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  1. knowhow|USI-TECH: KYC Breaking News

    From: USI-Tech

    Dear partners,

    Due to international legislation, all existing, and future registered partners must immediately perform an account verification (KYC) to ensure full access to the features of your account.

    Please click on the PROFILE submenu on the left hand side of your dashboard. First make sure that all entries marked with a red * are filled in.

    This means the name, first name, address, etc. MUST be the same as the information on the uploaded documents.

    We expressly point out that only fully-qualified persons are permitted to hold an account with USI-TECH. The prerequisite is a minimum age of 18 years, which must be proved with a corresponding identity and address verification.

    We kindly ask you to upload your documents for the account verification by August 25th, 2017 at the latest so that you can still use your account and all its features.

    Best regards,
    USI-TECH Service Team
    Transform your life

  2. knowhow|Build-A-Biz-Online

    Hi to all Free members at BuildABizOnline

    Because we have thousands of Free members who have joined us just for something to do. The members that are paying to keep Buildabizonline afloat have made a decision.

    If you want to Login to your Members Area you will need to be at least a Pro Trial member. at that can only be used One Time Only as a Trial is just that a Trial.

    If you do not agree with this you may delete your account by logging in.

    Ian Stewart
    Admin & Friend

  3. knowhow|Paid In Circles

    From: Paid In Circles

    Hello everyone,

    Hope your day is going wonderfully for you!!

    Here is copy of call we did today.

    We added this one to the home page at the product tab because that is what it mostly was about.

    The Daily circles are going amazingly well. We have some of the best members here. Us that volunteer our time to you want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are working everyday to make paid in circles last and last for YOU!!!

    I wish we could post the payouts of patronage refunds for all to see, But we can not. It is against laws in our country. It is considered incitement. But here is what our attorneys said we can do. Is if you would please submit a testimonial on the site. That says in your own words what paid in circles has done for you and your family. You do not have to give dollar amounts.

    Just in your own word let the ones that look there know that you have been paid. Just what ever you want. We know we have members here that are new and are waiting. Just if it compels you to do so please submit a testimonial. You can send it to us here in email and we will add it to the products page so that only the members here that look there can see. If you are ok with it being on the website for all to see you can submit it thru your back office.

    I know you hear us say how well things are going and if it has not happened for you yet, we are working for it to. But we pay out many members each and every day.. You may be asking yourself, what are they doing that I am not? We see a really good plan is to buy something as often as you can from your earnings. Pif has many as you can as you earn. Bring some home too, but the ones that are working this and putting just a bit back in, sharing with others are doing very very very well here.

    We do have to say that we have way too many Dormant accounts. And we will work those on Sept 1. We were told we had to give them a months notice of that change so they have plenty of time to log in and participate or buy circles so they can get in the circles sooner than waiting till we do it in September.

    Have a wonderful evening and lets keep these circles rolling.


  4. knowhow|My Traffic Packs

    From: My Traffic Packs


    Hello, we are happy to announce that we are ready to bring up something unique which will last for years and years and it will be linked with MyTrafficPacks so, we will never face the revenue shortage yes i know , you all want to know about it but its a thing of 2 3 weeks and it will be released.

    so on this occasion i want to spread some love to all my members


    whoever from today add fresh funds will get 10% on their deposits till we launch the new system of MTP. but the deposit must be at least 200+

    hope you will love this and grab it

    Regards, Admin

  5. knowhow|Paid In Circles

    From: Paid In Circles

    .50 to $50.00

    Here is how the Daily Circles work.

    You must commit to doing this line daily. If you do not buy .at least .50 a day when you earn your 50.00 then you can make that up and start again. But you can not bring home funds till you do it daily for 5 consecutive days after earning. We will be doing this Line Monday Thru Friday with weekends being optional.

    So DO NOT join this line unless you agree to this and will do it daily. There is a limit of 10 entries here per day per user name. That is 5.00 a day. Please do not buy more. If you do, they will be removed and you lose your funds. When you join this line then we know you agree to this.

    level 1 .50 x 3 = 150 You roll to the next level
    Level 2 1.50 x 4 = 6.00 You roll to the next level
    Level 3 6.00 x 2 = 12.00 You roll to the next level
    Level 4 12 x 2 = 24.00 You roll to the next level
    Level 5. 24 x 2=48.00 7.00 added to Subscription Wallet. 1.00 to coop You roll to the next level
    Level 6 40 x 2 =80.00 50.00 Cash out. 7.00 to sub Wallet 3 spots added for you in the Dollar Circle. 2 spots added for you to the Baby Blue and 1 spot added for you the the Dream Starter Circle.

    Again when this happens we will check to see if you have been doing your daily purchases. If not then we will purchase the ones you did not do to catch you up. Then if you are participating member you may bring home funds after you buy a 7.00 sub and have shared your link with two others since last withdraw. So when you buy two or three or more at a time then you will go thru this line in a roll and those 50.00 will add up. So this will allow you to get your two people and a sub and bring home over 100.00 or more.

    But do not join this line unless you plan to work it daily. It will only take 5 minutes out of your day to do this wonderful program that is working.

    All members can join the Daily Circles. New members also. Just have a sub and get into these lines asap and start earning.

    The programmer will be adding it to the site so that you can buy it from your back office sometime tomorrow..

    We are also adding it so that you can purchase the Dollar Circle and the Baby Blue circles from your back office also.

    Paid it circles is here to bless you and all here and with the holiday season around the corner, lets do this!!!!

    Till the programmer is finished you may purchase now. Just do a withdraw from your back office. This is the only time you will see the details on the Daily Circles.

    If you do not want to do these lines. That is just fine. We do not need to hear from you. These lines will bless those that participate.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. knowhow|Ads Cash

    Few Major Updates AdsCash/ICM Family

    1.ICM Referral Commissions Have Been Released Few Hours Ago. Now in Your USD And Adscash Wallets ( 50 % In USD And 50 % In AdsCash Wallets )

    2.You Can Place Withdrawl Requests Of Your USD Wallet Balance In Bitcoins, And They Will Be Processed Once Every 72 Hours

    3.We are very close to closing our first ICO deal inside ICM and in about 30 days time , we should be able to release an ICO inside ICM for you guys to buy in and even promote also !

    4.New Price Of Adscash Coins Is Now 13.7 Cents And The Moment We Sell Out 96 Million Coins , Price Will Be Increased To 15.3 Cents

    5.This Week Was A Major Milestone for Us in terms of development on the technical side – we managed to release our mobile app on google playstore in android version and ios version is pending approval on apple store….

    Should be done anytime soon…….

    6.Major behind the scenes work is going on when it comes to developing adscash blockchain and you will be hearing lots of good news shortly !

    Its a simple business – keep buying more adscash coins and trading packages and keep referring new people to adscash/ICM and tell them to do the same

    Daily 1 % Improvement

    See you on top

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson CEO

  7. knowhow|BitCoin Casino

    From: Bitcoin Casino

    Dear members,

    We are glad to inform you that you can now deposit/withdraw as per normal.

    Deposit Now And Receive 30% Reload Bonus

    As always, we wish you the best of luck!

    Support, Bitcoin Casino

  8. knowhow|Residual Income TV

    From: Residual Income TV

    Hey, this is Atticus

    Guys, I cannot use PayPal anymore on Residualincome.TV, as I said in a video message yesterday.

    PayPal forced me to cancel all the hundreds of recurring billing subscriptions that had been set up, which is the reason for these urgent updates over the past few days.

    Those of you had PayPal subscriptions must make immediate alternative payment solutions via 4 methods I outline in your back office.

    These are:

    Solid Trust Pay

    Please watch this video for an explanation:

    There will be a permanent solution in place shortly.

    Thanks and Best regards,
    Atticus Killough (the admin of

  9. knowhow|Paid In Circles

    From: Paid In Circles

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to all of our new members.

    Here is some very important information here for you today.

    The company that we had our Talking Avatar with said that they had to discontinue service with us because we were using their service too much for their server to handle. I spoke to someone there after our call today and they said that they were sorry they had to protect their servers. I know we have almost 3 thousand members here now and each and every time you log into your paid in circles site the avatar played. We had no idea that that would ever have been a issue. We are so sad and sorry about this development and seems there is not anything we can do about this.

    But it is ok. We have some members that have given us insight on new products for you and we will review them soon. We have been busy this last week with our council has we had them review our site one last time to make sure that we are compliant in every way and here is what they advised us.

    We need to add a couple of policies in place now that we have grown so. First is about dormant accounts. This is very very important to the community. We could just let them set and do nothing with them. But to be compliant, we have been advised to have this in place. We want the members here earning and not let anyone hold us back. We have found already we have way tooo many Dormant accounts. What this is, is accounts where the owners have funds sitting there and they are doing Nothing with the funds.

    They are not participating and that is ok, but they do need to log in and purchase circles so that those funds go to participating members, and the wonderful person that shared this with them is earning patronage Refunds on them. IF they are doing nothing it affects everyone here in some way form or fashion. So has of Sept 1, 2017 All dormant accounts that have not had any activity by the own for the last 30 days and have funds there, then Paid in Circles team will buy them more circles. So they can keep earning and their sponsor earns and this keeps the circles rolling. We have the team here now ready and able to do this. So we are letting everyone know in advance before we start this.

    So get ready, September and beyond you are going to see something huge happen here. But hopefully every one will read this and go in and purchase circles with the funds they have just sitting in the back office. So that when they do receive in the larger circles they can participate then and bring home funds. But money just sitting in your dormant account helps no one and we at Paid in Circles want this to last forever and the participating members be blessed so they and we can help all we can.

    So last thing we are going to share with you is this. To bring home your patronage refunds we had to add one more thing. This is per our Counsel. This is not our rule. This is the law of the country we are in and this applies to all members of Paid in Circles no matter where you live.

    To participate in the Patronage Refund product that we have here, you must patronize the site.

    What you must do to bring home funds is share this with 2 or more paid members since you last pay out. Yes you read that correct. This is just a 7.00 program and so many or you are bringing home a lot and we mean a lot of money on a steady basis. And that is wonderful, but you must share this with 2 or more paid members before each time you bring home patronage refunds. For example. You brought home patronage refund June 30th and you did.

    Now, between then and now you must share your link or pay it forward for 2 more members before your next withdraw. Nice and easy. And you must have purchased a brand new subscription dated the day you ask to bring home patronage refunds. If you earn 120.00 and you want to bring it home and you have not shared your link with anyone since your last withdraw that is ok. Get with us and we can help you get two or you can find them. They must be real people and for 14.00 to pay in two members and a 7.00 sub dated the day you ask for a withdraw. Then you are good to go. That is so easy because that spot cost you only 7.00 and it may very well have been 7.00 you earned here. So now you have over 90.00 to bring home. So that is small small amount to help others help you earn more here. Then bring home the rest..

    It is a co op and we all share in a co op. So doing this helps you keep the patronage refunds coming your way and with all the participating members we have here WOW. We have a winner winner here. And we are compliant and not telling anyone they can come here and do nothing and earn. We all know that does not work. Been there and done that.

    So when you Pay it forward for someone here know that Paid in Circles will be on our toes and being compliant that everyone participates here and if not that is ok, The monies will go to those that are. And anyone can start participation at anytime. Its OK. Some people do not believe or have faith that something will work, well we all know that is not the case here. You work it, It works. And now that our counsel helped us with dormant accounts we have something long term here.

    Now we are getting many new members thru the co op so far. But we do appreciate it if you can help with that also. We need more. So when you send out emails for anything else you may do please add a line or two about how Paid in circles is good advertising source and they can participate and earn also if they choose. If after 3 days that they join and are still a free member then one of our members may pay for their membership with them as the sponsor and earn and earn on them because they are participating. If that member never participates that is ok. Paid it circles will make sure that they buy circles after they have been dormant.

    Here is copy of the call we had today:

  10. knowhow|Ads Cash

    Hey AdsCash Family !

    In our effort to take adscash business to next level , we just launched our mobile app in google app store

    Here is the link for direct download :

    We have also submitted the app in apple store for approval and moment it’s approved , we will release the app in apple store

    also… This is just the beginning ….Many good things are yet to come… One step at a time…

    See you on top

    Nick Johnson
    CEO – Ads.Cash

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