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GRM Clix

GRM Clix is an advertising and revenue sharing business that delivers guaranteed traffic.
Program Name
GRM Clix Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, Payeer, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until January 23, 2016… Earn 120% to 135%… AdPack Prices: $5, $10, $25… View 7 Ads Daily… Earn Extra Cash with PTC Ads… $4.00 Monthly Subscription… Seven Advertising Products… Revenue Is Shared Hourly with a 2.5% to 4.5% Daily Cap… $4.00 to $300 Daily Cashout… Cashouts Are Processed Mon thru Sat… Registered Company… Dedicated Server… SSL Secured… DDOS Protected… 12% Referral Commission… Admin: Maria Nadal… More Info: You can read the Home, FAQ, Refund Policy, and Details page on the program website… 100% RCB

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20 Thoughts to “GRM Clix”

  1. Admin|Update


    All withdrawal requests of Last Week are cleared except PM. 5 requests are pending only and I will clear it only tomorrow as i couldn’t login right now. Our server set up is over and Withdrawal line will be active from 00:01 am, 30th August. 17 withdrawal requests are cancelled. 16 requests are invalid due to Monthly Upgrade is not done. 1 request is cancelled as the member had put 1988 as Payza account detail. The member Truefriend91 (10654 ) had been notified twice last week to update it correctly. But still not done.

    A small update for all:
    As we have now 3 New programs are ready to be live, It’s delayed due to my health issue since last 3 weeks. Everything is tested and looks fine. 1. Trading platform, 2. Games, 3. HYIP

    We have decided to Integrate Trading Platform to HYIP. As both will have same processors, PM, Payeer & Bitcoin. So we will Launch HYIP, anytime after a week as i can’t handle all this right now. Then will add Trading to it by next month end. So that we will have very good user base by then as right now GRMclix user base is not enough. HYIP will be not be a Fast paying one but will be a steady n realistic one & will be CRYPTO-TRADE based, which is our strong point.

    Gaming Platform is ready. But we don’t have License now. We are in talks with some offshore agencies. I was in UK, just 3 weeks before and had some good talks with different agencies. Once I am ready to travel, I will try my best to streamline the process.

    Though i can’t post in MMG & I am not interested to do so now, I just read a comment by uvr . Very unfortunate & Baseless. Don’t Press the Panic Button so early, at least against ME. So many GUYs did the same in last 8 months, since prelaunch. Everyone has to eat their words at the end. Keep Cool Dear !!!

    I am recovering well. Hopefully will be discharged from here in couple of days. So just this week, I may remain little silent. Due to poor connectivity FB message inbox is not accessible. Will reply everyone once back home.

    Thank you & Stay Blessed!!!

    -Maria Nadal

  2. Admin|Update

    Good Morning Dear All!! Have An Awesome Weekend!!!

    All support tickets attended & All withdrawals are paid till now except 3 Payza requests, total amount $66.48, on review. It’s a normal procedure which we do with every id time to time to keep GRMClix safe and will be paid as soon as we complete. Weekly withdrawal limit is increased to $600 & will be increased up to $1000 very soon, step wise.

    As we are celebrating 200 Days of operation, on suggestion of many team leaders, Deposit Bonus period is extended by 48 hr. Deposit Bonus on All Deposits on 11th to 15th August 2016.

    $51 – $100 =>>> 4%
    $101- $500 =>>> 5%
    $501-$1000=>>> 6%
    $1001- $2000=>> 7%
    $2001- $5000=>> 8%
    $5001 & Above=>10%

    All Bonus will be credited to Member’s Cash Wallet on 16th August Members are requested to send a Support ticket after Add Fund. Deposits from multiple processors are allowed as One Deposit. Our System Time is Madrid Time (GMT + 2) .

    Thank you & Enjoy your time in GRMClix!!!
    -Maria Nadal|Admin

  3. Admin|Update

    Congratulations Everyone as we completed 200 Days in operation. GRMClix is as steady as it was on the very 1st day. Perfect Time to celebrate and here is a small Bonus for all our Esteem Members!

    Deposit Bonus on All Deposits on 11th, 12th & 13th August 2016.

    $51 – $100 =>>> 4%
    $101- $500 =>>> 5%
    $501-$1000=>>> 6%
    $1001- $2000=>> 7%
    $2001- $5000=>> 8%
    $5001 & Above=>10%

    All Bonus will be credited to Member’s Cash Wallet on 14th August. Members are requested to send a Support ticket after Add Fund. Deposits from multiple processors are allowed as One Deposit. Our System Time is Madrid Time (GMT + 2).

    Thank you & Enjoy your time in GRMClix!!!

  4. Admin|Update

    Hello Everybody.

    All support tickets attended & Withdrawals till 10 pm, 2nd August are cleared and some withdrawals of 3rd August too cleared.

    New members should note that, We check each and every request manually & all payments done manually since our Launch. This is one of the main factor for which we are still running & paying in time.

    We survived STP loss of almost $70000. We never complained that our account hacked or any stolen cash. A little pain taken by us and you is helping the program in long run. So kindly wait 72 hr for payment & then you can send support ticket.

    Never hesitate to send support ticket for any issue regarding your account. After all support team should have some work to do!!

    Thank you & Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

    -Maria Nadal

  5. Admin|Update

    Good Morning Dear All, All support tickets attended & All withdrawals are cleared till 9am System Time. One request is cancelled due to wrong Payza details.

    Earnings of GRM1, GRM2, GRM3 Packs are increased to 2.3% per day and will be increased further in coming days. Repurchase % is decreased by 10%, 5%, 5% respectively and will go down further with time. Withdrawal limit will be increased soon with the steps taken settling down with time.

    Thank you & Have a great week ahead, Maria Nadal

  6. Admin|Update

    From 1st July 2016 to 1st August 2016, Withdrawal will be permitted on weekdays only barring Saturday & Sunday to test integration of MarketPlace and do needful modifications if required. Other days will remain normal as it is.

    Weekly withdrawal Limit will be increased from Monday onwards in phase wise to set it normal as before. Daily Withdrawal Limit will be increased in between to normal during the month in steps.

    From 3rd July 2016, Earnings of Ad packs will be increased to a certain level gradually as STP users are settling down well. It’s time to set the things as before with few required modifications. It will be a gradual process to remove Starter pack from the system and bring in A decent Fast Track Pack on Entry Level to keep it Permanently.

    Repurchase % on All packs will be 25%-35% as it was before, The Step by Step of Increasing Earning % will start from 3rd July.

    Thank You, Maria Nadal/Admin

  7. Admin|Update

    Good Morning Dear All.. Have a Stupendous Sunday !!!

    All support tickets attended and withdrawals cleared till today.

    OFFER 3:
    72hr Deposit Bonus For All !!! ( ACTIVE ) 15hrs more left.
    Deposits / Add Funds, till 23:59hr, 26th June, of above $50 will
    receive Bonus ranging from 4% – 8% .. Take it or Leave it !!!

    $50 to $199 => 4% (cash wallet)
    $200 to $499 => 5% (cash wallet)
    $500 to $999 => 6% (cash wallet)
    $1000 to $4999 => 7% (cash wallet)
    $5000 & Above => 8% (cash wallet)

    Members need to send a Support ticket to Claim Bonus on 28th June 2016

    Thank You !!! Have An Eventful Week Ahead
    -Maria Nadal

  8. Admin|Update

    Hello Everyone. All Payza payments are cleared till now. PM, Payeer & Bitcoin Payments will be done tomorrow before 4 pm system time as we are noticing some incorrect figures in Admin panel. By 7am we will be in touch with pro-x team, once they fix it, we will do complete all payments. PM account is now accessible. No. of pending withdrawal – 16, No. of pending amount – $834 (Incorrect figure)

    150 days Celebration OFFER:
    Fast Track till 23rd June (Only 26 hr left)
    < << $2 Fast Track Pack is active now >>>
    Ad pack cost $2 ! All members can Purchase !!
    50% Repurchase Rule. Up to 110% Revenue Sharing.
    Daily Cap 10% , Packs Matures in 11 days.
    Max 2500 Packs for members to build up long term Portfolio
    6% Ref Commission=> 5%, 0.5%, 0.5% up to 3 levels
    Purchase allowed from Cash, commission & Earning Balance.
    ## Each pack has 500 banner credits & 250 text ad credits ##
    Plan is valid up to 23:59 hr 23rd June 2016 only…(Madrid time)

    We will announce a Contest & our Last surprise on 24th June.

    On occasion of 150 Days, we are happy to announce that we are settling down well and to continue the progress, it’s time to bring our other products which we cancelled unfortunately 50 days ago. MarketPlace will be Launched on 25th July 2016 on completion of 6 months.

    Why We need One Month More???
    As we had declared much earlier, approx 10% of our MarketPlace units will be distributed among our members who have GRM1, GRM2, GRM3 ACTIVE PACKS by that time. Members doesn’t have to pay for it. So we need enough time to calculate positions of every member, almost 3000+ and expected to be 3500+ then. All packs bought after 1st June will be taken in to consideration.. This time we don’t want to make any silly mistake.

    We will Launch one more website, whose details will be provided later, in next 50 days. We have started working on it from today. We may bring it any time uch before 50 days without any prior information to maintain the interest of members.

    Thank you n Stay Blessed!!
    -Maria Nadal

  9. Admin|Update

    Hello Everyone,

    All withdrawals are cleared & Support tickets attended till now.

    Till now 502 users have got credits in their Payza repurchase wallet & other preferred wallets till now. Another 149 id left and we are working still to complete it in night. We will do it.

    3 withdrawals are cancelled. One because of Expiry of Upgrade. Two others were using one account to withdraw from both id, which is strongly unacceptable and may attract strong actions up to Banning of these ids.

    Thank you n Stay Blessed

  10. Admin

    Good Morning Dear All.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    All support tickets cleared & Withdrawals are on process.. Congrats everybody for 75 days operation of GRMClix !!

    We are adding a New Fast Track Revenue Sharing Pack to our existing 4 Packs as a Gift to our Esteem Members. From 00:00 hr 10th April 2016 to 23:59 hr 18th April 2016.

    We will extend the plan or not will be decided on 18th April after analysing the Surplus fund we have at that time.. All Fast Track Packs will keep on earning till Maturity ..

    Best time to Enter for New members & Extra Benefits for Existing Members.. It’s a Smart Pack, So do your Homework accordingly. GRM FAST TRACK PACK DETAILS:

    Revenue Sharing 110%
    Repurchase (%) 50 %
    DAILY CAP =>> 10 %

    Business Directory Credits 100
    Text Ad Credits 1000 Banner Credits 2000
    Ad Pack Limit – 500 max

    We only share surplus funds thru Offers. We are not bound to extend the plan after declared date. Let’s Enjoy the Success !!

    Thank You.

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