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468-InstantAdBuzzInstant Ad Buzz is a advertising and revshare program which delivers guaranteed traffic.
Program Name
Instant Ad Buzz Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, Payeer, STP, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until April 18, 2016… Earn 140% Total ROI… Daily ROI Cap: 1.5% Up To 6%… Instant Profits and Instant Payments… The AdPacks Are $10.00 Each… The Min|Max Withdrawal: $5.00|$500… 40% Repurchase Rule… You Must Surf 7 Traffic Exchange Sites Before Withdrawing… Earn More Money As An IAB Representative… 10% 3-Level (6%|3%|1%) Referral Commission… Ten Advertising Products Including PTC Ads (Cash Links) and Solo Ads… Admins: Brkanic Andrea & Jaime Oscar More Info: Refer to the Home, FAQ, How It Works, Plans, News, Terms & Conditions, Regional Representative, and the Privacy Policy page… Get 100% RCB

Thank You,                                                    UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                               No Longer In Business

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily for you, and we know how to keep you updated and rewarded.

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6 Thoughts to “Instant Ad Buzz”

  1. Admin

    We have moved to the next stage…Come with us

    Welcome to all the New Members. We want you to know that we are glad you are on the IAB Team. Earning 1.5% to 6% A Day is Awesome!

    Members ARE Doing Great Work! They are continuing to buy InstantAdPack and they are Sharing IAB with others. That’s because, at 1.5% to 6% daily, they will earn huge money within a Month!

    Since Inception New Members join us everyday because they want to earn HUGE Money too. I have a feeling of excitement inside me this morning after seeing what our members have achieved since we started.

    We have processed over 44k instant withdrawals to our members account since inception and the best part it was done in seconds of placing a withdrawal and no single pending withdrawals in the system.

    No technical Issues, No Downtime, No Bug Errors, No Pending Withdrawals etc That is Awesome!

    Now we have moved to the next stage because we have members that are earning in our system and they can spread the word about us with proofs to show.

    We are no more in the stage of talking what we can do or what we will do, we are in the stage of taking what we have done with proofs to show. This is the time to promote really big because we have kept the momentum high and have shown we mean business.

    Pick your banners and links once again and share InstantAdBuzz every where you see an advert space online. For those that have processed withdrawals, you need to paste your withdrawal proofs on forums, groups and anywhere such proof is accepted to show we are really paying and you are a beneficiary.When you promote your links, more members register and make purchase to increase our sales revenue and you make good referral commission for it.

    Our referral contest ended this week and as at yesterday, those that won has received their prizes in their wallet yesterday night. We will start another contest in 2 weeks, for now keep promoting to earn referral commission.

    For those who have not purchased a single InstantAdPack since we started, you would have been among those earning and withdrawing your funds to your payment processor with easy. Remember, money in your bank, don’t earn for you but you pay the bank interest for keeping your money depending on the type of account you own and if you are on the account they pay interest, it will not be more than 2% per year.

    If you think the party is over, you are wrong…The party is just getting started.

    The choice is yours Have A Great Weekend

  2. Admin

    Update: A New Withdrawal Button

    Welcome to all the New Members who have joined IAB recently. We’re glad you have joined the IAB Dream Team. Make the most money at IAB starting today

    To make the Most Money at IAB, you need to buy Instantadpack, because they help you to earn money quickly.

    You can compound your earnings to earn more or withdraw your earnings instantly to your payment processor in seconds.

    Talking about withdrawals, please make sure your payment details are correct to avoid pending withdrawals or the funds entering the wrong account.

    We want to make it easy for members to withdraw from their accrual balance to wallet by adding a withdraw selected option which will make it easy for our members to withdraw to their wallet with speed.

    It will give you an option to withdraw all not withdrawing one by one as it is now. Our tech team is programming that at the moment and it will be added once done

    In InstantAdBuzz, We always think about your success and easy access to your fund

    Have a great day today
    InstantAdBuzz Team

  3. Admin

    Wow! You Must Read This One…
    Greetings! It’s been ten days now since InstantAdBuzz has launched and wow, what can we say….It’s blowing away everything our members and promoters have ever joined or promoted before!

    Currently we have shared a MASSIVE $7,000 in commission in our affiliate program. We are seeing new members joining everyday…New and old members buying adpacks and advert space every single day which increase our sales revenue.

    We have been processing withdrawals instantly to all payment processors including Bitcoin.

    Our support team has been top notch…Responding to members tickets with speed and following them up to make sure their challenge is taken care of…This kind of support is not seen more often. Wow!

    Here’s the simple truth….The members that are joining, purchasing Instantadpack and promoting InstantAdBuzz the way it was intended to are getting incredible results. And it’s not too late to jump on board…

    If you are still sitting on the fence after registering as a member in IAB, you better wake up.

    Imagine earning 1.5% to 6% daily that comes every second…You can withdraw anytime and the fund get to you in seconds…That’s AMAZING.

    The reason why our top leaders and promoters are still behind us…We have proven to know what we are doing and keeping to every promise made. Our system is the perfect fit for newbie and experience online users alike.

    Don’t wait for the next wave to jump on board. You will be grateful in the future that you took action today and purchase at least one adpack to see for yourself and then add more money to purchase more.

    See you again tomorrow, before then…Add funds to your wallet and make purchase of Instantadpack today to start earning every second.

    Have a Great Day Ahead
    Admin InstantAdBuzz

  4. Admin

    IAB Is Seven Days Old Today

    Welcome to all the new people who have signed up at IAB recently. There are tens of New Members joining every day.

    IAB Is Doing GREAT and we are SEVEN DAYS OLD today! IAB Members LOVE the Power of the Instant Accrual that earns every second.

    Members are continuing to buy InstantAdPacks and new members are buying as soon as they join, which increases Sales Revenue.

    We are growing everyday in membership and we are growing in the number of Adpack sold, more especially from members that don’t own Instantadpack before, which is a healthy growth.

    If you are among those sitting on the fence, checking to see what we will do wrong, you better do something good with the time you spent online because you have one life to live, you better live it well by doing something positive with it.

    We started on a good note and we will only get better and better

    Today makes it exactly 7 days we started fully, it has been growth in membership and growth in the number of people that purchase Instantadpacks, Our advert space has attracted huge advertisers that are waiting in line to place adverts.

    Revenue has been up and withdrawals are Instantly sent to members account. We have not experience a system bug or server downtime.

    Our support team has been up and doing, following up our members ticket until they solve the challenge our members may have.

    We have been listening to our members and make adjustments where necessary to suit both the Big players and the Small players.

    We have shown, we know what we are doing and we are set to do even better in the future. This is the time to buy your own InstantAdPack to see how our wonderful system work.

    Our referral contest is still on, click on MY ACCOUNT, click REFERRAL CONTEST and click details to see who is on top of the leader.

    We are working on translating our site to major languages to help a wider audience, we hope to get it done in few weeks. We will keep you informed on our progress.

    We appreciate you all for your support and the growth we have achieved together, let’s keep it going forward.

    Have a wonderful day
    InstanAdBuzz Team

  5. Admin

    InstantAdBuzz New Launch (Check it Out)
    Greetings! Welcome to our New Members, We’re glad you have made this wise decision to join us. Everyday something good happens at IAB, therefore start spreading more happiness in the air by sharing InstantAdBuzz and earning every second through our powerful system.

    You will love what IAB can do for you, if you pay attention to details and take action when others are doing so. You have to figured out how to succeed in IAB. YOu MUST have a marketing plan, not just registering in the program

    Buy as many InstantAdPacks as you can afford, and then share IAB whenever you have the chance. EVERYONE needs more money, right? You are looking for ways to earn more money and you have it right here

    Everyone earn every second here…And If you have more InstantAdPack you will earn more through our multiplier system!

    Just imagine how your life will be, when you have a machine like IAB that makes money for you every second and you can withdraw any time you want without human resistance.

    It will be AMAZING Right! If it will be amazing, then there is no need to imagine it, just take action because the machine is right here with you.

    ——– ————
    New Launch
    “Operation Place The Banners of IAB EveryWhere on the Internet”

    We are launching operation place the banner of IAB all over Internet tomorrow and we are kicking it off with a referral contest.

    We want you to place the banners and your referral links of IAB in every available free and paid advertising space you can find on Facebook groups, Skype groups, new and old revshare rotating and fixed advert corners, PTC sites advert sites, Forum banners space, your forum signature, every space you can find, we want to shake the internet this few weeks by showing how serious we are to take over the internet. I will give you more info on this launch tomorrow

    We have received information about some members not seeing the “INSTANTADPACK” link in their member area menu. Our tech team is checking it out to see what we can do about it, but in the mean time use this option to enable it.

    The advert blocker in your browser is blocking it, please remove it in your browser add-on. Click on your browser menu, click on add-ons and click extensions, look for advert blocker and disable it. The option will appear again on your member area menu once this is done.

    See you tomorrow for the referral contest and the banner launch info

    Have a pleasant day
    InstantAdBuzz Team

  6. Admin

    Welcome to our New Members, We’re glad you have made this wise decision to join us before the official Launch. Everyday something good happens at IAB. We have never had any challenge since we started, and it will continue that way as we launch officially and start spreading more happiness in the air through our members.

    You will love what IAB can do for you, if you pay attention to details and take action when others are doing so.

    Be grateful to the one that brought you in, because your financial dreams is about to become a reality if you take action from start.

    Plans For The Official Launch
    We want to open funding at least 24 hours to launch to avoid rush because so many members are sending support asking when funding option will be open. Therefore Funding will be opened by Monday the 18th and purchase of adpack will start on Tuesday.

    We will change the the prelaunch banners and add the official launch banners, reset the system and change the launch timer to Tuesday. Although we are starting tomorrow as promised because once we start accepting funds means we have started but purchase of adpack will be Tuesday, to enable members add funds to their wallet which they will use on Tuesday.

    From Monday we will start to approve Regional Reps and keep them prepared for Tuesday. If you send application for regional rep, add a minimum of $500 to your wallet and we will check your application to approve it, if you are qualified.

    From Monday an update will be sent every 8 hours on our progress and every 4 hours on Tuesday on what we should do at every step.

    This is the time to promote your links to the highest because we are 24 hours away to wallet funding and 48 hours away from InstantadPack Purchase. You will hear from me tomorrow for more update

    Happy Sunday to you and your family
    Admin InstantAdBuzz

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