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172 thoughts on “Know News

  1. knowhow|577 Cash

    From: 577 Cash

    Update – Two Things – from Maryanne

    Hello There,

    The finishing touches were put onto the grid this evening.

    Please login and take a look 🙂 It has -seriously- sent 1000’s (yes 1000’s) of visitors to member sites in just hours.

    So not only is there enormous advertising through views, but also *visitors* through the grid and the daily digest.

    Thank you so much for choosing to be so active here everyone! You know both types of members get things here (premier or not).

    Also, the contest is underway, it goes until July 10th.Current runners can change at anytime and the stats link is in the members area too

    Thank you so much for choosing to be a member 🙂

    Maryanne Myers (Network Owner + PHP Programmer + Web Designer + Internet Marketer)

  2. knowhow|C. T. F. O.

    From: Dr. Dick @ CTFO

    Every weekend, I RECORD a report for our Rock Star Team members AND their prospects. You can listen to this recording by dialing 641-715-3589, access code 876798#. When the system prompts you for a “Reference Number,” simply hit # again to hear the latest recording.

    This information is now being included in every Info Pack and will be added to the follow-up letter. You can also listen to the recording online at

    The recording includes an overview of the company, the business model, the pay plan, and the postcard system. That’s for the benefit of prospects. If you like, you can just listen to the first part of the call and skip the overview. The entire recording only runs about 20 minutes, however.

    For those who want a quick summary: we had 41 new signups this week – including 3 from our Join For FREE By Mail postcard system (it’s WORKING!). I’m guessing even more came in online from our postcards. Our monthly sales for June so far are $6,489. Of course, what really matters is WEEKLY sales, because that’s what you get paid on.

    Our weekly sales so far for this week are $1,089. We want to get to the point where our AVERAGE weekly sales are at least $5,000. I believe the best way to do that is to continue to emphasize The Power of 3. That’s what we do with our postcard system and our email follow-up messages.

    Weekly guidance: 1) Postcards versus Online Visitors or both? What’s the best way to build your CTFO business? Listen in to my opinion. 2) The MLM pros say “the fortune is in the follow-up” and THEY ARE RIGHT. How to follow up with your prospects and new members. Listen to the replay.

    You really NEED to listen to this if you’re SERIOUS about keeping up with our incredible business and how it’s going!

    To your success…

    Dr. Dick
    Independent CTFO Representative – Vice President
    President and CEO, Dr. Dick, LLC

  3. knowhow|Jet Coin

    From: Michael @ Income Club

    I have removed JetCoin from the Passive Bitcoin Opportunities Section. Last week I announced that I will not be listing any program of this type that is not doing Crypto Trading. JetCoin has made some major changes to the compensation plan twice in just two weeks.

    In my opinion they are not doing any form of trading. Prior to these changes JetCoin was paying 4% – 5% on the passive plans. Last week they announced that they could not sustain these plans and needed to reduce the passive plans to 3.33%. This was acceptable by the members.

    This week they took down the site to lower the rate of the passive plans a second time to 1.1%. This is a major reduction in the plan. To makes things worse they are paying their top recruiters a higher daily rate of 3.3%. In order to qualify for this rate you need to have a personally sponsored volume of 20 btc or more.

    Since the average member purchases the 0.1 btc plan you would need to sponsor at least 200 people to qualify for this commission. I feel this is not fair to the member that can only refer a few people. There will be very few people that will qualify.

    There is only one reason they added this new referring requirement. They need a lot more people to join JetCoin. Last week I was told there were 18,000 members in the program. This does not seem to be enough members and JetCoin needs a lot more people in the program.

    This clearly shows me that there is no trading. If they were doing trading then the program would not be depending on new people joining to sustain the program.

    I will no longer be listing any of these types of programs that are not doing some form of trading.

  4. knowhow|Viral Mailer

    From: Your Viral Mailer

    Your Viral Mailer is temporarily down!

    Starting Monday, June 19th, we started experiencing an intermittent denial of service attack against our main web and database servers. This continued during the week and despite our best efforts to keep repelling the attacks, we suffered a failure on our server early Friday morning.

    The hackers never gained access to the servers or any of our customer information. No credit card or payment information is stored on our servers irregardless.

    We are bringing a new server online and will restore the data to get the site back in operation.

    I apologize for the downtime and appreciate your patience while we are getting things back to normal.


  5. knowhow|MyRevenue

    From: My Revenue Ads

    Hello All MRA Members, Hope all of you are doing great.

    We Have Successfully Completed 6 Months….Congratulations All of you for making it possible.

    About withdrawals.

    New Adpack Launched Now.
    Adpack cost​ $100.
    Maximum 100 only.

    Daily revenue sharing – 6% fixed.

    You can purchase this adpack using cash balance only.

    In coming days gone a doing some new updates (program).that will be making us to be here for long term… stay tuned for that thing and keep clicking.

    So promote MRA and get successful long term business relationship.

    Thanks, Admin


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