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  1. knowhow|CushionRev

    From: CushionRev
    We are truly glad to inform you that we have started posting the debit cards to those who have made an order. The cards are being sent through a courier service, and delivery usually takes between 5 work days and 7 work days.

    You will also be able to withdraw your money into the card once you receive it.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Regards, CushioRev Management

  2. knowhow|Traffic Circle

    From: Traffic Circle Share
    Dear members,

    AdvCash was added as one of the payment processors. There is no fee. Since our script is custom, it takes up a lot of memory on the server, so the the programmer is still optimizing it.

    You might expect some brief interruptions during the day. For this reason we do not recommend that members purchase paid ads on other sites.

    All notices will be send to you by email and published in this group.

    -Jakša Ćosić

  3. knowhow|FlyingRev

    From: FlyingRev

    Flyingrev is a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company! If you are looking for a long term Revshare. The best of 2016

    Ad Credits:100
    Directory Ad Credits:50
    Buy $2X25Add Pack & Get 5Add Pack Free
    1 The minimum add fund $5.
    2.The minimum withdrawal $5 Max $500
    3. withdrawal amount between 1 to to 8Hour
    4.No Surfing required
    5.1 hour distribution.
    6.Referral Commission 10%
    7.Repurchase Rule 70/30

    Fast Earnings :
    $2 Matures at 130% Daily Capped 6%
    $5 Matures at 135% Daily Capped 8.4%
    $10 Matures at 140% Daily Capped 9.6%
    $15 Matures at 150% Daily Capped 12%
    Payment : Payza, SolidTrustPay , Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money
    Withdrawals : $5 to $500 per day

    -Roberto Duran

  4. knowhow|SwissAdsPays

    From: Swiss Ads Pays
    Hello Members,

    Welcome to SWAP OLYMPICS! The Sport is- Active Ad Pack Contest!

    Starting NOW and ending 31 Aug, The First Country with the most members who reach the most achievement levels wins the following PRIZES:

    Most Bronze members – 25,000 Ad Credits and 1 – $5 Ad Pack to each country member reaching the Bronze Achievement Level. Additional, 1,000 Ad Credit to every country member who is also a member of their country SWAP Facebook page.

    Most Silver members – 75,000 Ad Credits and 3 – $25 Ad Pack to each country member reaching the Silver Achievement Level. Additional, 5,000 Ad Credit to every country member who is also a member of their country SWAP Facebook page.

    Most Gold members – 1,000,000 Ad Credits and 2 – $25 & 2 – $50 Ad Packs, 2G Swiss Gold Bar awarded to each country member reaching the Gold Achievement Level. Additional, 15,000 Ad Credit to every country member who is also a member of their country SWAP Facebook page.

    Most Platinum members – 5,000,000 Ad Credits and 4 – $25 & 4 -50 Ad Packs, 5g Swiss Gold Bar awarded to each country member reaching the Platinum Achievement Level. Additional, 50,000 Ad Credit to every country member who is also a member of their country SWAP Facebook page.



    Wow… we are really pleased to notice that our new faucet now has almost 1,000 members. To celebrate, we’re going to increase the claim amount and the dice roll minimum amount from 314 to 350 Satoshi’s While that’s not going to make you rich, it will show you that, as we grow, we will be giving away more Satoshi’s.

    Some of our members are earning plenty of Satoshi’s from referral commissions. In case you missed it, we pay commission on everything your referral does. Claims, dice rolls, hi/lo betting, etc.

    Be sure to promote your referral ID on other sites, especially other faucets.

    Talk to you again when we hit 2,000 members!


    2 for 1 Advertising Special. For a limited only, when you purchase banner advertising plans on the SwissAdsPays Faucet, we also give you the same paid banner size on SwissAdPays Revshare. Therefore, you get double the exposure on your ad. Book your advertising here:


    SwissAdsPays Income Sources: When speaking with potential referrals about SWAP, one of the biggest questions you might receive is “Does SWAP have additional income sources?” We’ve built a page to answer that question and explains all of our current products. We have also added a link on the public home page called “Income Sources”. Products & Income Sources page here:

    If you have a idea for a new (online /offline) product or service in which we can build and offer, please let us know! If you’re idea is feasible and we implement it, we will share a percentage of profits with you for an agreed time.


    And now for the big news: In our mission to provide the best and fastest member and customer support possible, we have added a new real-time chat feature on SwissAdsPays. To activate the chat, look for the small blue icon on the bottom right side of the page. With the help of our country admins, we pretty much have 24/7 real-time support. With the addition of our new chat feature, we will discontinue the members forum since 90% of the engagement is accomplished on Facebook via our official group and country groups.

    That’s it for now and we will update you again very soon with big news and announcements.

    Best regards and Mit freundlichen Güssen,
    Andy & Roderick

  5. knowhow|CushionRev

    From: CushionRev
    We have temporarily suspended our API. There had been several attempts over the last 48 hours to hack into our payment sources through API. We have detected and prevented the hacking, however, to further enhance our API security, we have decided to temporarily suspend API until the security enhancement is completed.

    Please note that all payments are being processed as usual but through mass payments. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

    Regards, CushionRev Management

  6. knowhow|THW Global

    From: THW Global
    58 Hours of Successful International BETA Testing Completed

    International BETA Testing of the Video Platform has been a huge success. In 58 hours we have served nearly 1.8 million videos that have reached every corner of the earth.

    During the 58 hours of testing the platform averaged a rate of 489 new videos plays per minute with up to 3,584 live streams being served at once. We served a massive 10.8 terabyte of data during the period. We are also very pleased to say that 74,918 IVs viewed video content from 52,341 distinct devices during the BETA Test.

    As of 11:40 PM ET on August 9th, we have ended the International BETA Testing. However, we have left everyone with access to the platform, but have suspended viewing access of the videos.

    U.S. BETA Testing will continue for a limited time for the benefit of our advertising partners. We urge all US IVs to continue BETA Testing.

    Best regards and thank you.

    To Your Success,
    The THWGlobal Communications Team

  7. knowhow|SocialMediaTE

    From: SocialMediaTrafficExchange
    Please respond to this email so that I can be assured that I have sent this email to all current members.

    I apologize that the site has been down the past few days, Friends who have upgraded to Premium I have added 14 days to your Premium memberships. Friends who have banner ads, I have compensated you as well.

    Traffic to the site especially with the Traffic Exchange part of the platform has been very good and we have already outgrown the initial bandwidth. (We now have unlimited BandWidth!)

    The site is back online and can be logged on here

    If you have trouble logging onto the site and/or if you are redirected to the GoDaddy site then clear your cache and/or cookies and you should be able to log on.

    Message me here please if you have any troubles whatsoever, Some Friends have not received their email confirmation.

    If You have not received your email confirmation then let me know and I will got to your account and update it for you.

    Thank you Friends for your patience and understanding during this launch phase and I look forward to our businesses growing stronger daily.

    -Tony Lee Hamilton

  8. knowhow|CushionRev

    From: CushionRev
    We wish to inform you that several companies have been fully funded in the past few days. Companies are getting funded quicker now as several big investors and investment companies are joining CushionRev.Com as the potentials become more obvious to everyone.

    Our advice to any investor is get as many shares of any company you like to invest in, as soon as you can without delay, so that shares of that company will not be sold out before you are able to get the number of shares you want.

    We have several companies seeking funding that will be announced soon, so there will always continue to be new companies added for funding.

    If you have invested in any of the sold out companies you will continue to receive your profits as usual uninterrupted, but no further public offer will be issued for these companies anymore since they have been sold out. You can continue to invest in other investments on offer.

    To view all sold out projects login to your CushionRev.Com account and click on Make Investment, then VIEW FUNDED INVESTMENTS. Or click here:

    All investors are appreciated. We wish to appreciate everyone for making this companies a success.

    Thank you. We wish you a nice weekend.
    Regards, CushionRev Management

  9. knowhow|United R.S.

    From: United RevShare
    SURPRISE!!! Check Your Account and Wallet Now!

    1. The complete database is checked and done the process :
    Total Seeded minus Total withdrawn Amount
    The balance for each user separately for each processor is credited back to the repurchase balance!

    2. All the profited user will see negative balance in your repurchase account for which you profited! Example if you profited by 100$, then you will see negative 100$.

    3. The Shocking News – Only $16470 is the positive balance in the Repurchase wallet of all users! It is the sum of all users repurchase balance after taking the seed – withdrawn difference!

    4. For United revshare the amount of $16470 is so less compared to total payouts given till we started the business! It is the only liability left behind now!

    5. Those who are not profited will be having positive repurchase balance and completely secured by us! Your money is not lost here! You are fully protected by us, and can enjoy upto 2X or 200% revenue sharing with our upcoming formula.

    Answer for 3 questions

    1. What about payza seed minus withdrawn amount?
    Ans = If the value is positive or still you haven’t profited, then we will transfer to your Preferred wallet

    2. What about Payza transfer?
    Ans = We have halted the process because to do this database checkup! Now think! if you were not profited with payza, you will get that amount in preferred wallet.

    3. What can I do with negative balance?
    Ans =
    a. You can leave the site as you profited. Let the non profited users enjoy, OR
    b. You can remove negative balance by adding fresh funds OR getting Referral Commissions

  10. knowhow|Freedom5

    From: Freedom5 Facebook Group
    Hey. Hello. Yes I’m talking to you 🙂


    Are you still waiting for your F5 refund? If you are then so am I. $500 to be exact. Many have got a refund and the rest of us will get a refund soon because Wally and Jason are on fire in the new program that was offered to you a few days ago.

    What? You are not in this amazing program yet? You know what? I am!

    Remember I said I was $500 down with F5? Did I mope around because I hadn’t received my refund? No!

    Why? Because 1) I know a refund will happen as you couldn’t meet more honest guys than Wally and Jason 2) I am here to make money! Aren’t you?

    Come on…be truthful now. Can you honestly say you are here to make money?

    If you say yes then if you haven’t taken positive action yet you are kidding yourself, because if you want to make money you would a) be in the F5 Ninja facebook Group by now and b) you would have joined the absolutely astonishing and lucrative new program offered by Wally & Jason.

    I did both a) and b). I am here to make money, Aren’t you?

    I joined the program at 10pm Tuesday evening UK time. By 10am Wednesday morning I had qualified for Ruby (see image below) and earned $400 in just 12 hours. Let me ask you…. Could you have earned $400 in 12 hours with a Rev Share with say $100 – $200 seed money? No! This program for earning money is light years ahead of any rev share.

    So in 12 hours I had earned a $250 bonus and a residual income of $150 a month. That is just the start! Ruby 2 is next with a $500 bonus and $600 a month residual income! And there is much much more to earn after Ruby 2!

    Remember, Wally and Jason said they would help all F5 members make money who joined this program. They only needed to introduce 3 people, which happened in 5 minutes, and they haven’t used their own link again. They used my link (I have introduced 1 person myself as well) to introduce people so I qualified for Ruby in 12 hours. I don’t use my link anymore. Don’t need to as Wally, and myself help my 3 to Ruby and beyond. It is a superb team effort!

    Wally and Jason’s plan is to help everyone in their team – and that is what they are doing! And will continue to do day in day out, month in month out. But do you know what? You are LOSING money by procrastinating. You snooze – you lose and that is very true with this golden opportunity.

    Wally and Jason have only just got going. Tuesday, just 2 days ago and you can be at the top of their matrix. I was in the right place at the right time and made a POSITIVE action decision to join and it has already paid off! YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME! Make a positive decision to join and you WILL make money which can change YOUR life and that of your family.

    This program is so lucrative it is life changing income and eventually goodbye to the day job income as well. Do you want to be master of your own destiny? Or do you want to simply sit there waiting for your refund, which will come, but your gravy train will be long gone. Regrets? Don’t have regrets. Life is too short. You have to grasp an opportunity when it comes along and here it is on a plate for you.

    Next step? Join the F5 Ninja FB group and then contact Wally or Jason ASAP so you can be placed in the highest position possible so they can help you FINALLY to realise your income dreams.

    -Steve Hartley|Facebook

  11. knowhow|2Point4Daily

    From: 2Point4Daily
    MellowAds earnings from day 13th of August Approx 0.02BTC or $11.68 in one day 🙂

    With just 900+ Members what if we have more members. Mellowads will be just our temporary Adnetwork while im working to get approve from google adsense.

    But Earnings are still earnings, when all the external sites are deployed and start making money for 2point4daily community it will all add up and bring good stable daily income for the site.

    Dont forget to visit our partner websites, make it as your daily habit. next monday the article writer will start working to bring new fresh news from the industry;

    Play Daily:
    Read Daily:

    Thank you for being part of 2point4daily

    Regards, John | Pinoycash

    (C) 2point4daily is the flagship product of Globalnetshares Advertising Group

  12. knowhow|2Point4Daily

    From: 2Point4Daily
    We have a successful launch, no downtime, minor STP & PM deposit issues but it has been fix in a short time. We now have 897 Members based on the stats and we Total purchase is now $11,000 ++ we have paid out $50+ in 2 days.

    Dont forget to use your banner credits after you add your banner, I have decided to postpone surfing requirments until 14th of august and will be enabled @ 00:00 Server time on the 15th. to give more time for some members to find their things on the members area and familirized the system. i will create some video tutorials on from registration -> login -> addfund -> buy adpack -> adding advertising and profit withdrawals.

    Have you visited our partner websites today? if not visit them atleast twice daily.

    Play Games :

    Read Daily:

    Thank you for being part of 2point4daily

    Regards, John | Pinoycash

  13. knowhow|Leased Ad S.

    From: Leased Ad Space
    If you ever have a problem logging in, first close out your browser completely, then clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser then retry logging in, our system uses sessions, this is to prevent hackers, and protect our site and your account.

    Also make sure you are not trying to log in, using the confirmation link that got emailed to you, to confirm your email when you first joined, that link only works once, it is used to verify your email.

    1. The biggest log in problem that we see, is people leaving the browser open while logged into Leased Ad Space for long periods of time, without logging out, and closing the tab.

    Make sure when your done in Leased Ad Space, you log out and close out that tab. This alone will prevent most log in problems.

    2. The second thing we see, is people trying to log in with their email address instead of their username, our site uses your username.

    3. The third thing we see, is people copy and pasting their username or password, and copying a space before the username or password starts, so when doing this, it literally places a space, and messes it up.

    4. The fourth thing we see is usernames and passwords are case sensitive, people forgetting if they capitalized something in them.

    99.9999% of the time, the log in issues occur because of these reasons.

    The rest of the time, it is usually because someone forgot their username or password, and never wrote them down. You are trying to make money with a site or program, when you join something, you surely want to write down your log in details, and keep them in a place you can easily find them..

    So with that said, your username and password are case sensitive.

    On the log in page is a place to reset your password, the email address you used to sign up with, this is where your password reset will get sent to.

    If you reset your password, it has to contain at least 8 characters, including at least 1 letter, and 1 number, and 1 special character, from this list. ! @ # $ % ^ &

    Remember, before resetting your password, if you ever have a problem logging in, first close out your browser completely, then clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser then retry logging in first.

    A couple updates for you as well. In the affiliate tools is a new splash page for you, it looks like this: except yours will have your photo on it, that is if you uploaded a picture in your profile, and your link will have your username in it. **Remember as well, you affiliate links all use your username in them (they are case sensitive) You will find this new splash page in the splash page section of your affiliate tools.

    Another thing we did, is removed the stats for now, that were in the very top of your dashboard, and replaced them with three videos, these videos are intended to help guide new members more smoothly through the process, of navigating the site, purchasing their first traffic package, and setting up their ads. If you have not watched them yet please do so.

    Keep in mind we are always striving and working on making the site more user friendly, and easier to use. Member to member payment systems have their challenges..But the affiliates make way more money, when fully utilized properly.

    We make many small changes all the time, you may or may not notice but aide in everything running more smoothly.

    Tell next time my friends!

    Sincerely, Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

  14. knowhow|Earners Fund

    From: Earners Fund
    Dear Members,

    Since current compensation plan does not generate any interest, a question was raised whenever or not it would be more beneficial to increase the limit.

    Please visit forum and leave your vote, this would mean a great deal to us.

    Thank You,
    Have a good day, Dmitry

  15. knowhow|MyTrafficBux

    From: My Traffic Bux
    !!!! ALL WITHDRAWALS Till 02:30 pm, 11th AUGUST Are PAID !!!!
    Yesterday Evening I received a call from STP, may be a process
    for verification. Conversation was very positive. We are hoping for
    an official response from STP, anytime soon.

    VIEW 50 PTC Ads Everyday, EARN UP TO $0.2 Absolutely FREE


    Today’s Accrual=> LTC 3.2%, DAO 3.5%, ETH 4.0%, BTC 5.0%

    Prem Swain|Admin

  16. knowhow|2Point4Daily

    From: 2Point4Daily
    Basic Program Features
    # Daily Cap – 2.4% Long Term Project
    # Low $2 Adpacks – Easy To Build – Affordable Adpacks
    # 120% Revenue Share
    # Low $5 Minimum Withdrawals
    # Surf 10 Ads Daily To Qualify For Revenue Share
    # Withdraw Upto $200 Daily
    # No Force Repurchase Rule
    # 10% 3 – Level Referral Program (7,2,1)
    # Dedicated Support Team – Direct Admin Support

    -John M Tadiosa‎|Admin

  17. knowhow|SwissAdsPays

    From: Swiss Ads Pays
    Hello Members,

    We have some super exciting news for you from SwissAdsPays. We are making the following modifications to our program to help each member and SWAP to continue growing:

    Free members will now receive 12% referral commissions on ad packs purchases, which is the same level as premium members.

    Additionally, now premium members will receive 5% more on Ad Pack maturity levels.

    $1 Ad Pack
    Premium Member: $1 Maturing at $1.10
    Free Member : $1 Maturing at $1.05 Commission

    $5 Ad Pack
    Premium Member: $5 Maturing at $6.25
    Free Member: $5 Maturing at $5.5

    $25 Ad Pack
    Premium Member: $25 Maturing at $31.25
    Free Member: $25 Maturing at $30

    $50 Ad Pack
    Premium member: $50 Maturing at $72.5
    Free Member: $50 Maturing at $70

    More great news for anyone interested in upgrading to Premium membership. You will be entitled to run a start page ad for 24 hours once you’ve upgraded. You just need to make the request via a support ticket. You’ll also be able to run a start page ad when you renew your Premium membership 6 months later.

    Additionally, don’t forget SwissAdsPay New Member”$1 for $1″ Promotion

    To receive the bonus, do the following steps:

    1. Update your account and processor details

    2. Purchase at least one ad pack ($1, $5, $25 or $50)

    3. Submit a support ticket

    4. We will credit your account with $1
    Please notify all your referrals and contacts about the great news on SwissAdsPays.

    Best, Andy & RoderickBest regards and Mit freundlichen Güssen,

  18. knowhow|O. W. Ads

    From: One World Ads
    Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂

    As you can see we are paying every single day. We are real, honest and we are working hard to grow this business for everyone in order that every member will have a stable income. You noticed that we are building everything with the purpose that will gain benefits for the long term.

    We implemented the Matrix system and we are going to add even more income streams and features like training etc. We are working on it and we give and do our best BUT this is not enough. We promote hard and we show the value of this business BUT this again is not enough. All of you who requested withdrawals also got paid in time, but only 10% of you are working hard.

    The remaining 90% are just waiting to get paid and not doing any work. You are not even posting your payment proofs in our group, sharing those at your facebook profile/timeline or promoting our business at any other program/website etc. As the nature of a business owner it causes that I am questioning myself about what could be the issue/reason for this correspondence.

    Therefore I am going to ask you directly with the approach to get some answers. So, “What are you afraid of? Are you scared of something?”… I really can’t understand why you dont even make a single post on facebook to show others the value of our business. This is OUR business which provides everyone an income and therefore it is your real value and deal. For the long term of this business you need to put some efforts and show others what this business is all about.

    Please note that this message is with good intention and out of concern. I thought that everyone of you would share the good experience with our business but unfortunately it is not happening with the majority of our members.

    -Manos Sergakis‎


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