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142 thoughts on “Know News

  1. knowhow|Gatosk

    From: Gatosk

    With the Go Ahead Conference only two weeks away, we are pleased to announce the opening keynote speakers and emcees!

    Kevin G. DaSilva and Stacey M. DaSilva, Opening Keynote Speakers

    Kevin hails from Phoenix, Arizona and considers himself fortunate to still reside in the dry desert. Stacey moved to Gilbert, Arizona from Queens, New York at the young age of three. Two and a half years ago, the couple married and settled down in North Phoenix. They are excited to adopt their first child this summer.

    Kevin and Stacey hold day jobs as a mailhandler and an American Sign Language interpreter, respectively. About six years ago, Kevin and Stacey became distributors with USANA Health Sciences, a Utah-based MLM company that produces various nutritional products and dietary supplements.

    As Silver Directors, they have been averaging 2-3 new customers every week and are working with about 15 motivated distributors at this time. They grow their brand through social media and face-to-face interaction.

    Richard S. Cornish III, Master of Ceremonies

    Richard holds a Bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language and a Master’s degree in Sign Language Education. He is currently a lecturer in the American Sign Language and Deaf Studies Department at Gallaudet University. Richard resides in Washington, D.C. with his girlfriend Parker and their two dogs, and his hobbies include disc golfing and bass fishing. He goes by the quote, “Never give up!”

    Evelina A. Gaina, Mistress of Ceremonies

    A woman of many talents, Evelina is an actress, an entrepreneur, an event planner, a storyteller, a teacher and a director.

    Born in Romania and raised in the USA, Evelina first broke onto the acting scene at DeafWest Theatre and acted in several local productions before landing her first television role in CBS’s “Cold Case” in 2008 and then appearing in “Night Sky” in 2009.

    In addition to her acting work, Evelina also founded EG Entertainment, an innovative event-planning company that promotes the recognition of Deaf artists and the Deaf community’s culture, language, diversity and contributions.

    When Evelina is not on stage or on screen acting or coordinating, she can be found teaching at Gallaudet University. In her free time, she enjoys surfing, painting, snowboarding, exploring, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

  2. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    The commissions should be finished today.

    We have about 20 of you that have commissions bounced back for some reason or another.

    (Out of 1680, that is a low number. But, we need to get your commissions to everyone. If this is you, please contact us to update your commission reception method.)

    We are growing in leaps and bounds! We have teams popping up left and right all over the world!

    We are still in our infancy and this is the Real Deal! – Right time – Right place -! Remember, next on the list of public events will be the conference call:

    Thursday Night at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. 712-432-3066 Code 344699

    THEN –

    The webinar is at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (Thursday Night).

    Or Call: Conference Number: (515) 604-9300
    – Access Code: 442977 #

    Do Not Miss Them! [More Info Posted Later.]

    We are starting to get Bigger Advertisers! More and more advertisers are using us! Soon, We Will See A Landslide of Advertisers and then, after that – It is ON!

    This Will Dominate Advertising!

    Oh, and, we are working on some Major Deals (Giant Deals) for the entire company! We will know more very soon.

    On that note, we need for everyone to check their back office for Shares to publish. (We are getting more Shares in now!)

    Thanks and Welcome to the Excitement, Everyone!

    PennyPays Support Team

  3. knowhow|Fast Money

    From: Fast Money Share

    First Ref Contest expired

    Only paid referrals are counted in this contest

    All prizes have been added to cash balance.

    Congratulations for all winners

    1- Nasserelbrens
    2- Maboobbasha
    3- Mustafahamouda
    4- Nkaware
    5- HULDER

    Please from all winners post payment proof in our group.

    Together, we are growing and achieve a lot of success.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further assistance by our site, we will be happy to help.

    Best wishes by success to all.

    Best Regards

  4. knowhow|Fast Money

    From: Fast Money Share

    Hi FMS Members, my profile was again blocked by Facebook; I have been hassled by spamming, which resulted in the block. There are some people out there trying to stop the success of FMS. The Team of FMS will be always here to help you.

    We want you to be able to contact us at anytime, if have any questions or problems that you may have regarding fastmoneyshare website. You can reach any of the FMS administration team or myself through Skype or Gmail. If you can not reach us on here

    I have uploaded my passport to be verified, but I have not received an answer from Facebook administration. Spammers will not succeed and our progress in fastmoneyshare will grow for all.

    I will post my Gmail address and Skype in case you may want to contact us

    Contact details below

    Contact Us by Our site:
    My Skype: Arsi Zack
    My Gmail:
    My New FB:

    Thanks for your support and patience
    Arsi Zack

  5. knowhow|M. C. Profit

    From: My Crypto Profit

    Hi, we want to thank you, because we have reached 4000 users, and this would not be possible without you.

    Today ends our first referral contest,

    if you want to see the winners go to :
    Congratulations for all the winners!

    If you dont win, you have now a second chance… We have a new contest and starts Today!

    Prices are the same from last lime and the contest Finish in 30 days.

    Regards, and good luck!

    Landon Plowden, MCP Admin

  6. knowhow|Penny Pays

    This message update is from PennyPays:

    Hey Team,

    We Welcome the hundreds of new members that have joined over the last few days from around the world from countries such as: U.S. Canada, U.K., Albania, Hungary, Cambodia, Spain, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Singapore, Germany, Cote dIvoire, Jamaica, Sweden, Virgin Islands, Philippines, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia, Italy, Belgium, and other parts of the world!

    Welcome to our Amazing Program – And, we are growing! And, we are getting better and better!

    Everyone is invited to tonight’s PennyPays Webinar!
    Tonight – Thursday – Feb 9nd – at 9 PM Eastern USA Time

    This Webinar will feature an Opportunity Overview
    – well will be sharing the new exciting upgrades coming soon!

    Don’t miss this great PennyPays Business-Building Opportunity
    – Invite all of your Guests!

    Conference Number: (515) 604-9000 – Access Code: 442977 #

    Date for Australia Participants: Fri. Feb 10th at 1 PM (Sydney)
    Conference Number: 61 2 8077 0505 – Access Code: 442977 #

    You can also join the Webinar on your PC from this link:

    To access the Webinar from Smart Phones and Tablets:
    Conference ID: gfesiselteam
    For Andriod Devices:
    For Apple Devices:

    Welcome to the Excitement, Everyone!

    PennyPays Support Team

  7. knowhow|World R.S.

    From: World RevShare


    All pending payments has been paid.

    We have updated our revenue sharing pool and now you will earn almost 2X more!

    The referral contest prizes has been send to members who have not cheating, the others have not receive earnings and will be banned.

    Best Regards, World Revshare Inc

  8. knowhow|TigerAdsPay

    From: Tiger Ads Pay

    Official Notice

    Dear TAP Family Member Today we are get approval in payza business account and approval TAP website.

    now enable payza all transaction . we are happy we are get approval .so don’t waste your time.
    start buildup your team and start earning .we are going well .

    Our facebook group :


    Thank you , TAP Admin

  9. knowhow|Leased A. S.

    From: Leased Ad Space

    Hey gang, just wanted to send you a few videos today that will help you with specific actions, including anyone having log in issues.

    Cant log in, or log in problems, make sure and watch this.
    Sending solo ads, and use of tags (tokens).
    Your Blog is ready.
    Need more help, please join our private facebook group.

    We do help our members, and do videos on different aspects, you can also visit our blog here for more topics:

    To Your Success My Friends!! Time to get a rock’in…

    Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

  10. knowhow|GetMyAds

    From: Get My Ads

    Hello, with this special newsletter we would like to give you a quick update today before we send you the big update in the upcoming days.

    Today is the birthday of the GetMyAds PayBack program!

    The last business year was full of ups and downs, but we managed everything together and grew from a small advertising company to the biggest and most innovative network on the market. Now we are really proud on the fact that we have more than 280,000 active members from more than 120 countries all over the world.

    Together we were able to manage every challenge we had during the past!

    Your personal support and esteemed partnership is why GetMyAds sold more than 5 million Tokens and paid out more than 50 million USD in commissions that created top income earners and income millionaires. During the past year we ran really huge campaigns and we can proudly say that our media teams are doing an incredible job every single day promoting our affiliate programs and managing traffic for you.

    Thank you very much for your commitment and your strong partnership! We are looking forward to another successful year with you!


    As we promised a few weeks ago, we are moving now to the new wallet solution during the first days of February and everything is on time like planned.

    All the leaders got the information about the new wallet system. To avoid challenges with the big number of sign ups, you will receive the details step by step in the upcoming days.

    To run everything smoothly, please follow the enclosed important instructions:

    As soon as you receive the link to the website of the new wallet either from your personal leader or from an e-mail we will send everybody,

    please follow the link and open a free account. Important: Please don’t forget to verify your personal account after your sign up.

    Please note: Some details on the website and information about fees and some other details might not be 100% accurate but please be sure that the update of the website will be done soon by the owners of the wallet system.

    You can order a credit card right away or wait for the new design of the card which will follow in the next weeks. Also, you can order now and get a new one too as soon as the designs get released.

    After your registration and verification, you should be able to update the payout information on the GetMyAds platform. The payout system should be ready for payouts by upcoming Monday.

    If you have any questions, please just wait for the big update newsletter that will follow soon. We know that you will have many questions about the new wallet and the payout system, but we promise that everything will be clear to you in just a week and the commission payout will run as fast as you will expect it.

    But now we will answer one important question that our support team was asked really often during the last days: What’s about the payments that are already in process?

    As we mentioned, we will move to the new wallet system. After the successful movement of all our partners, we will stop offering other payout options anymore. But please be sure that of course all payouts that have been requested in the meanwhile will be payed out successfully.

    For now, we took all payments in process and will focus first on getting up the new wallet system. After that of course we will proceed the payouts like wire transfers that are in line now.

    We need to ask you again for your patience! Please be sure we’re working really hard to get everything managed. We really appreciate your personal support! Thank you very much!

    Please stay tuned and keep your eyes opened for the big newsletter update in the next days!

    We wish you an amazing and successful week!

    Your GMA Team

  11. knowhow|ClixSense

    From: ClixSense

    Members, this announcement comes with a very heavy heart. On Monday February 6th Paypal placed a hold on our account. They advised me that due to new policy changes the ClixSense business model was now in violation of their user agreement and we would have to stop processing all payments (in and payments out).

    We attribute this change to the large amount of fly by night PTC, HYIPs, traffic exchanges etc that have made this industry look bad for those that actually run a legitimate business.

    I have had several conference calls with Paypal over the last few days trying to convince them that we’ve posed no risk for the last 7 years since we’ve introduced them, and even our account rep agrees, but in their eyes it did not matter.

    On Tuesday afternoon I was told I would get a definitive answer either last night or this morning if we would be able to continue with them for at least mass pay cashouts. I received the call this morning that they are not allowing us to process with them any more. If you haven’t noticed, the option to pay by Paypal has been removed from the site.

    While this is definitely a set back, it certainly does not mean you will not get paid. I highly suggest that if you are currently using Paypal to switch to Payoneer. They can send your funds directly to your bank account or to their debit card. We also suggest you try Tango Card or Paytoo as they have many different options for you too.

    I have a call later today with Skrill to try and get this account setup ASAP and I am doing everything I can to bring Payza back as well.

    We know this is a major inconvenience but as the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. ClixSense will continue to move forward and we will do our best to provide you with the great service that you’ve come to know.

    Thank you
    Jim Grago

  12. knowhow|MDC Machine

    From: My Daily Cash Machine

    Some trivia about My Daily Cash Machine:
    1. 102 members
    2. $665 revenue shared in 5 weeks.
    3. Alexa rank started at 5 million, currently at 444 264
    4. Only Revshare to incorporate CPA offers to earn free money *
    5. Cashlinks to earn free money
    6. TrafficX to view websites. You can review every 30 minutes to earn free money.
    7. Only Revshare to incorporate Offerwalls to earn free money. *
    8. Unique script not over-used by other revshares that hackers know how to exploit.
    9. A real, trustworthy Admin, not interesting in scamming or lining his own pockets, but generating enough income from CPA methods to put back into program.

    As you guys can see, My Daily Cash Machine is different from other Revshares. Sure, we have the Adpacks which generate income for people, but our main focus is advertising.

    I need your help in keeping MDCM fully functioning. I need you guys to login and surf adverts, especially the TrafficX, which can be viewed every 30 minutes.

    Buying advertising on My Daily Cash Machine ensures that you receive the advertising your business receives. Buying advertising ensures our business can be sustainable, and will ensure that everyone earns with MDCM.

    Remember our double traffic offer is valid for another week.

    Kindest regards,

  13. knowhow|Fast Money

    From: Fast Money Share

    Hi guys, hope everyone is having a wonderful day, we have started a new group for our members and my Facebook page had some problems but it is now fixed and am here for you, please do not hesitate to contact me, regarding any information you need on Fastmoneyshare my vision is for fastmoneyshare to grow into one of the greatest Revshare for 2017

    This is my personal Facebook page so all the members can contact me. I would like you make this page your own.

    My new FB:

    Our new group:

    I am here for you to succeed, we are a family here this is your program, I want us to grow together and achieve success together and Fastmoneyshare is going well, the website is working well and very stable, surf ads are working fine.

    Please post your payment proofs. And do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about Fastmoneyshare Please do no post unnecessary post on this page. It is mainly for messages and updates from the owner, posting payment proofs, and answering question regarding Fastmoneyshare.

    Any one violating this rule will have their membership deleted and also blocked from this group. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance.

    Regarding the Fastmoneyshare site,

    We will be happy to help. Let’s start our great journey and Earn loads with this fantastic program.

    Best wishes by success to all.

    Best Regards
    Arsi Zack – Admin

  14. knowhow|Extreme Hits

    From: My Extreme Hits

    Han, the Admin, explains about why there is No Referral Commission:

    Hello MyExtremeHits Family,

    We just less than a day and this question had been asked almost by all season revshare player. I will make use of this opportunity to explain below so I won’t need to be replying on my messenger. It may not be detailed as to how you want it to but read with an open mind as this decision is final.

    This is not a huge risk of leap we are taking to not giving referral commission on adpack because referring still give you commissions/rewards for both their activity and advertising purchase.

    We know and aware that revenue share is been tarnish by the saying “New Members Pay Old Members”. Why would that happen when there some proven revenue share that do last and makes people make money sure most are making from commission more than their ad pack in fact in every opportunity referring will always earn you more.

    However, In MyExtremeHits we are not going to depend on our affiliate to bring us the sales of AdPack when that Adpack should and will sell by itself. NOT that we do not appreciate our members/promoter we DO that the reason we are giving other earning opportunities thru advertising purchase, referral clicks, Referral Upgrades. And from time to time, we will be adding more services even tools for members to sell and earn commissions.

    Some of the conversation even say why would they promote MyExtremeHits when there NO ref comm. I understand what in their mind I am a promoter and a die hard fan in selling “AdPack” or Revenue Share “Earning” to earn commissions. That is not the direction we are going. We want our members/promoter sell our whole platform, services and help their teams/family to earn passive income. It’s frustrating to sell “earning” to get commission passive income should not be sold it should be grab without even selling it. So now ask yourself you promoting to help your close friend/family to earn money online or just to earn commissions? Anyway, every day we are promoting a site that making millions without you or anyone earn anything!

    Our members that hold active position is like our shareholder that are entitle for our company profits. If they promote us sure they will earn extra and also be making their position secure. They even have an option to go 100% passive don’t even need to log in or surf ads and we the management team will take care of everything.

    So how can it be sustainable if all our members do not promote us and you will have no sales?

    First of all as stated in how it works, Revenue Share Position is limited we have set up a kind of math on the revenue pools, Whenever the performance are not on par, the calculation will determine when and not to open new revenue share position in order to control what we able to commit to our members that having that active position. Debt controls on the system are in place for sustainability of our platform.

    Our revenue stream is not only from advertising sales and MyExtremeHits we have partnered with some of the advertising sites both locally and internationally to make full use of our platform that all are seeking for earning opportunities online.

    We are the first to set for not giving referral commission on AdPack on revenue share industry. So the question will we be the trendsetter and you will see this module popping out? time will tell.

    So spread your link we want you to share because you CARE at the same time create a huge team and make money for many years to come without a need to worry of the legitimately of the system

    Thank you for reading! i Know its long!

    As always anytime find me for a chat… Support related please go thru proper channel.

    Sincerely, Han

  15. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    We will start the Business Building Calls Tonight – Tuesday Feb 7th at 7:00 and 9:00 Eastern Times! Call this number: 712-432-3066 Access Code 344699 Do Not Miss These!

    Get everyone on these calls! We will talk about the Power of the Matrix and the Matching Pay when you refer just one or two people and the timelines involved.

    One of the members helped with a New “2 In 2 Challenge” video. Find it at:

    We love it! We are, also, looking at putting that to a “chalk board” explainer movie to make it more professional looking!

    We need everyone to attend the webinar This Thursday Night at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

    Or you can dial in: Conference Number: (515) 604-9300 – Access Code: 442977 #

    Or… For Andriod Devices:

    Or… For Apple Devices:

    View a link to the webinar that Bill recorded on Thursday Night, Feb. 2nd that this link: (In case you missed it.)

    It is just over 30 minutes and contains some very powerful information. It is a must hear.

    View a 20 minute overview from this link:

    They are powerful!

    In other News:
    We have a presentation email composed for approaching advertising prospects such as a company, a corporation or even an advertising agency to present the services.

    Remember, there is room for a 300% or more mark up for these services. Our service is like an advertisement, a recommendation and an endorsement all rolled into one. It is a brilliant concept.

    We also have a PDF file for the website which is generic. Ask us for it for now. We will add it to the new back office along with more new tools.

    Welcome to the Excitement, Everyone!

    PennyPays Support Team

  16. knowhow|Unicorn Adz

    From: Unicorn Adz

    German Lead Capture Pages : Live Now. Members can find them in the Members Area under the Lead Capture Pages under “German”. I would once again like to thank Nathalie Chaumien for her special support in this.

    2 Factor Authentication : Live Now. Members can see 2 factor Authentication feature also in their accounts on the Dashboard (just after logging in). Members need to click on it to enable it. (Only those members should click it who are receiving emails from Unicorn Adz and those having problems in receiving our emails should not enable it.)

    After enabling 2 Factor Authentication, if you try to login from a different IP Address than what was recorded at the time of registration, the system will send you an email asking for a 2 factor Authentication Code. You would be able to login to your Unicorn Adz account only after entering that code.

    Since some members do not use gmail as their email, this feature has been kept as optional, so you have the choice to enable it or disable it.

    Support from Members Area : As desired by members, a link to support ticket has been added in the members area also for their convenience.

    Login Ads & Withdrawal Ads : As part of giving more advertising exposure, members will be able to use their advertising credits for Login Ads and Withdrawal Ads also. Work on this is almost complete and should be finished by tomorrow. I will keep the members informed.

    At UnicornAdz always expect a lot more coming your way 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your support.


  17. knowhow|MDC Machine

    From: My Daily Cash Machine

    Hey everyone, just a little reminder:

    Running until the end of January 2017, all login page ads (The first page you see after login) will be at a reduced price of $10. You can purchase and set your advert, and this will be the first one anyone see when they login. You can buy an entire day, or multiple days.

    This is the PERFECT way to get people’s attention when trying to advertise your online business.

    It has been demonstrated, and from my own personal experience as well, people pay more attention to the login page as they wait to access their account.

    To purchase your login ad, all you need is a website address. Go to the Advertise menu and click on Login Ads.

    Don’t miss out on this good opportunity to get people viewing your business today.

    Dont forget to join us in our My Daily Cash Machine Facebook group

    Kind regards,

  18. knowhow|M. C. Profit

    From: My Crypto Profit

    Hi, how is going?

    We hope you are very happy with our site, and we are working very hard to make you more happy.

    Tomorrow ends our 150% pack promotion, all packs will have a maturity of 130%.

    As you know with less maduration our business will grow much better and longer in the time.

    Also tomorrow will start our new mlm commission plan. Is the same plan as always but now you get 2% from level 2 and 1% from level 3

    The contest still active so go ahead!

    If you have any question please contact support, or visit our facebook group:

    MyCryptoProfit Team

  19. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    All PennyPays Members and their Guests are Welcome to Join our first Post-Launch Webinar for the PennyPays Facebook Share and Earn Program hosted by our U.S. team leader Bill D.

    PennyPays – In the Groove &; On the Move!

    This Thursday – Jan 26th – at 9 PM Eastern USA Time

    This Webinar will feature an Opportunity Overview – followed by a Workshop Session. The Workshop Session will go over how to create and Ad Share, and it will also include a tour of the Back Office features, including the Marketing Tools.

    Don’t miss this great PennyPays Business-Building Opportunity!

    Conference Number: (515) 604-9000
    – Access Code: 442977 #

    Date for Australia Participants: Fri. Jan 27th at 1 PM (Sydney)
    Conference Number: 61 2 8077 0505 – Access Code: 442977 #

    You can also join the Webinar on your PC from this link:
    To access the Webinar from Smart Phones and Tablets: Conference ID: gfesiselteam

    For Andriod Devices:

    For Apple Devices:

    Looking forward to seeing all of you and your Guests on this first of an upcoming weekly series of PennyPays Post-Launch Webinars!

    Do Not Miss This! Bring All Of Your Friends And Colleagues.

    PennyPays Support Team

  20. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    We Launched (on 1/22/2017)! We are Up and Running and Off to the Races!

    Many of you have been knocking it out of the park! Great Work! They are even telling us that this is much better and any of the Bitcoin programs out there!

    Dont wait on this one. Tell everyone to get their people in this, right now! This is exploding in several parts of the world and it is exciting!

    This software and the capabilities of it are going to carry this way, way into the future! We live in a Facebook world now! We are quickly tapping right into the multi-billion do!!ar industry of online advertisingand we are doing it with the help of Facebook! It just does not get any better than that!

    Remember this: in advertising, the money never ends. (Never forget that one.) There will always be a need for better advertising and We Have It! We plan to continue to grow until we are house-hold name.

    There is room enough in the growth expected that everyone in right now can get rich in this company! We are tiny at this point and exploding left and right across the globe!

    Quick Update: Everyone Loves our mobile site! We are still doing some final touches with it. In just a few days, it will available almost everyone on every device.

    If you are having trouble completing the sign up on your mobile device, try to log in and complete it on a computer or a laptop. We are finalizing some things now and it should be working on all devices in a few more days.

    Oh, and the results of the ads (the Shares) purchase!… Off of the Charts! Everyone is getting great results! The stats are right in the back office. Get your Share Today! We have over 6500 members ready to put it on their Facebook walls!

    We have the prices for this set at rock bottom prices. They will never be any lower than they are now.

    NOW, is the best time (in history) to buy Shares! We Encourage Everyone To Log In and, If You Have A Business Or Something To Sell Or A Service To Offer, Purchase SHARES For The Lowest Prices At Which
    They Will Ever Be Found Again.


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