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Earn Every 30 Minutes

banner_468_60_1-EarnEvery30MinutesEarn Every 30 Minutes is an advertising & revshare program that delivers targeted traffic.
Program Name
Earn Every 30 Minutes Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, PM, Payeer, BitCoin, OK Pay, Bank Wire… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until June 4, 2016… Earn Up To 150%… AdPack Rates: $1|$10|$20|$50… Get Paid Instantly Every 15|30|45|60 Minutes… Up To 10% Daily Cap… No Repurchase Rule… Reward Points Program: Earn Points By Completing Daily Tasks and Exchange Points For Cash &/or Prizes… $2.00|$1000 Min|Max Instant Withdrawal Limit… Four Memberships: Free|$49|$99|$199… 10% 7-Level Referral Commission: 4%|2%|1%|1%|1%|0.5%|0.5%… Admin: Connor Leman… More Info: Read Home, FAQ, Terms, Privacy page… Get 100% RCB

Thank You,                                                  UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                             No Longer In Business

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8 Thoughts to “Earn Every 30 Minutes”

  1. Admin|Update

    Dear users,

    Everything is going smoothly and people like our system and how it is built and i want to make it better and better so we can get along with the requests, also our only processors left to be instant are BTC & AdvCash other than that all are instant.

    Due to increase of work daily i can’t focus on creating more features for the website so i decided to make weekends off for both earnings & withdrawals, these days should give me enough time to work with the programmer and focus on new features for our website so we can reach the full potential. This will start including this weekend.

    Best Regards,

    Connor Leman – EE30M Connor Leman Investment Limited Company no. 10183108
    Eagle House, Cranleigh Close, Sanderstead, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 9LH

  2. Admin|Update

    Dear Users, You might be surprised but if you check our website now you will see a totally different look and feel, that is the reason why we were a little quiet for the past 2-3 days we worked hard to implement the new design and the features that will soon be activated.

    In the upcoming days you will start to see the ability to purchase adcredits and advertisements with your main balance too, a lot of other type of advertisements including Traffic Exchange, Members Area Feature Ads, PPC banners and much more.

    For the stability of the website and to asure us a long run without any bumps and i am sure everyone will agree with me on this one, we lowered the % to 2% for normal members, 3% for 45 min Upgraded members, 4% for 30 min Upgraded members & 5% for 15 min Upgraded members. This way people will know for sure how much they are making and how they are making it, the daily full details are shown in your account dashboard.

    For users that are registered on our other website paidspot that was too slow, we are doing a reset on that one after we tested and fixed all bugs, more news will be delivered to paidspot members sometime around tomorrow after we properly checked everything.

    I thank all of you our members that made the website such a success and we are doing our best to make it a long lasting program that will crush the competition and finally people will be able to say: The paying program i was looking for, finally!

    We might be holding a venue at London and Marc from the USA will be holding a separate Venue who can be reach on skype group chat or Facebook, At the venue i will be introducing my self more about who i am and what i do, Most of you probably know who i am, I would also like to introduce some of my team too, We have a faith in EE30M that it will sustain, Just dont give up on me and keep building them Packs as this time next year you all will be thanking me, We already have 2,013 members on our facebook group page and growing. I would like to thank you all for showing interest in EE30M.

    Best Regards
    Connor Leman – EE30M Connor Leman Investment Limited Company no. 10183108
    Eagle House, Cranleigh Close, Sanderstead, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 9LH

  3. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    Total Users: 17,945 Total Deposits $460945.00 With no Repurchase Rule Total paid $23952.61
    Users we are now fully verified ADVCASH merchant!,


    I would like to thanks all my team and investors showing interest in my program EE30M, We are nearing to total $500,000 with no repurchase rules. Im sorry that i had to up minimum cashout to $5 instead of $2 it was just far too much work for manual payments for payeer user deposits cashouts. Our stage now is to revamp EE30M make it look better and more appealing,

    1500 Users on Facebook Group have joined EE30M. FB GROUP ADMINS: Kitty Beth, Marc Freidberg, Kitty Sanders who can help you understand more about the program, Admins of FB group are Marc Friedberg and Kitty Sanders.

    Best Regards,
    Connor Leman – EE30M Connor Leman Investment Limited Company no. 10183108
    Eagle House, Cranleigh Close, Sanderstead, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 9LH

  4. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    No more waiting for Bitcoin approvals, we have now moved from blockchain to coinpayments, We have had lots of BTC funds and each transaction needed veryfying and was time cunsuming especially incorrect btc amount entered by users. Blockchain did not approve us for API reason for this is we are a revshare MLM based business model.

    Some of the the BTC that have been deposited will be approved shortly, Please interact on facebook group below for instant updates

    1020 Users on Facebook Group have joined EE30M who can help you understand more about the program, Admins of FB group are Marc Friedberg and Kitty Sanders.

    Explainer video by one of our senior members

    Best Regards, Connor Leman – EE30M

  5. Admin|Update

    Dear members, Profit calculator has been updated based around how many refs you have, The calculator 7 level was based on 1,000,000 7 Level Deep, so what i have done is that user can now add how many Refs and Adpacks will earn you on daily basis.

    We have done some tweaking the members area too with TASK 1 and TASK 2, below paid ads option coming soon.

    We also have a great team on facebook who can help you understand more about the program, Admins of FB group are Marc Friedberg and Kitty Sanders.

    Explainer video by one of our senior members

    Best Regards, Connor Leman – EE30M

  6. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    Members i know how stressful it can be during launch, i have tested EE30M inside out and i am confident that the launch will go smooth as planed. Launch is in the next 2 hours and i would like to mention that i wasn’t expecting such a big growth in just a short time 12 days, and i personally like to thank all Promoters, Paidspot users & EE30M users for showing interest and putting trust in me and my programs, i will do my best to keep EE30M running smooth.

    I have added a new little feature in MAIL YOUR REFERRALS From Tier 1 to Tier 7

    Facebook group Link Skype Group Link

    All the best happy earnings to all

    Best Regards, Connor Leman – EE30M

  7. Admin|Update

    Dear members, The launch date it is approaching so if you want to create a big team now is your chance to do it and jump in, we did a few modifications on the website also now with every ad click you also will receive a chance to earn reward points.

    Congratulation to some of all users that reached to more than 500 referrals in a few days, that shows the power of a 7 level tier referral system.

    Some users asked about membership so to clarify the membership price are yearly not monthly. If you don’t receive an answer from live chat don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail as we usually reply in less than 24 hours.

    You guys are awesome keep it going !

    Best Regards, Conner Leman

  8. Admin|Update

    An EE30M Update
    Dear users, We added a little more to the reward system and now beside all the tasks you do to earn reward points you can also get benefits depending on your total number of AdCash Packs you own:

    -100 AdCash Packs
    1000 reward points

    -500 AdCash Packs
    5000 reward points

    1000 AdCash Packs
    20000 reward points
    +10% In all bonus reward earnings

    -1500 AdCash Packs
    50000 reward points
    +15% In all bonus reward earnings

    -2000 AdCash Packs
    200000 reward points
    +20% In all bonus reward earnings

    -3000 AdCash Packs+
    500000 reward points
    +30% In all bonus reward earnings

    Thank you everyone for showing a big interest in earn-every-30-minutes as we have more than 1000 members in just 24 hours.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day.

    Best Regards Newsletter

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