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Insta Ad Pays

                                                     Free Signup Bonus: 5000 Ad Credits
This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
InstaAdPays [SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSOR]: Perfect Money, Payza, BitCoin, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay… [PAY PLAN]: RevShare… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn 120% To 138% Profit… AdPack Prices: $5|$10|$20|$25|$40… 40% Repurchase Rule… Four Advertising Products and Five Revshare Plans… No Monthly Membership… 4% To 10% Daily Earning Cap… Instant Withdrawal: $5.00|$250 (Min|Max) Daily… Surf Seven Ads Every Day To Qualify For Hourly RevShare… 1% To 4% Deposit Fee and No Withdrawal Fee… Facebook and Skype Support… 12% Three-Level (5%|5%|2%) Referral Commission… [ADMIN]: Colt Roberts… [PROGRAM STATUS] Not Paying|Launched December 12, 2016…

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3 Thoughts to “Insta Ad Pays”

  1. Admin|Update


    Welcome to Insat Adpays.

    Congratulations to all of us for crossing 1730+ members mark today with $44000+ deposit & $18,000+ payouts

    Just a quick notification to let you all know that All Withdrawals has been successfully processed up to current time and now we have 2 days official holidays on new year celebration i.e 31th DEC.,2016 and JAN. 01,2017, So next withdrawal will be proceed on JAN 2nd, 2017.

    Stay tuned & Cheers with us!

    We would also like to wish you a Happy New Year!!

    May the festive season bring with it prosperity, joy and peace.

    Thanks everyone for your support!!!

    Team InstaAdpays

  2. Admin|Update

    Wishing each one of you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2017

    I am glad to share with you that Insta Adpays growing like sky is the limit and now we have over 1400 members with 40,000+ active deposits.

    Some respected members asking for NEW YEAR OFFERS, So up on new year We have some great news for you!


    $25 to $99 = 5%
    $100 to $199 = 6%
    $200 to $499 = 7%
    $500 to $999 = 8%
    $1000 to $1999 = 9%
    $2000 and more = 10%

    Above offers is start from NOW and VALID upto DEC 31th, 2016 ( 23:59h Servertime)

    Thanks everyone for your support!!!

    Regards, Team InstaAdpays

  3. Admin|Update

    We would like inform to you that surfing (is) now enabled again, So members (are) required (to) Surf 7 Websites Daily to Earn.

    Thanks everyone for your support!!!

    Regards, Team InstaAdpays

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