24…

    If you’ve been through the mass team builder or any of my make money online training series you’ll see that I’ve been selling getresponse for the past six or so years. Getresponse is my biggest income stream online what I’ve been doing to keep my24 stable after the hack is using my earnings from getresponse to make up that additional percentage on ad pack earnings. I believe the system will need to build around 200k to pay all these first time withdrawls.

    With the KYC verification this will take time to implement means not everyone will be withdrawling the very first day the site opens back up. Will most likely take upwards of 2 to 3 months 60 to 90 days to verify the entire member base. Over this time you can build for your first withdrawl. Accounts will be verified upon submission.

    Basically a first come first serve. My number one ejective goal is for all members to enjoy the system.


  3. Admin|Update Post author

    Hey guys I want to come clean and give everyone the full story what’s going on with my24 I know some members will disagree with this post update … but please hear me out 🙂


    -We will open the site when it’s ready to be opened even if it takes weeks.
    – I had given a timeline on when things will be completed in my last video… we obviously are not going to make this timeline of 24 to 48 hours… I learned my lesson I’m sorry to all the members complaining about that I said it would be 24 to 48 hours also I’m very very super sorry to my admin team for putting a time line on things but didn’t meet this timeline… it’s caused a lot of stress to you guys with all the questions…

    What we are doing right now…
    – We are putting in KYC and redoing all the payment processors in the system.

    How my 24 will work is an internal repurchase balance for all add packs.
    -You will build to make your first with drawl like any other rev share system out there…the Max withdrawal will be $1100 the minimum withdrawal will be $10.50
    -After you make your first with drawl you’ll add funds back to the system to set your next days withdrawal limit. Start at 90/10 and system goal will be 50/50


    What Admin Drew will be doing over the next couple weeks…
    -I will need to make about $200,000 to do this first days withdrawls. We definitely don’t have enough to cover these withdrawals in our reserve refunds… so you will see me promoting offers over the next two weeks. Please do not click on my paid ads to see what I’m doing hahaha clicks cost… lol

    If I promote other offers Rumours will start I’m sure of it…please do not not think that I’m giving up on my24 what I’ll be doing is creating funds so my24 members can create a big withdrawal to create their next days withdrawal limit…

    I know this update will discourage a lot of members but please be patient and understand that I’m doing this so that the system will be stable and I think it’ll be more attractive for new members.

    On top of that, KYC into the system is a positive thing I see some members commenting they don’t want it in the system what KYC will do is clean out all the inactive accounts or stacked accounts or fake accounts that have been put into the system by the hacker.

    Lastly I’d like to add that putting this puzzle back together with the member base in it was a bad idea and I’m very sorry to the members that were frustrated over this. I hope you accept my apology.

    When we open back up we will be in a better situation with more positivity. Which of course will create a better outcome for my24 growth and stability.


    Thanks, Drew

  4. Admin|Update Post author

    I was brainstorming… just had a great idea that will solve many problems for members that are having difficulty in setting their withdrawal limit. This is what I’m thinking…

    We can have members first withdrawl up to $1100 then they take the funds that they received to set their next days withdrawal limit. Seeing the number one complaint from members is they have to come up with the funds to set the withdrawal limit.

    This way we actually come up with the funds for them to set that first withdrawal to whatever there with drawl is up to $1100 🙂

    I’m very excited in this video my phone only records eight minutes or so so… then cuts out lol


    this is what I was thinking when the video cut out. If we do the strategy we can actually turn on repurchasing inside the system full time for all ad packs. This way members can even build to an $1100 day withdrawal limit then we payout that $1100 withdrawal or whatever they have built to withdrawling… they take the funds to set their next days withdrawal limit.

    I’m excited about this model 🙂 i’m sure it’ll bring a ton of positivity back to my 24 in faith back in members. Seeing they don’t have to come up with funds to withdraw.

    As for us opening the system, the only things left to do is do some settings to the payment processors then open the site back up… we had the site open for an hour or so today testing things out and realized we needed to do some more tweaking to the payment processors. The programmers notified me they can get this done pretty quickly.

    Also, please get your government issued photo ID ready for the KYC in the system. we will for sure be doing KYC

    Hope you guys are happy with this update I just want this thing to work in last as long as the members wanted to.

    Drew Burton|Admin


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