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Gatosk Grid Matrix

ADC5648B-16FE-8D58-62FE-8DF4CA1861B9_468x60 IC Narrower is Better-Gatosk468Program Name: Gatosk… Product/Service: Apparel & Advertising… Processors: PayPal & iPayout (more to come)… Pay Plan Type: Patent Pending 1.5x Grid Matrix… Basic Details: A Unique Social Network Marketing Company with No Autoship… Five Different Ways To Earn… In Prelaunch until September/2015… You Can Join And Earn As A Free Member. How It Works: Please read the website Home/FAQ page, also browse in the Apparel Store.

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36 Thoughts to “Gatosk Grid Matrix”

  1. Admin|Update

    Gatosk Update: Upcoming Launches

    Author Joyce Meyer said, “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to have a good attitude while waiting.” Thank you for your patience, and keep up the great work.

    -Gatosk Corporate

  2. Admin|Update


    The new 2UP SplitTM compensation plan and new travel discount program have been working well since the beta launch on December 14th. We are pleased by it.

    The new 2UP SplitTM on top of the 1.5x GridTM pays you 10x more income! When you combine our powerful travel search engines (which can potentially save you up to 80% on your future trips), amazing print-on-demand (POD), customizable items and high-traffic advertising spaces, your sales and recruiting efforts become effortless! Introduce people to Gatosk as you meet travelers, web shoppers or advertisers!

    Due to the holidays and the beta testing of the 2UP SplitTM, our next payout will occur on January 4th instead of January 1st. After this payout, the payout schedule will return to normal (the 1st and 16th of every month). We thank you for your patience as we undergo growing pains. Be on the lookout for your payout, if any, on January 4th!

    Have a safe, fun-filled Happy New Year.

    -Gatosk Corporate


    Don’t forget our powerful eGift Card feature in the footer of your Gatosk store. Send money to your loved ones or prospects so they may try Gatosk out!

  3. Admin|Update version 3.0 is coming this fall! Major upgrades are being implemented. Don’t forget to bring inactive members on your team back to Gatosk before our 1.5x Grid gets flushed! They may have store credits or advertising credits sitting in their account. Encourage them to use the credits to shop at our web store or promote any other business opportunity they might be involved in on our sites through!

    -Gatosk Corporate

  4. Admin|Update


    Our Bulk section has grown! We now offer bulk apparel items for men, ladies and kids. If you know of, say, a soccer team or a summer camp, then have them bulk order their printed shirts from our store! Our prices are competitive. Have someone switch to Gatosk for their regular bulk orders!

  5. Admin|Update

    Greetings Gatoskers,
    The Advertising Campaign Center has arrived. The Compliance Test is also here.

    Advertising Campaign Center
    The long wait for the ACC is over. You may now advertise anything you like (except the Gatosk Opportunity or inappropriate materials), such as your other MLM opportunity, your decorated apparel, your other service/product or your organization, upon our approval, on your/our Gatosk websites! Our sites have been drawing a lot of traffic: 300,000 ad views a day! Let’s pump it up!

    To redeem the advertising credits that may have been sitting in your back office, simply go to either your distributor back office or Customer Account area and click on ‘ACC’ or ‘Advertising Campaign Center.’ In there, you will be able to buy ad spaces at the top menu bar and then follow the next steps to place your ads, whether they are text ads, banner ads or login ads. You can also develop your own autoresponder system to better promote your stuff on our sites or elsewhere.

    The ACC is accessible and visible for existing Gatoskers and newbies alike at the homepage right at the top menu bar and right in the footer. The ACC is also accessible in your Customer Account area and your distributor back office.

    If you need guidance in advertising, we got you covered. There are training modules in both the ACC back end and at Gatosk University. All ACC-related training courses are available for free. No service package subscription is required for ACC training.

    Compliance Test
    Both the compliance course and the compliance test are now available at Gatosk University. Keep in mind a starter or higher service package subscription is required to access Gatosk University. It costs only $2 to take the compliance test. You will need to pass it though; if you don’t, rest assured you may re-take it for another $2.

    The compliance test is not currently required for advancing in the ranks. We may require all distributors to take the compliance test in the future, but the test is only available in English and we realize that not all distributors read and write in English.

    Anyhow, we urge all English-speaking or English-using Gatoskers to take the compliance test for the best interests of everyone involved, including yourself. If you plan to host a Gatosk Home Business Training (HBT) event in your home area, you would first need to take the compliance test.

    Before you take the compliance test, be sure to review the compliance course first.

    HBT Videos
    The Home Business Training videos in both English and ASL are now available at Gatosk University too.

    Enjoy exploring everything.
    Long live Gatosk!, Gatosk Corporate

  6. Admin|Update

    Dear Gatoskers, I am pleased by the recent significant developments at Gatoskland.

    Payza: Our third payment processor, Payza, is now up and running! Payza is one of the popular processors in the MLM industry. Right now, our Payza accepts Visa and Bitcoin. Our goal is to add Mastercard and Green Dot MoneyPak to our Payza as well. Don’t have a Payza account? We recommend creating one so you may begin using Payza in addition to PayPal and PayToo. A fourth payment processor will also be added down the road.

    ACC: Three words: ACC… ACC… ACC. By now, I am sure you know what ACC stands for. The Advertising Campaign Center will open more doors to customers, hence more sales for you! These customers are advertisers.

    The advertising industry is one of the largest in the world, netting over half a trillion dollars a year. Without advertising, there is no business, period. 7-Eleven stores may not use traditional advertising methods, but they are still promoted through word of mouth. In fact, one of the grandsons of the 7-Eleven founder from Texas is CEO/co-founder of a MLM company called Ambit Energy.

    If you are a distributor, you are an advertising vehicle for Gatosk. Although the ad spaces on our/your websites are not for advertising the Gatosk Opportunity, our spaces surely will attract external network marketers to Gatosk. Also, you may advertise any decorated Gatosk apparel that you upload to our Gatosk Store. The possibilities are endless!

    Access to one’s ACC back office is free. It will be accessible in your free Gatosk Customer Account area. Advertising credits at the ACC are dirt cheap, costing only $1 per 100 ad views. If you have been subscribing to a service package, you have advertising credits sitting in your back office! Soon, you will be able to begin using these valuable credits. The ACC launches this Tuesday, June 28th at 6 pm ET.

    HBT Videos: Our first HBT was a huge success. We have already received requests from over 10 Gatoskers to host a HBT event in their home state, and we will be responding to them shortly. We are currently uploading over 2 hours worth of HBT that was delivered in both American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English to Gatosk University! The video is broken up into three parts due to its large size. The three-part videos should show up at Gatosk University by next week. A starter package ($10/mo.) or higher is required to access Gatosk University. Grab some popcorn when you want to watch the videos, which are especially recommended for serious Gatoskers.

    Compliance Test: Want to host your own HBT event? If so, you will need to meet two requirements: take the compliance test and attend a HBT event or webinar. The compliance test is slated to be opened this Tuesday, June 28th at 6 pm ET too. If you have not gone to any of our training events, rest assured – we will have our next webinar on Wednesday, July 6th at 5 pm ET. Email us at to confirm your attendance to our webinar. Seating is limited to 12 people. Have a great and safe weekend!

    Raymond C. Merritt, Jr., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Gatosk Operating Company, LLC

  7. Admin|Update

    Gatoskers, Today at our first-ever Gatosk Home Business Training (HBT), we will have a raffle where we will give away four awesome prizes.

    1) Ticket to Gatosk’s first annual conference in March 2016 ($250 value)
    2) Free lunch with our CEO, Dr. Raymond C. Merritt, Jr.
    3) $25 Gatosk eGift Card
    4) Gatosk cap

    All attendees will receive a free raffle ticket. If you want to boost your chances of winning, you may purchase an extra raffle ticket for $2.

    The HBT is taking its place from 1 – 4pm at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Tickets are still available at and may also be purchased at the door. Guests who want to learn more about Gatosk may accompany a Gatosker for free.

    In addition to a free raffle ticket, the price of admission also includes a free t-shirt ($25 value), refreshments (delicious subs from a popular local deli, fruits and vegetables, cheese and crackers, desserts and drinks) and other perks.

    We look forward to seeing you! -Gatosk

  8. Admin|Update

    Greetings Gatoskers, Here is an update on our most recent webinar, upcoming Home Business Training (HBT) and Advertising Campaign Center (ACC).

    Home Business Training: Our first-ever HBT will take place this June 18th in Washington, D.C. If you are interested in attending and have not yet bought your ticket, click here. It only costs $30 for three hours of training along with a few perks, and it is free to bring guests who are not current Gatosk customers or distributors.

    Webinar: The May 23rd webinar that we hosted in American Sign Language (ASL) has been voiced over. Non-ASL users may now watch and listen to the webinar here.

    Advertising Campaign Center: The ACC will be opened very soon. Thank you for your patience.

    Cheers, Gatosk Corporate

  9. Admin|Update


    We have extended the early-bird ticket deadline for our Gatosk Home Business Training (HBT) event on Saturday, June 18th at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. You now have until this Monday, June 6th to buy a ticket and save $5.

    We look forward to meeting you and training you on our products and services, presenting the Gatosk Opportunity Presentation (GOP) to prospects, graphic designing with Gatosk and advertising Gatosk online. To buy a ticket now, click here!

  10. Admin

    A Corporate Update
    Greetings Gatoskers,

    This email is a brief update about recurring payments.

    Recurring Payments
    Both PayToo and PayPal have a recurring payment feature for maintaining your distributor fee and service package subscriptions. The distributor fee is for the privilege to earn income, access to one’s back office, replicated URLs and other tools. Service package subscriptions are for store credits, advertising credits and access to Gatosk University and the Marketing Suite if you subscribe to a starter package or higher.

    An email notification message has been added to the system to remind customers and distributors four days before their subscription is due. Effective now, you will receive this message when your subscription is due. We are also notified 48 hours after a subscription is due if it is not renewed.

    If you use PayToo to make recurring payments for your distributor fee or service package, read on. All PayToo payments require an electronic signature through email or SMS. Even if the payment is recurring, you need to e-sign every time it is due. Be sure you and your team are aware of this. If your payment goes through without an electronic signature, your subscription gets stuck as “pending” and does not trigger.

    Closing Remarks
    Our first Gatosk Home Business Training (HBT) event is only one month away! Our training will focus on the Gatosk Opportunity Presentation (GOP), our products and services, graphic designing and online advertising. Online advertising is key to growth. Many “big ticket” MLMs require face-to-face advertising. Not so at Gatosk. We rely heavily on online advertising. The training itself is three hours, but there will also be time afterward to socialize with our staff. You have until the end of May to buy an early bird ticket and save. Register here and reserve your seat before it’s too late!

    Gatosk Corporate

  11. Admin

    Update From The CEO
    Greetings Gatoskers, There has been a lot of excitement about our Advertising Campaign Center (ACC) at Gatosk.

    Advertising Campaign Center
    What’s so special about the ACC? With the ACC, we will attract MLMers and other advertisers to Gatosk by allowing them to “rent” our advertising spaces at reasonable prices. Half of the whole point of having service packages is to buy advertising credits. Many of you have advertising credits sitting in your back office.

    Our web developers have finished testing the ACC, and it is now our turn to test it. Stay tuned for an official release date.

    Over the past couple of weeks, we have been training a large number of early Gatoskers on using the Marketing Suite, oGatosk referral links and autoresponder system effectively through a video conferencing service called Zoom. These people are now fired up to begin their marketing efforts.

    If you are interested in personal training and have a few other Gatoskers on your team who want to receive training too, inbox us at Facebook to let us know, and we will set up an appointment with you and your team for training. Otherwise, visit Gatosk University as there are lots of instructional videos on how to advertise online.

    We plan to begin using the Events calendar in the back office soon. In there, you will see all the training events and other Gatosk events in the USA and across the globe.

    Distributor Checklist
    As you may know, there is a step-by-step checklist for new and current distributors on how to get started with Gatosk in the Customer Account area and in the distributor back office under the Distributor Kit. This checklist was recently updated. To download the new version, click here.

    Closing Remarks
    As you may have noticed, we have been sending out more emails as part of our effort to strengthen communication with Gatoskers. In addition to now sending out three emails a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we will also be posting about Gatosk products and services on Facebook more often.

    Raymond C. Merritt, Jr., Ph.D.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Gatosk Operating Company, LLC

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