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  1. knowhow|Dhoom R.S.

    From: Dhoom RevShare

    One of the cool project of Revshare industry with Stable pay plan for long -term sustainability..

    Here is the key feature
    ➡No Repurchase
    ➡No membership fee
    ➡Referral bonus-10% to 15%
    ➡5$ pack 110% maturity
    ➡6$ pack 120% maturity
    ➡7$ pack 130% maturity
    ➡min withdrawal 10$
    ➡max withdrawal 100$
    ➡Verified Fb group
    ➡expert Admin

    -Ajay Kavithiya

  2. knowhow|T. C. Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share

    UPDATE: Image below shows one ad not being shown while surfing ads. The reason for that is ” Frame Breaker” on certain websites.

    Programmer will soon fix that so all your ads will work as they should and page will load normally. Same thing was with the rotator on TCS, not all links were working and now they work.

    -Jakša Ćosić

  3. knowhow|GreenDayPay

    From: Green Day Pay

    Anticipation is over the roof!

    Most experienced online Marketers are already getting their teams ready, which is why it’s so important for you to be a part of this and reserve your precious position, just like all BIG BOYs are going to do.

    (link opens in the same tab)…

  4. knowhow|MegaTraffic

    From: MegaTrafficValue


    First of all I would like to congratualte all of you that we have grown up as 660 members now and as alone I wouldn’t be able to do that. All this is just with the help of you all. Megatrafficvalue is not a one man show, its a family and in family if everyone give their best that makes things easy.

    I want to take this company to next level with the support of all of you and I believe and have strong trust on all of my valueble members that I will get a strong support from you all. What we can do together to grow business together is to

    – Show deposit proofs
    – Post payments proofs as soon as you will get payments
    – try to bring atleast one member in a week each ( just imagine if we all bring one member each by end of next month we will hit 3K, don’t you think that is really powerfull?
    – use your credits to promote megatrafficvalue in all other programs you have, as you can see we never late the payments since we started and we wont let you down in future too

    We have best tech team working with us to take care of all kind of bugs and attacks so you not gonna hear from us that site is hacked or payment processors are hacked, YOU AND YOUR HARD EARN MONEY IS IN SAFE HANDS

    Lets PROMOTE it together and grow as team, because that is something which will grow us stronger.

    I hope and expect from you all to give me a hand to take this company to next level, so we will be able to enjoy secure earnings. If you agree with what I said then lets make your accounts activated, jump up into the system, promote it as much as you can, addvertise by using your credits in other sites and built up your team and EARN SECURE!!!!!!

    Love you all

    Happy weekend

  5. knowhow|THW Global

    From: THW Global

    Thank You For Being A VIP IV Customer!
    Everyone Needs To Continue To Focus On Letting The World Know About THWGlobal
    We Thank All Our IV Customers – We Are Less Than 24,000 IV Customers Away From 1 Million
    Together You Have Done What No One Has Done Ever Before In Marketing!

    Q: What is a THWGlobal Token?
    Q: Why has THWGlobal utilized a Token System?
    Q: What is the value of a Token?
    Q: Will IVs be able to earn more than the minimum wage in their respective country through the use of the THWGlobal Token System?
    Q: Is Certification required to earn for viewing and commenting on videos, taking surveys, searching the web or shopping?

    If You Have A Question Not Covered In The FAQ
    Send It To:
    Please do not send questions regarding error message or when beta testing will start in my country. Error message just means beta testing has not started in your country!

    Thanks To You – THWGlobal Is Destined To Be In The Top Ten Global Advertising Companies!
    THWGlobal Signs Contracts To Open 10 Satellite Offices By 9/1/2016

    Please Be Patient If Your Country Is Not Listed As Of Yet

    Special Viewing With Tier One Ads Are Now In The Following Countries
    BETA Testing of the Video Platform continues with ads from tier one advertisers currently being served to US, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Brazil, Colombia, New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Aruba, Guyana, Suriname, Curaçao, French Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Saint Marten (Dutch part), Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Bahamas, Belize, Honduras, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Haiti, El Salvador, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Luxemberg, St Lucai, Bermuda and Israel back into the Video Platform BETA Testing. All these countries are also seeing ads from tier one advertisers. Additional countries especially RUSSIA & UKRAINE will be added back soon as well.
    Read About Exciting Certified IV Customer Management Rewards
    Read About Exciting Certified IV Customer Coded Rewards To Infinity
    Read About Exciting Certified IV Customer 5% Annual Interest Rewards

    It is important that everyone understands that CERTIFICATION is only for rewards for ADVERTISING SALES, CERTIFICATION COURSE SALES, PARTNERSHIP SALES
    Which are all over and above anything promised from the beginning!


    THW Communications of Germany
    21 Kurfuerstendamm
    Berlin, Berlin 10719

  6. knowhow|FlyingRev

    From: FlyingRev
    ? LARA “WORLDWIDE START”. 22 August. ?
    Visit our first live webinar in English, German, Spanish!

    Hello world! We are proud to announce you that this Monday, 22 August will be our first international live webinar from one of the strongest community leader – Alex Knipper from Germany (over $200K team deposited in 60 days)


    @ Click :
    ✔? Install telegram messenger app in google store or click
    ✔● Turn telegram messenger by entering your mobile number .
    ✔● Wait a few minutes telegram send the code via SMS .
    ✔● telegram messenger application is active and ready to chat with anyone around the world .
    LARA BOT :
    ✔● Click on this link ! LARA:
    ✔● Go to the website .
    ✔● Click on ” ACTIVATE LARA ”
    ✔● Direct Application to the telegram .
    ✔● Lara bot will give further instructions .
    ✔● Click Start, Click Eraning, Click My Money, Setting your wallet, Deposit min $10, and Get your dollar .
    ✔● 3 % per day forever .
    ✔● 10 % referral commission .
    ✔● Payment suport : Bitcoin,PM,Payeer,Advanced Cash

    LARAWITH.ME – #1 Live Webinar – English, Monday 7 pm
    LARAWITH.ME – #1 Live Webinar – Deutsch, Monday 8 pm
    LARAWITH.ME – #1 Live Webinar – Español, Monday 9 pm

    -Bourne Putra

  7. knowhow|T. C. Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share
    One quick update about payment processors:

    ⚠ Payza – Fee: 2.00% + $0.39

    ⚠ Solid Trust Pay – Fee: 2.00% + $0.39

    ⚠ Perfect Money – Fee: 0% + $0.00

    ⚠ Payeer – Fee: 0% + $0.00

    ⚠ AdvCash – Fee: 0% + $0.00

    ⚠ PayPal – Fee: 2.00% + $0.39 (Please remember that you can not purchase AdPacks with PayPal or make withdrawal, but you can purchase cash links, banner links, login ads, start page ads, surf credits, etc.)

    -Lejla Balagic Pavlovic

  8. knowhow|T. C. Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share
    Dear members,

    Thank you for being a part of Traffic Circle Share. Only together we can make a big thing. Our common goal is and will be to make TCS major.

    Short update: – Total Members: 765 members (August 14th – August 22th) – Total Payouts: $23.89 – We added a video on Home page

    Also please join our official facebook group at link or join from icon on Home page.

    Regards, Admin

  9. knowhow|CushionRev

    From: CushionRev
    We are glad to announce to you that a new company with verifiable address and purchase certificate has just been verified and added.

    It is a Mega Chocolate Factory in Paris, France. You will automatically receive the company address, and a digital purchase certificate when you buy 5 or more shares.

    The company started operation in 1998 and seeks to raise $650,000 for operational upgrade.

    Capital Needed: $650,000
    Cost of a share: $50
    Return Per share: $102.44 (204.88%)
    Profit Per Share: $52.44
    Payment Return: 204.88%
    Duration of investment: 26 Days
    Payment frequency: Daily
    Company City: Paris
    Company Country: France

    You will automatically receive the company address and a digital certificate of purchase when you buy any 5 shares or more any day. You are invited to visit the company to see and discuss with the company management. As always, this company is paying very high profits on shares, and very viable as you will be able to find out. It his highly recommended.

    This company is in Paris in France. The company produces all sorts of chocolates from normal consumer chocolates to bespoke, and ceremonial chocolates. It is a highly profitable and viable company for anyone to invest in and you will receive a certificate of purchase for your shares 5 or more.

    Additional Info:
    Mega Chocolate Factory In Paris, France. Paying 6.534% Daily for 26 Days + 35% Capital Back On Expiration. (204.88%)

    All investors that buy 5 or more shares will be automatically given a purchase certificate and the company address for visitation. This is a Mega Chocolate Production Company in Paris, France. The company operates a 24 hours a day operation producing chocolate that is consumed locally and exported to different parts of the world. The company is in operation for 18 years already, and preseently need funding for $650,000 for upgrade. This pays very high profit for quick funding, and it is highly recommended. Buy as many shares as you want without delay. You will receive a digital certificate of purchase.

    Get started as soon as possible without delay, and get as many shares as you want anytime.

    For further details, login to your account and click on the link Make Investment.

    CushionRev Management

  10. knowhow|TrafficSeason

    From: Traffic Season
    Hello members;

    We Offer During Pre Lunch For Free members Daily $0.10+ Guaranteed Earning From CashLink And very minimum ‘ Withdraw Now $0.1 “.

    We need only honest members so don’t cheat with us verification is most important for us.
    Keep Promoting and get ref Earning also.

    Regards Admin

  11. knowhow|CommHubb

    From: Comm Hubb
    This is an addition to the Corporate Update for August which many of you may NOT have received. We did promise only one a month but these are special circumstances. Please allow us to explain.

    We have had to move our server away from Godaddy as they could not provide the services they promised. Because of Godaddys lack of technical support, we had a massive server problem that we were not even aware of for weeks. We did receive a few complaints about email not being answered but we checked and all appeared okay on our side. Godaddys email server was not capable of sending ordinary email updates (not sales – just updates with no links). The server and IP they assigned us were already marked as spam producers so therefore a lot of our emails were being blocked.

    We have now resolved that issue by moving to a bigger and better server and have verified that their email is fully functional. You are proof since you did receive this update. We have also checked and we are not blacklisted anywhere and plan to stay that way.

    For those of you that did not receive the Corporate Update for August, there is a link below and you can see it there. Please remember to log in every few days and check our updates and other new pages. We are at over 320,000 member/owners but could use double that. Please try to get at least one or two referrals today. We could reach our goal much quicker if you do and that means more money for you as well. Have a great day!

    August Corporate Updates
    Commhubb Staff

  12. knowhow|SwissAdsPays

    From: Swiss Ads Pays
    Dear Members,

    During recent bug fixes, our pre surf feature was impacted. However, we have resolved the issue.

    Going forward, we want to warn you that this issue could happen again during upgrades or bug fixes.

    Therefore, we suggest that you pre surf a maximum of 10 days in advance.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Best regards and Mit freundlichen Güssen,
    Andy & Roderick

    Strebel und Warren Advertising
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Skype: swissadspays

  13. knowhow|HQROI

    From: HQROI (High Quality Revenue Sharing Of Income)
    Admin Here,

    All four features : Advertise and Earn, Earn Money Without Investment, Traffic Exchange And Social Networking are ready to use.

    Login and update your profile photo

    Please check our plans of advertisement and high quality revenue sharing on Income.

    Website is on pre-launch. It start on 1st September.
    Join our Facebook group for updates or Like Page.

    We run ad pack purchases in rounds, first round, second round and next round like this. In every round there is purchase limit. After limit over no more sale of ad pack till (all user get back there revenue on it and then start next round).

    Question : If no more sale of ad packs, how to revenue generate and shared ?
    Answer : In daily tasks doing by user for eligible of earning, user clicks on 10 short link. This link provide high income to website. This Link are from Ad network companies. secondly google adsense provide high income on traffic.

    In this way we have generate income from third party and revenue shared to users. There is limit in rounds so we have easy to control and hit targets

    Thank you Join us and Refer friends get 5%

  14. knowhow|My C. B. Traffic

    From: My Cash Back Traffic
    Mike here. Before we tell you what is going on, let us tell you how we are able to pay you 110% cash back. When you purchase Traffic Units, Visitor Credits or Login Credits, we use that money to purchase large volumes of traffic at discount prices.

    That traffic is sold to customers on our other traffic networks. Some of the profits we make from our other traffic networks are used to pay you 110% cash back.

    In the past 30 days, we have lost a lot of members. Because we have lost so many members, our sales for the past 30 days was only 11% of the payroll for the 20th of August.

    With sales being only 11% of the payroll for the 20th of August and Payza taking 10% of our weekly sales, on the 20th of August, you will only be paid 11% of your Total Cash Earned.

    The remaining 89% will be added back to your account and payable on the 20th of next month.

    Please understand that our ability to pay you 110% cash back depends on our sales for the previous 30 days. Most members are only purchasing 3 units. We understand that.

    But in order for us to payout 110% or more, sales have to be greater than or equal to the payroll for the 20th of the month.

    The bottom line is this:

    We need the sale of Traffic Units, Visitor Credits and Login Credits to pick up. This is the only way our program will survive. If sales do not pick up, trying to pay 110% will always be a challenge.

    There is some good news ahead. In December, Payza will start adding money back to our account balance and this will definitely help our cash flow.

    Finally, it is IMPORTANT that you understand how we are able to pay you cash back. Only you as members can make or break this program. How long this program lasts is all up to you.

    Sincerely, Mike

  15. knowhow|T. C. Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share
    Dear members,

    Everything is ready for promotion. On server we have enough space. We chose the award-winning web hosting. HostGator is the leading web hosting services and we work with the best. Some details about server are: 2 Cores, 4000 MB RAM, 165 GB Disk Space, 2 TB Bandwidth.

    To be qualified to click on cash and banner links and receive earning from referrals you have to click 11 surf ads. Programmer will change it in the script. After 11 surf ads timer will be reset and just repeat surf after 24 hours.

    Let promote Traffic Circle Share! Good luck!

    Regards, Admin

  16. knowhow|CushionRev

    From: CushionRev
    We wish to inform you that we continue to make payments using Mass payment. If you had any pending withdrawal, please check your account as the payment has been made.

    Please note that in the time being, we will continue to make payments through mass payment until the automatic payment is restored.

    If you have any questions, or still have any pending withdrawal, please contact us.

    We wish you a lovely weekend

    Regards, CushionRev Management

  17. knowhow|United R.S.

    From: United RevShare
    Final Update on new Ad packs :

    1. Ad Pack Cost- $10 with – 200%. 10$ matures to 20$.
    – Can only Be purchased With New Funds and 1000 packs at a time
    – PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AD PACKS WITH YOUR EARNINGS AS IT WON’T BENEFIT YOU; Because our system is encrypted with 2x feature so the purchase of ad packs with earnings won’t add 2x to your account so the adpack will only earn 100% . So it’s a request to Not purchase ad packs with earnings. All The Earnings can be withdrawn (INSTANT on Sundays)

    2. The Ad Pack Will be Available To Purchase Only On Friday Of each week. Earnings will Be Distributed once in a week. Though the withdrawal will be Only On Sunday(Instant Withdrawal).

    *The Above limitations are due to our Trading Stuff.
    As the Trader Needs a Good Quality time to trade.

    3. Ad Packs Return

    4. 1$ membership needed if you willing to cashout. It has 1 month validity

    5. 5% Referral Commission On every Fresh Deposit by 1 Level referral

    6. Add funding will be opened today so you can purchase ad packs with 5% fee – stp, payeer, btc and pm Available now!

    7. Min Withdraw -$1 and max $2000 as it will be once in a week

    8. Surfing 10 Ads Daily is a must to earn from adpacks

    -Admins, United Revshare

  18. knowhow|3-Steppers

    From: 3 Steppers and CTFO

    Success in CTFO is all about consistency.

    Consistently referring free members, and using 3Steppers, our team duplication system.

    Welcome them to the team and make yourself available as their guide, then guide them toward 3Steppers with your personal link where they will be trained live, and find support in building their biz, which in turn builds yours. This is why that personal welcome from you, aside from the company’s, is so important. Your leaders will be participants in this Wednesday webinar.

    They can be off and running while you go through your “metamorphosis” from beginner to Vice President Team Leader!


    Thank you for being a new or potential member of 3Steppers!

    Jose Garriga Jr, 3Steppers Admin

  19. knowhow|MyTrafficBux

    From: My Traffic Bux
    !!!! ALL WITHDRAWALS Till 12:30 pm, 17th AUGUST Are PAID !!!!

    Important Update on STP:

    Dear Members, After 2 weeks of Review by STP, still there is no conclusion yet.

    One day, STP is making call to verify our contact details, another day, they need account holder’s selfie holding passport in hand. That also sent same day. They wanted us to upgrade the account to Bank verified. For this it took 1 week more. We did it too.

    Now last 2 days, we are chatting with them, their only complain is we are not picking up their call. I have n’t received any call to the registered number in last 48 hr, but the person in Live Chat has only one line “Why you did n’t receive our call” Anything we are asking, just getting same response. At the end, We told them to do refunds of all deposits above $250 as we are
    restricted to do that.

    We can Login only, nothing much we can do. As per their Instructions, Members has to file a Dispute with them. STP will send a mail to us to clarify and I assure you, we will send positive feedback on your Dispute and refunds will be done within 7-10 working days.

    As we are very new to the Market and received more than $55000 in STP only, it’s impossible for us to adjust our members to other processors. So we request all STP users who have funded more than $250 to file a dispute immediately with STP for refund and send us a Support ticket mentioning your STP user name, amount deposited & Date of Dispute filed, topic “STP DISPUTE DETAILS” .

    Some times, few things are not in our hand, that doesn’t mean, you had wasted past 2 weeks for no fault of yours. We will now compensate all STP users with 10% of their deposit, in Payza and you can purchase, earn & withdraw. If you have withdrawn 10% or more of your deposit, you won’t be compensated & You will get your seed money back thru STP Dispute.

    Members Who funded below $250 can be adjusted to Payza processor, if they like with following manner in next 48 hr. 10% compensation + Seed Money – withdrawn amount= Credit Just send us a support ticket immediately, mentioning your STP user name, amount deposited, topic ” STP Transfer to Payza” Members who don’t like the above option, can file a dispute with STP and send us the details and refunds will be done within 7-10 working days by STP only.

    We are very sorry for situation happened but as promised we will compensate every member with 10% of your add fund amount in Payza. We are taking decision now as the STP issue is still not resolved since 2 weeks and Member feedbacks are not positive. So let’s finish the issue right here and better to move on.

    -Prem Swain


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