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        Future Net is a Multi-Media Network Club that Pays You For Everything done at their site.

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Future Net Product/Service: Games, Advertising, Videos, Apps, Music, Ebooks, Banners, Movies, Tutorials, Images, Templates, E-Learning, and FN Magazine… Processors: Neteller, P.M., bitcoin, W.Union, dotpay, Credit Card, barion, Bank Transfer, sofort, and FN Payments… Pay Plan Type: Matrix|Affiliate|Sales… Basic Details: Company Launched In 2014… EARN FROM A MARKETING PLAN WITH 10 TYPES OF MONEY MAKING BONUSES: Multimedia, Social Media, Login, Sales, Friends, New Position, Matching, Leader, Advertising, and Career Plan… GET PAID TO: Post, Like, Watch, Download, and Share on the FN website… Founder|CEO: Mr Stephan Morgenstern & Mr Roman Ziemian... More Info: Refer to the Home, Products, About, Rules, and Help pages, etc… Get A $10 Gift

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Admin & Team

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33 Thoughts to “Future Net Club”

  1. Admin | Update

    Special guests visited today in our main office 🙂 Hugh-Paul Ward and Thorben Otten, our marketing directors were working with our CEO, Stephan Morgenstern on a lot of new things, including the event in Macau! Stay tuned and wait for new webinars with our specialists! Do not wait, get your tickets now:

  2. Admin|Update

    Steven Paterson created a poll (on facebook).

    Who thinks that if the FutureNet platform was linked with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, etc more people would use FutureNet as a base platform, I’ll bet 90% + members use Facebook as a base platform at the moment,

    Great Idea?

    Not Interested?

    I’m easy either way?

    Add an option…

  3. Admin | Update

    (September 22, 2017) FutureNet Futuro Coin Latest News Video Update

  4. Admin|Update

    This isn’t a religious post but a reminder that having faith can change your financial circumstances ! The biggest teams in FutureNet and the biggest earners are the Chinese and the Koreans.. This isn’t by accident but by design.

    Rather than worry about the cost of participation they embrace as a collective force the full power of the compensation plan that their Business (FutureNet) has on offer.

    In order to benefit from the maximum return and the fastest path to profits they all religiously upgrade to the highest level in the matrix which is $1685 as a Royal 👑 Member. They know that this is a one time only investment in to their business and that if they build with the right attitude and believe and have faith in what the company are doing then they know they will create a long term sustainable income stream that can change their lives.

    As for me I joined the matrix and went to Royal status in my first week. I have over the past 18 months been paid on a daily basis. I made back my initial investment in the first month and have been in profit ever since.

    Very soon we have the launch of the companies flagship investment offering known as the Futuro and the compensation plan is going to be interfaced with the matrix network that we have built. As a Royal member we get extra bonus coins for everyday that we have been a Royal member up to the date of the launch and for every Royal member we personally enroll and for every Royal member in our matrix.

    This is a HUGE opportunity for all of us and I personally believe that the matrix and FuturoCoin combination is the most powerful income creation system out of every online network marketing company on the Planet 🌎

    For only $1685 one time payment we have a multi million dollar business plan given to each of us. The Chinese and Koreans understand this and that’s why they are the highest earners and have the biggest networks in the company.

    The Dragons Economic philosophy is slaying the rest of us and it’s because they have faith and commitment and a collective mentality. They are a team that is tight and working for each other and we can all learn something from this collectivism.

    FutureNet is the answer to our financial woes and all it takes is faith commitment both financially and personally and you could live the life of your dreams!!

    What’s stopping you ?

    Steve Lawson|Facebook

  5. Admin|Update

    Enjoy The Latest Newsletter Updates About FutureNet™!

  6. Admin|Update

    FutureNet Cafe Special News Video From The Admins

  7. Admin|Update

    FutureNet Life STORIES ep01 – Nikhil Rajput (EN) Futurenet Club

  8. Admin|Update


    Enjoy the latest updates about FutureNet™!

    FutureNet ™ and FutureAdPro ™ on new faster servers!

    Dear FutureNet™ & Future AdPro™ users – You are overt 1,500,000! (Yes, a one and a half million of people !!! It’s a great achievement, but also a big challenge for our team. In order to allow such a huge amount of user using FutureNet™ efficiently, we’re moving our platform to new, high-speed servers .Unfortunately, everything have pros and cons – while working on FutureNet’s™ servers, some temporary problems with access to them may appear. However it’s really worthy to be patient, IT works are on last stage, and the effects you will see by yourself!

    FutureCloud ™ is now available for iOS devices.

    We have great news for all mobile Apple users. FutureCloud™ is available on AppStore just now! You can download our app and start using FutureNet™ Cloud and FutureAdPro™ with fully functionality. Link to download app is placed below.

    Announcement – obligation to download FutureCloud ™.

    Have you ever wondered, where does the money paid by FutureAdPro™ come from?

    One of the source that we are the most proud of is our commercial mobile apps – like FutureCloud™. To bring our products positions to the top on AppStore and Google Play, we need you! High number of downloads, good ratings and top position will bring to us new users of FutureCloud™ and also FutureAdPro™.

    To be qualified for income from AdPacs, you need to download our app latest and log in untill 31 of July 2017

    If you do not have an Android or iOS device, please report it to our support section, writing in subject line : FAP-FCLOUD UNLOCK

    FutureNet™ write peoples life stories totally anew!

    FutureNet™ is changing people’s life! – it’s not only an empty slogan, it’s a sentence which reflects the truth. From many sources, we are reciving videos, where our users are sharing with us theirs experiences with FutureNet™, and they are talking about how discovering our system has changed their life.

    If for you, FutureNet™ was a real “game-changer” or maybe in your team is someone, whos story can touch and move hesitant people’s hearts and minds, do not wait! Record the video or encourage your friends to send it to, and we will share it with every possible way. It will be a good testimonial for FutureNet™ but also a great opportunity to promote yourself.

    Please, watch video that touched our team!

    FutureNet™ Ads – reach even hundreds of thousands of users.

    Have you ever used our FutureNet’s™ advertising platform? Thanks to the posts promoting option, you can reach thousands of people from the whole world. Create engaging posts with call to action buttons , set your target group and promote yourself in FutureNet’s™ global society! Try out our advertising system, and see that it is worthwhile to advertise online!

    Web Translator – new translating platform coming soon.

    Have you ever used “Google Translate”? If you answered “yes”, you probably know, that translating wider text is not always as good as you want to. There are situations, where machine can not replace human – that’s how translating works. Web Translator will be platform, focusing on quality and connecting people who want to have their site translated and translators – freelancers, who will be translating given text on their native language. Thanks that, we will be convinced, that our content will always be understandable for customer, and it won’t lose its meaning.

    BoardBest – new blogging platform in august.

    Next FutureNet’s™ project is nearly done! We are now testing it, and soon we are going to launch our new product, called “BoardBest”, which will be sold also commercially. Modern blogging platform will be a perfect marketing tool for those who are leading own online business. Multifunctional and clear system, based on WordPress, landing page creation possibility, FutureNet™ accounts integration, payments via Media Points and integration with Web Translator, we have written about it above. It’s only a few functions of “BoardBest” that we have described for you. For the full functionality, please check it yourself.

    The world of virtual challenges is coming! – FutureNet ™ Games.

    Are you a passionate gamer? Or maybe you just want to break away from business reality for a moment, conquer an unknown galaxy in the universe , fight a war against the army of orcs or develop a mighty farm? Soon on FutureNet™ we will launch dedicated gaming platform, modeled on the top online gaming market. Hundreds of new games released by professional publishers will soon hit our portal. While waiting for our new system, we encourage you to play in some game titles available now on our FutureNet™ gaming section.

    FutureNet™ Academy – video training series.

    If you are developing own structure on FutureNet™, you probably know it very well, how important is to have well educated team, and meritorical preparation for the new members. To simplify this process, we have prepared a special coaching video serie, where our global marketing director, Hugh-Paul Ward is showing FutureNet™ and Future AdPro™ potential, and how our platforms work. It will soon be available on FutureNet’s™ Academy. Please, watch this short teaser.

  9. Admin|Update

    The FutureNet Cafe new development.
    -Steve Lawson

    Video (opens in same tab)…

  10. Admin|Update

    AliPay Is Here! -Alvinson Tio|Facebook

  11. Admin|Update


    Welcome to the latest news and knowledge of FutureNet!

    New language versions will be available on FutureNet platform soon!

    We are delighted to inform you that in May even more languages were implemented to our platform. We already have 9 additional language versions, German, French, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Slovenian. There is still work in progress for FutureAdPro language updates.

    Just in June will appear long waited Chinese language.

    FutureNet sponsors sailing team.

    Futurenet flows out for success! Last week, the sailing world once again focused on Dąbrowa Górnicza. The 150 best Polish sailors competed in the Polish Cup of the OMEGA class, among them was Polnet 380 team which is financed by FutureNet.

    150 competitors, 40 yachts, one of the most prestigious sailing competitions in Poland. However this year’s competition was unique, because already appreciated among Sailors Omega class celebrates its 75th birthday! We are delighted that as FutureNet we can support passionate people, who want to succeed.

    AliPay – soon available on FutureNet platform

    A new payment method will be available for our partners from China and Asia soon.

    Apart from already existing payment solutions, there will be a new possibility to pay by AliPay. This is great news for its users who have so far used alternative payment processors. We hope that with these improvements you will be able to run your business even more effectively.

    Please check out our new video: Video YouTube

    News on the FutureNet YouTube channel

    On our official YouTube channel more videos have been uploaded. What waiting for you are: fresh dose of reliable knowledge in the form of webinars, interviews with leaders, who explain to us why it is worthy to bet on FutureNet plus information about our plans including the latest news what will appear on our platforms. Please subscribe to the channel and stay tuned with our activities.

    Channel YouTube: YouTube

    New products in FutureNet Store:

    Our official store is expanding the range of products. Among others, there appeared collector’s gold coins symbolizing FuturoCoin as well as commemorative coins from Wrocław event that will remind you that FutureNet is the future of business! Elegant pins with the FutureNet logos are also available, which can be used as a good idea to talk about FutureNet. The store also has an information leaflet that will make it easy for you to quickly show what FutureNet is, even if you do not have a phone or a computer with you.

    Please visit our store:

    FutureNet conquers Dubai!

    In May our a new company FutureNet LLC was established in Dubai. This is great news for all of us, since running a business in the UAE opens the door to all world’s markets. It’s a prestige, quality, safety and first of all the huge development opportunities for our platform!

    Our new office is based on this address:

    Futurenet LLC
    Abdulla Al Fahed – 4
    Office No. 210
    Al Qusais second
    United Arab Emirates

    FutureNet Webinar

    Next week will be a webinar with the latest news related to FutureNet. It is worth having a look on it and taking the knowledge from the source. Stephan Morgenstern will bring all the information that is important to us after returning from his trip to the USA. You will find the exact date and time at the beginning of the next week on our Fanpage and on bookmarks webinars: WEBINAR FUTURENET

    Event in Slovenia 09.06.2017

    In the vivid town of Maribor, there will once again be organised a conference by our partners in Slovenia. If you have friends in Slovenia, please invite them to a business presentation. This is a great opportunity to get to know the founders of FutureNet and the leaders who are very effective in building the business.

    Best regards,
    FutureNet Team

  12. Admin|Update

    #FutureNet USA team leader Ryan Conley announces the arrival of our CEO Stephan Morgenstern in Las Vegas USA this month as we prepare to launch #FuturoCoin.

    Also, tips on how to build your FN business quick and efficiently. Duplication is key so keep it simple team!

    #CryptoTeamExtreme #ByeByeFacebook

  13. Admin|Update

    The FutureNet International Group: Zoom Hangout For April 25, 2017

    This Video Link Will Open In The Same Tab (Right Click Below For More Options)

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