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Leads Leap 2.0

Free Advertising, Lead Building, Exclusive Marketing Tools

It is now in BETA testing mode until Tuesday, February 16, 2016… But we, The Know How Team, got you an early backdoor access… This is a New Opportunity by an Established Traffic Network.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran marketer, this program is guaranteed to make you money because it shares its revenue with all its members, in 3 different ways.

It is going to get very viral, very soon. I urge you to get in NOW with The Know How Team!!


With over 100 positive testimonials from the users of the original version, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss the second time around!!

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To your success,
Admin & Team

P.S. Don’t prejudge this program… Find out how it works, and see how viral, and profitable, it is.

P.P.S. This program is “To Legit, To Quit”, so you will NEVER have to worry about it being a scam.
Also, it’s FREE To Join, FREE To Earn Credits to advertise, & FREE To Earn A Real Residual Income.


This is a revenue-sharing, advertising and leads building system, with a focus on training and value creation.

This means that you can:

(1) Make money by sharing our revenue in 3 ways. Anyone can make money, guaranteed.

(2) Promote your ads free, not just to our members but to our entire network of more than 4000 websites.

(3) Build 10 levels of free leads that will grow exponentially. Imagine a lifetime of fresh leads for you.

(4) Learn the right way to advertise and put what you’ve learn into practice, free.

(5) Get free access to very useful tools that we develop in house, and gain a competitive edge.

(6) Earn Three Ways: [A] 5% to 10% Daily Revenue Share when you visit ads, [B] 15% to 30% Weekly Revenue Share when you send traffic, [C] 25% to 50% Residual Affiliate Commissions when a purchase is made.

CLICK HERE to join for free with us as your sponsor (please refer to the NOTE below)…

NOTE: We here at Know How To Earn, truly believe in helping all of our referrals in each & every way possible, because your success is our success. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, or make any suggestions, about anything we can do to help you get started with this program now, or at anytime in the future. We are here if you need our assistance or advice.

Our only requirement for this program is that you are a referral in our downline, and that you tell us your username whenever you reply below (unless we already know you). We will help anyone who needs it, but our own downline will always be our daily top priority & responsibility.

3 Thoughts to “Leads Leap 2.0”

  1. Admin | Update

    Last week, we announced that we’re going to change our ad format, from contextual ad to native ad.

    It is an important announcement

    You will have to update your ads before the change happen.

    If you missed the update, please get the full details below:

    Important Change In LeadsLeap Ad Format

    To your success,

    PS: We have yet again improved our image uploader. Now, you can take a screenshot of an exact image you want, then resize, rotate and drag it in the uploader anyway you want it, instead of being constraint by the dimension of the crop box.

  2. Egor

    I’ve signed up to LeadsLeap from your reflink (above). My username: jobx100

    1. Admin | Reply

      Hello Egor (jobx100),

      Thanks for signing up for Leads Leap with us. It is much appreciated!!

      Please let us know if you need ANY HELP at ANY TIME.

      Take Care,
      Admin & Team

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