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Infinity Traffic Boost

World’s First Legal & Sustainable Surfers Pool & Infinite Depth Referral Rewards Plan
A mathematically logical revshare that does not pay based on investment, but on effort.[PROGRAM NAME]: Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB) [SERVICE]: Advertising… [PAYMENT PROCESSORS]: Payza, BitCoin, Credit Cards… [PAY PLAN]: Revenue Share… [BASIC DETAILS]: Get Paid To Surf, Earn As An Affiliate, And/Or Make Money From The Downline Builder… Get Paid DAILY By Earning Surfing Reward Shares… No Subscription And No Repurchase Rule… Eleven Advertising Package Options: Each View Is A Minimum 15 Seconds Long, And 24-Hour Unique… Surf 10 Ads Daily To Earn Your Revenue Share… **Free Members Earn Up To 30% Commissions!… **Boosted Commissions Earn You Up To 80%!… (Refer To The Extensive FAQ’s, After You Login, For A Full Explanation Of Everything)… **In Other Words, As An Affiliate, You Will Receive 30% To 80% Instant Commissions For Advertising Package Sales That You Refer… [ADMINS]: Clinton Clark & Frank Bauer[STATUS]: This Program Is Paying, And Ready For You To Participate & Earn.

Thank You,
Admin & Team

P.S. Join with the Know How Team, because we know how to show you how to earn, we know how to be here daily for you, and we know how to keep you updated and rewarded. [Determine your risk-tolerance level, and do not spend more than you can afford to lose.]

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12 Thoughts to “Infinity Traffic Boost”

  1. Admin | Update

    Frank Bauer | Admin | November 14, 2017 | Facebook

    Important re: ITB Commissions and Fees

    We have some important Bitcoin Network news that affects your account here at InfinityTrafficBoost.
    Please read this note CAREFULLY…

    Over the past few days, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of unconfirmed transactions in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

    This means two things:

    1) That it is taking longer for transactions to confirm which affects how long it takes for your TPO purchases made with Bitcoin to be processed and how long it takes for you to receive your Bitcoin Commissions fully confirmed.

    2) The cost of transactions has increased dramatically, sometimes exceeding the amount of the transaction.
    We believe this is a temporary situation but it has affected a few things within our system AND provides us a chance to offer you viable payment alternatives for now and in the future.

    The Minimum Withdrawal Has Been Increased To 0.0014 Bitcoin and this is because that is now the minimum withdrawal that will be processed by CoinPayments our Cryptocurrency processor. This new minimum is now reflected in our system and will also affect the minimum for automated mass payments that are sent out approximately every two weeks.

    CoinPayments Has Increased The Transaction Fee From 0.0002 To 0.0007 Bitcoins Per Transaction – so you want to keep that in mind when you request a withdrawal and establish your payment settings.

    Note: We continue to encourage our members to use the “Use earnings to purchase TPO’s your way up” option for your commissions at least for the lower TPOs so you can stay ahead of your team and earn boosted 80% commissions and qualify for commission pass-ups on as many TPOs as possible.

    So, what can you do when you want to purchase a TPO in the ITB system and the Bitcoin Blockchain fees are too high?

    Three Options:

    1) Use Internal Funds (earnings) at ITB.

    2) Use Litecoin or one of the other optional Cryptocurrency options.
    Note: You can easily purchase Litecoin at Coinbase, Uphold and many of the major crypto-currency exchanges around the world.
    (Bonus Note: Not a bad idea to have/hold a little bit of Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash to use as an alternative purchase method in ITB or other online programs when the Bitcoin Transaction fees are temporarily high!)

    3) Use Payza. (Remember, commissions on PayZa purchases are held for 28 days for security purposes)
    Wow! That’s a LOT of information packed into One Message.

    But, we did want to get you updated as quickly as possible so save this post for future reference.

    Thanks, and if you have general questions about this information please post them to the Facebook Topic so that the entire group can learn from your question.

  2. Admin | Update

    Touhid Ahmad from Facebook

    I GOT MY PAYMENT JUST IN A MIN.😎😃 LEGIT or very very evry trusted site just join sufr ads daily and make 4 refrral only

    Steps to follow

    just investment 50k satosi= 2.9$ and earn unlimited in 15 days 1 btc done.

    1. Surf 10 Sites Daily/ refer 4 member
    2. Select – Use earnings to purchase TPO’s your way up ( In your Affiliate Earnings Area)
    3. Refer 4/more Members and earn Faster( to fast earning) register to your account

    And watch the “Free Way System” video on dashboard.

    If you have any questions in regards to using Infinity Traffic Boost, please let me know!

    how to add funds..

    login to dashboard click on addon, then click buy advertising credit, select the TPO level u wana process, n follow the payment process throgh pyaza or bitcoin

  3. Admin | Update

    Clinton Clark | Admin
    Shout out to Nessi Cohen for a new TPO6 Sale! I just happened to be scanning today’s sales and saw that sale, Nessi, congratulations!

    What’s so cool is that Nessi is a TPO5 and, because his buyer bought the TPO6 he still earned the 80% commission because ITB pays full 80% commissions up to and 1 level higher than your purchased TPO level. How Cool is THAT?

    Again, Congrats Nessi!

    NOTE: I’ll try to send shout outs when our community members earn TPO6+ Commissions but may miss some. We DO want to recognize those who are REALLY progressing in the system and building their network and income. Yay! 🙂

    Todd McCart
    Anyone can be successful if you simply drive the traffic and let your system do it for you! I just went over 2,000 in my downline in Infinity traffic boost! Getting close to 1,000 personally sponsored! . IN 8 WEEKS ish that is my new record! If I can do it, anyone can do it!! Just had 2 sales in the last 10 minutes.. So for everyone out there that just started.. do not give up before it gets good for you! Time is one of the elements of success! You keep pushing and doing it will happen for ANYONE that simply keeps doing the DO! Thank you “Infinity Traffic Boost!

  4. Admin | Update

    Uzochukwu Ferdinand shared his first post.

    New Member · Yesterday at 11:08am | Facebook

    I think there should be an option to either select to earn ads credit or to earn it in bitcoin…. I keep accumulating ads credit when I have nothing to advertise…. There should be a way to convert those credits to coins

    Clinton ClarkGroup Admin | Facebook

    Uzochukwu. ITB is an advertising company. The product being sold is advertising. Period. In addition, we provide an income opportunity (referral commissions) and a rewards opportunity (surfers rewards pool). As you surf you may find an opportunity that you like, that you join and then advertise in the iTB community.

    That’s what it’s all about. Keep saving those ad credits, they will eventually come in handy as you earn money in the ITB system and begin looking for other legitimate opportunities.

  5. Admin|Update

    The ONLY way to earn 3.24 bitcoin is to refer 4 people who refer 4 and replicate that. The surfing bonus (rewards) is provided only as a feature bonus to our members who can not even afford the $2 (apx) TPO1 purchase.

    It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to earn 3.24 bitcoin only by surfing. Our site is designed to reward our members a little bit for surfing and reward them even more for referring others and building a team. THAT is how a REAL business is built.

    If you believe you can get rich surfing or believe that a website is “Investing” your money then you are setting yourself up to be scammed.

    Dharampal Dhiman|Facebook

  6. Admin|Update

    Before we reveal the contest details to you, first some account specific details & tips…

    Current Referrer of the Month September:

    1. Dawn Cassin – Points: 1653
    2. Israel ben david S – Points: 1184
    3. Pankaj Bhardwaj – Points: 1011
    4. Ej Cruz – Points: 829
    5. Todd McCart – Points: 578
    6. Analiza Torres – Points: 538
    7. Mbadie Abd elbadie – Points: 530
    8. Michael Clough – Points: 516
    9. Precious Igboamaeze – Points: 515
    10. Tommy Westby – Points: 510

    To increase your points, simply refer more members to Infinity Traffic Boost by using the promotion tools we provide in your member area.

    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

    To your success,
    Clinton Clark & Frank Bauer|Co-Founders

  7. Admin|Update

    These are exciting times!

    Bitcoin has just doubled in price again, this time it took less than 30 days!

    Bitcoin, basis the US Dollar, is now trading over $4,000. Incredible!

    This is Great News for you and all of our Infinity Traffic Boost members because it means that we have another ITB “Halving”!

    What that means that, in an effort to keep our pricing affordable as the Bitcoin Prices rise, we reduce the price of our Traffic Package Options (TPOs) by 50% every time that Bitcoin Doubles.

    It happened at Bitcoin $2,000 and, it’ll happen again, when we get there, at $8,000 and $16,000, etc.

    All of these TPO price reductions (basis Bitcoin) occur to make sure our Traffic Packages remain affordable and your opportunity to sell and earn instant pay commissions to infinity depth remains strong and consistent.

    On the other hand…

    We will increase prices when the price of Bitcoin (versus the US Dollar) drops by 20% from the most recent “Halving” price.

    We make this way sure that the TPO 1 will always be priced between $2 and $4 in an environment where the USD losses value (like right now) and between $1.60 and $3.20 if the USD should gain value (hasn’t happened much since 1913).

    In this case, our new pricing model will remain in effect until / unless Bitcoin drops to $3,200 or climbs to $8,000.

    ALERT ==> Did you know that we have enhanced and improved our Compensation Plan, too?

    Yep! You can now earn Bitcoin commissions paid to Infinity DEPTH and WIDTH on each of the TPO’s.

    Think about it, you can now purchase ALL the way to TPO 11 for just 1/2 Bitcoin. Even if that is not in your advertising budget a slightly lower TPO would be a bit less in price but still, allow you to earn up to 80% boosted commissions on the TPO level that you purchase, one TPO higher and ALL TPO’s lower!

    So, yes, it DOES make strategic sense to purchase a TPO, at the upper end of your budget because you are now buying TWICE as much traffic as you could have just a few hours ago.

    To purchase your Traffic Package Option (TPO) just click on the green “Buy Advertising Credits” button on your main dashboard page.

    And, to learn more about the POWERFUL Infinity Depth Compensation plan just click on “How it Works” in the vertical left-hand side menu in the member area and scroll to near the bottom of the page.

    Check it out and get positioned at these Great Prices and stay ahead of your team, you surely don’t want to miss out on Infinity DEPTH Commissions and pass ups.

    Thanks, Andre, have a great rest of your weekend make sure to take advantage of these Great Prices!

    ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’
    Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

    To your success,
    Frank Bauer & Clinton Clark

  8. Admin|Update

    We just did another commissions / earnings run. 🙂 (on June 19th). Sorry again for the delay… at least that way most got paid more.

    BTW… we give credits rewards to anybody that reports frauders, bots etc that we didn’t know already. 🙂

    179 members received a payment today. Please leave a comment if you got paid this time!

    Total Commissions paid this time: BTC 0.28811536
    Current exchange rate: 1 BTC for USD 2,540.81
    Total paid out since launch: BTC 12.21265107 / USD 31,091.94

    Frank Bauer|Admin

  9. Admin|Update

    We just did another commissions / earning run a few hours ago. 🙂

    218 members received a payment.

    Total Commissions: BTC 0.35229674
    Current exchange rate: 1 BTC for USD 1,726.07
    Total since launch: BTC 11.29798090 / USD 19,403.04

    Frank Bauer|Admin

  10. Admin|Update

    We want to thank you for being a member of our unique Bitcoin Advertising and Income Community.

    Here at InfinityTrafficBoost you can get targeted network marketing advertising, earn in our Surfers Rewards Pool and earn Instant Pay Bitcoin Commissions as large as 1.6 Bitcoin!

    And as a way to show our thanks, we have just announced a Launch Purchase Bonus that will provide you with up to 100% more ad credits with your purchase PLUS an incredible “Purchase Boost” extension that could save you thousands of dollars over the next few years.

    This special launch bonus is only available until March 20th and the 10 LIFETIME Tier 11 Packages are already down to 9!

    To learn more about these Special Bonuses designed for all members of all budget types and to find out about the Lifetime Tier 11 Bonus, please log into your ITB member area now.

    We also want to call your attention to a couple of exciting facts:

    1) Did you know that the Surfers Reward Pool Shares have paid out more every day since our full launch? Yep, every single day we have shared our income to give back to those who are diligently surfing and referring, and each day, the individual Surfers Reward Pool Shares have paid more than the previous day.

    How cool is that?

    2) We have paid out over $4,208.13 in BitCoin commissions and profit shares in just a few weeks since launch and we anticipate that these commissions will explode as our members take advantage of the Launch Bonuses and our Surfers Reward Pool Shares continue to pay out more and more.

    3) And did you know that you can earn Surfers Reward Pool Shares for the surfing done by your referrals?

    Yep, it’s true, so not only can you earn instant pay commissions when your referrals purchase in our system, but, you’ll earn more from the Surfers Rewards Pool when they surf.

    Now we’re talking, right?

    Okay, that’s all for today.

    Watch for more updates and good news about your ITB Community in the days and weeks ahead and by all means please join our ITB Facebook Group to keep up to date on all our developments!
    Thanks, have a Great Week and we look forward to helping you and your team build a strong successful online business and income through the InfinityTrafficBoost Community.

    ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe… it can achieve.’ Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

    To your success,
    Frank Bauer & Clinton Clark

    P.S. – For any kind of support, please go to:
    P.P.S. – It is true… the members that use the most of the promotion tools in the “Promotion Tools” section are those that earn the most commissions.

  11. Admin|Update

    Heads Up Alert – Good Stuff!
    Hello to all of our ITB Community Members – We have some Great News for you today and it comes in two parts!

    1) We have updated the outline information that describes, in neat simple to follow content, the unique and lucrative InfinityTrafficBoost System. Simply log in to you ITB members area, click on the Green “Buy Advertising Credits” button and have a read to learn about all the ways you can make money in our Community.

    2) During the early days of our launch we want to reward our members for taking action and getting involved on the very ground floor of what many industry leaders say could be a MASSIVE advertising and income system in the near future.

    So… we are currently rewarding all members of Traffic Package Options 1-10 with an additional 30 days of purchase Boost Activation and a 90 day Purchase boost activation for purchasers of TPO 11.

    How cool is THAT?

    Not sure what a TPO Is, or, perhaps you are not sure why Purchase Boost Activation is important? Log in, click the “Buy Advertising Credits” Green Button and check out the info – you’ll be glad you did!

    Of course, post any general questions or comments here and we’ll do our best to answer for the benefit of the whole community.

    Thanks and keep on surfing and referring! 🙂

    Clint Clark|Admin

  12. Admin|Update

    Quick Tuesday Update: 2/21/2017
    Hellloooooo…. Fellow ITB’ers! 🙂

    Just a quick shout out thank you and congratulations to let you know that we have passed the 1,500 member mark! Great Job!

    Surfing is increasing everyday, the number of Surfer Rewards Pool Shares has increased every day and the reward per share has increased every day, too! How cool is THAT?

    NOTE: The surfer rewards per share will start out relatively small and will grow as the number, amounts and consistency of upgrades begin to grow over time. The best strategy we can all do is to make sure that EVERYONE (including Frank and I) surf to earn at least one share per day and teach/remind your referrals to do the same.(Remember, you’ll earn one additional Surfers Reward Pool Share for every five that your direct referrals earn that day!)

    HEADS UP – The blockchain is VERY slow today, it’s the slowest I’ve seen it a long time. If you are still waiting on confirmation of a purchase or commission you can always check first to see if the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain before sending in a help desk ticket.

    We will be doing training on how to identify when the blockchain is slow BEFORE you send your payment and how to speed up your transaction confirmation for tiny fractions of bitcoin.

    Okay, that’s all for today. Happy Surfing and Referring and, hey, next step ==> 2,000 Members and Beeeeeeyond! (with apologies to Buzz Lightyear )

    Clint Clark

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