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This page will basically cover any make money news category that is not already listed in the menu above. Please refer to the complete details in the two paragraphs below. Disclaimer: We will report news, but we do not endorse any or most of these programs… We always report, not always recommend… P. S. Google any program to get the address (url).

KNOW NEW NEWSKnow New News Is New News That You Know: Do You Know New News?
It can be First-Hand Program News from your email, a forum, a facebook group, etc., or News From Some Other Source… You are welcome to submit your current and valid (not fake) news about ANY ONLINE MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM… It can be Good News or Bad News about an open or closed RevShare, PTC (paid-to-click), Hybrid, GPT (get-paid-to), Matrix, HYIP (high-yield-investment-program), Cycler, MLM (multi-level-marketing), Affiliate, or any other type of program you may want to report about on this Know New News page.

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  1. knowhow|Unicorn Adz

    From: Unicorn Adz

    Dear Members,

    Winners of Facebook Wall Contest :

    As expected, many members have sent us entries and today’s winners are : Magdalini Krommyda, Nomuoja Have, Maria Ma, Vasiliki Markopoulou and Andreas Tsioylis.

    All of them have been awarded $10 each straight in their Cash Wallets just for sharing the UnicornAdz opportunity on their facebook wall. Congratulations to the winners and keep up the good work! Anyone can be a winner, so just keep on posting about UnicornAdz on your facebook wall. Here are some FAQs about the exciting UnicornAdz Facebook Wall Contest:

    How to Participate in the Contest?

    All the members, whether free or paid, can participate in this contest. All you have to do is just make a facebook post on your facebook wall about what you feel exciting about UnicornAdz NEW Pay Plan and Changes. If you wish, you can put your UnicornAdz referral link also in the post. Alternatively, you can also post your withdrawal from UnicronAdz on your facebook wall that will also qualify your entry in the contest.

    How to be eligible for the prize?

    Once you have made the post on your facebook wall, please send in a support ticket to us with the link of the facebook post alongwith your UnicornAdz username so we can check and verify.

    What is the Prize?

    Until the launch, we will choose 5 winners EVERYDAY and they will be rewarded with a cash prize of $10 each. Yes! $10 for just a facebook post! Not only this, if you make post everyday till the launch, then you also stand a chance to win a Prize of $100!

    How will you get to know whether you have won?

    The winners will be announced on daily basis. It is a WIN WIN for everyone as by promoting this way, not only you stand a chance to earn a prize but you can actually get some referrals and earn even bigger commissions. So make the most of it!

    Stay tuned for many more exciting things at UnicornAdz and be ready for the Launch on June 12, 2017 at 11 AM EST.

    Please join the facebook group for more updates :

    Thanks a lot again for your support!

    Sid and the Unicorn Team

  2. knowhow|Synergy

    From: Synergy Traffic

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  3. knowhow|Sharing T. T.

    From: Sharing The Traffic

    Greetings STT and BTA members,

    The winners of the Referral contest are:

    Winner 1: username Money4all 38 Paid Referrals, Won $220
    Winner 2 : username Fede77 29 Paid Referrals, Won $120
    Winner 3: username mader32 12 Paid Referrals, Won $60
    Winner 4: username agaaga26 4 Paid Referrals, Won $30

    Congrats to all!

    If you are one of the winners, please login and open a support ticket to claim your rewards.

    Best Regards,
    Derek Parsons, Admin

  4. knowhow|99ForYou

    From: 99 For You

    Hello, first of all thank you for having completed a month with us.

    First tell you that we know that you are waiting for the paid tasks that will come soon and more complete so that you users earn more commissions. We will notify you in the news section.

    We tell you that during these months there are many new things being prepared, all of which make you the ones who earn more commissions.

    Currently the business is fully operational and everything works correctly. The commissions per pack are stabilized and you are showing us your great support since we decided to give higher commissions by raising the bonus per pack to 2.05 (gross)

    We have always said, we came to stay and to be a referent.

    Our priority is to activate what you ask for more: Tasks paid and payment by card (tpv)

    We want to thank you for this month that you have spent with us, we hope that we will continue together.

    99foryou is not something temporary, the work, the effort and the sacrifice to create it and to make it grow is something priceless.

    It is also the turn to make this business bigger, even more, recommend, publish, contract advertising and trust us.

    Just tell you that this is working and before you know it we will have added a thousand things.

    Because we are different, because we are 99for you.

    99ForYou Team

  5. knowhow|iCoinPro

    From: iCoinPro

    Hello everyone,

    I just got this message from the company and it is VERY important and I need to make sure you get this from the company!!


    Tonight is a VERY exciting night for all of our iCoinPro Members and Preenrollees, including YOU. Like every Wednesday, it marks our newest CUT OFF DAY.

    What does that mean?

    Every Wednesday of every week at MIDNIGHT pacific time, our system looks at all the pre-enrollees who have locked in their position by placing their product order to become members. Those people are then automatically moved to the TOP of the Powerline that they are in ABOVE all the people who did not take action.

    That means it is *critical* that you let your pre-enrollees know what they stand to lose by not taking action TODAY.

    As soon as even one person in your Powerline upgrades to member through the system, ALL of the people above that person in the Powerline are notified to let them know that they MUST lock in their position in order to get paid on the person(s) below them, otherwise that person who upgraded is going to move above them and they will lose out on them forever.

    Our system is designed to do everything it can to help YOU succeed. In fact, the iCoinPro system sends emails to ALL of your pre-enrollees today. BUT, it is still VERY IMPORTANT that you CALL, SKYPE, ZOOM, EMAIL, FACEBOOK, ETC. THEM personally contact them as well.

    Be sure to follow up with your pre-enrollees so they don’t miss out.

    – YOUR iCoinPro Support And Training Team

    Thank you again for your interest and support!

  6. knowhow|A. C. Xpress

    From: AdClickXpress

    Up to $500 Withdrawal Reward

    Greetings Andre!

    The Ad Click Xpress Daily News Letter is Now Available

    This following page contains the most current, important news about Ad Click Xpress – be sure to read this whole E-mail, to make the MOST MONEY!

    To Your Success!

    ACX Management Team

  7. knowhow|Sharing T. T.

    From: Sharing The Traffic

    Greetings STT and BTA members,

    First of all I want to thank everyone for posting payout proofs. You are helping our program to grow nicely! Thank you

    ## FaceBook admins brought to my attention that some of the members are trying to get help with their personal STT our BTA account by posting on our group. Please note that the admins of the group are here to help answering general questions and doing approvals, since I’m very busy managing both sites.

    If you have any issue with your account, please login and open a support ticket if you can, or a public ticket if you can’t login. Allow 24 hours to get a reply from me.

    ## Programmers are working to add a new feature where you can see how many ad packs you have on each plan. Keep tuned!

    Best Regards,
    Derek Parsons, Admin

  8. knowhow|Synergy

    From: Synergy Traffic


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    SynergyTraffic Team

  9. knowhow|Leased A. S.

    From: Leased Ad Space

    We just launched a new feature in Leased Ad Space, that will play a big part in phase 2 and what is to come…

    So please take the time to watch the video..

    We truly want to help you in your success, everything we do is very calculated, and researched.

    Please watch the video (above). Have a fabulous day!

    Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

  10. knowhow|Sharing T. T.

    From: Sharing The Traffic

    Greetings STT and BTA members,

    We are completing only 9 days online, and we already are over 15,000 members, and have paid almost $2K @ STT

    We are just starting! The referrals contest is ON right now, so get as many referrals as you can under you!

    10% from direct referrals purchases and 2% from second level is what BTA and STT are paying to sponsors!

    #### Many members are asking about the withdrawal restrictions. The only restrictions we have are:

    *Maximum withdrawal amount is $300 USD Daily
    *Minimum withdraw amount is $5 USD
    *1 Request per day

    There is no limit on how much you can earn with BTA and STT. We have made it easier, so you are @ the right place.

    Take advantage of our plans to earn up to 150% Return, and 5% Daily.

    Let’s surf and earn!

    Best Regards,
    Derek Parsons, Admin.

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