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KNOW NEW NEWSKnow New News Is New News That You Know: Do You Know New News?
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  1. knowhow|W3Adz

    From: W3Adz

    Fourth referral contest is online !

    – The reward will be added to your main balance and you can cash it out immediately.
    – Any member who wins the first place for 4 consecutive weeks, will get an extra $50 !
    – Anyone who is among the top 3 winners for 4 consecutive weeks, will get an extra $25 reward.

    The rewards are as follows:

    1st prize – $30
    2nd – $20
    3rd – $10
    4-7th – $5
    8-10th – $2
    11-18th – $1
    19-30 – $0.50

    Here you can see leaderboard and prizes:
    Read more here:

    Sincerely, Joseph

  2. knowhow|Organic P. Ads

    From: Organic Profit Ads

    Dear Members

    We’ve recently partnered with SuperRewards to give everyone a chance to earn free virtual currency in our application. The new Offer Wall has deals which reward you for completing offers.

    Offer Walls are a way for our players to get points for free in exchange for completing an offer from one of our partners. The offers can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, and multiple offers can be completed in order to get more Points

    Offer Wall Tips, Tricks, and Opportunities: We update our Offer Wall every hour with new, fresh offers. You can come back throughout the day!

    The Offer Wall can be sorted by the tabs you see at the top of the page, so make sure you check out the most popular ones by clicking on “Popular” and “Free”.

    Be patient when you complete an offer. Most advertiser partners need to verify you’re information so they can award you. It can take a few hours, or in rare cases a day or two.

    Still Questions? If you have any questions now or in the future, don’t hesitate to email us or head to SuperRewards’ user support portal for fast answers!


  3. knowhow|T. T. Reloaded

    From: Triple Threat Reloaded
    Good Day Everyone,

    We are having great growth in our membership and support of the program. We are loving the response from the community :).

    Payouts are going out hourly and many members are being paid which can be viewed in the shoutbox or Facebook page, BUT we need one more thing from you and that is: If you receive a PAYOUT please post it in the Facebook Group below. All potential members should be able to see your success story :).

    Support, Thank You

  4. knowhow|MDC Machine

    From: My Daily Cash Machine​

    Dear All,

    I’m happy to announce that after nearly 5 months of being online, that we have generated a large enough buffer of reserve funds to be able to relax some rules about Traffic Exchange earnings.

    From now on, anyone who has earned $10 in their traffic balance, will be able to request it to be transferred either to their Ad Balance OR their Main Balance. If in main balance, you can request withdrawal.

    After your first $10 withdrawal, you can then request each time it gets to $5. So first withdrawal is $10, then each withdrawal after that is $5. To request a withdrawal, you would need to open a support ticket from your account.

    The only restriction we have on this is that you need to make only one purchase of something on the website if you have not done so before. This could be anything, even a small cashlink package. This then locks in your payment processor you will be using to get your withdrawals.

    The Traffic Exchange contract now also has a set time that each website can be viewed once every 60 minutes, so they can be viewed multiple times each day. Also, we have secured an order of another 16 orders for traffic, so another 16 pages will be added to the system in the next two days.

    This great step forward means that even if you do not have the money to buy an advertising package, you can still earn free money from the system, and be able to withdraw it as well.

    As always, thank you for joining My Daily Cash Machine. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Kindest regards,

  5. knowhow|S. F. I.

    From: S. F. I.

    RULE #20: Persist until you win

    Building a successful business will require persistence and determination. Though many would like you to believe otherwise (including most of our competitors), there’s simply no such thing as “get rich quick.”

    And, I’m sorry, but almost all “overnight success” stories you hear about were actually YEARS in the making.

    Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary, but stick with it and you can experience the massive success that those with unrealistic, “I-want-it-now” expectations never hang around long enough to receive.

    This is the core of my personal success. I hung around! I’m sure hundreds of thousands of people started a business in 1985 as I did, most perhaps with more experience, more talent, and/or more money to invest, who are no longer in business today.

    Why did I succeed when they did not? I believe it’s because I APPLIED MYSELF to the goals I set for myself and I refused to fail. “Persist until you win” has always been my motto and it continues to serve me every single day!
    -Gery Carson|Admin

    “Failure is the path of least PERSISTENCE.”

    “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
    –John Calvin Coolidge

  6. knowhow|A. C. Xpress

    From: Ad Click Xpress
    First Alert – Major Changes at ACX

    Again, I have been given the privilege of informing the most active ACX Members about these huge changes coming within the next 24-48 hours.

    Okay, now for the MAJOR CHANGES…

    This is the first alert about some changes which should greatly improve ACX as a whole, allowing much more successful money-making and promoting over the next few months.

    It’s time to make ACX Successful Again!

    1) ACX Xtra will be closed due to non-participation: Doubling money is a business which ends up giving ACX too much negative publicity.

    Even though it’s very simple, and the system was indefinitely sustainable, it’s all too fast-moving and causes too much negativity when things don’t work the way people expect.

    2) ACX Monsoon will be closed due to non-participation: The Ad and Media Systems are much more popular for ACX Members, so they take all the business away from the ACX Monsoon System.

    Even though the concept is exciting for some, the majority of ACX Members are simply not interested in ACX Monsoon – maybe the closing of a few similar, well-known systems by government authorities hurt our ACX Monsoon also.

    3) The Media System will be closed due to non-participation: The Ad System is much more popular than the Media System, possibly because it is more similar to many competitor projects online.

    The highly successful Media Exchange will be integrated into the new, ACX Tripler System – more details follow.

    4) The Ad System will be closed, although it was the most popular of all the systems at ACX.

    In order to eliminate doing an XpressShift for this system and create more confusion for members, the Ad System will be treated much like that of the Xtra, Monsoon, and Media Systems.

    5) ACX Search will NOT be affected by these changes. In fact ACX Search could become a great system in the near future, giving Google some significant competition – keep watching.

    6) A New System, called ACX Tripler will launched: ACX Tripler will be designed with the most important features of the original JSS Synergy and JSS Tripler Systems, launched by JustBeenPaid in 2010 – and then augmented by the best features developed by ACX since 2013.

    Within 24-48 hours, any funding made in the discontinued systems above during the last 10 days will be transferred to this new system, to be used to buy Tripler Packs.

    Each Tripler Pack will cost $10 and pay out a total of 300% ($30) by the time the earnings process has completed.

    First, Tripler Packs will pay out 150% over the course of 88 days, 2% per day – also repurchases from referral commissions and Tripler Pack Earnings will pay 2% per day.

    Then, when the Tripler Packs have expired, 4 free panels will be given, adding another 150% earnings when the Panels complete.

    Members will only get paid after they view ads from the traffic exchange or view funny images from the existing Media Exchange from the previous Media System.

    When necessary, hopefully not for several months or even over a year, daily earnings will overtake the requested daily withdrawals, and an XpressShift will need to take place. This provides the indefinitely sustainable model, just like the systems used in JustBeenPaid and ACX over the last seven years.

    All the existing affiliate websites you have been using to advertise ACX will be converted to the new business model, so very little of your past advertising with the former affiliate websites will be in vain.

    This new system, ACX Tripler will be built to “stand the test of time” – it will have all the “bells and whistles” of JustBeenPaid AND ACX.

    7) Transfer of Other Funds to ACX Tripler: Out-of-pocket and possibly expected earnings from each closed system will be transferred to a special wallet in ACX Tripler called “Previous Systems” and can be used to provide discounts for advertising purchases in ACX Tripler.

    These discounts will give members who use them for ACX Tripler purchases the same 2% per day that normal purchases give participants, but will effectively give these Tripler Packs significantly MORE than 150% earnings.

    Any funds deposited into the Xtra, Monsoon, and Media Systems during the last 10 days (or so) will be transferred to the new, ACX Tripler when it starts launching, within 24-48 hours.

    The Tripler Panel System will be launched at a later date, giving ACX Members an additional chance to make money and facilitate the ACX Tripler Indefinitely Sustainable Business Model.

    8) Other Details: Any founder status members have achieved in ACX previously will be honored – don’t worry.

    Payments with BTC will be integrated shortly – many members have been asking for this over the past weeks.

    In fact, several members have asking for the changes above during the past few weeks and months – ACX was just too confusing for new people, but ACX management just recently realized that – our bad.

    Now that will all change for the better!

    What do you do now?

    Maybe forward this information to your referrals, who would greatly appreciate the “heads up”, right?

    And don’t stop them from spending any money – their new purchases NOW in the closing systems will get them the first spots in the new, ACX Tripler when it launches, within the next 24-48 hours!

    Thank you for your past, present and future support.

    To Our Mutual Success!

    Sales Manager
    Ad Click Xpress

  7. knowhow|Organic P. Ads

    From: Organic Profit Ads


    Starts on 5/17/2017 @ 00.00 Server Time
    Ends on 5/25/2017 @00.00 Server Time

    Just buy ad packs of your choice and get back 25% in your TB within next 24 hrs. For Instance if you buy 1 Ad Pack it costs you $10 so $2.5 (10*25/100) will be returned back in your account. There is no Maximum Limit for this offer.

    Hurry! Avail this offer while it is HOT or you may not get this sort of offer again.

    Best Regards,

  8. knowhow|PTChits4U

    From: PTCHits4U

    Hi All, just letting you all know a member e-mailed me and wants the PTCHits4u to offer a Pay it forward option PIF. I have e-mailed the script makers asking how much it will cost to do a custom job on the site adding this option. They have looked at what I want and will get back to me once they have done a feasibility study.

    if you have any ideas of a matrix plan using PIF please let us know on our Facebook page,it must also add money to the revshare.

    I designed one matrix plan and included PIF into the plan. It would cost $5 payout $20 and give you 20 PIF positions once you complete 3 levels, It would also add $40 to the Revshare on completion of the 3rd level. If we had 10 people completing level 3 every day that would add $400 a day to the revshare creating a sustainable model.

    If the coders won’t do what i want or want too much money I might have to use another script and see if I can have it set-up on a sub domain. This would create an outside source of income for the revshare but the best case scenario will be if they can do what I want for a fair price.

    Remember if you have any PTC credits please use them.


  9. knowhow|Global P. A.

    From: Global Paying Ads


    Good News for all Members.


    With High demand from our Members. we are removing adpacks required for Buying “PLATINUM ADPACK PLAN” , “GOLD ADPACKS PLAN” and also “SILVER ADPACK PLAN”. and we are adding and changing low ‘MEMBERSHIP’ fee of 5.99$ for “GOLD ADPACK PLAN” and 6.99$ for “PLATINUM ADPACK PLAN”.

    Now any member who bought MEMBERSHIP can buy adpcks from GOLD and PLATINUM. and earn upto 132.3% on adpacks.

    Members who already bought membership for platinum can buy any adpacks.

    Why MEMBERSHIP required? Memberships helps the company to keep running for long term.i think every member understand us support us.


    NOTE: Members must share payment proofs in our fb group. it will boost our comapny to bring new members.

    if you have any doubts please create a support ticket for faster reply.or join us at live chat,my agents are available there.

    Please do not post any negative comments in the group. We will block the member if we found any negative comments. ask us if you have any doubts.

    Keep promoting. 🙂 #GPA

    Let’s grow big togeather, Let’s be Positive.

    Regards, Mike Tomlinson CEO and Admin

  10. knowhow|W3Adz

    From: W3Adz


    We are happy to announce that from today we will have weekly referral contest. We believe that the weekly contest provides more encouragement for members to attend. For example if the referral contest is monthly, then someone who joins on the 20th or 25th of that month, can not compete with others.

    The reward will be added to your main balance and you can cash it out immediately.
    Any member who wins the first place for 4 consecutive weeks, will get an extra $50 !
    Anyone who is among the top 3 winners for 4 consecutive weeks, will get an extra $25 reward.

    Anyway the rewards are as follows:
    1st prize – $30
    2nd – $20
    3rd – $10
    4-7th – $5
    8-10th – $2
    11-18th – $1
    19-30 – $0.50

    Here you can see leaderboard and prizes:
    The contest period would be 7 days and it starts from now ! Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the end of the contest, as it is necessary for us to thoroughly check the winners.

    – Please note that W3Adz reserves the right to refuse any member from participating in this $100 referral contest if we deem the traffic comes from a very poor quality website that produces mostly inactive referrals.
    – Do not spam
    – Do not use PTSU and refback system, which means you may not use any services that offers money to your downline to join under you.
    – Direct referral(s) need to have minimum 10 clicks.
    – Do not buy from websites that offer selling of direct referrals, because not only you will be removed from the contest, but also your account will be suspended.
    – Your family members, if living with you in a same place, cannot join unless they use a different computer AND a different internet connection with different IP address.
    – Do not use VPN, Proxy, Smart phone or tablet for creating direct referrals.
    -* Additional note: you can use PTSU and refbacks for earning income, but in this case you would not be able to participate in the competition.

    They are not against general website rules but against the contest rules. For example if you get 100 direct referrals where 70 of them obtained in a normal way and 30 of them from PTSU, you will be removed from the contest.

    Kind regards,

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