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        Future Net is a Multi-Media Network Club that Pays You For Everything done at their site.

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Future Net Product/Service: Games, Advertising, Videos, Apps, Music, Ebooks, Banners, Movies, Tutorials, Images, Templates, E-Learning, and FN Magazine… Processors: Neteller, P.M., bitcoin, W.Union, dotpay, Credit Card, barion, Bank Transfer, sofort, and FN Payments… Pay Plan Type: Matrix|Affiliate|Sales… Basic Details: Company Launched In 2014… EARN FROM A MARKETING PLAN WITH 10 TYPES OF MONEY MAKING BONUSES: Multimedia, Social Media, Login, Sales, Friends, New Position, Matching, Leader, Advertising, and Career Plan… GET PAID TO: Post, Like, Watch, Download, and Share on the FN website… Founder|CEO: Mr Stephan Morgenstern & Mr Roman Ziemian... More Info: Refer to the Home, Products, About, Rules, and Help pages, etc… Get A $10 Gift

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Admin & Team

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29 Thoughts to “Future Net Club”

  1. Admin|Update

    The year 2016 draws to a close.

    It was an exciting and very successful year for all of us here at FutureNet.

    Have you reached your goals for 2016? If yes, please accept our cordial congratulations. Let us be even more successful together in 2017.

    If you haven’t achieved what you planned, that’s not an issue either. Please consider where you could improve and become even more professional. This will make you one of the most successful FutureNet partners in 2017.

    With FutureNet, you have the perfect vehicle for success at your disposal. Since the establishment of our company in 2012 and the initial launch on 1 November 2014, we have constantly developed our business. FutureNet is now one of the best online marketing companies on the entire market.

    In 2017, we will continue to expand FutureNet in order to reach our goal. FutureNet – the absolute best opportunity to make money online.

    What to expect in 2017?

    1. FutureNet Apps
    2. FutureNet World Convention on 11th March
    3. Start of another brilliant FutureNet business opportunity
    4. Expansion of our shop offer
    5. Commission payments in physical GOLD bars
    6. Gold in different denominations in the FutureNet Shop
    7. Inauguration of the first FutureNet Café
    8. New FutureNet website
    9. Expansion of the FutureNet product portfolio
    10 Start of FutureNet Adwords / Ads on the platform
    11 Expansion of the FutureNet games portfolio
    12 Introduction of further payment and disbursement opportunities
    13 Launch of a number of social projects and initiatives
    14 Inauguration of new offices in different countries worldwide
    15 Expansion of our sport sponsoring activites

    These and more activities have been already clearly defined, but we are not yet able to inform you in detail. In 2017, they will make FutureNet the uncontested market leader.

    FutureNet Apps
    From now on, you can download the new FutureNet ANDROID App in Google Play.
    The IOS version will be ready in early 2017.

    FutureNet World Convention
    On 11th March 2017, we will hold the next FutureNet World Convention.
    Join us in Krakow, Poland – one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
    With the ICE Krakow we have found the perfect event location.

    Come to the World Convention and win your BMW!

    We will shortly publish the event website, where you will find all details.
    You will find a clip about the ICE Krakow here:

    Launch of a new opportunity at FutureNet
    According to our philosophy at FutureNet, we offer new business opportunities on our Social Media Platform at any time. And this is what we are planning for 2017. We will launch a new opportunity for all FutureNet members.

    You are surely curious to learn more about this. However, you need to be patient. We will inform you during the World Convention and later on in detail!

    Expansion of the FutureNet shop offer
    We are currently working on the professional expansion of our FutureNet shop. We recalculated the shipping costs for all countries. In 2017, we will continue to expand the offer.

    As new products we are presenting high quality FutureNet coffee and tea.

    In another step, we will launch a FutureNet jewellery line. We also look forward to new products being announced.

    We endeavour to organise our product offering in a way to ensure you will be able to use 25% of your Media Points for your payments towards such purchases.

    Commission payments in physical GOLD bars
    We are working on an opportunity for you to have your commissions paid out in gold bars. For this purpose, we have started a collaboration with one of the biggest gold manufacturers in Europe.

    As we are acquiring the gold bars from the manufacturer directly, the prices are sensationally low.

    We are able to ship the gold bars including insurance to most of the countries worldwide.

    We will keep you updated on this development.

    Gold in different denominations in our FutureNet Shop
    In 2017, we will offer the opportunity to purchase gold bars in different denominations directly from the manufacturer via our shop.

    0,1 grams, 0,5 grams, 1 gram, 5 grams – you can order all denominations up to 1 kilogram. Our partner has been successful on the market for many years already.

    We are able to ship the gold bars including insurance to most of the countries worldwide.

    Inauguration of the first FutureNet Cafe in Poland
    In 2017 we will open at least one FutureNet Cafe in Poland. Currently, we are conducting negotiations in different locations.

    You will find more information on FutureNet Cafes on our new website. This is also where we provide a form, which you may fill in if you are interested in opening your own FutureNet Cafe in your town.

    Our aim for 2017 is to open the first few FutureNet Cafes in different cities all over the globe. And in the upcoming years, we plan an enormous expansion.

    New FutureNet website
    Our new FutureNet website will be online in January 2017. All visitors will find a broad spectrum of information about FutureNet, our products, the shopping portal, the FutureNet Cafes and much more.

    Apart from the form for new FutureNet Cafes you will also find another form – specially designed for all those of you who are interested in opening a FutureNet office.

    Expansion of the FutureNet product portfolio
    In 2017 we will develop ruther our existing products. Our Landing Page System, the Cloud, Video Mail, Blog and web templates will be elevated to an even more professional level.

    Furthermore, we are planning to introduce new online products.

    Start of FutureNet Adwords / Ads on the platform
    The entire ADVERTISEMENT section on our FutureNet platform will continue to grow professionally in 2017. Every partner and customer will be able to publish his ads on the FutureNet Board or on the FutureAdPro pages with just a few clicks.

    We will offer Adwords and banner advertisements and many more options. FutureNet partners will have splendid opportunities at their disposal to sell ads to end customers and earn 20% commission.

    Expansion of the FutureNet game portfolio
    Furthermore, we will expand the online and smartphone game offer in 2017. We plan to launch new partnerships with reputable providers, to expand our own game development department and to purchase our own games.

    Introduction of further payment and disbursement opportunities
    Today, we at FutureNet offer the largest number of payment opportunities of all online marketing companies.
    In 2017 we plan to introduce more providers for payment and disbursement transactions related to your commissions.
    In this respect, cryptocurrencies will have high priority.

    Launch of a number of social projects
    Our own success enables FutureNet now to help others. In the near future, we will publish a number of social projects FutureNet plans to engage in.

    The first project will be launched this week already. We will support an orphanage in Poland with toys, Christmas gifts and other necessary items.

    Inauguration of new offices in different countries worldwide
    You will find a form on our new website, which you can fill in if you wish to be considered to open an office in your town. We at FutureNet will then start revenue based discussions about support opportunities with the office owners.

    Expansion of our sport sponsoring activities
    As you most likely know, FutureNet is the official sponsor of the ladies’ handball team FUTURENET KATOWICE in Poland.

    Our girls have been very successful this year.

    In 2017, we want to further expand our sport sponsoring activities. We are currently negotiating with a football club in Slovenia.

    As you can see, 2017 will be just another year full of highlights and terrific innovations at FutureNet.

    At this point we do not want to reveal too much! However, we would like to let you know that it will definitely pay off to upgrade to the ROYAL position in 2017. And it will be of great advantage to have personal ROYAL Members in your team!

    AND a question for 2017 is HOW LONG ARE YOU ALREADY A ROYAL MEMBER?!!!!

    If you haven’t yet upgraded from Premium to Royal, it is the perfect moment to do that NOW, we promise you!!!

    We wish all our partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Successful Year in 2017!

    Your FutureNet team

  2. Admin|Update

    FutureNet NEWS VIDEO UPDATE English
    Speaker: Roman Ziemian & Stephan Morgenstern
    Date of event: 15-11-2016

  3. Admin|Update

    Arthur Zablocki
    August 26 at 1:30pm

    Dear Team,

    We Are VERY CLOSE to 4,000 MEMBERS here and, I believe we are the BIGGEST FutureNet group out there! NOW, we NEED To Start SHOWING WHO We Are!

    As some of you know, a few of us have been doing regular hangouts, but we feel that we aren’t quite “hitting it” with the way we structured them….

    Maybe it’s the time, content, notice … not sure! So we would like YOU to TELL Us, what we should change by completing this POLL.


    Ideally, WE WOULD ALSO LIKE 40-50 of Us to Be at these “NEW” hangouts (which we are planning to start doing soon)… LIVE as Panelists.

    When you are there on these hangouts, you are being seen as one of the experts, someone who is committed to the business. Only such a person will be attracting good members to the team.

    Voice Your Opinion: FutureNet Hangouts – Increasing Engagement & Exposure

  4. Admin|Update

    FutureNet International Group Weekly Team Hangout For August 12, 2016

  5. Admin|Update

    FutureNet – How to Upgrade to the $1k Friend Tree Matrix…

    -Stephanie Arwine

  6. Admin|Update

    FutureNet – NEW Technical Support Platform – Learn HOW TO USE NOW!

    -Arthur Zablocki

  7. Admin|Update

    It was so difficult to pay money into FutureNet because their main avenue was BitCoin and I had my share of problems relating to the purchase of BitCoin myself. I could never draw more than £100 (GBP) per day and that made it hard to help people upgrade their membership.

    WELL those days are OVER! If you are a member of FN then you can buy vouchers from FutureNet’s own system: [YOURUSERNAME = your FutureNet username}

    You can login with your usual Futurenet login and buy a voucher of whatever size that you can use to transfer money into your FN account.

    All you do is buy the VOUCHER and then go into FutureNet and click the button next to FutureNet Code and drop in the VOUCHER code from into the box. Here’s a screenshot:

    When you go to you can enter your FN username like this: It will take you right inside. Then just use your FN username and password to login.

    Regards, Dr Bruce Rae

  8. Admin|Update

    Hello, we are happy to inform you, that we have now the CREDIT CARD payment option online.

    Every FutureNet Member has his personal Product Sales Website.

    On this website you can login with your FutureNet Username and Password. After login you can buy VOUCHER (FutureNet PAYCODES) by CreditCard.

    Very important:
    You will get your VOUCHER normaly in 5-10 min. Sometimes it takes longer. You will find your VOUCHER in the List plus you will get it by e-mail.

    You can use this VOUCHER for FutureNet and FutureAdPro payments. You just need to copy them and use it.

    Here you can open a short and easy tutorial about this:

    See you in Warszawa on Saturday.
    Your FutureNet Team

  9. Admin

    In this newsletter we have put together some very important information for you & would ask that you take your time to study its contents.

    – EVENT in Warsaw/Poland on 28 May 2016
    – Credit card payment
    – Payments with FutureNet codes now also available at FutureAdPro
    – BANK TRANSFERS to FutureNet
    – BITCOIN payments
    – Information on commission payments
    – eWallet

    EVENT in Warsaw/Poland on 28 May 2016
    Our next FutureNet event is scheduled for 28 May 2016 in Warsaw/Poland. Check the details on our website and book your tickets for just 70 zloty (17€).

    Credit card payment
    We are about to introduce a NEW CREDIT CARD PAYMENT option. This feature will then allow every customer & partner the ability to charge their FutureNet account via the website to make payments.

    Payments with FutureNet codes are also now available at FutureAdPro If you have credit on your FutureNet online account you will now be able to use it at FutureAdPro. You simply need to create appropriate PAYCODES and use them to pay via FutureAdPro.

    BANK TRANSFERS to FutureNet
    Please consider the following rules for bank transfers to FutureNet and FutureAdPro!!!
    1. Every individual purchase must be finalized with a SEPARATE BANK TRANSFER. If you purchase a status position for instance, and pay for it via bank transfer, and then purchase AdPacks, you will be required to pay with a separate bank transfer for each transaction. You CANNOT add the two transactions together and send one bank transfer And if you decide to buy upgrades for your FutureNet matrixes, these will also require a separate bank transfers.

    2. Upon each payment transaction via bank transfer we provide you with a CODE. Please indicate the CODE as reason for payment – enter it together with your user name into the transfer form!

    BITCOIN payments
    Please make sure when you pay via bitcoin you transfer the EXACT BITCOIN AMOUNT that is shown in the popup box during your BITCOIN PAYMENT process. If the amount sent differs, the transaction may NOT be automatically booked into our system.

    Information on commission payments
    Unfortunately, we frequently receive commission requests with wrong supporting information. If your provision payment has been refused, please create a new one and make sure you indicate the correct account details.

    Our IT department is already working on the integration of the FutureNet eWallet. We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of our works.

    We wish you a nice and successful day,
    Your FutureNet team

  10. Admin

    The FutureNet Newsletter
    The next FutureNet event will take place in Warsaw on 28 May, 2016. Join us and meet the CEO and founders Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern. Get together with top leaders from all around the world and learn from first-hand accounts how to make your business even more successful.

    For more information and to register for the event, we will send you the link in the next newsletter.

    Coming soon: the FutureNet eWallet payment system
    This week we have signed the contract for the new FutureNet eWallet payment system. Most probably we will be able to go online in about 6 weeks. Everybody will have the chance to open a personal account.

    Your highlights:
    Several languages available, absolutely simple handling
    Open your account anywhere WORLDWIDE – just with your ID card or passport
    13 different currencies
    No account limits
    In-going payments via PAYPAL, credit card, bank transfer, bitcoins and many more
    FutureNet MASTER CARD

    Withdraw money via FutureNet MasterCard up to 10,000 $ per DAY
    Unlimited transfers to your own bank account
    Unlimited transfers via bitcoin
    Your own bank account in Hongkong

    These features and many more extras render FutureNet and the FutureNet eWallet system the most splendid offer on the entire market!
    Upgrades of existing products and introduction of new products
    We are currently revising our products to improve our offer with additional opportunities.
    In the upcoming weeks, we will surprise you with a large number of innovations.
    After upgrading our existing products we plan to introduce new products.

    Momentum System
    Our new Momentum System will be online in a few days. The Momentum System show you how to create an earning potential of over 40,000 $ already with the smallest premium membership as a FutureNet MEMBER with a single investment of just 10 $!

    Every FutureNet member may activate the entire system with a SINGLE investment of 1,000 media points (=10 $)!

    We provide you with a variety of landing pages, an auto responder, a website with the complete declaration and many more features. In the future, we will be adding more and more languages. Become part of this opportunity by investing only 1,000 media points / 10 $.

    Watch our videos in English and German:
    Video I EN:
    Video I DE:
    Video II EN:
    Video II DE:

    FutureNet webinars
    If you are conducting webinars and would like to officially promote them at FutureNet, please send all details about your webinar to our customer support.

    What we need:
    Time (incl. time zone)
    Speaker name
    Link to your webinar

    Here you can see the coming webinars:

    As you can see – FutureNet is already well-positioned. We will be reaching our goal in a few weeks ahead: FutureNet – the best platform ever to generate income on the internet!!!

    FutureNet team

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