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  1. knowhow|CryptoProfit

    From: MyCryptoProfit

    Hi, we want thank you for all your support, we are almost 1000 users and the site continue growing every day.

    We have made new banners, and the official fanpage.
    Now you can promote the site to get 10% affiliate commissions.

    We want to give you a special deal for Christmas.

    Follow us in facebook and send us a message to get 20% extra in your next deposit!

    This is a limited offer, Dont lose this nice opportunity.

    If you have any question please open a support ticket and We will reply you within 48 hours.

    See you soon with more news and updates.

    Landon Plowden|Admin

  2. knowhow|RyanUniversity

    From: Ryan University

    How to tell a scam?

    Not by typing “is (fill in the blank) a scam?” into Google, that’s for sure.

    Because all you’ll get there is a bunch of whiney punks who like to bitch and moan in public. Or, the complete opposite – affiliates strategically optimizing their content to the scam keyword to sell you on joining their downline.

    Here’s a few questions you can ask to tell a scam…

    How long has the opportunity been around?
    -Is it fly-by-night or does it have a track record?

    What is their guarantee?
    -Is it a simple “money back” thing or is it stronger?

    Can you speak with real, flesh and blood people who’ve succeeded with the system?
    -Or is it just a bunch of testimonials with only first names and no photos?

    Can you see concrete, verifiable, unquestionable proof it works before you buy?
    Ryan University checks off on all these – it’s the real deal

    Scam free, baby.

  3. knowhow|Penny Pays

    From: Penny Pays
    Hey Team,

    We are exploding now!

    We are getting teams and groups pop up left and right all around the world now!

    We have THE software of the Century!

    We are approved by and now integrated with Facebook! We are living in a Facebook world now!

    This concept in advertising is desired by almost Every local and online business in the world!

    Now, any business, or anyone in general, can get the Shares on Facebook which are heavily desired by anyone wanting super exposure on Facebook.

    It is much, much less than other forms of internet advertising and far more effective!

    And, all Shares sold now have a built in Stats Page for monitoring.

    Many of you are getting some great ideas on this…

    Did you now that you can go into your local town and make a ton of money simply selling Local Shares to the local businesses? Try it! They want this exact advertising!

    Did you know that you can also approach Advertising Agencies and make lots of extra money on their Purchased Shares?

    …just some ideas to think about!

    We are still finishing work on the Mobile Version! Standby…

    Thanks Everyone, and Great Work!

    PennyPays Support Team

  4. knowhow|T. Powerline

    From: Traffic Powerline

    Income Plan Training Webinar Postponed

    Dear Members

    The Income Plan Training Webinar that was to be scheduled for tomorrow evening has now been postponed until Monday 12th December.

    Further details along with the link to register will follow in the next few days.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  5. knowhow|ClickingVenue

    From: Clicking Venue

    Hi everyone,

    We are now 1 month old! So to celebrate that, we have prepared an new pool for a NON-CAPPED promo plan. Allowing using ANY of your balances!

    This time, as we have more members, we are expecting to have a lot of members making purchases, and from all balances.

    The other plans will be closed for purchases for a few hours tomorrow, so everyone will be purchasing on this promo plan only!

    Here is how it will work:
    1- I will close purchases for all other plans for a few hours tomorrow before we Launch the promo Plan.
    2- New promo plan NON-CAPPED pool will be open for purchases on DEC at 8: AM EASTERN.
    3- You will be able to use any balance to make purchases on this plan.
    4- Get ready to see your ad packs mature very fast, because everyone will be purchasing on this plan only, with an open pool based (The more ad packs SOLD, the FASTER your ad packs mature)
    We Expect to have ad packs maturating within a few hours after purchase ( 130% Max Return )
    5- After a few hours of EXTREME earnings, then the other plans will be reopen and come back to normal.

    Get ready to buy as many ad packs as you can on DECEMBER 08 at 8:AM ESTERN

    You don’t wanna miss this!

    Happy Anniversary to us!

  6. knowhow|Paul Kinder

    From: Paul Kinder’s Blog (Online Business Babble)

    Big News: Shock, Awe, Hopefully Pleasure…

    So there’s a headline written for people and not search engines! LOL So I’m already useless as a blogger, oh well, people first suits me fine!

    This announcement has been brewing for about a week now due to our big server move and I have SO been bursting to spill it! But I’ve been a good boy, and so have all those closest to me, because only a very very very select few have heard this news already.

    As I said in some emails earlier, the few who have been told were totally surprised and VERY pleased. With all the bads news around our little market recently I’m so pleased we’re going to be able talk about something good to take us forward, better than good in fact.

    I personally, am like a kid in a candy store right now, can’t even sit still! So let’s start with shock and awe and hopefully some pleasure….

    First up…
    Traffic-Splash has a new owner!

    Tezak Traffic Power has a new owner!

    And again…
    Affiliate Funnel has a new owner!

    LFMTE has a new owner!

    So who saw me building up to that last one? Anyone’s head spinning?

    So here is the news…

    Kinder Rash Marketing has now merged with AKH Media.

    Yep, that means AKH Media, the software house behind the LFM scripts is now an equal partnership between Robert Puddy, Josh Abbott and myself, Paul Kinder.

    Tim Rash is taking a break from the online world due to his VERY commitments offline. Tim plans to be back to build/launch products with me during 2017.

    So that in effect means Robert, Josh and I are now joint CEO’s. Robert is also CFO, Josh is still the wizard CTO, and I still refuse to call myself a marketer LOL So as we all need labels mine is CCO (chief commercial officer).

    That means, I am now the face, and the voice! of AKH, looking out for customers, focussed on helping them and the new AKH grow their businesses together.

    So what does this mean for you? First the nitty gritty, then some of the bigger picture…

    Customer service first, obviously. I am still me even if I was ill for a loooong time! So KRM and AKH support teams will continue independently same as before with all the people you already know and love. Sunny “Yay!” Suggs will work across both sets of sites and I have no doubt Sunny and I will start brainstorming ideas for Josh to build new support desk plugins when Sunny sees how KRM operates! 🙂

    EDIT: I just sprung that little bombshell on Robert and Josh btw, it isn’t imminent!

    KRM sites will switch to AKH for payment processing over the next few days and weeks. All current subs stay as is, new subs will go thru AKH Media Ltd.

    KRM sites will (probably) all switch to LFM software. I think TECP is likely to be the last one transferred because the code is intricately linked in with the core krtcn membership base code, but we’ll see!

    KRM sites NOT transferring to the new AKH are:
    Dragonsurf: now a partnership between myself and my old buddy Soren Jordansen.
    Fast Easy Traffic: now owned by Tim again but will be run by Mark Wieneke and Brian Rickert, with my help and guidance whenever required. Mark and Brian get 100% profits, Tim and I will take nothing and would LOVE for you to show Mark and Brian your full support.

    Tezak Traffic Power transfers, and is now a partnership between AKH and of course the incredible Mr Tony Tezak.

    All AKH sites stay as is. Most are owned by the company, plus a few owned separately by either Robert or Josh.

    That’s the nitty gritty, so what’s the bigger picture?

    Well when I came back online a few weeks ago I was feeling far better than I had in years and, with our market collapsing around us, offers started to come in from elsewhere for me to desert this market and move elsewhere. I wasn’t interested, never would be.

    However, one day Mr Puddy and I got talking and the idea of us merging grew some legs. Why?

    Well AKH/LFM are very well known for developing software and, basically, just getting er done! For a guy recovering from deep depression working in that environment is a HUGE attraction. Especially working right alongside the man who taught him more about online business than anybody on this planet!

    Many of you know I always dreamed of owning a software house, well now I do! I’m determined to help Robert, Josh and the guys continue providing real quality and of course really looking forward to adding my own ideas and our KRM style of design and customer-focussed site-build to the mix. Jamison Raymond is moving with us too btw, should have said that earlier, sorry James!

    Looking from the other side, it is very obvious AKH lacks a real presence, someone who relates to customers directly, and can help them to profit from all the software and other programs that AKH makes. Someone who thrives and actually enjoys “living in the market” so to speak. Well, that would be me. Here to help, happy to help. Always! 🙂

    But there is more to this. Our market is struggling right now due to forces beyond our control. The single biggest reason the four of us (including Tim) decided this was the right thing to do is because our new business has the will and the resources to help rebuild our current market and blast out into far bigger markets over the next year and beyond. For example…

    On Saturday, Josh and I started brainstorming ideas for a completely new script launch that will help any and all our current customers expand into new areas AND take many of their current customers with them. This won’t appear overnight, but this idea or something very similar will almost certainly appear next year.

    PLUS Robert and Josh already had some immensely exciting plans for totally new developments that we’ll be launching next year too.

    First up though, we need to consolidate our current business, and do all we can to help all of you get through any short-term difficulties and move on to our bright and shiny long term future together.

    So, shocked? awed? Pleasured?

    Please comment below or…

    Let us know your thoughts and answer your questions in our brand new skype room

    Here to Help, happy to help. Always!

    Paul Kinder

    PS I can’t write all that without ONE link for you to click (if you don’t like skype rooms!)

    So, I bet most of you have no idea that AKH has over 30 programs up and running (plus some TE’s and niche sites) and that’s one obvious reason I joined.

    If there is just one AKH program I’d pick out as the single most exciting it is this. It’s not brand new, and most people wouldn’t think it’s sexy if they haven’t seen all it offers, but…

    They are wrong!

    Man it felt good not to use an affiliate link there! I’ve loved that program since 2006/7 when Soren and I used to compete each month to be top affiliate!

    Did I mention “kid in a candy store”? lol

  7. knowhow|Ad Sparkles

    From: Ad Sparkles
    Hello Everyone,

    Warm greetings to you welcome to all our new members. It’s been 6 days since adsparkles was launched and all has been smooth so far.

    We are glad to inform you that has been paying daily more than our daily capped percentage which is an added advantage to our members. It is only possible because your darling project ( has been attracting some very fine advertisers since we started. So far, a total of 26.7% had been paid for Plan A which is a daily average 4.45%.
    For Plan B, 29.2% had also been paid which is a daily average of 4.87%. For Plan C 35.1% had been paid which is a daily average of 5.85%. For Plan D, 34.5% was paid which is a daily average of 5.75%.I am sure everyone is enjoying earning every day.

    However, we would like to point out few things which members needed to know in other to maximize the benefit of this program. Let’s start with ‘Surfing Ads’. In other to earn, every member must log into their back office daily and click 10 banners of our Start Surfing page. This hardly take 3 minutes to accomplish depending on the speed of your browser as well as internet connection. If you aren’t clicking ads so you are not eligible for that day rebate. This is clearly stated on our terms and FAQ page. Please refer to question 14 on our FAQ page which state thus: “You have to surf 10 websites every 24 hours to be eligible to receive revenue”. Please ensure you click on surfing ads and click 10 ads daily for you to Earn.

    If you are going on vacation or don’t want to view ads, simply buy surfing vacation mode package which are available in members area. Vacation plan is a special package plan for advertiser’s who do not which to view advertisers sites to get paid daily.

    Members Payment processor and profile update:
    Members are not allowed to edit their payment detail due to security reasons. if anyone need to update their payment method please send us support to get it fix. If your payment account is invalid your payout will be returned to your account. Make sure all details are correct and in order.

    At the moment, our programmer is working on the module of how to reset your secondary pass and shortly we will add it so members will be able to reset their secondary password and pin. Right now, if you forgot your secondary password or pin so please contact our support and we will be happy to help you.

    Tutorial Videos:
    We are seeking for good tutorial video of adsparkles and announcing video contest which any of our member can make. Any member with the best tutorial video will be rewarded free 50$ to $100 Adpack. So, make your videos and upload it anywhere and post it in our Facebook group which video will get more likes and result will be selected as best video and member will be paid there is limit of total 5 winners.

    OUR Facebook GROUP:
    (link opens in the same tab, or Right Click and select: “Open link in new tab”):

    As time goes on, we shall continue to spice up for the benefit of all. Enjoy a wonderful earn experience with us.

    You are the best
    Thanks and God Bless You.

    Marie, Admin

  8. knowhow|E. Unified

    From: Entrepreneur Unified

    News: Huge Update!

    Hello Guys,

    It’s been some time we have updated the news section, so just letting you know about some of the updates!

    Total Registered Members: 647
    RP Holders: 51
    Total Cashouts: $800+
    Total Revenue: $1900+
    Total Royality Paid: $1800+
    Total Royality Sold: 100K+
    Total Revenues Generated using selling the RPs: $7000+
    First Product: Pool Investors
    Second Product: Revshare
    Third Product: ??? (Soon to be revealed)

    Our hosting manager has said a server migration on 4th December 2016 from 16:00-20:00 UTC. Our websites will be down at that time, please don’t panic on that time. It is a timely maintenance of the hosting company.

    I know you all are eagerly waiting for the revshare, and I am really sorry for all these delays. If it was upto me, I would have launched one product each day!

    The revshare script is almost complete, with minor tweaks here and there, testing going on, etc. We have already bought the domain, hosting will be bought soon, design is ready and waiting to be integrated.

    After all this, we will prelaunch, and will launch the website as we hit atleast 1000 members, and get accepted by major payment processors like Payza, STP, etc. BTC, PM, Payeer, etc does not require to be approved.

    The third product is not really a revenue maker at start, but if done right, we can generate huge revenue from it, and it would be kind of passive too! I have seen similar sites to make huge money each month, and I hope if we all work together for that, we can achieve it in few months time! This project was being worked by just me, and I will let you know about the details as soon as possible.

    If you want to help me to market it, just ask your friends these questions:
    1. Do you find it difficult to get refferals?
    2. Would you like to receive money for promoting any of your online program? (Not like PTP)
    3. Would you like your program to be shown to more than 2K users? And that too for free?

    If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, tell them that the solution will be there soon with Entrepreneur Unified, and tell them to join us for further updates soon!

    I have made the website, designed it, hosted it (shared, will buy a cloud one when I am ready to launch), a bit more work is left with the content, and we will be ready for it!

    We have two more projects (investment [risky] and a service [pure revenue maker]) in line. I have made all the arrangements and have researched on that in the past few weeks. Now I am trying to find the right partner for that, on whom I can rely with both my money and my time.

    This time I am trying to find a local guy, I have got few people on my mind, and will likely ask them to come and join our team in this entrepreneur field, which I guess was the real intention of Entrepreneur Unified. To join different entrepreneurs with revenue! Let’s see how that goes. Don’t expect that to be quick, it can take considerable time, as after coming into this field, one think I learned well is, you cannot say a specific time for anything 😀

    All together, you can see, lot of works are being done behind the scene. I know you all were patient enough till now, and asking anything more is not ethical, but as an admin, and as this is my job, I request you for some more time and trust.

    Please let other’s know about this 🙂

    Shebin John aka Remedcu, Admin

  9. knowhow|RyanUniversity

    From: Ryan University

    If you want to fail online, here’s a great way to do it… Sell cheap stuff.

    Which is what most people do.

    They believe selling something cheap is an easy way to get results if you’re starting out.

    But it’s not.

    Selling low-priced products is a great way to create tons of headaches and piles of busy work for yourself while never making you much money.

    Here’s why:
    -You have to make scads of sales to make any money
    -You make low commissions
    -You process lots of transactions which means higher fees
    -You ship more products, which means higher shipping and labor fees

    Lower priced products make everything about running your own business a pain in the ass.

    Plus, bargain buyers are most difficult to deal with.

    And are very unlikely to become customers for life.

    If you want to build a great income with little work, cheap is bad.

    Because selling an expensive product which pays out high ticket

    commissions takes just as much effort. Which is why…

    This is what you need to do instead.

  10. knowhow|T4EO

    From: T4EO

    Nov 29, 2016

    Dear members and advertisers,

    I would like to thank you all for using our advertising website T4eo. I am very happy that our latest special offer was popular and lots of surf credits were purchased.

    We created T4eo for you, so I would like you to send us as many suggestions or ideas as possible so we can shape T4eo to be a website that everybody wants to use.

    Together for each other

    Thanks Admin

  11. knowhow|GetPaidSocial

    From: Get Paid Social

    We Are OFFICIALLY RE-LAUNCHING GPS And YOU Are Invited to Join Me LIVE to Learn More!

    1 year ago I introduced many of you to a brand new concept in making money online…THOUSANDS of you trusted my vision and aligned yourselves with it…

    Today…I want you to know that that vision LIVES ON and you have a chance to once again take part and reap the rewards!

    I KNOW for many of you it has been a frustrating and trying journey…I get it…It has been for me as well!

    However…through all of that frustration, we have been led to this point…where FINALLY the vision you aligned yourself with can and will become a reality!

    On December 5th at 9 PM (Eastern Time) I’ll be holding a LIVE webinar to spend some one on one time with you all to address any remaining concerns or questions you may have and to announce the plan for the re-launch of GPS and how and why you want to be part of it!

    If you have been with us from the beginning…be on this webinar.
    If you have built ANY kind of team with us…FOR SURE be on this webinar.
    If you have concerns and questions about moving forward with GPS…be on this webinar and THEN decide.
    If you are owed money…DEFINITELY be on this webinar.
    If you are EXCITED and HOPEFUL about the future of GPS…be on this webinar.
    If you want to learn how to make more money online then perhaps you EVER thought you could…be on this webinar.
    Trust me…you are going to want to be part of the next phase of this company…so come learn all about it and interact with me LIVE December 5th at 9 PM (Eastern Time)

    Register For The Webinar Now

    We’ll see you there!

    The Get Paid Social Team

  12. knowhow|T. Powerline

    From: Traffic Powerline
    I wanted to share this video of the amazing day out I had with my Son Today.

    In this video I give you a personal VIP invitation to Tomorrow night’s webinar presentation where we will introduce a game changing feature to our business model.

    This feature will give you hundreds of chances every month to earn like a top leader in the network and internet marketing arena.

    You can watch the video and Register Here:


    Regards Admin

  13. knowhow|ProTrafficAd

    From: ProTrafficAd

    In the next referral contest Total Prizes is 160K PTC Credits ** Get Free Referrals And Win ** Ending on: 2016/12/10 **

    1st Place: 50 000 PTC Credits
    2nd Place: 40 000 PTC Credits
    3rd Place: 30 000 PTC Credits
    4th Place: 20 000 PTC Credits
    5th Place: 10 000 PTC Credits
    6th Place: 5000 PTC Credits
    7th Place:1000 PTC Credits
    8th Place: 1000 PTC Credits
    9th Place: 1000 PTC Credits
    10th Place: 1000 PTC Credits
    11th Place: 1000 PTC Credits

    Good Luck.

    Best Regards, Admin

  14. knowhow|154 Pack

    From: 154 Pack

    Dears members ,

    Be careful , there are members with fake account used my name
    -We have only and this FB group and there is no way to send promotion to members in MP.
    -All addfund validated
    -90% of cashout sent and my team will send rest of cashout tonight

    *******News about support******
    – please write your request in english language all opened ticket with other language will be deleted.
    -We receive over 300 transactions daily , my team verify every addfund first and after we add free active point , please wait 24 hour before open ticket if your add fund was not validated.

    154pack is very stable it’s time to go to the next level. What is next level ?
    -Make over 2000 $ to advertise
    -add 20000 $ to trade.

    I’m very sorry for delay from my team trader to get out source income , this week i will share with you new result about neteller i’m also waiting i hope will get anwser tomorow

    You are just awersome

    Thank you for support and keep promoting

    Best regards Lucas Hone

  15. knowhow|Clicking Venue

    From: Clicking Venue

    Lots of members have already added funds and are waiting for the NON-CAPPED Promo Plan to start!!

    On this plan, members who purchase ad packs at launching time WILL EARN a lot! Guaranteed!

    Last time, ad packs earned 130% Return within 2 hours. So please don’t miss it.

    You will be able to use cash balance only ( Fresh Cash from processor), so I advise you to add funds right now and have your account ready.

    You don’t miss this!

  16. knowhow|CTFO

    From: Chew The Fat Off

    Every weekend, I RECORD a report for our members AND their prospects. You can listen to this recording by dialing 641-715-3589, access code 876798#. When the system prompts you for a “Reference Number,” simply hit # again to hear the latest recording. This information is now being included in every Info Pack and will be added to the follow-up letter. You can also listen to the recording online at

    The recording includes an overview of the company, the business model, the pay plan, and the postcard system. That’s for the benefit of prospects. If you like, you can just listen to the first part of the call and skip the overview. The entire recording only runs about 30 minutes, however.

    For those who want a quick summary: we had 182 new signups this week – including 7 from our Join For FREE By Mail system. (We’re still getting a few responses from the old postcards, and 5 Info Packs were sent out.) We now have a total of 7,636 members in the group. Our monthly sales (so far) for October were $8,028. Of course, what really matters is WEEKLY sales, because that’s what you get paid on. Our weekly sales so far for this week are $2,642. We want to get to the point where our AVERAGE weekly sales are at least $5,000. I believe the best way to do that is to continue to emphasize PRODUCT AUTOSHIP. That’s what we do with our postcard system and our email follow-up messages.

    Weekly guidance: 1) Got a question this week about the added “Or Current Resident” line that has started to appear on out mailing list labels. I do get all names electronically (with the exception of one list) to ensure deliverability. However, verification of the ADDRESS does not guarantee the PERSON named on the label still lives there. So I added that new line on the label to INCREASE our deliverability. It DOES NOT MEAN our names are “old.” 2) Our postcard system is starting to really pick up. If you’re not using it, I think you’re making a big mistake. You may think this is a bad time of year to mail, but you would be WRONG! Most people “think” that way, which is why this is a great time to mail. Almost nobody else is mailing! People you enroll during the holiday season will be ready to go and mailing WITH YOU by January! Order some leads and get FREE postcards today! 3) Repeat item: You may have noticed that clicks prices are changing. But you can LOCK IN the current prices by setting up an autoship BEFORE December 1.

    You really NEED to listen to this if you’re SERIOUS about keeping up with our incredible business and how it’s going!

    To your success…

    Dr. Dick

  17. knowhow|Supreme Ads

    From: Supreme Ads

    Dear SA members,

    Less than 48 hours are left now for us to start creating history. Here is something you all need to remember during our launch;

    1. Deposits will be open 24 hours before launch, so you can start to buy advertising.

    2. No surfing will be required at first day.

    3. There will be NO DEPOSIT FEE during the first day.

    4. We are going to have 5 Payment Processors Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, SolidTrust Pay and Coinpayments for Bitcoins.

    5. Maximum Cashout limit is $100 per day per member.

    6. Withdrawals are processed instantly, that means you dont need to wait hours or days to get payment.

    7. Members who share their Add funds/ Withdrawal screenshots on our MMG Thread/ their FB timeline or at any other platform need to leave a Facebook PM or send a support ticket for receiving $2 in their repurchase wallet.

    We are really excited and looking forward to our Launch.

    Thank you all for your support!!

  18. knowhow|The Ads Team

    From: The Ads Team

    What a growth we are having. Started in October with Alex Rank of 3 Million+ and now we are standing around 40k. Alexa Ranking of less than 10,000 is our target before New year.

    Massive well done to Poland Team who have taken over everyone in generating Traffic. India, Italy, Pakistan and France also performing strong.

    Our aim is to deliver best advertising to our customers and help them generate more sales and leads. Many people and Businesses already enjoying a lot of growth because of our services. Lets keep the good work going.

    The Ads Team

    -Najam Ul Hassan with Muhammad Azam

  19. knowhow|Ryan Hauser

    From: Ryan University

    What will you regret when you die?

    This article, which appeared in The Guardian, really caught my attention…

    Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

    Bronnie Ware, a nurse who has spent years caring for patients in the final
    12 weeks of their lives, recorded the 5 most common regrets she heard.

    And when I read this article and it made me think of you, even though
    I don’t know you really.

    You’ll see why in a moment.

    Here they are the regrets in reverse order of frequency…

    Number 5: I wish I had let myself be happier.
    Number 4: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    Number 3: I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
    Number 2: I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
    Number 1: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,
    not the life others expected of me.”

    This was the most common regret of all…

    Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die
    knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

    So what about you?

    Still putting off starting your dream business, traveling to Paris
    and spending more time with the kids?

    Don’t wait until you’re about to kick the bucket to do something about it.

    Take action now no regret

    Best regards
    Ryan Hauser

  20. knowhow|Ryan Hauser Post author

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    What will you regret when you die?

    This article, which appeared in The Guardian, really caught my attention…

    Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

    Bronnie Ware, a nurse who has spent years caring for patients in the final
    12 weeks of their lives, recorded the 5 most common regrets she heard.

    And when I read this article and it made me think of you, even though
    I don’t know you really.

    You’ll see why in a moment.

    Here they are the regrets in reverse order of frequency…

    Number 5: I wish I had let myself be happier.
    Number 4: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    Number 3: I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
    Number 2: I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
    Number 1: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,
    not the life others expected of me.”

    This was the most common regret of all…

    Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die
    knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

    So what about you?

    Still putting off starting your dream business, traveling to Paris
    and spending more time with the kids?

    Don’t wait until you’re about to kick the bucket to do something about it.

    Take action now no regret

    Best regards
    Ryan Hauser

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