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  1. netprofit|$5.00 Challenge

    Posted By: Elaina McDonald|Facebook

    Who wants to start the $5 challenge with me for 2017??? 🤔
    Every time you break big bills, and you get some 5’s, stash them in your $5 box 💰💰💰
    I’m doing this!… Can you hold out for the whole year?…

    Idea From: Sherry Cornelius|Facebook 👌

    The $5.00 Challenge

  2. netprofit|Chris Farrell

    Essentially this is my ‘cheat sheet’ to life – 34 things I have learned (in no particular order) about life. I hope you find this helpful!

    34 Things I Have Learned About Life – by Chris Farrell

    1: Nobody feels like an adult. It’s the worlds dirty secret

    2: Be kind. Everybody is fighting their own battles….

    3: Pizza and ice cream will make you tired the next day

    4: If something continually feels like a lot of work – it’s probably something you shouldn’t be spending time on

    5: Good mental health is the most important thing you can master

    6: You are only old when your dreams are replaced by regrets

    7: Don’t be reckless with people’s hearts. Don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours

    8: It’s better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb — that half way up one you don’t

    9: Dance often

    10: Everybody is winging it

    11: Nobody is earning as much as you think they are

    12: The challenges you are going through right now, will pass

    13: …they will be replaced with new challenges

    14: Never, ever, say to someone ‘you look tired’

    15: Accept invitations. Say yes more. Say hi to the world a little more

    16: Go one place every year that’s new

    17: Drink 2 liters of water a day

    18: Stretch for 5 minutes every morning

    19: Nothing can harm you more than your own unguarded thoughts

    20: Get out of your comfort zone. That’s where all the magic happens

    21: People change. You will be a different person in 10 years. So will other people. The secret is to embrace this change – not fight it

    22: As of immediate effect, put your health as priority #1

    23: As of immediate effect, never speak ill of someone not present to defend themselves

    24: Be Impeccable with your word. If you say something – do it.

    25: We all get paid for how much value we bring to the marketplace. So if you want more money, become more valuable

    26: Make your bed every morning

    27: It’s nice to be important. But it’s important to be nice

    28: How you do something is how you do everything

    29: Have one meal that you are a master at creating

    30: Don’t be lazy with your language. Effective communication is the most important skill you can learn

    31: As much as possible, replace ‘I’ and ‘me’ in conversation with ‘you’

    32: Learn something new every day. And write it down in your ‘Learning Journal’ (coz you won’t remember it otherwise…)

    33: Social comparison is the thief of happiness

    34: See #22 above…

  3. netprofit|Government

    No Play From The USA…

    In other words, if you live in the USA (and a few other countries) you are not allowed to play games (gamble) online.

    Unfortunately strangers living in Washington D.C. think that they have the right to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own money on the internet.

    Check out these two videos below which try to explain about politicians and the United States Government to a “foreigner” (alien)…

  4. netprofit|Money Shirt

    Some people complain about the cold … while I just PUT ON ANOTHER LAYER OF MONEY!!! 🙂
    -Frank Calabro Jr

    Check out the Money Shirt…

    Money Shirt

    P.S. Does anyone remember the Money Hammer that I. M. Bigg used in various webinars?

  5. netprofit|Michael Jordan

    “I’ve failed over and over and
    over again in my life…
    That is why I SUCCEED.”
    -Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan

  6. netprofit|Sangram Dash

    From: Sangram Keshari Dash

    Friends, Good morning. Again, it is another day for all of us but for some people this day will be a day of success who believes in taking action with the right attitude. It is the attitude of facing problems head on till you become successful.


    Check Out This Very Inspiring Short [1:13] Video!!
    (link opens in the same tab):

  7. netprofit|Sunjey Sharma

    From: Sunjey Sharma‎ @ RevShare Lifestyle

    The Fact That You Aren’t Where You Want To Be, Should Be Enough Motivation.

  8. netprofit|Ari Maccabi

    August 16, 2016
    People brag all the time about how many people they have SPONSORED into a business. Today I am going to correct that thinking and show you the difference so listen up!

    When I did CPA in to Business Opportunities I RECRUITED 1000’s of people per week. Sometimes more than 10,000 people per week. It was far easier than SPONSORING people and here’s why….

    Recruiting is simply the process of marketing something in order to achieve a signup using a completely automated signup process. Even the onboarding and training is 100% automated with little to no personal interaction except with handling HEAT situations and pissed off people.

    Sponsoring is the process of recruiting someone into your business AND then personally helping them achieve success. This is a far more intricate task as you are trading your time for money. You are spending time teaching and developing your team and helping them become leaders. Anyone claiming to be a SENSATIONAL SPONSOR without personal interaction is nothing more than a RECRUITER IN WOLVES’ CLOTHING! Be warned! You will not get the help and training you need to be successful.

    As a leader I put myself in front of my people and offer them assistance. I do hangouts and private training webinars for my personals and their personals and so on to infinity. When I do it often results in those personals bypassing their sponsor and seeking me out for assistance. This happens because we have chosen to lead from the front.

    If you do hangouts and/or training webinars expect this to happen to you. When it does send them back to their REAL SPONSOR and please realize people may not have even tried to talk to their sponsor even though their sponsor may have tried to reach out to them simply because they see your name on the webinar and they may believe you are the right person to contact. I send these people back to their sponsor to ask their questions and if their sponsor cannot answer then I get both the personal and the sponsor on Skype and I teach both so the next time the sponsor can assist their team properly.

    This does two things mentally for the sponsor – it let’s them know they MUST help and they MUST know how to help and it lets the personal know that we are a team and together we will work hard to help you achieve their dreams!

    -Ari Maccabi


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