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Welcome To Our KNOW NEW NEWS Page
This page will basically cover any make money news category that is not already listed in the menu above. Please refer to the complete details in the two paragraphs below. Disclaimer: We will report news, but we do not endorse any or most of these programs… We always report, not always recommend… P. S. Google any program to get the address (url).

KNOW NEW NEWSKnow New News Is New News That You Know: Do You Know New News?
It can be First-Hand Program News from your email, a forum, a facebook group, etc., or News From Some Other Source… You are welcome to submit your current and valid (not fake) news about ANY ONLINE MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM… It can be Good News or Bad News about an open or closed RevShare, PTC (paid-to-click), Hybrid, GPT (get-paid-to), Matrix, HYIP (high-yield-investment-program), Cycler, MLM (multi-level-marketing), Affiliate, or any other type of program you may want to report about on this Know New News page.

Rules To Report The News (for this page only) (1) Perform A Search Of This Blog to determine if your program has been posted here. (If the program has already been posted, then you can only submit your news or opinion on that posted program page)… (2) It can be Real New News, or your Real Honest Opinion about the news of any non-posted program… (3) You must mention the Name Of The Program, but only one website-link or affiliate-link will be allowed within the content of your news report and/or opinion… (4) You can Brand Yourself Here by simply commenting regularly and by including your same real name, nickname, username, or your company name in each comment… (5) Your News Or Opinion Must Be Approved By The Admin (it will be approved, unless we deem it to be fake or spam)…

This Page Does Not Include News About Any Of Our Posted Programs,
Unless The News Was Reported Here Before The Program Was Posted.

Important: Use the Comment Form below to submit your Real News or your Real Opinion about the news. You can also click on the “Reply” link at the bottom of every post, to respond to any News or Opinion that is already posted here on this page. Do You Know New News? Tell Us! P.S. We reserve the right to refuse, or to make minor adjustments, to your post, if it is necessary. Also, no spam or advertising allowed. Your news must be real news, or a new admin promotion.

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  1. knowhow|M. Cash Ads

    Dear member of MakingCashAds

    It’s my pleasure having you in MCA program, our numbers are growing each day, hour and minute. This site and all its services and programs are made for you and by your full support and promotion of the program we will reach higher ranking and position among others on advertisements industry.

    We want MCA to be the leader! Then we should all acts as leaders by learning the best and new technics to promote the business, aiming to sustain & stabilize the business for the long run.

    During the past 6 months I watched over the expenses of the site and noticed a growing uncalled for spending on commissions! So we have first step by decreasing it from 10% to 6%.

    The 2nd step to implement KYC (Know Your Customer or Client) which will be on full action effective April 1st 2017.

    To keep away commissions junkies (opens more than one account) we need to do this essential step without any delay to avoid spending commissions unnecessarily. They are like cancer on revenue sharing sites, so we need to take it away before it kills the program. Until now we are looking fine but when pre-danger alarms we should act right away.

    – From now until April 1st 2017 we are going to review all submitted documentations, so please submit yours ASAP to avoid being not able to withdraw.
    – Personal Picture, size 1.5M
    – The accepted documentation for identity are (Driver License, Government Id or Passport) size 1M
    – The accepted resident prof (Bills Electrical, Gas, Telephone or Bank statement) the most important thing showing your country and city. size 1M.

    If your document not approved or rejected because of unclear pictures! Please send a support ticket to support team attaching your documentations with clear view of all angles of the ID, passport etc… We will verify them and approve accordingly.

    P.S. All uploaded documentations will be deleted from the server as soon as all approved to preserve members’ identity is safe. For any clarifications please feel free to visit our Facebook pages on below links. Our admins are glade to help you. (English) (Arabic)

    Mohammed Dossary
    Making Cash Ads

  2. knowhow|T. T. Income

    From: The Traffic Income

    Greetings TTI Family,

    Server is successfully Migrated now & website is loading smoothly..If you find any any error due to migration,you can post here & it’ll be corrected… Everything is working perfectly though as we checked.

    Withdrawal is DISABLED right now,so we can process all pending withdrawals comfortably… If your withdrawal is pending, you don’t need to send unnecessary message or support ticket as it’ll be paid today shortly.

    Withdrawal will be enabled again later today by evening once we clear previous pending withdrawals.

    Kindly Hold On & Be Positive…!!

    Thank you Everyone for your support & patience while we were working to sort out those unexpected issues.


  3. knowhow|Leased A. S.

    From: Leased Ad Space

    I get asked this type of question all the time from people, not only from Leased Ad Space members but in all my marketing. So I decided to do a video explaining more, instead of merely asking are you building your email list? Please watch this all the way through, for some of you, it may be the most important marketing video you ever watch. Leave me your comments in youtube and here please.

    The Email Marketing Funnel Explained In Detail

  4. knowhow|Fast Money

    From: Fast Money Share

    New strategy for the longevity of the program and get Stability in FMS.

    Hi FMS members as you know programs must adapt and change in order for it to last, and also to keep growing. We have to keep you guys paid, and also keep funds coming in.

    We have made some changes in: Daily Cap, Ref Commission and Max adpacks for every member which will helps us to sustain fastmoneyshare and get Stability in FMS.

    8% Ref Commission in 2 levels: 7% – 1%

    FMS $5 : Daily Cap 6.5%, Adpack Expire 17 days, Max Adpacks 20 ($100)
    FMS $7 : Daily Cap 5%, Adpack Expire 24 days, Max Adpacks 29 ($200)
    FMS $10 : Daily Cap 3%, Adpack Expire 44 days, Max Adpacks Unlimited.

    This is the best strategy for the program and will increase its longevity; also you will be able to always get paid. This will also allow Fastmoneyshare to be an available to you to earn for a very long time.

    Members purchase Adpacks with fresh funds from your Processor and keep promoting and bringing in new members; this will keep Fastmoneyshare growing and successful for all.

    Together we are succeeding and growing stronger than ever.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further assistance by our site, we will always be happy to assist you.

    Best wishes and success to all. Thanks for your continued support and patience


  5. knowhow|Together

    From: Together investing

    Hello All,

    It is with a heavy heart I am making this announcement that we are closing Together Investing.

    I have tried almost all the ways and didn’t found much support from the members and traffic we got.

    I had many things planned, but I never could focus on the proper and complete execution of anything.

    It was too many things to be handled by a single person. A team is really important, a good team.

    So, better than dragging this anymore, I thought it will be better to close this with full respect and honesty.

    I started this company with a vision that no one should be scammed and there should be a way to make money in an efficient & sustainable way.

    The idea’s are still within me, which I think will never see the light. Or maybe it will, time will tell.

    But I won’t throw away my vision due to my failure of handling all the things.

    All the members who have bought the adpack will get their full returns as promised in the site.

    The returns will be shared in the next 10 days, so please don’t forget to surf your ads correctly for the next few days, else you can lose.

    We have added another pack called 1% ROI Pack. It is aimed at helping us for the debt and it will be returning only 1% ROI to anyone who buy it, thus we clearly stated the name 1% ROI

    We are trying to send everyone the full returns within 10 days, i.e. by 27th March and complete all the requested cashout by 30th March.

    I request you to spread the word if your referral or friends have AdPacks in our website.

    I am really sorry guys.

    Shebin John aka Remedcu,
    CEO, Entrepreneur Unified LTD

  6. knowhow|CycleOfWealth

    From: Cycles Of Wealth

    Finally cycles of wealth is opened for business, you can now purchase your ad pack and turn every $5 into $115.00 over and over again.

    I really want to thank you all for standing with us through the prelaunch period, and will indulge you continue funding your wallet, and keep buying your ad packs. In order to allow every members participation, we have added more payment methods in payeer and perfectmoney. Now you can fund using any of the accepted payment method bitcoin, perfectmoney and payeer.

    So lets keep promoting and building team and downlines, you have every reason to do so, as cyclesofwealth pays a huge 15% in referral bonuses 3 levels deep.

    — 7% on your level 1 referral
    — 5% on your level 2 referral
    — 3% on your level 3 referral

    Don’t wait a secound, go ahead and build your team. The Cyclesofwealth compensation plan is nothing but awesome!

    Keep promoting your referral link and share your referral link with others. New features and more improvements are currently in the making and you do not want to be left behind.

    As you already know, cyclesofwealth is:

    — 100% Passive Income Opportunity
    — Low Start up Cost – Ad Pack starts at $5.00 only
    — Every Ad Pack Matures at 300%
    — 5,000 Banner ad credits for each $5 Ad Pack purchase
    — No Sponsoring required to Earn
    — 15% Referral Commission three levels deep: 7%, 5% & 3%
    — Just $2.00 Minimum Withdrawals
    — 20% Repurchase Policy to ensure sustainability
    — Instant Fast Withdrawals. No Delays!
    — NO need to Login or Surf to Earn

    Working for our wealth and success,
    Cosmos Garcia

  7. knowhow|ClixSense

    From: ClixSense

    Introducing ClixSense Chat
    16 Mar 2017 01:04 pm

    Members, how cool would it be if you could instantly seek the advice of another ClixSense member or have the option to help one of your referrals without using email or contacting the helpdesk to ask us to send a message to someone? How about the ability to instantly reach out to someone in the forum or just meet new friends? Well, now you can! Introducing ClixSense Chat, the all new way to communicate with other members of ClixSense.

    ClixSense Chat allows you to instantly PM (private message) a ClixSense member as long as you know their username. With ClixSense Chat you have full control over whether or not you want to talk to someone and you can even block a person from contacting you. You also have the option to report a person who you think may be abusing the chat or spamming.

    Please note: Spamming, sending offending messages, name calling or abusing the chat system in any way will result in immediate removal from chat and may also lead to the suspension of your ClixSense account.

    To start a conversation just click on a username found on the forum or on your referrals page.

    ClixSense Chat may only be used while logged into your ClixSense account and you may receive messages from other members while you are offline. On the top menu there is a Chat link, if you see a number next to this link that number represents the total number of unread messages you have.

    On the chat box in the upper right corner there’s a menu button, clicking this button will give you the chat options. Please familiarize yourself with these options before using chat.

    Please be sure to report to us any issues you may have and please remember to be respectful to your fellow members.

    Thank you
    The ClixSense Team

  8. knowhow|TheAdsPro

    From: The Ads Pro

    Hello Tappers,

    Greetings. We are happy to announce that we were able to deliver over 200 custom landing pages for free to our members. If you are the one among them, start using them in ‘Solo Ads’ for the best results if you are going for paid advertisments. We also have a set of banners in our promo site which can used to place in other advertising platforms that insist for a banner. You can link your landing page to the banner which will yeild the best possible results as your landing page will have a video that speaks volumes about The Ads Pro programme, facebook connect button leading to your own profile, Join now button which is linked to your referral link. In case you are a newbie to online marketing and require help in promoting and getting referrals signed up under you, feel free to contact admins in our facebook group the link to which can be found in every page of our website.

    Happy Advertising, Happy Earning…

  9. knowhow|Fast Money

    From: Fast Money Share

    Hi fastmoneyshare members.

    This is going to blow you away; we have launched a new second Referral contest.

    Let’s start to promote the Fastmoneyshare to take it to the next level. This will increase new members to Fastmoneyshare, which will result in more funds into the system and more earnings for all.

    Remember Fastmoneyshare Offers Unique Advertising, earn up to 11% daily and also 14% commission Let the world know now, promote, Advertise and Post.

    These are the conditions for the Referral Contest:
    1. Only Paid Referrals will be counted.
    2. Referrals (new Members) must Surf a Minimum of 10 Ads.
    3. We verify all new Members joining Fastmoneyshare, so please do not waste your time trying to cheat the system or scam it.

    The Prizes are as Follows:
    First Prize: $200
    Second Prize: $130
    Third Prize: $70
    Fourth Prize: $40
    Fifth Prize: $30
    Sixth Prize: $15
    Seventh Prize: $10
    Eighth Prize: $5

    For more information on Our Referral Contest, please login to your account.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance on the fastmoneyshare website, we will be happy to help.

    Good luck in the contest, $500 worth of prizes, let’s get out there and promote Fastmoneyshare it’s your program so let keep it alive.

    Thanks for your continued support and patience

    Admin Team

  10. knowhow|LinkThunder

    From: Link Thunder

    We’re aware that our service was hacked (during the previous night) and we have started an investigation into the matter. We are currently stopped all payments while Our Team carried out this actions. Please do not open support tickets during the investigation in order that our team as quickly as possible examine the whole situation .Also ,whatever investigation revealed there is no place for panic because all members will be paid after site again be 100% safe of hacker attacks.

    LinkThunder Team

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