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142 thoughts on “Know News

  1. knowhow|ADZbuzz

    From: ADZbuzz

    Hi Everybody,

    I hope you’re good!

    First of all thanks for all the congrats I received about our baby girl, I really appreciate it a lot.

    I’m also happy to mention that I will start back working tomorrow instead of Monday as i’m adjusting to the new rithm already.

    That being said, here’s an overview of what will happen next week:

    -> Final testing of ADZlink/ADZnouncer
    This feature is basically ready but we need to do a final test in test site before adding it on the live server. This will be the basic version of the feature as explained. The only things that won’t be included yet is the revenue distribution, the donation feature and the first version of the ADZcoin extension, which will take a few more weeks to complete.

    But as mentioned, our goal isn’t to reach th masses just yet but get around 1000 bloggers to beta test the ADZlink and ADZnouncer so we can get this out of beta when we add the other features.

    -> Final testing of Communities features
    As you know we’ll change ADZbuzz to a place where anybody can build a community around a site and invite people to their community. This will create 2 things:
    – More engagement from users as everybody can folow their favorite sites in one place while new posts are added (think of Subreddits for instance)
    – More incentive for website owners to add the ADZlink.

    And this is a crucial feature, because only sites with the ADZlink installed can have a community created for their site on ADZbuzz. Any site owner wants more traffic, followers, likes, comments etc. so this will give a huge boost, and by limiting the amount of communities because the ADZlink as requierment it will generate more traffic for site owners that do.

    For regular members, we haven’t figured this out yet but creating a community will have many benefits such are more easy ADZbuzz referrals and earning more daily ADZ. (by sharing referral earnings of the site owner most probably)

    How this will work is as follows:
    -> You request a community by entering the site’s url
    -> If the ADZlink is added it’s instantly yours
    -> If not it will remain pending
    -> When the ADZLink is added you can claim the community with 1 click

    Now you can request but this might take a while and the competition will be huge, but smaller blogs can be requested too and easily convinced to add the ADZLink, allowing you to make easy money for life. (as mentioned details how this will work will be posted later)

    This will also be fun actually as you can request as many sites as you want, but only the first to claim after the ADZlink is detected on that particulat site will get the community, so revisiting the request page will be necessary.

    -> Launch of the blog and lifelong traffic offer
    To kickstart our project we will move forward with plan B, because ADZbuzz Savers won’t be generating a lot of revenue the first few months. So the relaunch of the lifelong traffic offer is a fact, and i’ll use the blog i’m creating to promote it using various methods.

    How will this work:
    -> 1000 spots at $1000 (or 6 months at $197)
    -> Revenue is used to buy ADZ
    -> ADZ are sent to ADZlink beta testers using the 50/50 system

    So as the money comes in instantly when we make sales, we can instantly kickstart our project by rewarding publishers and pushing the price of ADZcoin upwards for people that own ADZcoin.

    Obviously this is just one of many products i’ll promote on the blog, but i’ll fully focus on sales from the lifelong traffic offer initially and some other products which I won’t heavily promote but will be available. Since the blog will be about helping other bloggers out, and it’s a fact that every blogger needs more traffic, i’m pretty sure this will convert very well.

    -> 50/50 Indirect donation feature
    I already referred to it, and the moment the lifelong traffic offer launches and ADZbuzz gets it’s final purpose with the communities feature, we can launch the other feature i’m sure everybody here is very interested in.

    The indirect donation feature is pretty unique in the sense that it will not only help publishers, but also regular people owning ADZcoins. So donations are also intended for investors who obviously are attached to ADZbuzz and help publishers out.

    On the other hand, I already mentioned this plenty of times but it will guarantee that the ADZcoin price rises over time as more and more coins are stored in the unspendable address.

    And the cool things is that you’ll be able to follow along nicely on the indirect donation page here:


    When there’s some million ADZ in there, it’ll surely make people think twice to sell ADZ for pennies isn’t it?

    Better yet, here’s an interesting thought:

    Do you have an idea how much you want to earn from the ADZ you own now?
    Then simply set up your buy walls at that price and wait…(and help the ADZbuzz project out if you can of course hehe…)

    That’s it, one day you’ll be able to cash out as there’s no way your suggested price won’t be reached if our project succeeds (which it will). All the short-term thinkers will lose their coins and when all their coins are gone the ADZbuzz project will buy yours at your suggested price.

    That’s it for now, have a nice day and talk later!


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