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Welcome To Our Crypto Currency News Page
On this page you will find BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, and Ripple News, plus any other crypto currency news that may be available each day. Click The Question, To Get The Answer ==> Is bitcoin a currency, or a payment system?

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  1. mailman|Avoid Bitcoin

    If You Needed A Great Reason To Avoid Bitcoin And Ethereum, This Is It…
    A recent flash crash just cost digital currency investors a boatload of money…

  2. mailman|PonziSchemes

    With Scammers Capitalizing On Altcoins Surge, How To Spot New Ponzi Schemes?
    The activities of scammers within the cryptocurrency industry is on the increase.

  3. mailman|Click Farms

    Top 4 Large-Scale Click Farm Projects Around the World… Click farms have become incredibly problematic in the world of social media these days. A group of users is often paid a very low wage to continuously click like buttons, upvote internet comments, or share content to ensure it goes viral. There is also the click fraud aspect, which makes paid advertisers think their content is seen by millions of users worldwide.

    Field Of Vision: Bangladesh Click Farmers Are Struggling

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