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  1. knowhow|BitLuna

    From: BitLuna

    Hello My Dearest Members Here On LUNA


    I am so delighted and very much excited to see many showing alot of interest in the LUNA network program, This is my first email to all registered members.

    STATS: 19,000+ Members and still counting 14 days until prelauch! Don’t forget to set your reminder alarm on your mobiles for the 29th of Jan 2017

    I want to keep all members informed on what we are preparing behind the scene, Did you know we are going to be the biggest Hybrid revenue and crypto platform in history and in 2017. We are building a big team to innovate and change the way investors and advertisers will earn. In last years we have seen many projects went online but let down users and many left with no hope, a lot of programs have gone offline for many reasons that we may not know off. at LUNA we are here to stay, to build a great network, keep improving on our weakness and strengths and handle any outside threats. LUNA is able to provide all the resources the network would need in order to stay FOREVER.

    The most important thing in MLM Revshares Crypto is about public promotions, If you have friends or family or gathering make sure you do mention about LUNA and make them join under your ref as we are still building the referral system to make it unlimited after level 5 Deep.

    Crypto Coin
    Now lets move onto more exciting news about crypto mining. I hope many of you understand what is crypto currency and why we have introduced LUNA into revshare I want to explain a little more about our hybrid coin LUNA not like any other crypto coin. Can you imagine LUNA being woRth $1 in the next 3 months like many started a few months ago and almost $1 a coin. LUNA coin has more potential than any other alt coins othe there, we have a head start and advanced crypto hybrid coin Pow/Pos read below

    LUNA is proud to introduce LunaCoin

    Listed On Blockexperts Top 100 Miners list – to mine faster coins buy nicehash 🙂

    Open Source On Github

    Wallet miner download links Windows Miner 64Bit Windows Miner 32Bit Windows Wallet Mac Wallet

    Windows Miners 32Bit Windows 64bit Windows

    =====================3 Mining pools=============================

    Our mining pools :

    Cryptomine Pool

    Homepage –

    Miners config: stratum+tcp:// YOUR WALLET -p x

    ports vardriff Port: 5000, Diff: 8 Port: 5001, Diff: 256 Port: 5002, Diff: 18192


    Homepage –

    Miners config : stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x

    Port: 6710, VarDiff


    Homepage – http://www.[Suspicious link removed]

    Miners config: stratum+tcp://[Suspicious link removed]:PORT -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x

    Port: 3012, Diff: 8 | Port: 4012, Diff: 32 | Port: 5012, Diff: 256 | Port: 6012, Diff: 8192


    Luna Block explorer and Moore Luna Mining Pool to Be announced on

    Luna Coin Properties

    Coin Name: LUNA,
    Coin Abbreviation: LUNA,
    Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid!
    Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt,
    Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm: Simple Mode
    Time Between Blocks (in seconds): 120
    Block Reward: 25,
    Block Reward Halving Rate: 1,000,000
    Premine?: 0%,
    Total Coins: 50,000,000
    Yearly Interest %: 15
    Minimum Stake Age (in days): 30
    Maximum Stake Age (in days): 90
    Based on all your choices above, here are some key bits of information about your LUNA:: Show Additional Information,
    Daily Block Count: 720,
    Coins Generated Per Day: 18,000
    Time Between Halvings: 45.66
    Maximum Block Size: 2 MB
    Windows Wallet, Linux (Ubuntu) Wallet, Mac (OS X) Wallet, Paper Wallet Generator, Android Wallet, Free Node Hosting for LUNA members
    Mining Pool
    Luna Premium Block Explorer

    LunaCoin is exciting new opportunity, we offer a coin that is 0% premined,

    LunaCoin is part of Large LUNA network.

    LUNA goal is to create services and products that will be offered in LunaCoin. LUNA will release high quality products and services to our clients worldwide, with a state of the art referral-reward system.


    1.Released coin to the public – 1/11/2017
    2.Start Mining Pool – will start after low hardware users are able to mine
    3.Release of services on the 29th of Jan 2017 (bitluna services : MiteFX Exchanger for Luna 2 BTC Exchange, Bitluna Hybrid Earning Program With Lots of Earning Methods, LunaCoin, LunaWallet Payment Processor with API SCI IPN for Users and Merchants can send and recieve payment in real time
    4.Ads, Promotions / Games ect..
    5.You can earn forever
    6.INSTANT withdrawals in any processor
    7.Multiple earnings methods available
    8.Hourly earning commissions
    9.Level Deep referral system
    10.BITCOIN game with instant WIN
    11.Luna wallet can be used for merchants and normal users
    12.Mine luna coins and get even more earnings exchanging on
    13.GET FREE $10 START UP bonus On Prelaunch


    Foreign exchange market
    Online shopping
    Internet services
    Marketing & Advertising
    Paid To Click

    Luna Security Newtork
    We believe in security always to keep our client accounts safe and secure, online encryption by comodo 128Bit SSL is most widely used. Bitluna not just offers Comodo security luna has additional security like pin transaction date of birth verification and so on. 2.DDOS, SQLI & XSS We are well prepared for any ddos attacks! Any type of attack are welcome we will outstand any attack.

    Redundant Servers
    1. Redundant Server We have multiple backup servers to balance high load traffic helping to keep 100% uptime.

    2.Our dedicated servers are highly secured running the fastest webservers with high end firewall, Luna keeps real time sync backups just incase we have power faliure on one server the other server will trip, We have multiple servers just incase one server goes down the other is up! this means 100% Uptime. Support

    Support: Our Support service what we offer are Telegram @Bitluna support, Keep Upto Date What is Going On! Get Alerts On Your Mobile @Bitluna Telegram Receive Instant Notification! , Livechat, Support tickets for any concerns and matter regarding luna network

    Tell your friends and family Join BitLuna Today! & Get $10 During Prelaunch Only But don’t wait too long, after the Prelaunch end you will be only able to register using a referral link as an invitation.

    We are listed on coinmarketcap the volume and coin value will start on the launch day 29th of Jan 2017 To follow more about LUNA follow this link

    Mine.bat File Importnat for miners! no more solo mining mine with on 1 network together, please use pool mining not solo mining its is hard to mine alone everyone have to use mining pool so they can get coins and not do blocks on their own, We will make an explainer video today for everyone change replace text mine.bat to: minerd -o stratum+tcp:// -u ENTER-YOUR-WALLET-ADDRESS-HERE -p x

    Luna Coin
    More Pools can be found here

    Support installing and mining LUNA coin

    Having issue we help via Teamviewer or Telegram, we have helped many that are new to cypto world of mining.

    Admin –

  2. knowhow|We Like Fund

    From: We Like Fund

    Deposits will open on monday January 16 at 10AM Eastern time,

    24 hours later, you could buy adpacks !!

    – Solidtrustpay, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin will be available.

    -> All Bitcoins wallet are available. Just choose Coinpayments and send requested amount of bitcoins to our Coinpayments BTC adress. Bitcoin deposits are automatics, you will receive your money in cash balance once transfer is completed.

    -> Our payza account business was opened on december 5 and we made everything possible to have it verified before this date. But payza lose our files ( system error they said) and we had to re-sent all our documents 4 days ago.

    They apologized about that and said maximum in 5 business days, our payza account will be verified. (so normally on tuesday maximum). We will contact them on monday again to accelerate the process.

    Once payza do their job and approve us, we will open payza deposits ASAP.

    Thank You very much.
    Have a good weekend!
    Admin team.

  3. knowhow|EuroAdStartUp

    From: EuroAdStartUp

    Why you should join euroadstartup

    1. Earn 5% of all adpack purchases on weekends (No Referrals needed)

    2. First 10 000 members with active adpacks will be part of a €10 000 cash give away to 10 random members each receiving €1000

    3. Affiliates will receive 10% of all direct membership purchases of referrals

    4. Sustainable business model with upto Rewards 110% and referral commission up to 12%..

    Many more features to come…

    What are you waiting for, join now

  4. knowhow|Instant R.S.

    From: Instant RevShare

    ATTENTION’ Instant RevShare crew. We have opened all the processors for pre-ordering or funding accounts. All Pre-sales will be held as pending until Monday at 9pm. Admin will then start approving those sales into the system. Any issues please feel free to send a support ticket as our admin team are all available for you.

    Please Note: These WILL NOT show up in your account until Monday!

    Payza and Bitcoin will only be accepted through a support ticket till we get the confirmation.

  5. knowhow|3 Steppers

    From: 3 Steppers CTFO

    Welcome new 3Steppers members!

    To help you understand why I love Super7 as an overall body health product, I added a brief overview on the fat loss plan page:





    Working on lots of site updates!

    Hope you can pop by tonight!

    Take care,
    Jose Garriga Jr
    CTFO Team Leader

  6. knowhow|CryptoProfit

    From: My Crypto Profit

    Hello, we have some news…

    We have made a new facebook group to have more contact with you, the fanpage is ok but a group is better. You can ask questions and share your captures with other members.

    Join our group to have more contact with us and to be informed of all our news.

    Today we add to some users banners 50000 credits as a gift, go to your account to see if your banners got some extra credits.

    Dont forget that we have a free contest till day 9 of next month. You can make up to 3btc if you get the first place.

    Cheers, MCP Team

  7. knowhow|4CornersA.G.

    From: 4 Corners Alliance Group

    Solution to DirectPay Express/icare card termination.

    Dear USA Members;

    In Brief:

    United States members with a DPX/iCare USA Platinum Visa Debit Card will continue to enjoy the services of the Bank Account, including ACH (bank Transfers) to and from their account however, the Platinum Visa Debit Card will be turned off January 17, 2017. A new card is in the works.

    In Detail:

    If you have a USA Directpay Express / Platinum iCare card, this message pertains to you.

    Directpay Express has a USA Platinum Visa Debit Card program provided by iCareCard. IcareCard sent out a message on Friday, January 6, 2017, notifying cardholders that the Current Platinum Visa debit card will be terminated on January 17, 2017.

    The Four Corners Administration would like to assure affected members that this does not mean they can not get paid withdraw requests. Here’s why;

    The card issuing Bank Board Members at Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust have decided they no longer want to support a third party Debit Card program. They have mandated two deadlines; January 17, 2017, for the card deactivation, and March 1, 2017, for the Bank account termination.

    A replacement solution is in the works. In fact three solutions for 4c members will be available before March 1, 2017.

    We will have more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please log into your DirectPay Express account and set up an “External Account” to move your funds to your bank. A sample check is displayed on the “External Account” page to help you understand how to locate your external bank’s Routing Number and Account Number.

    Our understanding is that most of our members transfer their funds out to their regular bank. For this reason the termination of the card will have little impact on the membership until we get closer to March 1, 2017, deadline.

    We are coming up on our fourth year anniversary, quite an achievement in this industry. We ask you to trust we have several back up plans, and a new card program on the way before the March 1, deadline. Existing card holders will not incur a replacement card cost if their card is current and not expired.

    Business as usual.

    In your service,
    David Harrison – CEO

  8. knowhow|M.RevenueAds

    From: My Revenue Ads

    Hello To All MRA Members

    If you have any questions and doubts about our program then please contact me on facebook and whatsAap also 7720985101

    -Withdrawals Open 7 Days A Week.
    -10% Referral Commission.
    -Daily Earning Up-To 4% To 6%.
    -Daily Withdrawal Limit $300.

    We are here for long term business. Joined with us and get bright future in Myrevenueads.

    Support 24/7.

  9. knowhow|T. Circle Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share

    Dear members,

    To ensure better service and more security, we added SiteLock security system on our website.

    Because of these changes and for your own security, change your passwords.

    Thank you for support and understanding!


    Total Members: 4699

    Total Payouts: $10,671.27

    Invested : $61,428

    Regards, Admin Team TCS!!!

  10. knowhow|We Like Fund

    From: We Like Fund

    I got a technical problem on google hangout to see the chat questions, So i request french people to ask me directly your questions on my facebook account. It will be a pleasure to answer.

    We will do a “Questions and Answers” webinar on next Saturday. January 14, 2PM est time. All nationalities are welcome! We will share the link later.

    Let’s Rock!!

    Thank You, Admin

  11. knowhow|ProXScripts

    From: ProXScripts (license checker)



    The purpose of this email is to alert you of illegal activity including a major piracy breach by Drew Burton – the owner of my24hourincome.

    Drew Burton is using a pirated copy of our software. As you are aware, piracy is totally illegal and whoever indulges in piracy can face legal consequences. We have informed Drew Burton to provide an explanation about his illegal activity. Unfortunately, we have not yet received any response from his end.

    We would like to alert all the members of my24hourincome that Drew Burton is running an illegal operation.

    Drew has founded my24hourincome on lies and deceit and there is much more going on than what has been publicly announced.

    Drew Burton is a sweet talker and you can see the same from his videos. All this sweet talk is all fake to cheat his members. He is going to face grave repercussions for using pirated version of our software.

    We have been monitoring his illegal activity and will also add all the facts on a dedicated page whereby we will reveal how he is scamming all my24hourincome. We have proofs and screenshots.

    We urge all members of my24hourincome to withdraw ASAP! As this illegal shame that Drew Burton has created is about to go down.

    Once again we are going to take legal steps and due to this the program will shut down eventually. We are warning you because we don’t want the members of this scammer to suffer because in the end he will give some excuse and close his program.

    So people, be aware and do not trust this guy at all.

    Thanks & Regards,
    ~ Team ProXScripts

    Response from Drew Burton: “Hey MY24 I did this video for you all, as a response to that extremely unprofessional email that ProX put out…”

  12. knowhow|MDC Machine

    From: My Daily Cash Machine

    Hi all,

    Hope you are all doing well?

    Just a quick update that we’ve been approved to use SolidTrustPay as a payment processor. This means we now use the following methods of payment:

    * SolidTrustPay
    * Payeer
    * Perfect Money
    * Bitcoin

    We ideally would need someone to do a purchase through SolidTrustPay for us, as we don’t have a test account to test the payment API.

    Have a GREAT day!

    Kindest regards,

  13. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    *Launch* is set for
    ***January 20th, 2017***
    ***Launch*** in under 10 Days!***

    Bill, our U.S. Team Leader, did a powerful webinar last night! Below is a recorded version of the webinar from last Thursday, January 5th 2017…

    Here is the YouTube link:

    Here is the link for download:

    Join Us > Next Webinar: This Thursday Night at 9:00 Eastern Time.

    NOTE: Do this at least 30 minutes before the webinar starts so you wont miss the beginning, as it may take several minutes to load the Webinar Applet on your PC

    – Enter your name and your email address – and then click: Join Meeting Now-
    – Click the Telephone Icon on top of the screen to hear the Audio on your PC
    – First-Time Visitors: When you click on the button it will put a file on your PC. You will need to click on the file and Run it to enable all of the functions – this may take several minutes, depending on your PC

    Once the program is installed on your PC – the Login Screen will appear:
    Enter your name and email address – and then click on: Join Meeting Now

    New Comers – Make sure to do this at least 15 min. before the start of the Webinar
    – to allow time for the online webinar program to be fully installed on your PC.

    Please be on time! – The Webinar will start promptly at the top of the hour.

    Join the Webinar from your Smart Phone or Tablet:

    NOTE: the Conference ID is: gfesiselteam

    For Andriod Devices:
    For Apple Devices:

    Call in number also given:
    Conference Number: (515) 604-9000 – Access Code: 442977 #

    Use this Time Zone Converter to see what 9 PM Eastern USA Time on Jan 5th is in your location:

    Some of the members have started a closed group and you can request to be part of the group here:

    We encourage all of you to utilize our Share and Earn Program as it offers Absolutely Awesome Advertising! You can follow that stats right in your back office. When in the back office landing page, just click on “Create Your Share” there.

    This software IS Exclusing to our company!

    Newflash: We are adding some enhancements to the Share and Earn Program software that will be completed in a few days. It will give you more control over your purchased Shares.

    This is getting some great results for those using it! It is much better than the regular Facebook ads AND it costs much, much less.

    This is the Facebook Post of the FAQs for the Share and Earn Program:

    Welcome to the Excitement!
    PennyPays Support Team

  14. knowhow|We Like Fund

    From: We Like Fund

    Hi WLF members,

    It is your admin Thierry,

    Starting tomorrow, we will make live and recorded webinars on our youtube official channel !

    Our youtube channel link :

    Tomorrow, we will have a french webinar starting 2 PM east time.

    just follow this link tomorrow on January 11, 2 PM east time:

    If you want to ask me questions, you could with the chat and i will answer in live video.

    If you are interested to make a webinar for your country, please contact me on facebook or create a support ticket.

    Thank You, Admin

  15. knowhow|G. Money Line

    From: Global Money Line

    Subject New MoneyLine Compound Leverage Video & Prospecting Tools, 1-a-Day Launch Reminder
    Date 2017-01-08 17:39:11

    More “Launch Week” Announcements,

    “NEW” Compound Leverage Compensation Plan Video here . There has been several requests to support for a more in-depth Video of our Global Exclusive Compensation Plan “Compound Leverage”. Well, we listened again, and you can find it on your MoneyLine Dashboard by clicking on Step 5 Earn with GML which will bring up the Opportunity Overview page. On the Step 5 page, our top I.R., Big John was nice enough to share the video he put together for his group which is the 2nd video. Also, there is a new base compensation video on the 3rd option.

    IT IS HERE! What many of You have been waiting for – “NEW” Prospecting Tool. On your MoneyLine Dashboard Menu select menu item Genealogy — View Prospects. This New Prospecting Tool (button at the top of the page) will allow you to follow up with all Your Free MoneyLine Joinees much easier by being able to download their email addresses with a click of a button. This will now also allow you to use Your MoneyLine as a Landing Page/Funnel! More MoneyLine Value!! How? Simply hand out Your MoneyLine Link to allow people to Join for Free to get MoneyLine’s Awesome Value for Free, and then you go to Your Dashboard Prospects page and download their email addresses and email them directly or put them into an auto-responder. You also can message them directly there. (“Fortunes in the Follow-up!”)

    MoneyLine is introducing the 1-a-Day Program for all FREE Subscribers Only! Why? With decades of experience in Home Based Business, we understand that the difference between success (which you are all seeking correct?), and failure is mostly all between peoples ears and they need a little encouragement to get going!! That is exactly the thought process behind the 1-a-Day Free Subscriber Program. Starting at 11:00am Central Time, Wednesday Jan. 11th, 2017, if you are a FREE Subscriber you will need to put in (1) Free Email Verified Joinee using Your MoneyLine Link ( ) before the clock expires daily at 11:00am CST (clock will be shown each time you login to your MoneyLine back office Dashboard) to keep the number of Joinees that Day in Your MoneyLine — OR — at anytime You can Purchase a One-Time $20 Bronze Subscription and with that Bronze Subscription purchase, your clock goes AWAY FOREV ER and YOU KEEP ALL FUTURE JOINEES in Your MoneyLine from that point forward. Otherwise if you do not complete one of the two qualifications, the number of Joinees for that day are not added to your MoneyLine.

    RECAP: Free Subscribers need to Get (1) Free Verified Joinee Daily — OR — Purchase a One-Time $20 Bronze Subscription, and then you have no risk of ever losing anyone ever!

    Thank You for Helping MoneyLine become The World’s Largest Straight One-Line of People!


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