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Welcome To Our KNOW NEW NEWS Page
This page will basically cover any make money news category that is not already listed in the menu above. Please refer to the complete details in the two paragraphs below. Disclaimer: We will report news, but we do not endorse any or most of these programs… We always report, not always recommend… P. S. Google any program to get the address (url).

KNOW NEW NEWSKnow New News Is New News That You Know: Do You Know New News?
It can be First-Hand Program News from your email, a forum, a facebook group, etc., or News From Some Other Source… You are welcome to submit your current and valid (not fake) news about ANY ONLINE MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM… It can be Good News or Bad News about an open or closed RevShare, PTC (paid-to-click), Hybrid, GPT (get-paid-to), Matrix, HYIP (high-yield-investment-program), Cycler, MLM (multi-level-marketing), Affiliate, or any other type of program you may want to report about on this Know New News page.

Rules To Report The News (for this page only) (1) Perform A Search Of This Blog to determine if your program has been posted here. (If the program has already been posted, then you can only submit your news or opinion on that posted program page)… (2) It can be Real New News, or your Real Honest Opinion about the news of any non-posted program… (3) You must mention the Name Of The Program, but only one website-link or affiliate-link will be allowed within the content of your news report and/or opinion… (4) You can Brand Yourself Here by simply commenting regularly and by including your same real name, nickname, username, or your company name in each comment… (5) Your News Or Opinion Must Be Approved By The Admin (it will be approved, unless we deem it to be fake or spam)…

This Page Does Not Include News About Any Of Our Posted Programs,
Unless The News Was Reported Here Before The Program Was Posted.

Important: Use the Comment Form below to submit your Real News or your Real Opinion about the news. You can also click on the “Reply” link at the bottom of every post, to respond to any News or Opinion that is already posted here on this page. Do You Know New News? Tell Us! P.S. We reserve the right to refuse, or to make minor adjustments, to your post, if it is necessary. Also, no spam or advertising allowed. Your news must be real news, or a new admin promotion.

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  1. knowhow | AdsCash

    From: AdsCash

    Todd Wilson | Moderator | November 15, 2017

    Is AdsCash still on track to go live March 2018? I am hoping there will be no security treats like Electroneum. All this extra time before it goes to the live block chain should be ample to identify any risks…

    Nick Johnson

  2. knowhow | AdHitz

    From: AdHitz

    Members if you do not want to cashout your balance we can also transfer these funds to your ClixSense account (if you have one).

    We have had many offer from members to purchase AdHitz so this may be the route we will take and this would allow AdHitz to continue on.

    Thank you

  3. knowhow | Time Bucks

    From: Time Bucks

    Don’t forget to claim your FREE Raffle Tickets every hour:

    New Slideshows, New Daily Poll have been added.

    Date Period: November 8th, 2017

    Top 20 Earners Yesterday:

    1 – $41.25 – (Includes Bonus of $20)

    2 – $18.00 – (Includes Bonus of $10)

    3 – $12.45 – (Includes Bonus of $5)

    4 – $8.67 – (Includes Bonus of $3)

    5 – $6.02 – (Includes Bonus of $1)

    6 – $4.33

    7 – $3.90

    8 – $3.48

    9 – $3.36

    10 – $3.35

    11 – $3.33

    12 – $3.04

    13 – $3.02

    14 – $2.61

    15 – $2.50

    16 – $2.37

    17 – $2.30

    18 – $2.24

    19 – $2.17

    20 – $2.17

  4. knowhow | AdHitz

    From: AdHitz

    Members, this announcement is to notify you that on December 1st, 2017 AdHitz will be going offline permanently.

    With the loss of Paypal in March of this year and with our close affiliation with PTC, it has become extremely hard to operate this business. We did try to get different merchant accounts but because of the high risk nature of our business, the cost per transaction rate was much too high and it would not be feasible for us to offer this form of payment.

    Along with this, the upcoming changes to European privacy concerns (GDPR) we feel it’s best to take AdHitz offline. We want to thank each and every one of you for a very successful 9 years in business and we wish all of you continued success.

    We will stop all active site and network ads on November 30th and we will stop selling advertising and allowing new websites immediately. We will issue refunds for any remaining balances of these campaigns. All payments will be completed on or shortly after December 20th, 2017.

    Thank you
    The AdHitz Team

  5. knowhow | Skrill Payment Processor

    From: Skrill Payment Processor

    We are making some changes to our terms and conditions which will come into effect on 06 December 2017. You can view these changes on our website by clicking here. (Section 5.4)

    Your continued use of our services after 06 December 2017 will be taken as your acceptance of the changes.

    The Skrill Team

  6. knowhow | A Perfect Example Of A Spam And Scam Email


    Subject Line: DHL COURIER COMPANY LIMITED < "www.">


    Please, you are officially informed today that the Federal Government of this country has finally released your inheritance/contract payment of $13.5 Million United States Dollars and it has been packaged out for delivery with the help of US AMBASSADOR to Benin Republic which acts as your foreign representative here in Benin Republic.

    In addition, every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with the (Mr TONY MARK) and every Documents guiding your delivery is well updated so you are advice to confirm your full delivery information to the Agent right now as he is currently at (JOHN F. KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT NEW YORK) with your consignment box, because he called me this morning to inform me that he misplaced your delivery address.

    So you are advised to confirm your full delivery information to the diplomat as to have easy conversation with him and to enable you give him the full direction to get your package delivered and hand it over to you safely and sound, you are advice to be very fast as the diplomatic Agent (Mr TONY MARK) has no time to waste because his flight ticket will be expiring within few days.

    Do contact the diplomatic agent with the email below with the information’s required. Contact Person: Diplomat TONY MARK. MOBILE: +1 (929) 214-5175 (TEXT OR CALL HIM)

    Here is the Information you are required to reconfirm to the Agent.

    FULL NAME===============
    ADDRESS: ===============
    MOBILE NO: ===============

    Most importantly, he is now at (JOHN F. KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT NEW YORK USA) and due to the Searching and Scanning of the consignment he misplaced your address and all your contact information. So contact him to deliver your package right away and also get back to us immediately you contact the Agent to insure that your fund is getting to you without any hitch.

    Furthermore, remember the Agent delivering the Consignment does not know that the consignment contained money because the AMBASSADOR who is your representative here registered it as a family valuable article to avoid inspection during the delivery, so unknown circumstances should you let him know the content of that consignment to avoid him from running away with your funds, as your Consignment was sign and stamp by US EMBASSY here in Benin Republic to ensure that it is protected until it arrives your address.

    Best Regards.
    Email (

  7. knowhow | The Downliner

    From: The Downliner

    Our live chat is now on Telegram!

    We’ve moved our live chatroom from Skype to Telegraph and the link has been updated in the members dashboard.

    We always love to hear from our members and our chatroom has been active since we launched last year so why not pop in and say hello.

    With the previous room we had to live with the group limits set by Microsoft which are 300 users maximum and on a number of occasions we have reached that number and had to do a clean sweep but with Telegraph the group limit is 20,000!

    You can find the link in the Dashboard.

    Drop by and say hello. Always good to have collaboration in a Cooperative exchange 🙂

    Jay Carey
    Owner, Designer, Coder, Marketer & Teambuilder

  8. knowhow | Paid In Circles

    From: Paid In Circles

    Hello everyone,

    Wow, we are doing so well here. Congrats to everyone that earned here. So awesome to see members being successful here.

    We have almost 3200 registered members. We have taken over accounts for around 300 of these members. These are members that earned so well here and just stopped. They moved on to other things and did nothing here with the funds they had in their accounts. So we have been buying circles with their funds for them giving to you all that are here working this every single day!!!. We are here for YOU!!!!!!

    Welcome to all of our new members and free members. If you can not upgrade yourself here for 3.00 do not worry, one of our members will in time. Thank you, everyone, for helping us find members to pay it forward for.

    Be sure to purchase a product each week. We have items from .50, 1.00, 1.50. So this is not asking much from you at all. And you will be so glad you did. Together we will make this amazing holiday for all.

    Now we are not adding any more circles here. But we do have the member 2 member system at There you can receive Bitcoin, pay pal, stp, or thru the mail. So enjoy!!

    Have a wonderful Weekend and be sure to get started with the Mingle Cash NOW!!

    Renee, Pat, Julie & Anna

  9. knowhow | Traffic Circle Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share

    Hello and good evening,

    Every week we will have double deposit day!

    Meaning – if you buy advertising credits for minimum 0.004 BTC you will receive double advertising credits.

    This offer includes PTC ads, Login ads, Website credits, Banner ads, Text ads…..

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) is double deposit day. All deposits over 0.004 BTC will be doubled.

    You can purchase advertising credits using BTC only.

  10. knowhow | Time Bucks

    From: Time Bucks

    100+ New Slideshows, New Daily Poll and New Video Offers Available!

    Date Period: October 5th, 2017

    Top 20 Earners Yesterday:

    1 – $31.35 – (Includes Bonus of $20)

    2 – $20.11 – (Includes Bonus of $10)

    3 – $11.45 – (Includes Bonus of $5)

    4 – $9.36 – (Includes Bonus of $3)

    5 – $5.82 – (Includes Bonus of $1)

    6 – $4.01

    7 – $3.89

    8 – $3.31

    9 – $3.31

    10 – $3.28

    11 – $3.16

    12 – $3.16

    13 – $3.08

    14 – $3.01

    15 – $3.00

    16 – $3.00

    17 – $2.81

    18 – $2.61

    19 – $2.49

    20 – $2.46

  11. knowhow|Ads Cash

    From: Ads Cash

    Nick Johnson Admin · October 3

    Hey Adscash Family

    Apologies for not posting in a while…

    Had some personal and family issues which I needed to take care off and hence took a break of two weeks from the business after almost 18 months of working non stop

    Good News Is I am back 🙂 and everything is running as expected and better

    We are about to hit 100 million adscash coins in circualtion anytime now which is something which I never imagined will happen when we started with this mission of changing the online crypto advertising space for ever

    Congrats to all our investors till date as value of adscash coins has been rising every single week since inception……. We will be hitting 18.5 cents per coin and considering that we started at 2.5 cents back in April of this year , thats a 9x return almost for our early investors

    All I will say is that when it comes to adscash , best is yet to come

    ICM trading profits have been going better than expected and although we are closed for fresh investments , all our early bird investors are getting paid as usual and in time

    We will be doing a New ICO promotion in ICM shortly as our ultimate vision for ICM is being the amazon for ICO creators and ICO investors…

    One step at a time..

    Stay tuned for all corporate updates and keep building your adscash and ICM teams

    Nick Johnson

  12. knowhow | Traffic Circle Share

    From: Traffic Circle Share

    Hello and good evening, today I have one update and one news to share with you.

    Update: withdrawals are now opened and members that fulfill the necessary conditions can ask for withdrawal.

    News: Earning from PTC ads is now opened for free and paid members.

    With this option free members can build their accounts just by watching PTC ads and they can receive earning from referrals.

    However, they will have to invest if they want to withdraw the earning because withdrawals are possible only for paid members.

    Sponsors will receive 100% commission on earning balance from every PTC click from referrals.

    Also everyone can receive credits for website ads just by surfing on traffic exchange.

    See section Credit Statement.

    Happy earning! Smile

    Best regards!

  13. knowhow | Paid In Circles

    From: Paid In Circles

    Hello everyone,

    We have huge huge announcement for our participating members. If you are not a participating member meaning that you are not sharing your link with others, or have not added funds to your wallet in the last month or have not logged in and purchased any products we have for you then your account in now dormant, please stop reading and scroll down and please click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this letter so then you will no long receive emails from us. Thank you!!

    Now for those of you that are active members here is the AMAZING NEWS for you. Are you sitting Down? We have made a few changes. We are so excited for your and your family.

    1. Our Subscription to join us and for now on is only 3.00. Yes only 3.00. What your 3.00 gets you and gives you spot in the Faith Line. And put 1.50 in your sub wallet. Every 3 days the system will now look for 1.50 in your sub wallet and will get you a Faith Circle spot every 3 days. This is going to help all of our wonderful active members. We are here for you and so many in the 3 circle lines are not active and that is ok. But we wanted our sub purchases to go to our active members. Because we care about each and every one of you. This is AMAZING News.

    Those in the 3 Circles will still move there because you can see in the info below that we are still going to those circles also. Our goal is to get you to the two color circles and to make it where you can bring home real amounts.

    Now before you can bring home funds you must have shared your link with 3 others members. that is 3×3=9.00 and you buy a new sub for only 3.00 so your total you need to do to help the system is 12.00 now. So it is cheaper and you are helping 3 new members instead of 2. So the co op is going to beef up looking for members to help. Please share this with others also. We want to pay them in and the way we are set up now earning is quicker and being active member is cheaper and easier.

    We are now a 3.00 program. OH MY!!!

    Now you may purchase the Circles of Love for 4.00 each from your back office. YEAH!!! We built the lines and now you can buy then when you want and each Friday!!!! They will be instantly added. WE have to say thank you to each and every one of our active members. You are all so wonderful and we are here for YOU!!!!!

    You may also purchase the Faith Circle thru your back office also. And with the subs going to that short line and leading to the Circle of Love and 1 entry to the Circle 1. This will make the circles move so much faster. And the Love circles go to all of the circles we have here. This is Brilliant!!!!!! We plan on HUGE Growth!!

    The co op is always working behind the scenes, Now everyone share this with all you can. 3.00 is so affordable for all and we will help so many. So thank you for what you do to help us grow!!!

    So all your current subs you have and any future ones are 3.00 but when the system renews from your sub wallet it only takes 1.50 every 3 days and buys you a Faith Circle.

    Here is the break down of the circles that you earn in and what else you get when you roll thru them.

    Circle 3: 39.00 Cash to cash wallet. 9.00 to Sub wallet.

    You get: 2 entries to Circle of Love.

    1 entry to Dream Circle

    2 entries to Faith Circle

    1 entry to Dream Starter Circle

    2 entries to Baby Blue

    Blue Circle: 1 entry to Dream Starter Cir and you roll to Green Circle.

    Green Circle: 120.00 Cash to Cash Wallet. 12.00 to Sub Wallet. 10.00 to Sponsor

    You get: 2 entries to the Blue Circle

    2 entries to the Baby Blue

    5 entries to the Daily Circle

    4 entries to the Dollar Circle

    2 entries to the Dream Circle

    Dream Circle: 24.00 Cash to Cash wallet. 6.00 to Sub Wallet

    You get: 1 reentry back to the Dream Circle.

    Dream Starter Circle 2: you roll to Dream Starter Circle 3

    1 entry to Circle 1

    Dream Starter Circle 3: 10.00 cash to Cash Wallet. 6.00 to sub wallet.

    You get: 1 entry to Dream Circle

    1 entry to Circle 2

    2 entries to the Dollar Circle

    2 entries to Faith Circle

    2 entries to Daily Circle

    Dollar Circle 3: 12.00 Cash to Cash Wallet

    You get: 1 entry to Dream Starter Cir

    4 entries to Dollar Circle

    Baby Blue 3: 20.00 Cash to Cash Wallet 6.00 to Sub Wallet

    You get: 1 entry to Blue Circle

    2 entries to Baby Blue

    3 entries to Dollar Circle

    1 entry to Circle 2

    Daily Circle 4: 25.00 Cash out 6.00 to Sub Wallet

    You get: 5 entries to Dollar Circle

    1 entry to Dream Starter Circle

    Circle Of Love 3 30.00 Cash out. 9.00 to sub wallet.

    2 entries to Circle Of Love

    2 entries to Dollar Circle

    1 entry to Baby Blue

    1 entry to Dream Starter Circle

    Faith Circle 2 You roll to Circle of Love

    1 entry to Circle 1

    2 entries to the Daily Circle

    If you want to be active and have not earned but, and only if you have contributed to our co op with your own funds we will pif you. But you have to ask. Advise us what you will do to help us grow. We will review you account and help all we can.

    Again we have no bitcoin to pay out. If you have pending withdraw it will be returned. Please do not ask for bitcoin pay outs.

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. knowhow | Time Bucks

    From: Time Bucks

    100+ New Slideshows, New Daily Poll and New Video Offers Available!

    Date Period: September 29th, 2017

    Top 20 Earners Yesterday:

    1 – $31.34 – (Includes Bonus of $20)

    2 – $20.96 – (Includes Bonus of $10)

    3 – $15.45 – (Includes Bonus of $5)

    4 – $7.89 – (Includes Bonus of $3)

    5 – $5.17 – (Includes Bonus of $1)

    6 – $3.35

    7 – $2.67

    8 – $2.50

    9 – $2.19

    10 – $2.01

    11 – $1.79

    12 – $1.77

    13 – $1.66

    14 – $1.62

    15 – $1.57

    16 – $1.55

    17 – $1.54

    18 – $1.48

    19 – $1.46

    20 – $1.41

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