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Welcome To Our CONTACT US & CUSTOMER SERVICE & Recommend A Program (RAP) Page

The form below is for Owners or Top Affiliates to submit your program, product, service, or other items to be posted and/or listed free on this blog… Article Writers may also submit your “article from author” articles below, or you may submit a link to your article… Please keep in mind that we may, or may not, accept your submission for inclusion on this blog. It simply depends on whether or not your submission is something that we choose to use.

Click Here for complete details before you (Owner or Top Affiliate) contact us… Also, you should do a search of this blog to determine whether or not your program, product, service, and/or other item(s) are already posted or listed here at Know How To Earn.

Owner/Top Affiliate: If we decide to accept your submission for inclusion, we will then use your affiliate link to sign up, and you will definitely receive a reply from us immediately, or within 24-to-48 hours to confirm our decision.

However, due to the volume of email that we receive on a daily basis, we can’t always respond to everyone… **Therefore, if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, that means that your program, product, service, or other item was not a good fit for this blog… We apologize for any inconvenience that decision may cause you, or your company…

{Articles may require a longer response time of up to seven days before being published. To know what type of articles that we have previously published, please refer to our articles page.}

P.S. **Another possible reason why your program, product, service, or other item might not have been accepted, is that the Owner, or another Top Affiliate, may have already submitted it to us… Furthermore, the Owner will always have top priority over anyone else who makes the exact same submission offer to us, within the same time frame…

Also, we will only accept affiliate linked submissions from Owners, or Top Affiliates, with proof (unless we already know you)… No One Else Need Apply… This policy is necessary so that we do not become overwhelmed, or backlogged, with a large amount of affiliate linked submission for inclusion requests.

Note: If you are not an Owner, or a Top Affiliate, see the Recommend A Program section below.

You may submit your questions or comments about this blog below… Please do not send us any spam, and please carefully read this page, or any other appropriate page, to hopefully find your answer. However, if it is still necessary for you to ask us, then we will gladly answer you immediately, or as soon as possible.

Reply Rules: If, or whenever, you submit a question or comment, we will reply immediately, or within 24-to-48 hours, if we feel a reply is necessary… We truly want to support and be helpful to you as needed, but due to our strict daily time constraints, we must use our time efficiently… So, we will reply if it is a necessity, but we won’t reply if, in our opinion, it is unnecessary… OK? The bottom line is that “we hear you”, sorta speak, whether or not we actually reply back to you.

Note: We welcome any of your ideas, and/or suggestions about this blog, because we want to maintain a satisfied membership… Please know that we will read and comprehend every email that we receive, and we appreciate the fact that you took the time to compose and send it to us.

P.S. We put the above “reply rules” in place, so that we will be able to spend the majority of our time researching, posting, listing, and improving the blog, instead of spending too much time answering emails… We hope that you accept, and also understand, our reasoning.

Recommend A Program (RAP)…
If you are not an Owner, or a Top Affiliate, and you still want to RAP (Recommend A Program) to us here at Know How To Earn, this is how you do it…

Choose the correct category in the submission form below, and simply submit the program link… Do not submit any affiliate links in the RAP category… Why?… As we stated above in the ‘Contact Us’ section, we will only use submitted affiliate links from the Owner, or a Top Affiliate.

In other words, submit direct links only, because we will not click or use, any affiliate or cloaked links submitted in the RAP category.

Therefore, the only benefits that you will receive when you RAP to us here at Know How To Earn are: (1) You will be helping us to keep-up-to-date with the latest programs, and (2) You may be able to find out how our membership will review your recommended program, then you can use that review for your own personal or marketing advantage.

Don’t forget to do a search of this blog before you RAP to us, and remember that we may, or may not, post or list your recommendation… Additionally, the correct category to use in the submission form below is: Recommend A Program.

We appreciate your input, but we will not reply to any email in the RAP category, because it is not necessary, due to the fact that you are only submitting your non-affiliate program link(s) to us for our consideration.

Note: If you are an Owner, or a Top Affiliate: Do Not Use The RAP Category to submit the details of your program, product, service, or other item(s)… It is very important to always choose and use the correct category… (The abbreviation: Est. = Established)… (For an explanation about the Other Owner Offer category below, Click Here, and scroll down to near the bottom of the page.)

Thank You,
Admin & Team

Contact Us and Customer Service and Recommend A Program (RAP)
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