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  1. knowhow|ProXScripts

    From: ProXScripts (license checker)



    The purpose of this email is to alert you of illegal activity including a major piracy breach by Drew Burton – the owner of my24hourincome.

    Drew Burton is using a pirated copy of our software. As you are aware, piracy is totally illegal and whoever indulges in piracy can face legal consequences. We have informed Drew Burton to provide an explanation about his illegal activity. Unfortunately, we have not yet received any response from his end.

    We would like to alert all the members of my24hourincome that Drew Burton is running an illegal operation.

    Drew has founded my24hourincome on lies and deceit and there is much more going on than what has been publicly announced.

    Drew Burton is a sweet talker and you can see the same from his videos. All this sweet talk is all fake to cheat his members. He is going to face grave repercussions for using pirated version of our software.

    We have been monitoring his illegal activity and will also add all the facts on a dedicated page whereby we will reveal how he is scamming all my24hourincome. We have proofs and screenshots.

    We urge all members of my24hourincome to withdraw ASAP! As this illegal shame that Drew Burton has created is about to go down.

    Once again we are going to take legal steps and due to this the program will shut down eventually. We are warning you because we don’t want the members of this scammer to suffer because in the end he will give some excuse and close his program.

    So people, be aware and do not trust this guy at all.

    Thanks & Regards,
    ~ Team ProXScripts

    Response from Drew Burton: “Hey MY24 I did this video for you all, as a response to that extremely unprofessional email that ProX put out…”

  2. knowhow|MDC Machine

    From: My Daily Cash Machine

    Hi all,

    Hope you are all doing well?

    Just a quick update that we’ve been approved to use SolidTrustPay as a payment processor. This means we now use the following methods of payment:

    * SolidTrustPay
    * Payeer
    * Perfect Money
    * Bitcoin

    We ideally would need someone to do a purchase through SolidTrustPay for us, as we don’t have a test account to test the payment API.

    Have a GREAT day!

    Kindest regards,

  3. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    *Launch* is set for
    ***January 20th, 2017***
    ***Launch*** in under 10 Days!***

    Bill, our U.S. Team Leader, did a powerful webinar last night! Below is a recorded version of the webinar from last Thursday, January 5th 2017…

    Here is the YouTube link:

    Here is the link for download:

    Join Us > Next Webinar: This Thursday Night at 9:00 Eastern Time.

    NOTE: Do this at least 30 minutes before the webinar starts so you wont miss the beginning, as it may take several minutes to load the Webinar Applet on your PC

    – Enter your name and your email address – and then click: Join Meeting Now-
    – Click the Telephone Icon on top of the screen to hear the Audio on your PC
    – First-Time Visitors: When you click on the button it will put a file on your PC. You will need to click on the file and Run it to enable all of the functions – this may take several minutes, depending on your PC

    Once the program is installed on your PC – the Login Screen will appear:
    Enter your name and email address – and then click on: Join Meeting Now

    New Comers – Make sure to do this at least 15 min. before the start of the Webinar
    – to allow time for the online webinar program to be fully installed on your PC.

    Please be on time! – The Webinar will start promptly at the top of the hour.

    Join the Webinar from your Smart Phone or Tablet:

    NOTE: the Conference ID is: gfesiselteam

    For Andriod Devices:
    For Apple Devices:

    Call in number also given:
    Conference Number: (515) 604-9000 – Access Code: 442977 #

    Use this Time Zone Converter to see what 9 PM Eastern USA Time on Jan 5th is in your location:

    Some of the members have started a closed group and you can request to be part of the group here:

    We encourage all of you to utilize our Share and Earn Program as it offers Absolutely Awesome Advertising! You can follow that stats right in your back office. When in the back office landing page, just click on “Create Your Share” there.

    This software IS Exclusing to our company!

    Newflash: We are adding some enhancements to the Share and Earn Program software that will be completed in a few days. It will give you more control over your purchased Shares.

    This is getting some great results for those using it! It is much better than the regular Facebook ads AND it costs much, much less.

    This is the Facebook Post of the FAQs for the Share and Earn Program:

    Welcome to the Excitement!
    PennyPays Support Team

  4. knowhow|We Like Fund

    From: We Like Fund

    Hi WLF members,

    It is your admin Thierry,

    Starting tomorrow, we will make live and recorded webinars on our youtube official channel !

    Our youtube channel link :

    Tomorrow, we will have a french webinar starting 2 PM east time.

    just follow this link tomorrow on January 11, 2 PM east time:

    If you want to ask me questions, you could with the chat and i will answer in live video.

    If you are interested to make a webinar for your country, please contact me on facebook or create a support ticket.

    Thank You, Admin

  5. knowhow|G. Money Line

    From: Global Money Line

    Subject New MoneyLine Compound Leverage Video & Prospecting Tools, 1-a-Day Launch Reminder
    Date 2017-01-08 17:39:11

    More “Launch Week” Announcements,

    “NEW” Compound Leverage Compensation Plan Video here . There has been several requests to support for a more in-depth Video of our Global Exclusive Compensation Plan “Compound Leverage”. Well, we listened again, and you can find it on your MoneyLine Dashboard by clicking on Step 5 Earn with GML which will bring up the Opportunity Overview page. On the Step 5 page, our top I.R., Big John was nice enough to share the video he put together for his group which is the 2nd video. Also, there is a new base compensation video on the 3rd option.

    IT IS HERE! What many of You have been waiting for – “NEW” Prospecting Tool. On your MoneyLine Dashboard Menu select menu item Genealogy — View Prospects. This New Prospecting Tool (button at the top of the page) will allow you to follow up with all Your Free MoneyLine Joinees much easier by being able to download their email addresses with a click of a button. This will now also allow you to use Your MoneyLine as a Landing Page/Funnel! More MoneyLine Value!! How? Simply hand out Your MoneyLine Link to allow people to Join for Free to get MoneyLine’s Awesome Value for Free, and then you go to Your Dashboard Prospects page and download their email addresses and email them directly or put them into an auto-responder. You also can message them directly there. (“Fortunes in the Follow-up!”)

    MoneyLine is introducing the 1-a-Day Program for all FREE Subscribers Only! Why? With decades of experience in Home Based Business, we understand that the difference between success (which you are all seeking correct?), and failure is mostly all between peoples ears and they need a little encouragement to get going!! That is exactly the thought process behind the 1-a-Day Free Subscriber Program. Starting at 11:00am Central Time, Wednesday Jan. 11th, 2017, if you are a FREE Subscriber you will need to put in (1) Free Email Verified Joinee using Your MoneyLine Link ( ) before the clock expires daily at 11:00am CST (clock will be shown each time you login to your MoneyLine back office Dashboard) to keep the number of Joinees that Day in Your MoneyLine — OR — at anytime You can Purchase a One-Time $20 Bronze Subscription and with that Bronze Subscription purchase, your clock goes AWAY FOREV ER and YOU KEEP ALL FUTURE JOINEES in Your MoneyLine from that point forward. Otherwise if you do not complete one of the two qualifications, the number of Joinees for that day are not added to your MoneyLine.

    RECAP: Free Subscribers need to Get (1) Free Verified Joinee Daily — OR — Purchase a One-Time $20 Bronze Subscription, and then you have no risk of ever losing anyone ever!

    Thank You for Helping MoneyLine become The World’s Largest Straight One-Line of People!

  6. knowhow|CashMachine

    From: My Daily Cash Machine

    Hi all,

    Just a quick email to let you know about some system updates on My Daily Cash Machine.

    Firstly, thank you for the members who have contacted me over the past few days. About half the members wanted a lower Adpack level than the current $35 Adpack value, as they felt it was too high for a new RevShare program. So I have listened and also created a $5 Adpack.

    How to qualify for Revenue sharing

    There appears to be some confusion how to qualify for Revenue sharing – You need to purchase an Adpack and surf 20 websites to qualify for revenue sharing – perfect time now to buy the $5 Adpack. This is the quickest way to earn some money through the website.

    I will be adding some more Youtube videos in the next day or two, please subscribe to our channel. There are already some videos up on how to fund with bitcoin, how to buy Adpacks, banners, etc.

    My Daily Cash Machine Youtube channel

    I will also be updating our FAQ page here shortly as well: FAQ

    As always, if you’re confused about something, please feel free to respond to this email and we will do our best to help you.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Regards, Shane

  7. knowhow|C. D. Builder

    From: Cash Downline Builder

    I’m sending you this email to inform you that I’m no longer involved with Skinny Body Care (SBC). I’ve cancelled my SBC membership, and SBC has been removed from our Cash Downline Builder (CDB) system. I had several issues with the company that caused this decision to be made.

    I’ve replaced SBC with O2 Worldwide and I’ve already updated the Cash Downline Builder system to reflect this change from Skinny Body Care to O2 Worldwide. Over the next few weeks I will be updating all of the video tutorials to also reflect this change.

    To join O2 Worldwide login to your CDB back office and click on the Step #3 tab then scroll down.

    I deeply regret that things did not work out with SBC and I sincerely apologize for this sudden notification and sudden change. If you have any questions and/or to share your thoughts, please feel free to reply to this email.

    With Highest Regards,

    Alonzo Brown
    Founder and CEO

  8. knowhow|G. Money Line

    From: Global Money Line

    Hello MoneyLiner’s!

    Diamond is available Now!

    The Diamond Subscription that so many have been waiting on has Officially Launched and is available to Purchase by Clicking on Step 3 Buy Subscription on Your MoneyLine Dashboard Now! To learn all the details about the “New” Diamond Subscription click on Step 2 Subscription/FAQ on Your MoneyLine Dashboard. Scroll down to the Diamond Subscription section and check out the New Video there.

    MoneyLine Leaders are excited about the new Subscription Service, because it now gives everyone the ability to manage their MoneyLine Personal List to Monetization! What exactly does this mean? The process of MoneyLine is quite Simple once people take the time to study what is really happening with the MoneyLine Business Model. People simply work at funneling people from a Global Straight-Line of People into their own Personal List through a variety of Subscriptions to then Manage that Personal List to Money in their Pockets or whatever cause they may be solving with mass amounts of People Globally!! For example; Earn Money, Recruiting, Charities, Selling Goods & Services like eBay, Building their Facebook accounts, Politics, etc. … the List can go on and on. That is it, Very Simple, but EXTREMELY POWERFUL and AFFORDABLE Business Model LIKE NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD — “Global MoneyLine” (GML)!

    It is simply a Numbers Game folks that you have to work at to be successful; like anything in Life or Business!! You will get out of MoneyLine what You put into it. So what are YOU WAITING FOR? People that act NOW, and get their Diamond Subscription have a HUGE advantage! So go click on Step 3 Buy Subscription and become a Diamond Now!!

    What does Diamond mean to the I.R.’s in the MoneyLine Business? Well obviously for every Diamond Subscription sold personally at $500, once qualified, you will receive $500 in Profit! For every Qualifying Diamond sale commission earned in Your Organization, once you are qualified, you will receive $250. So what does that mean in the total picture? It means you, as a Qualified I.R. now have 5 price points to earn on so you can introduce MoneyLine to everyone as we have a subscription package that meets everyone’s needs and financial capabilities.

    More Announcements coming out this Week via email, so stay tuned, and make sure all everyone you know in MoneyLine has their MoneyLine emails white-listed (NOT SPAM) so they are receiving all these announcements!

    As always we encourage you to stay connected with MoneyLine on our Facebook page at: Click here to go to MoneyLine facebook page

    Looking forward to ALL of us taking MoneyLine to the next Horizon in 2017!!

    Thank You for Helping MoneyLine become The World’s Largest Straight One-Line of People!!

  9. knowhow|SFI

    To: All SFI affiliates
    From: SFI President & Founder Gery Carson

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s with great excitement that I get to address you here on this first day of the new year…2017! I LOVE the start of each new year, because it’s such a great opportunity to “hit the reset button” and start fresh, with a new list of goals and resolutions, and with renewed vigor and energy.

    But before we move onto and start talking about what’s in store for 2017, let’s (briefly) give 2016 it’s due! In 2016 MUCH (and I mean MUCH) was accomplished and achieved. Following is a list of just some of our 2016 additions and improvements:

    >>> See list at:

    Yes, my team here was definitely “on fire” in 2016, and I’m SO proud of the great, great effort and how many important pieces we were able to put in place for our affiliates.

    But, of course, just like riding a bicycle uphill, if you want to keep climbing, you can’t stop pedaling (or soon you’ll be rolling backwards). So just like I hope each and every one of you are, we are ready to hit the ground running in 2017!

    Today and over the next couple days you’ll see the first evidence of this with three major announcements (log in at to learn more). But these will be just the tip of the iceberg!


    In 2016, our major focus was on SFI. In 2017, our main focus will be on TripleClicks. More specifically, our focus will be on improving TripleClicks in ways designed to substantially accelerate sales. Hence, we’re calling 2017, “Year of the sale!”

    To that end, we will be aggressively addressing:

    – ECA quality
    – Shipping & delivery
    – Product selection
    – Site user-friendliness

    We want to greatly expand product offerings and improve shipping and delivery. We want to improve the experience of all persons visiting TripleClicks. We want to make all parts of TripleClicks mobile-friendly.

    And our long-time plan to bring in restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and other local merchants to TripleClicks should also finally become a reality in 2017! Imagine being able to earn all the VersaPoints you need each month by simply patronizing your favorite local merchants! Yes, if we do this right, this one program alone could be the biggest thing we’ve ever done!

    We also have plans to open up engagement opportunities between affiliates and their PRMs! That is, we want to give you more ways to directly engage with and impact the activities of your PRMs.

    If we can accomplish these objectives, 2017 will indeed be a banner year for sales at TripleClicks…and I, for one, am planning on exactly that!


    Why is making TripleClicks better and creating more sales so important? Well, it’s like this, folks: No matter how great we make the SFI side of things, no matter how good our gateways are, no matter how good are SFI training, tools, and leadership is, no matter how many tens of thousands join SFI, if we don’t have great products behind it, we’ll never be any more than a shadow of what we could be.

    But if TripleClicks has the products, prices, features, and other amenities that attract and keep today’s online customers, the SFI affiliate opportunity has almost no limits in its potential…and the emergence of future SFI affiliate millionaires becomes a real possibility.

    In short, SFI’s foundation has to be ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS. So in 2017, let’s all work together to take TripleClicks to a new level. Let’s truly make 2017 the”Year or the sale!”


    SFI Nation is huge. Our community numbers in the hundreds of thousands, made up of men and women from virtually every country in the world. And so it requires only some simple math to know that tens of millions of hours were invested by our affiliates in 2016. Tens of MILLIONS of hours! I’m humbled by this. And I’m enormously grateful that so many invest so much to make SFI go and continue moving into the future. THANK YOU!!

    And speaking of that future, it’s truly never been brighter. 2017 holds incredible promise, with unprecedented opportunities. But that promise will not be realized without real and true commitment, without rolling up sleeves and doing the hard work that building great things requires. For myself and for our corporate team here, rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in 2017. Indeed, we will out-work and out-hustle our competition every day of the year, and we will not rest until SFI has changed the world. Who’s with us?!

    Gery Carson

  10. knowhow|UnicornAdz


    Dear Members,

    Warm Greetings from UnicornAdz!

    I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in UnicornAdz and best wishes for the New Year.

    UnicornAdz continues to grow steadily and has now grown 6,200 members strong.

    As we grow new marketing tools are being continuously added:

    Members can now see set of 60+ Banners in their members area.

    All Lead Capture Pages are now Responsive (Mobile Friendly).

    Entire website will also be Responsive (Mobile Friendly) soon.

    A New Marketing Video is also being added and another set of existing Lead capture pages will be placed with the new video. So there will be two sets of Lead capture Pages, one with existing video and one with new video.

    Not only this, very soon the Lead Capture Pages will also be available in German language (with Video in German Voice-over and Text) as well as I see a lot of traffic (as much as almost 30% as per Alexa) comes from German speaking population.

    I assure you that UnicornAdz has a lot more in store for you than what you would expect. I will continue to add more and more products & marketing tools for members and am always open to suggestions from members. I would also like to assure you that UnicornAdz is here to stay for many years to come. With the kind of growth we are witnessing, the program is already is a big success and it can be seen from the activity and comments of all the members on my email or on the Facebook Group. If you have not joined the official facebook group, please do it now

    May the New Year bring happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones. UnicornAdz wishes you have a Happy New Year! Hope you have a rocking 2017!

    Thank you for your continuous support and trust in UnicornAdz. We as a team together look forward to make 2017 a bigger success for all of us.


  11. knowhow|ViralAdPays

    From: Viral Ad Pays

    Hello All,

    We had some changes on our server some times ago and that lead to some problems on this site. We had fixed most of the problems (we thought ALL of them!) but we then realized that withdrawals were not possible from your side anymore.

    This script is very complicated and we needed to contact the script provider to fix the issue.
    However, they did not answer to us until today, when we were able to fix the issue.

    Now You will be able to withdraw again but please note that Payza withdrawals may be slower
    than before. This is due to some kind of Payza shortage (all people started requesting payza
    instead of paypal on all our sites!)

    Sorry for the trouble,

    P.S. All tickets related to withdrawal issues have been closed, Mark.

  12. knowhow|5MinuteClub

    From: 5 Minute Club

    Dear members,

    First of all, we hope you have all had a great Christmas and would like to express our best wishes for 2017!

    Now, regarding our platform, we would like to give you a more extensive update of the current situation and the reason for some delays.

    As you may have noticed, we were supposed to enable the Surfing page, together with more options as the Advertising page where you could buy banner spots, login ads and a few other advertising options. Also, we had planned a PTC page to enable you to make more money by clicking specific ads.

    So, we launched while those last parts of the page were being finished. A few weeks later we were faced with our developper not responding and not finishing what we was supposed to finish (and what he was paid for). We kept trying over and over but until now, no reply. We were left with an unfinished platform and without any control over it.

    We also found a few bugs that were not supposed to allow members to perform certain tasks and that has caused some damage.

    We are not in any way trying to come up with excuses for anything nor are you stating that we`re closing down. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

    The hard truth is that while we got over 4k sign ups, only less than 100 members are in fact active.

    Right now, our best option is to find someone else to finish the page so we can finally turn it into what we always wanted. But that requires time and money. We are working in order to find a viable solution to finish it, giving you a much better experience and most of all – profitable.

    We decided to ditch Payza as a payment option and as soon as we find someone else capable of handling our script, it will be removed. Payza keeps asking for the same things over and over, even when they have got everything they need related to the business. Also, recently Payza has had many delays on their cashouts and a lot of people stopped using it. This, along with the fact that they always freeze part of the funds, is a big NO on using them. We hope you understand.

    Bitcoin is the best option, specially since it`s price is so high and you get much more value now compared to a few weeks/months ago.


    We are aware many people have pending cashouts for a few days and those will be taken care as soon as possible as they must be performed manually as we have disabled the automatic features for safety reasons. YOU WILL GET PAID. There`s no argument there.

    We just ask for some more patience.

    We are still discussing if we will “pause” the platform until we finish it. You will be notified of any decision.

    Right now, all we can ask is for your support. To keep promoting and bring more members. This will allow us to have more active members so we can establish partnerships that will be very beneficial to all of us.

    We ar NOT willing to give up and no obstacle will be too big to make us stop. But this is also in your hands. If you keep promoting and sharing your results, we will do everything we can to improve and turn this into a much more profitable business.

    Can we count on you?

    Best wishes for the New Year and lots of success!

    5MC Team

  13. knowhow|Profit Glitch

    From: Profit Glitch

    This has been a VERY exciting week!

    This email will cover the latest news with Profit Glitch and all the exciting things happening with the company!

    Earlier in the week… our system and server was overloaded with people trying to access the system. We literally at one point had over 1000 people trying to upgrade their membership.

    We made the quick decision on Monday to shutdown the server and do an emergency upgrade.

    This upgrade included the implementation of 6 separate servers, each running 12 cores and linking them all together in order to provide redundancy and full, real-time database backups.

    Not only that, we had to also move our Bitcoin Node to a new system and above all, secure all of our systems in order to be able to accomodate the growth of Profit Glitch.

    As I stated yesterday, Profit Glitch is now 100% fully automated when it comes to setting up user accounts and provisioning new systems!

    :: Update #1:: Affiliate Payouts ::

    Tomorrow, we will be making a massive payout to our members (This Means You!).

    We’ve had such an incredible amount of growth these past few days that we had to allocate more resources for converting our USD to Bitcoin for payouts, and we have done so!

    If you have commissions with Profit Glitch, you will be paid tomorrow!

    This payout time could run most of the day, but it is coming and that is exciting news!

    :: Update #2:: Mining Payouts ::

    Mining payouts are increasing and the next FULL, ALL Member Mining payout is happening at 10pm Eastern, which is in 1 Hour from now! That is TONIGHT!

    We expect over the next few days for Mining payouts to INCREASE as our systems are now fully transferred into our new data center and our automation systems are communicating with each other like they should.

    Remember folks: A Bitcoin address is NOT your email address. You can get a free bitcoin address online at or

    :: Update #3:: NEW Dashboard ::

    In the next few days, when you login to Profit Glitch… We will be rolling out a new central dashboard.

    This new dashboard will show transactions in the bitcoin network happening in real time and will be much easier to use.

    Stay tuned for the new dashboard!

    Last but not least…

    Profit Glitch is growing rapidly and we are here to stay for a very, very long time! We are excited for all of our members and looking forward to 2017 and beyond!

    Please be patient as our system is growing and improving daily.

    Thank you so much for being a part of this global opportunity.

    Robert / KC / Devon and the entire Profit Glitch-Profit DNS Team!

  14. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays Team Leader: Bill D.

    To: All Members of the PennyPays Facebook Share and Earn Program Pre-Launch Team

    Re: HUGE End of Year Pre-Launch Webinar – Thursday Eve Dec 29 at 9 PM ET (USA)
    (For Australia – See below) (See the full webinar details below)

    I will be hosting a Very Special End of Year Webinar for all members of the Pre-Launch Team and their guests. All are welcome to invite as many guests as possible to this Huge Webinar, as we prepare to move forward towards the Official Global Launch of the unique and exciting PennyPays Facebook Share and Earn Program, in January.

    We are nearing the monumental launch of a revolutionary new program with a proprietary software that is exclusive to World Light (the 10-year old debt-free Company behind PennyPays), and which has been granted approval by Facebook for interfacing into their Global Social Media Platform.

    There has never been anything like this! Everyone involved in every kind of company – be it a traditional brick and mortar company, an online company, and every Network Marketing Company imaginable – EVERYONE who is involved in any of these businesses needs, and will want what we have to offer – this is going to be HUGE!

    Let me not forget to mention all of the religious organizations and the many non-profit organizations, for whom this will make an incredible long-term fundraising program for.

    Make No Mistake About It – The PennyPays Facebook Share and Earn Program has Mass Appeal, and it is Poised for Massive Growth. It is going to Spread Virally all around the World, on Facebook and over the Internet and all of you receiving this invitation are most fortunate to be here with us a part of the Global Pre-Launch Team.

    We are the ones who will be taking this revolutionary new concept in advertising and marketing to the rest of the world. Many Fortunes are going to be made here!

    Details for our Special End of the Year PennyPays Webinar:
    Date & Time for USA Participants: Thurs. Dec 29 at 9 PM ET
    Conference Number: (515) 604-9000 – Access Code: 442977 #

    Date for Australia Participants: Fri. Dec 30 at 1 PM (Sydney)
    Conference Number: 61 2 8077 0505 – Access Code: 442977 #

    The end of this email contains a list of the Global Dial-in Numbers for all of the Countries served by Free Conference Call – to see all of the global access numbers. Make sure to check and verify the day and time in your location.

    Use this Time Zone Converter to see what 9 PM Eastern USA Time on Dec 29 is in your location:

    You can also join the Webinar on your PC from this link:

    NOTE: Do this at least 30 minutes before the webinar starts so you wont miss the beginning, as it may take several minutes to load the Webinar Applet on your PC

    – Enter your name and your email address – and then click: Join Meeting Now-
    – Click the Telephone Icon on top of the screen to hear the Audio on your PC
    – First-Time Visitors: When you click on the button it will put a file on your PC.

    You will need to click on the file and Run it to enable all of the functions – this may take several minutes, depending on your PC

    Once the program is installed on your PC – the Login Screen will appear: Enter your name and email address – and then click on: Join Meeting Now

    New Comers – Make sure to do this at least 15 min. before the start of the Webinar – to allow time for the online webinar program to be fully installed on your PC.

    Please be on time! – The Webinar will start promptly at the top of the hour.

    Join the Webinar from your Smart Phone or Tablet:
    NOTE: the Conference ID is: gfesiselteam

    For Andriod Devices:
    For Apple Devices:

    Final Note: This Webinar will be recorded and I will be sending out a Promo-Email after the call, which will have a link to access the recording of the Webinar.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you – and your guests – on this Huge Webinar Thursday Evening!

    Signed “Bill”
    Global Dial-in Numbers for all of the Countries served by Free Conference Call: List of the Global Dial-in Numbers for all of the Countries served by Free Conference Call

    For the GFESISELTEAM Calls: United States +1 5156049300 – Access Code: 442977

    For all other countries, use Access Code: 442977 Connect across the globe. Provide participants with a local in-country dial-in number from any of the 59 countries listed below.

    Albania +355 4 454 1702
    Argentina +54 351 5697183
    Australia +61 2 8077 0505
    Austria +43 1 2650524
    Belgium +32 3 294 11 50
    Brazil +55 11 30425274
    Bulgaria +359 2 495 1701
    Cambodia +855 96 696 7824
    Chile +56 2 3210 9930
    Colombia +57 6 7334210
    Costa Rica +506 4090 1321
    Croatia +385 1 8000 111
    Cyprus +357 77 788680
    Czech +420 225 852 073
    Denmark +45 78 73 09 24
    Dominican Republic +1 8299992544
    Estonia +372 614 8084
    Finland +358 9 74791024
    France +33 1 78 90 06 84
    GCC/Arabian Peninsula *** +973 6500 9132
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    Kosovo +381 38 413915
    Latvia +371 67 660 181
    Lithuania +370 661 05771
    Luxembourg +352 20 30 12 21
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    Mexico +52 899 274 8593
    Netherlands +31 20 322 3042
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    Norway +47 56 90 10 23
    Pakistan +92 21 37132320
    Panama +507 8336506
    Poland +48 22 116 85 44
    Portugal +351 21 114 3152
    Romania +40 31 780 7042
    Russian Federation +7 499 3710720
    Slovakia +421 55/230 45 33
    Slovenia +386 1 828 03 34
    South Africa +27 87 825 0144
    South Korea +82 7077373403
    Spain +34 857 80 11 14
    Sweden +46 8 124 108 01
    Switzerland +41 43 550 70 62
    Turkey +90 212 988 1754
    Ukraine +380 94 710 5584
    United Kingdom +44 330 998 1256
    United States +1 5156049300

    We hope to see you there!

  15. knowhow|Profit Glitch

    From: Profit Glitch

    Wow. That’s all we can say…

    The past 2 days has been absolutely nuts. Profit Glitch has added over 2,000 paid members in just under 48 hours.

    Not only that, this influx of new members happened on Christmas day when our company and datacenter was short staffed.

    For a short while, our automation systems went down due to high traffic on the site and thousands of people accessing the system all at once.

    We had to turn off the site, upgrade the system and make sure it was able to handle the growth!

    Well – We are back and now 100% fully automated and prepared to handle the next 5,000 members!

    A couple of topics to go over:

    1. Commissions
    Affiliate payouts are now resuming. Due to the system outage and server update, please login to your Profit Glitch account and add your payout options.

    MUST: Please make sure you have a Bitcoin address in your account. You must have multiple ways to get paid, that way you can ensure you get paid.

    2. Bitcoin Mining Payouts
    We had to turn the systems off during our upgrade. The mining process has begun again and will start generating Mining payouts tonight at 8pm Eastern Time (NYC)

    It is imperative that you login to your account and add your Bitcoin Payment address again.

    If you don’t have a Bitcoin payment address you can get one for free here: or

    3. Bitcoin Debit Card
    Our new bitcoin debit card solution is coming this week!

    Our systems are now 100% automated and live. Some pages may still reflect some content not loading correctly but we are working on upgrading everything.

    The server outage was a defining moment in our company to make the decision to do a server overhaul and upgrade, that way we are ready for all of your sales and bitcoin payouts!

    Most importantly – Please be patient over the next few days as we make payouts and get back on track!

    Thank you,
    Robert, Profit Glitch & Family

  16. knowhow|C. D. Builder

    From: Cash Downline Builder

    I’m very excited to share with you that BuildaBizOnline (BABO) has just been added to our Cash Downline Builder (CDB) system.

    BABO provides it’s members with an incredible suite of marketing and business building tools that help you build any business on the internet. You can also earn unlimited monthly residual income as a BABO member.

    After you join BuildaBizOnline make sure you watch the Getting Started videos in your BABO back office. If you’re already a BABO member place your BABO username in the appropriate slot on the Step #3 page of your CDB back office.

    Be on the look out for more updates this week which will enhance our CDB system. Get ready to make 2017 your year for earning considerable extra income from your home. The key is to consistently market, promote and advertise your above CDB referral link.

    I Wish You and Your Family a Happy Holiday Season. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

    To Your Success,
    Alonzo Brown
    Founder and CEO
    Cash Downline Builder

  17. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays

    Hey Team,

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Incredibly, we are still exploding and have not slowed during these holiday times! Wow! This is very, very impressive to say the least.

    We have a team that is doing what they call the “28 Day, 28 Thousand Dollar” Challenge with their group members and they are growing quickly.

    There is also a new team launching like a rocket in the U.S.A. lately that is exploding now! We welcome all of you new members.

    We also welcome the newest members from:
    U.S., France, Morocco, U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Albania, Hungary, Cambodia, Spain, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti, Australia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Denmark, Algeria, Singapore, Germany, Cote dIvoire, Jamaica, Sweden, Virgin Islands, Philippines, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia, Italy, Belgium and more.

    We are growing at an Amazing Rate!

    Remember, here is the 30 minute recorded PennyPays Pre-Launch Webinar: (this link is not currently working)

    This is the Webinar by one of our members, Bill, last Thursday evening. It is a great listen and contains lots of information.

    It is a downloadable file.

    We have a recorded presentation now.

    Listen to the short call: 1-512-505-6850 It is a 4 minute, or so, message and a very powerful presentation!

    This is the Facebook Post of the top FAQs for the Share and Earn Program:

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

    PennyPays Support Team

  18. knowhow|ClickingVenue

    From: Clicking Venue


    A referral contest has just begun!

    All PAID referrals registered from today DECEMBER 27th 11:00 AM IST to JANUARY 08th 23:59 IST , will be counted.

    Cash Rewards to Sponsors:

    First Winner: $200
    Second Winner: 100
    Third Winner: $50

    Besides the referrals cash reward, you will earn up to 12% referral commission to your withdrawable balance.

    Best Regards,
    Team ClickingVenue

  19. knowhow|L. A. Space

    From: Leased Ad Space

    In this video we show you how to make your new blog post… The Leased Ad Space New Personal Blog Is Ready… For You… Time to start spreading your content around like wildfire!

    Totally unlimited, you can now post fresh content as many times a day as your heart desires!

    Our Personal Blogs for members are finally available for ALL!

    For more content and updates, we will also post them here: To our main LAS Blog… Yes we have one to, and will use it! So please book mark that page, so you never miss an update.

    Time to get a rock’in my friend!

    Time to head on into the New Year, with a massive bang!

    P.S. Remember you can make any page on Leased Ad Space your referral link. You take any page you like and add directly on to the end of it… ?aid=yourusername

    You replace yourusername with Your actual username, and remember it is case sensitive, so if you have a capital letter in your username, you must use it that way. But you can put that on the end of ANY page, and it will become your referral link.

    Happy Holidays!

    And do not forget to join our Facebook group…

    Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

  20. knowhow|ClickingVenue

    From: Clicking Venue

    This is the last promotion of the year! You don’t wanna miss this opportunity to earn more, and FASTER!

    You asked for it, so here you go again:


    Only CASH BALANCE will be accepted

    We are expecting ad packs to mature in the first day of purchase! (ad packs purchased in the first minute of launching)

    Launching time: DECEMBER 21 at 8:00 AM EASTERN

    Please login and access the following page to see all the promo plan details:

    Best Regards,
    Team ClickingVenue

  21. knowhow|OK Pay

    From: OK Pay

    OKPAY is giving away New Year’s gifts!

    The festive winter season is coming, and we invite you to take part in our contest “Get Xtra cash for the upcoming Holidays”!

    Detailed terms and conditions can be found on our Facebook page.

    Users that submit the funniest and most creative pictures will get a nice bonus credited to their OKPAY wallet:

    1st place – 100$
    2nd place – 70$
    3rd place – 50$

  22. knowhow|Entrepreneur

    From: Entrepreneur Unified

    Hey Guys!

    Sorry, been busy working this week on the Revshare customisation and testing.

    We found out some bugs and are working with the developer to correct it soon.

    Sorry to say, but our revshare will not be launching this week due to the same reason.

    We have been trying our best, but some things are not in our hands.

    Now time for some Good news.

    We have been approved from Solid Trust Pay for our revshare.

    Also, we have added the dividends from this week and have also updated our accounting section.

    PI is having about 50+ positions cycled daily in the new round!

    And we have about $330+ in Reset Funds!

    All cashouts in PI and EU Processed.

    We will keep you updated with the news about revshare.

    Just leave me a message in skype, email, facebook or using support ticket if something concerns you.

    We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Shebin John aka Remedcu,
    CEO, Entrepreneur Unified

  23. knowhow|LASpace

    From: Leased Ad Space

    I really hope you take the time to watch this video all the way through, I want to help you understand the value in Leased Ad Space, and what we are trying to provide for you.

    To be a successful marketer online, everyone needs real honest website traffic, that you can continue to grow, with no further cost.

    Website traffic is the lifeline to making money online, and every single entrepreneur, website owner, affiliate marketer, blogger, needs and must have for success!

    Happy Holidays

    Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

  24. knowhow|UnicornAdz

    From: UnicornAdz

    Dear Members,

    Growing continuously we are over 5650 members now. The Lead Capture & Autoresponder System has received superb response from all corners and UnicornAdz members can always expect MORE coming their way.

    Now the great news is that another feature is being provided exclusively to all the UnicornAdz Paid Members i.e., Downline Builder. You can find it in Marketing Tools section of your UnicornAdz Members Area.

    The Downline Builder is a tool to help you build downlines in other programs. To start with, we have listed out certain traffic exchange programs, join them if you aren’t already part of them and add your affiliate IDs in the Downline builder.

    Your own UnicornAdz downline will join under you if they decide to use the Downline builder themselves. Sign up by clicking Name of the program or by clicking the banner and then update your affiliate ID in the Downline Builder.

    If your upline has not filled in their ID, it will go to their upline. If they haven’t filled in their ID either, it will keep checking each upline. This means that you could get referrals to sites from your referrals, and in endless levels of their referrals.

    Further, as promised in last update, I would like to give some tips on how ALL UnicornAdz members can recruit using the Lead capture Pages (even if you have never recruited EVER in your life). So here it is :

    Where to promote Lead Capture Pages?

    Lead Capture Page Method #1. Traffic Exchanges…

    A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members can surf and view other members sites. This is done based on a system of credits where 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds.

    You can also convert these credits into banner and text ads to help promote your UnicornAdz Referral Lead Capture Pages even more. We have listed some Traffic Exchange Sites in the Downline Builder (under Marketing Tools Section in your Members Area)

    Lead Capture Page Method #2. Social Media Sites & Forums…

    Adding the URL of your landing page into the ‘about’ section of ALL your social media profiles, not just one or two like most people set out to do, but all of them! Here’s a list of places where you might want to add your lead capture page URL…

    *Facebook business page about section, at the start.

    *Facebook personal profile about section.

    *Twitter profile bio

    *YouTube Channel links.

    *Google Plus Profile (Links section and ‘Story’ section).

    *LinkedIn contact details – Also if you have an incentive such as an eBook to giveaway to people who signup, consider adding it to your ‘publications’ section in LinkedIn.

    *Pinterest image upload: Upload an image of the cover of your eBook, add a unique description and a link back to your lead capture page.

    *The list doesn’t end here… Find all the social media profiles you’re active on and do the same for them, including any blog network profiles that you have.

    *Use online forums or ‘forum marketing’. Use link to your favourite lead capture page in your form’s signatures. You will automatically be promoting it with every post you make those forums.

    *Search groups on Facebook relating to “earn money online”, “MLM”, “Network Marketing” etc and join them. Add a lots of people from there and promote your lead capture link over there. Please note that the link needs to be supplemented by some text in order to catch the attention of your prospects. You can simply use the text written on the Lead Capture Pages as they are written by professionals or you can use your own creativity.

    *Post a comment on your Timeline in Facebook about the program and how you are progressing in it, along with a link of your Lead Capture page in the end. Just keep posting your progress every 2-3 days.

    Lead Capture Page Method #3. Email…

    *Add links to your Email Signature. Every time you send an email, your landing page link has click-through potential. Use a catchy line in your email signatures like “Find : How to earn money with ads” and hyperlink it with your Lead Capture Page. This will do automatic and permanent advertising for you.

    *Prepare a list of all email contacts you have. You can send a teaser to all of them about this new opportunity with a Lead Capture link at the bottom. Remember, you should not SPAM at all and email only those whom you know and exchange emails with.

    IMPORTANT : Applicable to ALL Methods (KING STEP)

    To get more sign ups to your Lead Capture Pages, do give incentive such as an eBook free to people who signup. You get plenty of ebooks free with your UnicornAdz subscriptions. Feel free to offer them to your prospective leads!

    The 1-2-3 Marketing System will be a comprehensive version of what I have covered here but I have tried to cover some important ones here in a short space.

    If you have not upgraded yet, DO NOT MISS this next BIG thing. It is just the beginning, there is a lot coming your way. Buy your subs today as today the Eighth tranche of the subs purchased on first day will hit creating a lot of spillover.

    Thanks a lot for your support!

    Sid, Admin, UnicornAdz

  25. knowhow|InstaAdPays

    From: InstaAdPays

    We would like to thank every member that has signed up with us. Insta Adpays has been just launched and we have already received massive attention from our audience.

    As you know that we have started a “Referral Contest” and results will be published on the 20th Dec.2016. There will be total 7 rewards,so please check here more details:

    Contest is based on referrals who bought ad pack and to qualify for the reward,sponsor must have at least 1 ad packs active in the program. Also we will track all ip address closely and per ip address only 1 registration will be allowed

    Also, dont forget to post your payment proofs at forums and facebook group.

    Just keep up the great work.

    More good news will follow in coming days

    Thanks everyone for your support !!!
    Regards, Team InstaAdpays


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