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This page will basically cover any make money news category that is not already listed in the menu above. Please refer to the complete details in the two paragraphs below. Disclaimer: We will report news, but we do not endorse any or most of these programs… We always report, not always recommend… P. S. Google any program to get the address (url).

KNOW NEW NEWSKnow New News Is New News That You Know: Do You Know New News?
It can be First-Hand Program News from your email, a forum, a facebook group, etc., or News From Some Other Source… You are welcome to submit your current and valid (not fake) news about ANY ONLINE MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM… It can be Good News or Bad News about an open or closed RevShare, PTC (paid-to-click), Hybrid, GPT (get-paid-to), Matrix, HYIP (high-yield-investment-program), Cycler, MLM (multi-level-marketing), Affiliate, or any other type of program you may want to report about on this Know New News page.

Rules To Report The News (for this page only) (1) Perform A Search Of This Blog to determine if your program has been posted here. (If the program has already been posted, then you can only submit your news or opinion on that posted program page)… (2) It can be Real New News, or your Real Honest Opinion about the news of any non-posted program… (3) You must mention the Name Of The Program, but only one website-link or affiliate-link will be allowed within the content of your news report and/or opinion… (4) You can Brand Yourself Here by simply commenting regularly and by including your same real name, nickname, username, or your company name in each comment… (5) Your News Or Opinion Must Be Approved By The Admin (it will be approved, unless we deem it to be fake or spam)…

This Page Does Not Include News About Any Of Our Posted Programs,
Unless The News Was Reported Here Before The Program Was Posted.

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  1. knowhow|MyRevenue

    From: My Revenue Ads

    Hello All MRA Members, Hope all of you are doing great.

    We Have Successfully Completed 6 Months….Congratulations All of you for making it possible.

    About withdrawals.

    New Adpack Launched Now.
    Adpack cost​ $100.
    Maximum 100 only.

    Daily revenue sharing – 6% fixed.

    You can purchase this adpack using cash balance only.

    In coming days gone a doing some new updates (program).that will be making us to be here for long term… stay tuned for that thing and keep clicking.

    So promote MRA and get successful long term business relationship.

    Thanks, Admin

  2. knowhow|MyHitBuzz

    From: My Hit Buzz

    We officially Launched In a Day and 20 Hours Ago & we already Achieved 200+ Members Strong in a very short Period of time. Since the day we’ve Launched, we are having more and more people that support and patronize our business.

    It seems to give us a feeling that we have been firmly lifted upward for us to continuously grow and develop. Let us prove everyone out there that they have made the right choice in joining MYHITBUZZ.

    Please Get In touch with your referrals and Instruct them to join our official Facebook group {} to keep them up to date About the Latest activities and What we are Up to at MYHITBUZZ. Let us share our Achievements about our business here in our group,in order for us to grow productively.

    Check The Overview below:
    ☑️Total Registered member Up to Date – 217
    ☑️Total Withdrawal Paidout – $8.72

    We would constantly making developments in the site to Satisfy the needs of our Clients.

    If you have any Question, feel free to submit a support ticket Or Chat Us Up with the Live Chat Support. We would Get Back to you as Fast as Possible!

    Have a Productive Day!

    Best Regards, Gillian Douglas.

  3. knowhow|Ads Cash

    From: Ads Cash

    We Just Finished doing final stress testing of our servers and everything looks great!

    Database migration has been completed and will be done once more finally on Monday!

    Content wise we are done with landing pages design, power point presentations, welcome and intro video and compensation plan document

    Next two days being the weekend when tech team is off, we don’t want to go LIVE as bugs can come especially at the scale we are about to do this prelaunch at!

    Hence management has decided that Monday Evening onwards links to new system will be mailed to some of the proven leaders in AdsCash and Click Intensity and they will be able to place their leaders in…

    This also stress tests the systems before we open for public on Wednesday and start creating momentum for the biggest prelaunch of 2017

    From now till wednesday If I am you, I will start prequalifying my email lists, facebook and other social media audiences that something big is coming and prepare them

    Then moment I get my links on Monday or Wednesday , will start taking non stop action for the next 30 days of prelaunch and create the biggest team I possibly can!

    Get focussed, take a chill and lets get ready for massive next week and whole month of July And August

    Next update on Monday

    Thanks And Regards, Nick Johnson

  4. knowhow|Karat Bars

    From: KaratBarsInt

    How was the first Karatbars Global Leader Headquarters Week in Stuttgart?

    Hot, intense, emotional and full of information! And not to forget: Dinners, Excursions and Parties!

    The events on Sunday and Monday were particularly important for our business.

    In the venerable Alte Reithalle – built in 1887 – we came together on Sunday at 9 am to take part in the Global Leader Headquarters DAY.

    Thomas Brenner led with confidence the day, being the first highlight the presentation of Nelis van de Wateringen, who now belongs to the team as a new international leader.

    Nelis presented himself in an animated, cheerful way and proved a lot of humor. A great start – we will certainly hear a lot from him. Brian McGinty from Ireland recalled in his touching speech the past four years, which became the turning point of his life through Karatbars.

    Subsequently, news and strong facts were delivered by Juan Giner and Kike Gavilanes from Spain. Giner announced the launch of Karatpay, from which Mastercard, VISA and American Express cards can now be used for payment. Kike Gavilanes sketched the new K-Exchange, whose re-design and restart was launched earlier this week.

    After an elaborated, delicious lunch at the Maritim Hotel, Prof. Dr. B. Strukelj from Ljubljana, Slovenia, explained the medical and nutritional science background of our product KaratVITAL as a food supplement. Interested guests could purchase the beneficial product during the event.

    Nitsa Nakos from Canada dominated the stage not only thanks to her impressive presence and energy but also because of the unveiled, new ‘business accelerator’ KARAT FAST TRACK, which will make easier and faster for newcomers to achieve great results. At the moment, we are working on the exact details in the marketing plan, the ones who will immediately be placed in the Back Office.

    Helmar Rudolph from South Africa, gave us an overview of the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. This is not a simple subject and it should be processed carefully. Those interested can access extensive material in the Internet.

    Unfortunately, Cherylanne Gober and Tammy Morrison weren´t able to be in Stuttgart. Really sad, we thought. But fortunately, Skype has already been invented.

    Both of them took part via internet in our event to announce the next big incentive: The Freedom Celebration 2018 in Las Vegas! You can find all the information in our Facebook page and in the Back Office. Las Vegas always worth the trip!

    Finally: Harald Seiz, CEO and voice, heart and engine of Karatbars. Anyone who knows him knows that he moves on the stage, as if he was born there. He used the excellent atmosphere in the hall to call to the stage for the best of the best and to thank them personally for their great commitment.

    This moment of great emotion was recorded on video as well as the complete event. A compilation of all the important moments will be added ‘asap’ into our YouTube channel. So those at home will not get angry.

    Sunday evening ended at H’ugo’s, a very trendy location in the middle of Stuttgart, after a brief but memorable game of some ISKA athletes (International Sports Karate & Kickboxing Association), who demonstrated their technical skills on all kinds of very hard objects.

    The following Monday morning was dominated by extremely intense breakout sessions. Experienced figures such as Xavi Mallafre (Spain), Dorell Lunn (Bahamas), Priska King (Canada), once again Prof Dr B. Strukelj (Slovenien) as well as Brian Cromley (USA) fascinated the crowded audience.

    The Corporate Visit was joined by lunch. Some could finally see with their own eyes how gold comes on the cards: With much care and love.

    All those who did not want to go to sleep, gathered that evening at the Solitude Palace for a first-class 4-course meal. You can find out more about the next two days of this unique experience in the next newsletter. Among other things, why the incentive winners suddenly went into the air…

    Nitsa Nakos and Priska King launched the Super-Saturdays International leaders will organize meetings that provide you with even faster and more direct know-how and optimization tips. When and where – and on which platform – your leaders will tell you soon. So, stay tuned.

    Earlier this week, KaratPay was launched with extended payment options. This required a complete overhaul of K-Exchange, whereby all existing K-Exchange entries had to be deleted. The integration of the new payment options prevented the simple transfer of existing K-Exchange entries to the new system environment.

    Once your entry is processed, you will receive an e-mail from us, so you can register your K-Exchange again on the optimized K-Exchange platform. If you are already a buyer and owner of a K-Exchange package, this will of course remain valid under your new K-Exchange entry.

    What’s next?: The second part of the experiences of our guests during the First Karatbars Global Leader Headquarters Week, for all those who could not be there. Why, for example, an island can be the better choice than a castle…

  5. knowhow|MyHitBuzz

    From: MyHitBuzz

    Hello Member,

    We’re Aware about the Slowness of MYHITBUZZ and We’ve already Contact our Hosting Company To Help Us Check What the Issues Is, and We are Hoping to Get Positive response from Them In few Hours,

    If you have any Question, Do not hesitate to contact me here on facebook, and If i am Not Active try and sent support ticket or Chat me up Via our Live Support Center As we’re always Online over there.

    Stay Tuned

    Best Regards,
    Gillian Douglas.

    1. ScamBuster

      From: ScamBuster

      1. Admin using fake Facebook profile.
      2. Admin claims to be in the UK. Facebook profile shows USA.
      3. Admin claims company is limited company in the UK. Company is not registered.
      4. Address Admin claims is the registered address for the “company” is false. It is an empty house (I live 2 miles away)
      5. No external sources of income

      MyHitBuzz is a scam and will scam you. Be warned.

      1. Admin|K.H.T.E.

        We appreciate your opinion here at Know How To Earn, because we are unbiased, and we always report the news from both sides of the aisle, pro or con. Therefore, your input is welcome, and the only stipulation is that we ask for as much detailed proof as possible before you declare any program a scam.

        Also, what is your definition of a scam? Everyone who participates in these type of programs, already know the risks, and our disclaimers here on the blog remind them of that fact.

        Please refer to our About Us page (scroll half way down) for our “definition” of a scam. Also, refer to our Damn Scam page.

        Thanks again for this reply, and any future replies.


  6. knowhow|Ads Cash

    From: Ads Cash

    We are excited to announce our corporate meetings in Singapore for the month of June And July.

    Jun: 28th

    July: 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th 22th & 29th

    Timings : 7.30 To 9.30 On Wednesdays And 2.30 To 5.30 Pm On Saturdays

    Address : 10 Anson Road , #36-05A , International Plaza , Singapore – 079903 (Above Tanjong Pagar MRT)

    Check the image below

    Presentations Will Start Right On Time As Mentioned In Scheduler Image below followed with training.

    If you know people in Singapore whom you think are a right fit for Adscash business , leverage these meetings to grow your business.

    Also if you have existing teams in Singapore, make sure to plug them into these corporate meetings so that they can invite their guests too as well as get trained by experts.

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson, CEO – AdsCash

  7. knowhow|Sanox

    From: Sanox

    Hello users,

    We going steady now for a month since we started and everyone enjoying the program as much as we expected, that for we are working on more features to make Sanox even more attractive.

    AdvCash API should also be fixed now as we just updated it.

    If you encounter any other issues let us know by opening a support ticket, and we will fix it as fast as possible.

    Best Regards

  8. knowhow|AdzBuzz

    From: AdzBuzz

    Hi Everybody, I hope you’re doing good today!

    As we are making good progress on several things, here’s another update:

    Auto-exchange integrated
    As of now you can instantly buy ADZcoin at market value Inside ADZbuzz. All you need to do is deposit Bitcoin to the address generated and the ADZ will automatcally be sent to your ADZbuzz web wallet.

    Dashboard loading improvement
    I’m sure you noticed but we also added a cool feature when the dashboard is loading. It’s also a good way for branding purposes as our logo is more prominently shown this way when accessing the dashboard.

    ADZbuzz Services marketplace coming soon
    The Fiverr-like marketplace is connected to ADZbuzz along with the affiliate system, and a final check is currently underway. When that’s done we’ll introduce the marketplace to the world and turn it into the first major external revenue source for ADZbuzz! One of the products we’ll sell ourselves on the marketplace is the referrals offer, and I assume ADZbuzz related services will sell pretty good. I’m sure there will be many creative offers added there soon.

    ADZbuzz buy referrals offer
    There have been some questions about the buy referrals offer, and at the moment we mix all the old and new referrals we referred ourselves. We still have over 2000 referrals to go and will keep on distributing them to all buyers. You might have noticed that you got a new batch today and that’s the reason, mainly because we can’t guarantee the old referrals are active. When we distributed all the old ones, we will change the offer and directly sell active referrals who completed the tour. There will be a waiting list for this and we’ll sell this as a first comes first served offer and will be added to the ADZbuzz Services marketplace as mentioned.

    Tifostarter in development
    Another major income stream that will be added in a couple of weeks is Tifostarter, our football crowdfunding website. Because we are a bit limited in time we’ll solely focus on the crowdfunding angle the first season along with a live chat feature and gallery. I believe there’s a big need for a platform like this and this will become a huge external revenue source for the ADZbuzz project. Our job will be to add all teams to the site and promote it on the various forums of those teams. This will start in July so we are ready for the football season which starts end of July/August in most European countries. To give a big boost we’ll be offering ADZ bounties to people who translate and post the threads on the forums of all the football forums. More info about that will follow later.

    Extra Income stream coming soon
    We’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and this has already been suggested, but we believe we found the perfect script to give our revenue a serious boost.

    Now to make it clear, we WON’T use the revenue sharing aspect. This script offers numerous ways for people to earn and the earnings will be used to buy ADZ and add them to your ADZbuzz account, and 20% profit which will be used for the revenue distribution along with 50/50 indirect donation feature. You will see that there are tons of ways to earn:

    – Paid to click
    – Paid to watch videos (dailymotion)
    – Paid to play games (fanmobi)
    – Paid to do micro-tasks (crowdflower)
    – Paid to join sites
    – Traffic exchange
    – Offer walls (cpalead)
    – Login ads
    – Many more…

    Plus, we can add banners from the ADZbuzz adverts manager here as well to increase the daily ad impressions and intrinsic value of every ADZcoin, so it’s a double benefit. This will make it an easy way for everybody to earn ADZ without putting in too much effort.

    Obviously this is not a platform where you will earn a full-time income. The goal is here that 1000’s of people earn $1-10 per day and we use that income to buy ADZ and add it to member’s account and part of it to the revenue distribution and indirect donation address. 1000’s of people earning $10 a day would give the coin a serious boost.

    This will ensure our community becomes much more engaged and an actually directly help the project and themselves. If you see how uh money goes around in PTC sites then this could be massive in the long run!

    Affiliate program for earnings platform
    Just as with most other features and platforms on ADZbuzz we’ll have a referral program ensuring you earn 10% of whatever your referral earns. So this offer will also count for the VIP offer and will either be paid in Dollars or ADZ, more info will follow later as we still need to check on how to manage the integration.

    Start of buyback program
    The cool thing about the new platform is that every time we earn there will be ADZ sent the indirect donation address as well. As you know we will use a 50/50 system in which 50% of our profits will be sent to the daily profit distribution and 50% to the indirect donation address, drastically reducing the supply of ADZcoin. Once our 3 new platforms are up and running and generating revenue we can finally start with this.

    Transparancy about the buyback program
    As of now we still haven’t really started the main feature that will push the value of ADZcoin upwards, which is the 50/50 indirect donation feature as mentioned. Once we have the 3 external income streams up and running we will start reporting our earnings week after week to show exactly how much we earned and how much we sent to the indirect donation address.

    I accidentally stumbled upon a coin which uses kind of the same tactic but only with fees from an exchange. The coin is called Obits and has seen an amazing growth recently. The starting point of this coin was about 4 cents (sounds familiar?) and here is where they are now:

    Name: obits.png
    Views: 1
    Size: 65.9 KB
    ID: 3657

    The difference is obviously that we have a way better system in place because ADZcoin will also be used by advertisers and people wanting to earn passive income. This is just to show that things can go really fast in the crypto world and not much is needed to make ADZcoin rise in value fast.

    I think it’s about time we make it happen. Our 3 new income streams are almost ready and then we can see the true power of our system in action.

    So that’s it for now, have a great day!


  9. knowhow|Sanox

    From: Sanox

    Hello users,

    We fixed the instant withdrawal API error for Perfect Money and Payeer, withdrawals are now instant.

    Best Regards, Sanox

  10. knowhow|PacAds

    From: PacAds

    Hello every one,

    PACADS is growing very fast since yesterday, be ready with funds in Payza or BTC PACADS is launching in couple of hours, we have approx 600 members now and we hope within 48 hours will acheive 1000 member target ,

    1: How to buy position:

    Please see this video and follow to buy position.. you don’t need to add deposit, go to buy position select your position and select your processor and purchase it,

    i want to share some good strategy which will help you on work in PACADS.

    Best strategy to Earn $100 Per week.

    *Purchase 1 Mini Phase Worth $10
    *Purchase 1 Phase 1 level 1 Position $15.
    *Recommend to people join PAS.
    *be Patience and wait for your turn it will not take too much time.
    *When you receive $100 from system urgent Add membership $20 again and help other people.

    Purchase Position Strategy

    *Purchase multiple positions in phase 1 because phase 1 have lot of potential.
    *purchase at least 1 mini and 1 micro position.
    *if website don’t have 2187 active members or positions in phase 1 then contact with admin and ask them and support to reach 2187 positions in phase 1. whenever company will have 2187 active position in phase 1 you don’t need to do any thing, Earn $100 weekly refer more people.
    *recommend to your referrals purchase 1 position in all phases.


    *Whenever you have $90-$95 in your account withdraw it and put back $20 system when it will reach $100 profit and membership pop up will visible on your account dashboard.

    Support Program Strategy

    *create videos in your own language and upload on youtube.
    *daily post at least 1 ad in social media.
    *motivate referrals to refer people in program.
    *whenever you receive handsome income from pacads purchase $1 cash links and help other members.


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