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Welcome To Our KNOW NEW NEWS Page
This page will basically cover any make money news category that is not already listed in the menu above. Please refer to the complete details in the two paragraphs below. Disclaimer: We will report news, but we do not endorse any or most of these programs… We always report, not always recommend… P. S. Google any program to get the address (url).

KNOW NEW NEWSKnow New News Is New News That You Know: Do You Know New News?
It can be First-Hand Program News from your email, a forum, a facebook group, etc., or News From Some Other Source… You are welcome to submit your current and valid (not fake) news about ANY ONLINE MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM… It can be Good News or Bad News about an open or closed RevShare, PTC (paid-to-click), Hybrid, GPT (get-paid-to), Matrix, HYIP (high-yield-investment-program), Cycler, MLM (multi-level-marketing), Affiliate, or any other type of program you may want to report about on this Know New News page.

Rules To Report The News (for this page only) (1) Perform A Search Of This Blog to determine if your program has been posted here. (If the program has already been posted, then you can only submit your news or opinion on that posted program page)… (2) It can be Real New News, or your Real Honest Opinion about the news of any non-posted program… (3) You must mention the Name Of The Program, but only one website-link or affiliate-link will be allowed within the content of your news report and/or opinion… (4) You can Brand Yourself Here by simply commenting regularly and by including your same real name, nickname, username, or your company name in each comment… (5) Your News Or Opinion Must Be Approved By The Admin (it will be approved, unless we deem it to be fake or spam)…

This Page Does Not Include News About Any Of Our Posted Programs,
Unless The News Was Reported Here Before The Program Was Posted.

Important: Use the Comment Form below to submit your Real News or your Real Opinion about the news. You can also click on the “Reply” link at the bottom of every post, to respond to any News or Opinion that is already posted here on this page. Do You Know New News? Tell Us! P.S. We reserve the right to refuse, or to make minor adjustments, to your post, if it is necessary. Also, no spam or advertising allowed. Your news must be real news, or a new admin promotion.

96 Thoughts to “Know New News”

  1. knowhow|PTChits4U

    From: PTCHits4U

    Hi All, just letting you all know a member e-mailed me and wants the PTCHits4u to offer a Pay it forward option PIF. I have e-mailed the script makers asking how much it will cost to do a custom job on the site adding this option. They have looked at what I want and will get back to me once they have done a feasibility study.

    if you have any ideas of a matrix plan using PIF please let us know on our Facebook page,it must also add money to the revshare.

    I designed one matrix plan and included PIF into the plan. It would cost $5 payout $20 and give you 20 PIF positions once you complete 3 levels, It would also add $40 to the Revshare on completion of the 3rd level. If we had 10 people completing level 3 every day that would add $400 a day to the revshare creating a sustainable model.

    If the coders won’t do what i want or want too much money I might have to use another script and see if I can have it set-up on a sub domain. This would create an outside source of income for the revshare but the best case scenario will be if they can do what I want for a fair price.

    Remember if you have any PTC credits please use them.


  2. knowhow|Global P. A.

    From: Global Paying Ads


    Good News for all Members.


    With High demand from our Members. we are removing adpacks required for Buying “PLATINUM ADPACK PLAN” , “GOLD ADPACKS PLAN” and also “SILVER ADPACK PLAN”. and we are adding and changing low ‘MEMBERSHIP’ fee of 5.99$ for “GOLD ADPACK PLAN” and 6.99$ for “PLATINUM ADPACK PLAN”.

    Now any member who bought MEMBERSHIP can buy adpcks from GOLD and PLATINUM. and earn upto 132.3% on adpacks.

    Members who already bought membership for platinum can buy any adpacks.

    Why MEMBERSHIP required? Memberships helps the company to keep running for long term.i think every member understand us support us.


    NOTE: Members must share payment proofs in our fb group. it will boost our comapny to bring new members.

    if you have any doubts please create a support ticket for faster reply.or join us at live chat,my agents are available there.

    Please do not post any negative comments in the group. We will block the member if we found any negative comments. ask us if you have any doubts.

    Keep promoting. 🙂 #GPA

    Let’s grow big togeather, Let’s be Positive.

    Regards, Mike Tomlinson CEO and Admin

  3. knowhow|W3Adz

    From: W3Adz


    We are happy to announce that from today we will have weekly referral contest. We believe that the weekly contest provides more encouragement for members to attend. For example if the referral contest is monthly, then someone who joins on the 20th or 25th of that month, can not compete with others.

    The reward will be added to your main balance and you can cash it out immediately.
    Any member who wins the first place for 4 consecutive weeks, will get an extra $50 !
    Anyone who is among the top 3 winners for 4 consecutive weeks, will get an extra $25 reward.

    Anyway the rewards are as follows:
    1st prize – $30
    2nd – $20
    3rd – $10
    4-7th – $5
    8-10th – $2
    11-18th – $1
    19-30 – $0.50

    Here you can see leaderboard and prizes:
    The contest period would be 7 days and it starts from now ! Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the end of the contest, as it is necessary for us to thoroughly check the winners.

    – Please note that W3Adz reserves the right to refuse any member from participating in this $100 referral contest if we deem the traffic comes from a very poor quality website that produces mostly inactive referrals.
    – Do not spam
    – Do not use PTSU and refback system, which means you may not use any services that offers money to your downline to join under you.
    – Direct referral(s) need to have minimum 10 clicks.
    – Do not buy from websites that offer selling of direct referrals, because not only you will be removed from the contest, but also your account will be suspended.
    – Your family members, if living with you in a same place, cannot join unless they use a different computer AND a different internet connection with different IP address.
    – Do not use VPN, Proxy, Smart phone or tablet for creating direct referrals.
    -* Additional note: you can use PTSU and refbacks for earning income, but in this case you would not be able to participate in the competition.

    They are not against general website rules but against the contest rules. For example if you get 100 direct referrals where 70 of them obtained in a normal way and 30 of them from PTSU, you will be removed from the contest.

    Kind regards,

  4. knowhow|Organic P. Ads

    From: Organic Profit Ads

    Marketplace is a platform for advertising products and services for OPA Users. It is Demographic filtered that allows you to display your products only to your targeted customers thus avoiding unnecessary risks or interruptions/ inquiries from region or country where you can’t or don’t want to sell them.

    When advertising a product, users have to specify its title, description, category, price, amount and their contact info. They also have to upload an image associated with the advertisement.

    Payment Terms

    Sellers will receive their money into their processor account only after; a) Deducting our Service Charge of 10% for the total amount you Market with us & b) After IPN Status is confirmed by the buyer as ‘Received’ the products in good condition.

    Advertisements Terms

    The products for selling must not contain pornography, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, drugs or other adult materials of any kind. If such misuse found then the campaign will be deleted out of OPA and the Seller will be banned without any payment or refund. It is a strict rule.

    Buyer Protection

    Once another user purchases the product, an IPN with Pending status is created. Advertiser will not be credited until the buyer confirms that he received the product in the ‘Purchased Products’ tab.

    Service Charges for Selling Products on our Market Place

    A small amount of 10% charges applied for the Sellers to Market their products to our users on OPA. Sellers will receive their payment after deducting this cost. Please use our services only if you agree with our TOS.


  5. knowhow|PTChits4u

    From: PTChits4u

    Hi All,

    Everything is going to plan with the RevShare it’s now capped at 3% and your positions are earning the cap of 3% per day. I just looked at our surplus funds and if nobody buys another Ad pack we could keep paying members at the 3% cap for around 47 days. Lucky for the site people keep on purchasing ResvShare Packs.

    We could keep paying at the 3% cap for some time if members keep supporting us and continue to buy Ad packs but down the track with no additional income internally or externally coming in and just relying on Ad pack purchases we will eventually be paying under the 3% cap. This has already happened to a very popular site and they are now making changes to keep the site sustainable but there are members that aren’t happy about the changes.

    I am in a lucky position because we have a nice surplus of funds and I can learn from these sites and hopefully not face the same problems they have. I believe the answer to this problem is I need an external or internal source to add extra funds to the RevShare side of the site to create long term sustainability.

    I have looked at many sites and there is one site which I believe can offer a way to add extra funds to our RevShare but this would mean I would have to trust another admin. I decided not to do this and look for an internal option which is the best option because I am in total control.

    Currently the site does add funds to the RevShare internally by Log-in ads and PPC purchases this is a very small amount and could not sustain us alone, hopefully in the future it can, but for now I need to look at another way. I believe I have the answer and I will start a test very soon with a very low entry cost of $2.

    There will be no pre-launch if it works then we will do a pre-launch and create higher entry levels $5,$10,$25. Commission will be paid on 4 Levels 15%,3%,1%,1% The best part is if you are someone who has a big downline you will only have to purchase one position and you will keep getting paid the position will never run out unless you stop being active.

    Now here is the part where this will help the RevShare I will be taking 3 position as I have a massive downline and all the earnings I make will be put into the RevShare part of the site. We will also be generating alot of P.T.C Advertising packs so hopefully in the future we can allow unlimited PTC Ad clicks and not have a cap like we do now of 10 PTC Ads per day.

    Now what about those people who can’t sponsor. The news is not as good as those people who sponsor but it could be possible for you to get spillover and you also will only need 1 position to keep earning. I should launch this new idea very soon so look out for my next e-mail.


  6. knowhow|ClixSense

    From: ClixSense

    Tango Card Cashout – Wyre
    5 May 2017 08:35 am

    Members we are sorry to report that Tango Card has removed Wyre, the bitcoin option for cashouts. This is the announcement they sent to us:

    “Recently we switched our supplier of Bitcoin rewards from Snapcard to Wyre because Snapcard discontinued operations. With the change, we had anticipated minimal customer and end-user impact.

    However, the recent changes in crypto-currency regulations, including increased identity and account verification and an increase in the minimum denomination/amount available to send or transfer Bitcoins, has caused poor end-user experience.

    Our goal is to provide recipients with a hassle-free reward experience. After reviewing all aspects of the switch, we decided it would be best to remove Bitcoin from our catalogs. This decision did not come lightly and we apologize for how this will impact your own programs.”

    Tango Card has advised us they are adding new options on their platform for our international members. We should have these new options in Tango in the next week. In the meantime we suggest that if you wish to use Tango Card that you select the Prepaid Virtual Visa.

    Thank you

  7. knowhow|ClixSense

    From: ClixSense

    Payza cashouts update
    2 May 2017 09:39 am

    Members, a portion of the funds we deposited into our new bank account have been released and we already funded our Payza account. We will resume processing Payza cashouts today (May 2nd). The remaining funds we deposited will be released on Wednesday (May 3rd) and we should have all remaining Payza cashouts completed by Thursday (May 4th).

    Thanks again for your patience during this transition to our new bank and we apologize for the delay in processing these payments.

    All other payment methods will continue to be processed on schedule.


  8. knowhow|W3Adz

    From: W3Adz

    7 Days trial of Golden membership for members # 10001 to 20000 and $0.05 purchase balance

    As per requests by users, we have decided to give a Golden membership with 7 days expiry to the second 10,000 members, i.e. from 10,001st to 20,000th members + $0.05 purchase balance upon joining.

    This decision has been made to let you valued members attract referrals easier to the website and get directs. We have also updated the homepage accordingly. Those 150-200 members who have got standard membership before announcing this offer, will also have their membership updated manually by our team, so there is no need to submit a support ticket for that.

    Happy clicking and have a good day.

    Thanks for supporting us

  9. knowhow|EvergreenAdz

    From: EvergreenAdz

    How Easy is it to Earn with Evergreenadz!

    Quick Start How to Earn!

    BRAND NEW: Look under the Earn tab and find Be the Last to Bid Game, Huge Prizes for little bonus ad points!!!!!!!

    *Bonus Points Are Needed to Receive Paid Ads
    *Earn Bonus Points with Every Advertising Purchase and by Viewing Bonus Point Ads
    *Climb Tiers, Earn More Bonus Points, Receive HIGHER VALUE ADS
    *Play the Coin Game to Win Your Way!

  10. knowhow|Leased A. S.

    From: Leased Ad Space

    Hey everybody! we just wanted to drop a quick note and announce the winners of our 1 year anniversary raffle!

    Congrats to!

    $50 winners: Rich Miller And Sammie Bonner

    $100 winners: Mike Nawoyski And Ryan Hutchison

    $200 winner: Berat Kara

    And as promised, we’re in the process of allocating the bonus freebies that all new purchasers were entitled to. Those who purchased between 4/12 and 4/22 will be notified in a separate email about the free bonuses they received just for purchasing a new traffic package!

    Thanks again everyone!!

    Dan Robb And Richard Weberg

  11. knowhow|Tri-Ads

    Hello Friends,

    ADMIN UPDATE 05/01/17 5:30PM EST

    From: Tri-Ads/Uproar Owners…

    Hi Guys,

    Please see below for the latest Admin update…Unfortunately it is terrible news, but please take time to read everything carefully, especially the parts about refunds, etc.


    Folks – here is an important announcement, and no one feels worse about it, than James and I.

    We have not only spam complaints, but someone is trying to take us down by SCAM complaints, also.

    We do not want to get into a pissing match with anyone, or any authorities. So, we will be issuing refunds but you have to give us time.

    It’s something that can not be done in a day, or maybe not even a few weeks.

    We have had withdrawals since the program went into pre-launch, so we will have to see who was paid what and what was earned and withdrawn during different runs of the rev share.

    But – we will not be proceeding with UpRoar Launch. It’s better to stop now, before we fully launch. James has submitted everything they asked for, including his tax filings, but we still do not have access to the site.

    Will probably be at least another day or two.

    We want no one including ourselves getting in trouble legally, so we have come to this decision.

    It’s a long road to hoe, if you can’t prove 100% what your doing is okay.

    And, many people feel they have been hurt by online programs, so they don’t want others to get off the ground.

    They forwarded the original complaint, and it said take us down or they will contact the authorities and only signed it as ‘Chris.’


    Admins have already indicated that ALL payments will be refunded, but as you could imagine, they will need a day or two to catch their bearings and formulate a refund plan which they have already started.

    I guess the key at times like this is to not panic or start doing any sort of refund claims through your processors, as that is not going to help anyone and might just get everyone’s money frozen. So be smart and be patient, and let the admins do what they have to do to get everyone their funds back.

    They will surely do all that they can to get monies back to everyone as quickly, and as smoothly as possible, but they are only human at the end of the day and have a lot to deal with at the moment.

    I am just like you guys as I have a refund to receive as well (maybe more than most of you), but I will be patient, as this is what is called for right now.

    We will ALL be contacted and refunds made.

    Additional Information From Admin:
    Okay…folks…please tell your people not to panic we will figure out and get refunds out as quickly as possible.

    You can also let folks know that any disputes filed will result in them moving to the bottom of the list – we will get to each account asap and get this done as quickly as possible …. Too many disputes can not only confuse the issue, but in the case of Payza, for example, they can see there are too many and freeze the account as they see fit. Please be patient and let’s get everyone their funds back, so we can move on from this very unfortunate situation.

    From Cheri: I had no idea this was going to happen – or I certainly wouldn’t have sent it out to you. For that, I am sincerely sorry.

    So… I will immediately get back to working on the MAJOR project that I was working on before this happened.

    Please keep an eye on your email from me about this project!

    Many Blessings,
    Cheri Flaming

    Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

  12. knowhow|ClixSense

    From: ClixSense

    Members, I wanted to announce a few things that we have recently updated. First, we added all new games to the site. We are NOT paying you to play the games as they are there for your enjoyment.

    Countries update – We have enabled Vietnam to register with our site now. This is a great opportunity for you to start promoting for members in Vietnam as we just opened this up today.

    Payza – I am sorry for the continued delay. The new bank account we setup to send our wires has placed a 10 day hold on the funds we deposited as it was a very large deposit. We are told the funds will be available for us to wire to Payza this week so ALL pending Payza cashouts will be completed soon. I want to thank you for your patience during this time.


  13. knowhow|4CornersA.G.

    From: 4 Corners Alliance Group

    Solution to DirectPay Express/icare card termination.

    Dear USA Members;

    In Brief:

    United States members with a DPX/iCare USA Platinum Visa Debit Card will continue to enjoy the services of the Bank Account, including ACH (bank Transfers) to and from their account however, the Platinum Visa Debit Card will be turned off January 17, 2017. A new card is in the works.

    In Detail:

    If you have a USA Directpay Express / Platinum iCare card, this message pertains to you.

    Directpay Express has a USA Platinum Visa Debit Card program provided by iCareCard. IcareCard sent out a message on Friday, January 6, 2017, notifying cardholders that the Current Platinum Visa debit card will be terminated on January 17, 2017.

    The Four Corners Administration would like to assure affected members that this does not mean they can not get paid withdraw requests. Here’s why;

    The card issuing Bank Board Members at Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust have decided they no longer want to support a third party Debit Card program. They have mandated two deadlines; January 17, 2017, for the card deactivation, and March 1, 2017, for the Bank account termination.

    A replacement solution is in the works. In fact three solutions for 4c members will be available before March 1, 2017.

    We will have more details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please log into your DirectPay Express account and set up an “External Account” to move your funds to your bank. A sample check is displayed on the “External Account” page to help you understand how to locate your external bank’s Routing Number and Account Number.

    Our understanding is that most of our members transfer their funds out to their regular bank. For this reason the termination of the card will have little impact on the membership until we get closer to March 1, 2017, deadline.

    We are coming up on our fourth year anniversary, quite an achievement in this industry. We ask you to trust we have several back up plans, and a new card program on the way before the March 1, deadline. Existing card holders will not incur a replacement card cost if their card is current and not expired.

    Business as usual.

    In your service,
    David Harrison – CEO

  14. knowhow|M.RevenueAds

    From: My Revenue Ads

    Hello To All MRA Members

    If you have any questions and doubts about our program then please contact me on facebook and whatsAap also 7720985101

    -Withdrawals Open 7 Days A Week.
    -10% Referral Commission.
    -Daily Earning Up-To 4% To 6%.
    -Daily Withdrawal Limit $300.

    We are here for long term business. Joined with us and get bright future in Myrevenueads.

    Support 24/7.

  15. knowhow|The Ads Team

    From: The Ads Team

    What a growth we are having. Started in October with Alex Rank of 3 Million+ and now we are standing around 40k. Alexa Ranking of less than 10,000 is our target before New year.

    Massive well done to Poland Team who have taken over everyone in generating Traffic. India, Italy, Pakistan and France also performing strong.

    Our aim is to deliver best advertising to our customers and help them generate more sales and leads. Many people and Businesses already enjoying a lot of growth because of our services. Lets keep the good work going.

    The Ads Team

    -Najam Ul Hassan with Muhammad Azam

  16. knowhow|Ryan Hauser

    From: Ryan University

    What will you regret when you die?

    This article, which appeared in The Guardian, really caught my attention…

    Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

    Bronnie Ware, a nurse who has spent years caring for patients in the final
    12 weeks of their lives, recorded the 5 most common regrets she heard.

    And when I read this article and it made me think of you, even though
    I don’t know you really.

    You’ll see why in a moment.

    Here they are the regrets in reverse order of frequency…

    Number 5: I wish I had let myself be happier.
    Number 4: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    Number 3: I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
    Number 2: I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
    Number 1: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,
    not the life others expected of me.”

    This was the most common regret of all…

    Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die
    knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

    So what about you?

    Still putting off starting your dream business, traveling to Paris
    and spending more time with the kids?

    Don’t wait until you’re about to kick the bucket to do something about it.

    Take action now no regret

    Best regards
    Ryan Hauser

  17. knowhow|Ryan Hauser

    From: Ryan University

    What will you regret when you die?

    This article, which appeared in The Guardian, really caught my attention…

    Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

    Bronnie Ware, a nurse who has spent years caring for patients in the final
    12 weeks of their lives, recorded the 5 most common regrets she heard.

    And when I read this article and it made me think of you, even though
    I don’t know you really.

    You’ll see why in a moment.

    Here they are the regrets in reverse order of frequency…

    Number 5: I wish I had let myself be happier.
    Number 4: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    Number 3: I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
    Number 2: I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
    Number 1: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,
    not the life others expected of me.”

    This was the most common regret of all…

    Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die
    knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

    So what about you?

    Still putting off starting your dream business, traveling to Paris
    and spending more time with the kids?

    Don’t wait until you’re about to kick the bucket to do something about it.

    Take action now no regret

    Best regards
    Ryan Hauser

  18. knowhow|Strong Future

    From: Strong Future International

    Greetings, SFI Sponsors!

    Welcome to our monthly newsletter focusing on how to be an awesome SFI sponsor and create income duplication for yourself and your growing team. Each month, we’ll cover a couple of sponsoring tips for you to review and put into practice.

    About Sponsoring Affiliates in SFI:

    Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at TripleClicks are a great way to earn money with SFI, but if you want to a create a MAJOR monthly income stream, you must employ effective sponsoring and duplication strategies. You must learn how to lead and grow a team of active SFI affiliates, so that you may tap into the ultimate jewel in SFI’s compensation plan–VersaPoints Matching…also known as Profit Sharing.

    VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations downline (and on every one of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates, too). In other words, for every VP they earn, YOU can earn matching VP!

    Many SFI affiliates earn THOUSANDS of matching shares EACH MONTH on the activities of HUNDREDS of affiliates! YOU can join them by following the guidelines provided in this newsletter.

    Learn more about VersaPoint Matching at:



    DO #1:
    DO use your SFI badges to lead by example. Remember, when your team members visit your Leadership Page ( or view your Affiliate Snapshot, your badges are displayed to them. Your team members will do as you do. Hence, make sure everything you want them to do you’ve got the badge for on YOUR page…such as: Standing Order, a high Power Rank, a high VP leaderboard rank, W3 membership, E365 finalist, S-Builder, etc. If your page isn’t sporting these badges, don’t expect your downline members to work for them either. Lead by example!


    DO #2:
    DO work with and cheer on all your PSAs who are currently in the E365 contest. Just go to the E365 Leaderboard ( and select “My PSAs.” Tip: Clicking their name will display their Affiliate Snapshot. Their Snapshot contains specific details on their current status in the E365 contest–as well as a link to their VP Ledger ( so you can see what points are available to them. Use this information to personalize your support messages to them.


    DON’T be sloppy and unprofessional in your communications with your team members. Leaders get the details right.

    8251 Northwoods Drive, Suite 200
    Lincoln, NE 68505 USA

  19. knowhow|Cash King R.S.

    From: Cash King RevShare

    If you are not active you can’t get paid! If you want to make cash with our revshare system be sure to log in and do something today! Buy some shares, update your ads, buy a spot in the cycler, copy your link code and recruit some members, PUSH THE MEMBERSHIP SALES MAD MONEY TO BE MADE HERE! Up to 60% level 1 and 10% level 2!

    Do you want to know whats even better than great paying AdShares? You earn on the subscription fees your referrals purchase!

    Check out these referral payouts->

    The earner subscription costs $5 pays you 25% level 1 and 25% level2.

    The VIP cost is $10 and pays you 50% level 1 and 10% level 2.

    The prestige is $20 and pays you 60% level 1 and 10% level 2!

    Imagine the possibilities for financial growth!

    Get active get PAID!

  20. knowhow|Money Line

    From: Global Money Line

    Hi MoneyLiner’s

    Congratulations to Monday’s MoneyLine Rewards Promotion WINNERs:

    Frank Calabro Jr — $100 Bonus – Top Referrer

    Andre Jackson — Gold Subscription – Referrer

    BowTieGuy — Silver Subscription – Referrer

    Moneysite — Silver Subscription – Referrer

    Amanda Norris — Bronze Subscription – New Joinee

    CathBiz — Bronze Subscription – New Joinee

    Melanie Wold — Bronze Subscription – New Joinee

    If You haven’t got Yourself Eligible yet for Today’s Rewards Program Promotion Drawing, then make sure you go visit YOUR MoneyLine back office (CLICK the link below) for all Your Details AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    Click here to see Your MoneyLine Rewards

    This Promotion Starts over Each Day this week, so You always have a chance to enter to win even if you didn’t the previous day, and the qualifications are VERY SIMPLE!!

    So what are you waiting for? Click the Link above and GET GOING!!

    Thank You for Helping MoneyLine become The World’s Largest Straight One-Line of People!!

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