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20160402011453-ClikDelivery468Clik Delivery is an advertising and revenue share program which delivers targeted traffic.
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Clik Delivery Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Perfect Money… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until April 27, 2016… Earn 110% to 130% ROI… AdPack Rates: $5, $10, $20, $40… Revenue Distributed Hourly… You Are Required To View 10 Ads Daily or Purchase A Surf Free Plan… Withdrawals Are Available Every Day: $10 Min|$500 Max… 10% to 30% Repurchase Rule… Earn Extra By Clicking PTC Ads… 24/7 Dedicated Support Team… GeoTargeting Is Optional… Secure And Licensed Script… 10% Referral Commission… Admin: Ilyas Noukaila… More Info: Read Home, FAQ, Terms, About, and Disclaimer page. Get 100% RCB

Thank You,                                                  UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                             No Longer In Business

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27 Thoughts to “Clik Delivery”

  1. Admin|Update

    Hello all,

    Here is a quick update of people that got refunded.

    simo alami OK / BTC / 700
    ahmedsaftawy OK
    rajiabdellah OK
    nelalita OK / BTC /
    pokimoun2016 OK
    oudmoham OK
    Aymen46 OK
    simofezazi OK / Payza
    aymanecha OK / BTC / 1000
    RubenNMC OK / Payza
    hoda2016 OK / BTC / 400
    gr3g0r OK / Payza
    SteveInChina OK / Payza
    inescamara OK / BTC
    medsamy OK / BTC
    albatta OK / BTC / 91
    moabdelhay OK / Payza / 16
    avenger19 OK / PM / 11
    vibhas150 OK / BTC / 74
    davietrfc80 OK / PM / 44
    asmael1995 OK / Payza + STP / 1118
    samirhmida OK / Payza / 35
    anasjj OK / Payza / 10
    saidinh0 OK / PM / 207
    miszka74 OK / BTC / 35
    leonardoedberg OK / BTC / 12
    don49 OK / BTC / 84
    jovadre OK / STP / 892
    isanka33 OK / Payza / 2.38
    wilfredseq OK / BTC / 38
    sifoo2015 OK / PM / 172
    mohammad1373 OK / BTC / 46
    mrpro10 OK / Payza/ 64
    DJStilly OK / Payza / 36
    labbesmed OK / BTC / 304
    Shandar OK / Payza / 285.40
    Punkooo OK / BTC / 5.8
    dsokyh OK / Payza/ 76
    rominus OK / Payza / 97
    allover624 OK / STP / 382
    rebbeca62 OK / PM / 30
    gottsklave OK / PM / 122
    RaedNahal OK / STP / 198
    mouras16dz OK / Payza / 40
    aladinhegazy12 OK / Payza / 23
    lagathy OK / 4000 / Payza + BTC
    davity OK / 1119 / BTC 890 + Payza 249
    DeMain0412 OK / 488.22 / Payza
    pirazoe OK /
    hellboy6517 OK / 450 / Payza
    jalal540 OK / 130 / Payza
    zenzoum OK / 129.60 / Payza
    ziadtazi OK / 473 Payza
    laibiali OK / 1039 / payza
    ouafaapeace OK / 120 / paypal
    Nabil75 OK / 390 / Payza

    PS: some of the refunded members are not shown in this list because they expressively requested to not display their usernames/infos publicly so we respected their decisions.

    More and more members will get refunded very soon, so please stay patient and bear with us. Like said before, there is no need to send us multiple emails to claim your refund. We received all of your emails and will take care of them in the nearest possible.

    Yes we failed to continue running ClikDelivery successfully as we run out of funds because of OUR mistake putting money into Traffic Monsoon business. But we will not let anyone down, and every single member will get refunded sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

    We, at Clikdelivery, also faced some huge issues and deceptions after the TM fail, but we always try to stay strong in order to keep moving forward.

    We will continue posting news in this group until all members get their refunds then we will decide what we can do to move forward from then.

    Thank you all for your support and trust!

    ‎Ilyas Noukaila‎|Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    Hello all members,

    This is an important message to all members,

    As the Trafficmonsoon case is taking an eternity to get solved, we decided to refund members who are in loss in our program, then when the refund process is completely finished, we will either decide to keep the site running as a Traffic Exchange platform or close it permanently.

    So we created a gmail address to collect DATA from people who didn’t got their seed money back from our Clikdelivery.

    Please send an email to the following gmail address:


    Please contact us via the given email address ONLY if you are a member who are in loss.

    If you got your seed money back and/or are in profit, do not waste your time by sending an email as we will ONLY send refunds to people in loss and will ignore other irrelevant messages.

    Please send an email in the following format to make our work easier:

    – Username:
    – Total added funds:
    – Total withdrawn:
    – Total funds still to recover:

    Please send only those infos, no need to write a story or make a drama, we will refund each one of you progressively, also, please do not try to cheat us by sending wrong DATA. We will verify each and every account, and if we find that you tried to cheat, YOU WILL GET NOTHING AT ALL!

    Please also note that refunding people is a process that’s going to take some time because we will process refunds as the money comes to our accounts.

    So please send ONLY one email and wait for your turn, no need to flood our inbox with a bunch of repetitive emails.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

    Leaders and top referrers please inform your downlines about this update!

    Thank you! It was a pleasure for us to work with you all!

  3. Admin|Update

    Ilyas Noukaila
    August 23 at 6:27am

    Hello all members,

    Today i want to inform you about our progress and what we’re doing to save our Clikdelivery from failure.

    We are working on a way to legally recover our seed money (or at least 50% of it) from the TM company and we believe we can do this within the next 2 months, maybe less.

    We are now involved in cryptocurrency trading (BTC, ETH, ADZ and other e-currencies. We are not yet making huge profits as we just assigned an account manager to our trading account but we will hopefully start making some good margins starting from next week.

    Be assured that we are doing our best to outpass the current situation and that we have been honest until now regarding what is happening and kept you updated about what we are planning to do.

    So please show some patience towards the situation so we can move forward.

    Regarding some unpatient members who opened disputes, read this carefully please:

    Don’t think that by opening dispute, you will get your seed money back because you will not. Even if you win the dispute you will not get more than 30% because of revshares terms and conditions and also because of our site is up and running smoothly and delivering visits without any issue. So better close your dispute now and wait for a better outcome to the case.

    Don’t you see that we are doing our best to recover from our loss in TM? I don’t really understand some people’s attitudes towards these recent events.

    Here is the current situation, we can open withdrawals right now, but the reality is that because of our low reserves and because f people accumulating their earnings balances since the beginning of this crisis, and also because of very few purchases made daily, i can assure that if we open withdrawals everyone will be cashing out huge amounts and our reserves will not stand for more than one week or two weeks to be completely drained. Moreover, if we open withdrawals, we will not be able anymore to use our reserves into cryptocurrency trading so no more profits will be made.

    We have to rebuild the site, rebuild trust, attract new members and rise again. To be able to do this, there are no many ways, we have to rebuild our reserves. And obviously this phase takes time.

    We are not gambling! We are rebuilding the site like from scratch, and obviously, we all need to be supportive and patient in order to achieve our goals.

    Now what’s next?

    Ok i’ll keep being honest like i always did, we’ve done an estimation of about 1month or so to be able to allocate some of our reserve again to withdrawals and continue our crypocurrency business safely with the remaining funds. So we can estimately give you a timeframe of around 30 to 40 days to start issuing withdrawals again.

    In addition, withdrawals will only be opened on business days and disabled on weekends. This is the plan we’ve come up with if you all want to support the program and save it from failure.

    We’ve been paying our members for 3+ months making a lot of our members very happy inside the system and trusting this kind of business. Now it’s time to return us the support and spread good things about Clikdelivery instead of following those so called leaders who are incenting people to o disputes and harm our business and members!

    FYI, That so called LEADER named “sabo paul” AKA Scrembo who is encouraging people to open disputes is a serial scammer on Udemy with his crappy courses about e-marketing. I personally got scammed by taking one of his courses on Udemy which offers no added value except from useless methods to make money that are already available for free on Youtube. Don’t believe me? You can check by yourself his courses on Udemy with username scrembo and read his students reviews! And now he is calling us scammers after he cashed out a ton from our Clikdelivery and now trapping his followers since he knows that they will all lose their money going the dispute route.

    Anyway, if you opened a dispute, please close it immediately and think twice of the situation: if we wanted to take the money and run away no one could prevent us from doing this. And this is what has exactly been done by several admins before without naming any program. But no, we are still here and are still fighting for your benefit and to prevent anyone from losing his hard earned money.

    If you believe our cause, then show some patience and support and let us do our job without having to also deal with disputes added to our hard tasks in money management.

    Thank you all for your loyalty and support !

    Ilyas NOUKAILA.
    Admin of Clikdelivery

  4. Admin|Update

    Ilyas Noukaila
    Сегодня в 10:54
    Hello all members,

    August 8, 2016

    We inform you that we are still doing our best to deal with the current reserves to increase it. Actually, we are working on cryptocurrencies to recover our loss from the “Trafficmonsoon” case.

    In order for us to use the remaining funds, we have to keep withdrawals disabled as if we enable it again, it will drain our reserve and we will not be able to pay more than two or three weeks at the best. So we decided to disable withdrawals temporarily and when we make some good profit, we will enable it to pay members in loss.

    Keep an eye on the group please and wait for an update. Withdrawals can be opened at any time starting from next Monday.

    Thank you all for your patience, i know you all are worrying about your seed money but this needs to be done for the benefit of every member and the long live of the program!

  5. Admin|Update

    Hello all members,

    We inform you that as of now, withdrawals will only be open from Monday to Thursday. (4 days a week). Fridays and weekends will be closed for withdrawals.

    We did an emergency plan to be able to bring back our program to normal so we have to use a percentage of our reserve to generate a new income stream. Therefore, we have to preserve the funds as much as possible to be able to get out from this delicate situation.

    As decided before, we will only pay members who are not yet in profit and who did paid their memberships. If you are a member in profit, please use your earnings to compound and be patient while we get back things to what it was before so we can pay you again.

    Please inform your downlines about this new update.

    Thank you for your understanding and your continuous support!

    -Ilyas Noukaila

  6. Admin|Update

    Hello all members,


    As of now and until the Trafficmonsoon case get an outcome and we recover our seed money back, withdrawals will only be open to members who are not yet in profit to preserve our reserve funds.

    It’s more fair this way as it makes no sense to let members who already made a profit from our program drain our reserve while members who didn’t got yet their seed money back are being left behind.

    If you are in profit with Clikdelivery, your account will continue to earn you money from our profit sharing system, however you will not be able to withdraw your earnings until we rebuild our reserves.

    Priority will be given now to those who put some money in the program and didn’t made any profit yet.

    This will take immediate effect, so if you are a member in profit and saw your withdrawal cancelled, there is no need to send a support ticket regarding this as NO RELATED TICKETS WILL BE ANSWERED!

    We do not have an accurate idea about how much it will take to rebuild our reserves and recover our seed money put in the Trafficmonsoon company, so please avoid sending support tickets about this matter as we will update you whenever we get some useful information to share.

    Like i said from day 1, our mission in Clikdelivery is to allow every single member profit from our program, even those small members who have no referrals, and did put small amounts, not only leaders.

    Thank you for your understanding and we are doing our best to clear these hard times very soon!

    Ilyas NOUKAILA. Admin

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