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Earn Daily Bucks With SwagBucks

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From: Admin @ KnowHowToEarn.Com

To: Anyone Who Wants To Join Together With Us, Be Active, And Earn Daily

Note: We here at Know How To Earn have researched, certified, and guaranteed
this program to be 100% Free From Scam, Paying On Time, and is Free To Join.

I have been a member of SwagBucks since 2013, and below is some of what I have earned.

PayPal $250
Order # 19518353
Sent on 07/07/17 10:09 AM

PayPal $25
Order # 15230199
Sent on 01/06/16 10:36 AM

PayPal $25
Order # 15056785
Sent on 12/10/15 10:27 AM

PayPal $50 Order # 14454114 Sent on 09/16/15 09:19 AM

PayPal $50 Order # 13814791 Sent on 06/05/15 02:08 PM

PayPal $100 Order # 13441454 Sent on 04/06/15 12:01 PM

PayPal $50 Order # 10135778 Sent on 03/10/14 05:05 PM

My Current SwagBuck Total Is (9/21/2017): 13,452 SB…
I could cashout right now, but I will wait until I have 25,000 SB’s, and get $250 in PayPal again.

I have actually earned more, but those are some examples of my previous earnings above.

(1) I try to do almost everything at SwagBucks to earn… Let Me Show You The Way To Get Paid!
(2) I have the SwagBucks App on my smart phone, so I watch Videos to earn 10 SB’s (max) daily.
(3) I also watch SwagBucks TV on my laptop daily to earn 500 SB’s (max) daily.
(4) I complete as many Free Offers as I am able to. I don’t do paid offers, unless I want that item.
(5) I always complete the Swag Code whenever I receive the notice on my phone, or my laptop.
(6) I do many Searches daily, so I earn several SB’s from that activity.
(7) My credit card is linked, so I get cash back to my account from 1500 Retailers online and offline.
(8) I also get cash back to my account whenever I stay at hotels, or motels.
(9) I earn with the Daily Poll.
10 I earn with the Daily Crave.
11 I earn with the Swag Browser Button.
12 I earn whenever I attempt a survey (earn more when you complete a survey).

Additionally, I have referrals, and I give them my Full-Time Help, Support, And/Or Advice!!

Thank You,
Admin | KnowHowToEarn.Com

P. S. There are other ways to earn bucks with SwagBucks that are not listed above,
and if you Join With Us, we will show you the way to get paid today, and every day.

Note: We invite you to submit your SwagBucks Help And Support, questions or comments,
on our Contact Us page in the main menu above, or in the Comment Form you see below…

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  1. Mathew | Made A Comment

    From: Mathew

    Good and detailed review about swag bucks. I have already joined it. Otherwise I would have joined your team. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Admin | Reply To Mathew

      Hello Mathew, no problem, and your comment is appreciated.

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