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20160402011453-ClikDelivery468Clik Delivery is an advertising and revenue share program which delivers targeted traffic.
Program Name
Clik Delivery Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Perfect Money… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: In Prelaunch until April 27, 2016… Earn 110% to 130% ROI… AdPack Rates: $5, $10, $20, $40… Revenue Distributed Hourly… You Are Required To View 10 Ads Daily or Purchase A Surf Free Plan… Withdrawals Are Available Every Day: $10 Min|$500 Max… 10% to 30% Repurchase Rule… Earn Extra By Clicking PTC Ads… 24/7 Dedicated Support Team… GeoTargeting Is Optional… Secure And Licensed Script… 10% Referral Commission… Admin: Ilyas Noukaila… More Info: Read Home, FAQ, Terms, About, and Disclaimer page. Get 100% RCB

Thank You,                                                  UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                             No Longer In Business

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27 Thoughts to “Clik Delivery”

  1. Admin|Update

    Dear members,

    We’ve successfully completed our 3rd month online, proving to the money making community that we are a serious and legit advertising and revenue sharing company aiming to deliver high quality services and paying our members on the long term.

    A part from delivering good quality ad services, we’ve setup a new standard in payout speed, as we never exceeded the timeframe of 12 hours to pay our members. So we are one of the most fastest paying revshares ever made.

    Our stable payplan and realistic earnings allowed us to sustain the business and keep our reserves the highest possible to be sure each and everyone of our members will be paid at his turn and make a profitable experience with Clikdelivery.

    However, as a revenue sharing program, we are mainly based on sales to generate revenues to be shared upon active members.

    In order for us to generate additional profits and diversify our portfolio, we are continuously brainstorming about new innovative services to add, also, we are always monitoring the market for new opportunities to make more profit so we can ensure paying our members their earnings very fast like we’ve always done until now.

    As all of you are deeply involved in the revshare industry, you have surely heard about what happened to one of the leaders of the industry (SEC lawsuit and funds freeze until the case is solved).

    We have sadly learned the news because we, as Clikdelivery, did put a big amount in this company to diversify our portfolio and advertise our services there while making some good profit to help support our program when our reserve funds get lower.

    Unfortunately, what happened to that company put us in bad situation as we have now to manage our reserve funds more securely and strictly to be sure we can still pay our members and avoid anyone losing money with Clikdelivery.

    Now while waiting for the final outcome of this case, we have decided to do some major modifications to ensure our longevity on the long run and bring in additional income to our reserve funds.

    The modifications we will do are as following:

    1. All members in profit (members who did withdraw more than they put into the system) will have their current earnings moved from their earnings balance to their commission balance without any loss so they will only use it to buy new adpacks instead of withdrawing.

    This will only be done once and then they will be able able to earn from their adpacks directly to their earnings balance just as normal.

    All other members who are not yet in profit will not be affected by this operation.

    We will move earnings balances to commission balances for the concerned members in the next hour or less.

    UPDATE —[All earnings balances of members in profit have been successfully moved to their commission balances without any data loss]—.

    Now their upcoming earnings from purchased adpacks will be credited to their earnings balance so they can withdraw it at any time.

    2. We’ve decided to add a monthly membership system to help bring a new funding source to the system.

    Actually, there will be two memberships:

    2.1 The 10$ membership (which will allow the member to withdraw up to 25$ per day).

    This has been thought keeping in mind small base members who cannot afford to pay expensive memberships. And they will still be able to withdraw a good amount (25$) daily.

    2.2 The 200$ membership (which will allow the member to withdraw up to 200$ daily).

    This is for the leaders and other advanced users who wants to make a decent living from our program. We set this at 200$ taking in consideration the fact that a member who can withdraw up to 200$ in term of earnings can easily afford paying this amount, it equals to only one day of his earnings and he will be able to profit for 29 days in a month, which is fair enough we believe.

    In order to pay your membership and upgrade your account, go to “Account activity” then click on “Upgrade account”.

    3. The withdrawal limit will be lowered (most likely permanently, unless we get a positive outcome regarding the other company’s issues) to 200$ per day.

    Please before posting negative comments or accusing our program of cheating or something like this, be informed that as an admin, i can assure that i didn’t took any penny from the program for at least a month ago just to keep our program sustainable for the longterm (except for hosting fees and some other features upgrades and obviously to pay my team who works 24/7 to serve you the better).

    We’ve always been honest and transparent with all of you, and if you believe in our program and our honesty, it’s the perfect time to show your support and faith by upgrading your account and promoting our program to bring more members and help grow our reserve more and more to ensure we can keep paying as we’ve always did.

    Unfortunately, some selfish people still don’t understand, or don’t want to understand how revshares work, money doesn’t come from nowhere, we have to stick together and do our promotion job and buy our adpacks, add fresh funds and do our clicks to keep the program running smoothly for a long long time.

    We inform you that all withdrawal requests will be cancelled asap, in order for us to do the modifications we’ve just informed you about. For those who we did cancelled their withdrawals, you will be able to request new withdrawals only as of tomorrow, so no need please to send support tickets about your cancelled withdrawal.

    These modifications have been decided urgently, so for now, even if you don’t pay your membership, the system will let you request withdrawals, but be informed we will not process your withdrawal unless you pay the appropriate membership for your requested amount.

    For example, even if you only have the 10$ membership, you will still be able to request a withdrawal of 200$, but be aware that our team will not approve your withdrawal, and you will end with a cancelled withdrawal so you will wait until tomorrow to request a new withdrawal.

    Of course, we will implement a new option very soon to the site to prevent members who don’t have the appropriate membership to request a higher amount.

    Finally, be assured that we are doing our best to do a reserve funds fast recovery, also, if the case of the other company get a positive outcome and we get our money back from them, we will lift those withdrawal limitations and cancel memberships. You have our word !

    Keep supporting YOUR Clikdelivery! Other revshares shutdown, did resets, scammed on people without any moral.

    We are definitely NOT one of those, we are here to stay and to keep paying and rocking, it’s up to all of you now to show your support to YOUR Clikdelivery !

    Please inform your downlines regarding this MAJOR update, a mass email will also be sent.

    Thank you for your support and faith!

    Ilyas NOUKAILA. Admin

  2. Admin|Update

    Hey Beautiful People of CD…

    Here’s the ClikDelivery amazing secret that some don’t KNOW…

    Key to a CD 30K withdrawal… as you can see I over funded my account so you guys can see this 5x seed withdrawal or a 30K max withdrawal its all true =) So whats the key to get that 30K withdrawal?Simple…build to 6K of seed money.

    How do you get to 6K seed money? you build your seed outside the site by compounding your earnings but outside the site then keep on funding with your withdrawals till you have 6K of seed. this way you don’t have to come up with the 6K from day 1.. this also helps the system… seeing people are not compounding inside like how every other rev share works then dies because of small funding and big withdrawals…

    When you have 6K seed money in the system you compound 100% inside the site to around 760ish shares in the system…

    Then withdrawal 100%… that should be around the $30,000 withdrawal over 3-4 months or so… from 760 shares…depending on the daily % of earnings. as you can see this is what Im doing with my account now a 100% withdrawal to a 6K start up… all I have in the system is 40$ shares my $5 and 10$ and old 20$ shares are gone (matured)

    Then come back into the system with a 6K startup… the 6K start up and even with 0 referrals you should be able to do this 30K withdrawal 2 times a year so 60K a year with 0 referrals… Hope that helps.

    ~Drew aka Ballindrew|facebook

    Ps. If your not a paid member in ClikDelivery yet…find a sponsor (this [facebook] group is a good place for that) its a hot offer that will be around for years. I say stop joining the fast crap that don’t last. stick to proven comp plans and you will see great success in 2016 and beyond.

  3. Admin|Update

    Hello all,

    We inform you that our reset operation has been processed earlier today towards members who didn’t funded their accounts with the required amounts after our recent update.

    We also inform you that we will not answer any support ticket from members complaining from accounts reset as we already warned those several days ago.

    Happy weekend to all!
    -Ilyas Noukaila/Admin

  4. Admin|Update

    Hello all members, we are close to complete our 2nd month online and we are proud of what we did achieved until now! We are delivering good quality ad services, paying on time, every time! while we see other quick programs falling off one after the other! We are in a very good shape and are planning to deliver good advertising services and help our members to make a stable income online for years to come!

    We inform you that our reserve funds is still good enough to cover the debt created by adpacks purchases. Of course, some days sales go down and some other days it goes up and so on, this is the how this business works and every one needs to put in WORK as money does not appear by magic.

    At this junction of hitting our 60 days online, me and my team did some monitoring tasks on our database to analyze who is really profiting from the program! Of course, the results are not really surprising me as we all know that big promoters are those who are BANKING the big money! The thing who is somehow surprising is when i noticed that some few people of the so called “big leaders” don’t put any money from their own pocket and start withdrawing big sums earned from their referral commission.

    Of course, they put in the necessary effort to bring in those referrals i totally agree, but the fact is they are draining more and more funds from the program profiting from our “accounts reset” formula which is made as the following: Withdrawal limit = 5 x (total add funds) + 3 x (total commission balance). So basically, they can withdraw up to 3 times their referral commission without putting in any dime from their own pocket except for the minimum sum of 10$ required to be able to withdraw.

    I find this somehow unfair to allow a member who ONLY did a small deposit of 10$ to withdraw big sums and drain funds from the program while small base members are putting in their hard earned money and still requesting miserable sums like 10$-20$ per day. So i decided to do a little tweak in our calculations formula so the program could be more profitable for those small members, not only for big promoters.

    Here is the NEW FORMULA which will be applied immediately.
    WITHDRAWAL LIMIT = 5 X (TOTAL ADD FUNDS). PERIOD! How this tweak works and how can it be beneficial for the program? OK, let me show you the big picture. When a member deposits a sum, let’s say 200$, he will only be able to withdraw that amount x 5 = 1000$. Obviously, if he wants to increase his withdrawal limit, he will have to make other deposits before he hits his withdrawal cap, because once he hits his cap, all his adpacks will be reset as well as his earnings balance. This example is NOT really representative for a member with no referrals.

    Now let’s take the example of a member with a lot of referrals. Our super recruiter has 2800$ in referral commission and he did a deposit of 100$, so basically with the old formula, he is able to withdraw 100 x 5 = 500$ + 2800$ x 3 = 8400$, so it will be a total of almost 9000$ for a small deposit of 100$. With the new tweaked formula, he will only be able to withdraw up to 100 x 5 = 500$, which means that if he wants to increase his withdrawal limit and withdraw all his ref commission, he will have to do another deposit of the amount of (2800 – 500) = 2300 / 5 = 460$. You may see this a bit complicated but if you think about it for a second, it’s not, just pure maths!

    Now like i said, we did a monitoring on the entire database based on the tweaked formula and we found that some members already hit their withdrawal limit, so basically we should reset their accounts immediately. But we know that they will say this is unfair to reset accounts without any prior notice. So what we did is that we created a file in which we did listed all members who hit their withdrawal limit, moreover, some of them already passed it. You will find the file in the files section of this group as well as in the end of this post.

    —So now what to do? You will have to open that file and check if your username is there. If it’s there, that means you did hit your withdrawal limit! Now, you have 2 choices, either you add the required minimum amount of funds to your account in order to avoid your account being reset and be able to withdraw again, or let things as they are and we will reset your account within the next 3 days without notice.

    So to all members who are listed in the file, you have exactly 3 days to add the exact amount shown in the file to your accounts to prevent it from being reset, otherwise, you will see your adpacks removed, your earnings balance reset back to ZERO. We will only keep your referrals and your commission balance untouched. Obviously, if you want to request withdrawals again, you will have to add funds to your account depending on how much you want to withdraw and how much referral commission you accumulated. Do your calculations, and add the amount that suits your needs and your earnings goals.


    I believe this move will benefit small members who are still building their accounts and aiming to make a decent income from our program, because my main goal here is not to make a few selected leaders millionaires, but to help all of my members (even the smallest ones) profit from our revenue sharing section. I don’t want anyone to be left behind.

    PS: the file is called «MONITORING MEMBERS.RTF», please take a look at it to find out if your username is listed. If so, you will find the minimum amount you have to add to your account within the next 3 days to prevent your account from being reset.

    PPS: For those members who will say it’s unfair because they worked hard to bring their referrals, i 100% agree with you as myself am a serial promoter of TM, MPA, FAP, Paidverts and others so i fully understand you! But keep in mind that if your account is about to reset and you still have some referral commission that you want to withdraw, just divide your referral commission by 5 and add the resulted amount to your account. This way you will be like you multiplied your seed money by 5 instantly.

    Just think about if for a second, and you will find that your accounts will still be very profitable even after applying this rule. Yes this move will decrease your earnings potential, but this is done in a «general interest» optic to permit every member to profit at his turn from the program. If you cannot accept this, then you are too greedy to deserve to be a part of this awesome program!



    Please note that you have until JUNE, 30th to add the minimum required amount to your account to prevent it from our reset operation! If no action is taken from your end after this date, your account will be reset without prior notice, you’ll see all your adpacks removed and all your earnings balance reduced to Zero.

    OnlineDreamz 562 $
    masterfree 33 $
    kanibal54d 392 $
    Youknow 59 $
    getin 1144 $
    mllove251 141 $
    kisia 48 $
    awesome 201 $
    mahlah207 96 $
    Seal6 0 $
    yatokim 3 $
    liso25 9 $
    alsayed97 182 $
    uzzibaba 167 $
    ptclover420 109 $
    monika8544 293 $
    hadi1122 116 $
    powervip 359 $
    marek505 1 $
    sandeep143 98 $
    omiie 97 $
    kalimajhoul 47 $
    Farouk 48 $
    loststar 74 $
    Mohanadfouad 69 $
    elcatador 7 $
    deliverymanager 23 $
    eric123 69 $
    mmosevn 20 $
    anastasio 32 $
    grechenfigueroa 124 $
    ydavgonzalez 31 $
    ludo2008 6 $
    gracealone 58 $
    jacky85 2 $
    Dileep649 5 $
    patrykmajrowski 25 $
    Hypster 208 $
    zielek1988 34 $
    premkumar123 210 $
    Sunyani 7 $
    banger 564 $
    akmarketing 56 $
    Santo01 7 $
    Begum01 36 $
    Mohsin1 18 $
    angelinv 178 $
    lunagi 370 $
    Taoufik16 71 $
    END OF FILE|Ilyas Noukaila, Admin

  5. Admin|Update

    A One-Of-A-Kind Clik Delivery Proof-Of-Payment…

  6. Admin|Update

    How good is the quality of our advertising services? Are our advertising services worth a try?

    Ok now listen, Everyone who join a revshare focus only on earning from the revenue sharing bonus. What if you also focus on actually using the adservices we are offering? What if you put in some effort to build in some good landing pages/optin pages/VSL etc to build your list and grow your business/promote your affiliate products.

    Here is a screenshot posted for motivational purposes which shows how quality is our traffic. Especially when used in the money making niche. One of our members just sent me this and told me that this is his first time he ever made a dime from clickbank.

    PS: those results are REAL and were got from a purchase of a login ad plan of one week (worth of 50$) with direct linking strategy. What if he put in more effort and build a high converting optin page?? He already made a ROI of 110% in just 2 days and he still has 4 days to go for his login ad. So he could make more cash from his offer!

    Today’s advice: Instead of just focusing on earnings from adpacks, take some time to build your funnels and test out our amazing ad services (login ads, banners, ppc, ptc…etc). You will be amazed by what you can achieve if you combine this with split testing and good marketing funnels.

    Happy advertising and earnings with Clikdeliery!

  7. Admin|Update

    Dear members, We are doing some major yet good changes in Clikdelivery to make it the stable of all in the longterm.

    Recently, we’ve seen a lot of revenue sharing programs failing off because of unhealthy ROI, unrealistic daily earnings, too high referral commissions, and obviously, a very bad management. I can make a list of those, but as an admin, i have the obligation to stay neutral, so i will not name any of them because it’s well known to all of you.

    Now, the question that a lot of you may ask: why the hell are you doing changes to Clikdelivery, it’s already well designed and established to run smoothly for years. The answer to this is the following:

    Yes, you’re right, Clikdelivery is really well established and it took me almost 3 months to finalize the payplan and other details. But i want to play it more safely now that our program is well known and we are near from our 10.000 members milestone.

    If the current payplan is good, then what i’m going to announce to you right now is going to make it PERFECT! Then if my plans go right and our reserve funds increases in a huge way, then i promise you that i will not hesitate to return back to the initial plan, but if it’s not, then the new changes will make sure that our Clikdelivery is gonna prosper for years to come!

    You know what are the major problems i personally see in actual revshares? In term of management: >> Admins don’t do the needed changes in the right timing, in an industry where the competition is too high and new programs rise every single day, changes are inevitable and timing is crucial! So you not only have to do changes but have to predict things before it actually happen. Better more, in a perfect world, i would say an admin have to prevent things from happening!

    The recent two days, we’ve seen together two popular yet rising revshares failing off too quickly because of changes that haven’t been done earlier. Some people say the admins they scammed on members, but what we really know…

    In term of the actual program itself: >> The major problems i see are the following:
    1. High ROI: It’s a secret for no one that high ROI generates more debt from the program means money more to be paid. Plain and simple.
    So the ROI should be kept realistic to control debt accumulation.
    2. High daily earnings: I believe that something between 1-3% is very good for program sustainability because it helps reduce compounding power that some members are using at its maximum to generate the more from the program.
    3. Referral commission: in two words, this thing is a KILLER for every program! Yes it helps of course attracting big and serious promoters, but it also help those fatten their bank accounts costs to small and new members.

    Ok, now that you see the big picture, here are the changes that i wanted to announce some days earlier but i did not because i was sick (passed last Monday night in the hospital).
    1. The referral commission will be lowered to 8% with immediate effect. (as usual, referral commission is only distributed to paid members who made an initial deposit, on all adpacks purchases and repurchases from both earnings and commission balance). Why? Because like i just said, referral commission only benefit to those mega promoters and leaders who keep draining funds from the system without actually putting much money from their own to help others benefit at their turn. And you cannot imagine how much those reduced 2% can be beneficial for the program on the long term. It will help keeping enough funds in the system to ensure that every one of our members, no matter how smallest is his deposit, will be paid at his turn when he asks for a withdrawal.
    2. The Adpack plan 4 (130% ROI) will be permanently removed, with immediate effect as well. Members who have active adpacks on this plan will continue receiving their hourly earnings normally until their adpacks expire. Also, the adpack plan 3 (120%) will have unlimited packs purchases and its price will be increased to 40$ to match the price of the adpack plan 4 that was just cancelled.

    Why also this? I will go straight to it, it’s too high in my sense. Yes, i was the one who made the payplan first, but now that our program is already well known (almost 10.000 members in no time), i can’t permit myself to leave anyone behind because of a high ROI, I CANNOT IMAGINE MYSELF IN 6 MONTHS FAILING OFF AND SAYING IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR, DAMN !!! WHY I DIDN’T LOWERED IT BEFORE !!!

    Because yes, believe it or not, i’m a man of honor, i love challenges and hate failure, and definitely don’t want this to fail, i want to make it succeed and so i will! Does anyone of you want to lose their money? I’m sure the answer is NO, then let us manage things our way and you’ll see how things will progress and how bright our future will be.

    3. Another big problem of revshare are leaders ! YES LEADERS ARE A PROBLEM! This statement may shock you but it’s the pure reality!

    Leaders put huge amounts since day 1, refer a crazy number of people, then compound for a short period of time to hit the maximum withdrawal limit, then start to withdraw this maximum (1000$ in our case) INDEFINITELY! Just think of this for one second please, imagine our great leaders withdrawing 1000$ every single day in two or three months from now.

    Let’s say we have just 20 leader in Clikdelivery that maxed out our at our program so it will be 1000$ x 20 = 20.000$. So it will be 20.000$ x 30 = 600.000$ per month! Do you realize this figure? Imagine 600.000$ being withdrawn every month indefinitely by 20 members.

    What if we go bigger and count some 100 or 200 leader? How much will be withdrawn daily by the same members again and again? Then what will be left for regular/small members that put in their hard earned 100 or 200$ and compounding for 6 months dreaming to make some decent cash to pay their monthly bills?

    Yes, we are here to change lives, to make people prosper, to help them achieve their financial freedom, buy their own house…etc But the point here is that we want to help ALL OF OUR MEMBERS, not only a selected few.

    During my experience in revshares, i always heard that revshares are ONLY profitable to leaders, and that’s definitely TRUE! We don’t want our Clikdelivery to be another regular revshare that confirms this rule, we wanna stand out from the others, we want to benefit all of our members by ensuring a loyal wealth distribution between all of our members.

    Therefore, i’ve personally decided to put a GLOBAL WITHDRAWAL LIMIT for all members without any exception. This withdrawal limit is of 30.000$! I believe it’s fair enough to keep our leaders motivated to promote our program yet keep our reserve funds sufficient enough to pay all of the other members. So What happen when a member hit this cap?

    When a member total withdrawal amount hits 30.000$, all his account data is reset back to 0. Including his adpacks, cash balance, earning balance and even commission balance. Only his referrals are kept because it’s he did a huge effort to bring them to the program so it makes no sense to remove them from his account. At that point, he has two options, he could either benefit from his future referral commissions or make new deposits again and purchase new adpacks like any new member.

    Once we reset a member’s account, a new withdrawal cap of 30.000$ will be open to him again and once he hits that cap again, his account will be reset back to 0 and so on. I think this is very clear and needs no more explanations.

    So to make a summary of the changes that will take effect immediately:
    1. Referral commission has been lowered to 8% instead of 10%.
    2. Adplan 4 (130%) has been removed and Adpack plan 3 (120%) will have unlimited amount of adpacks that can be purchased, and its price will be increased to 40$ to match the price of the adpack plan 4 that was just cancelled.
    3. A global withdrawal limit of 30.000$ has been set to control cashflow and prevent the same members from draining funds indefinitely.

    Apart from those, we also inform you that daily cap will vary between 1 and 2.5% in maximum depending on sales. Combine this to the recent changes and we are good to live for YEARS to come, yes this is a plan for years of longevity not for the next 6 months!

    Once again, if you are looking for a program that will pay you 1000$ a day in a secure way, you’re in the right place, if you’re looking for something else, then we cannot do much things unfortunately.

    I know that some skeptical people may see this announcement as the following : oh my god, Clikdelivery is out of funds and is doing a desperate move to save things, guess what? you are WRONG!

    We have enough funds to pay every single member and our reserve keeps increasing every single day, and we have no problem with frozen funds, hacked accounts… or anything that you may imagine. Just look at our recent payouts, look at server time and the amount of cash we are paying every hour and how fast we are doing so.

    I’ll repeat this to you one more time, if we are doing this, it’s only because we wanna prevent writing something like this in the next 6 months: “Guys, our funds are getting low, so please promote to keep us alive”. Or better more: “guys our reserve is done, so restart or close?” Look, I don’t want to beg anyone of you, if you are really satisfied with our services, i believe you will promote us by yourself without any incentive like “promote and get 5$ for every referral” and those pity posts!
    Another thing, We all know that a revshare cannot live forever without an external income source, now i don’t want to anticipate things, but all i can say for now is that i assure you will be amazed by what you’ll see in the next months about our upcoming services which will really boost our sales and bring a real second income source to consolidate our position as one the best revenue sharing programs ever made!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this as it’s really very important. Also, please inform your downlines about these MAJOR changes, a mass email will also be sent regarding this and the news section will be updated as well.

    Keep promoting CD with 100% confidence as we are here to stay! Ilyas NOUKAILA.

  8. Admin

    Hello dear members,

    We inform you that PTC ads section has been added and PTC plans are now available for purchase. For advertisers, it’s another form of advertising you can purchase to diversify your advertising funnels and drive super fast traffic to your products/services. For members, it’s a great opportunity to make some cash for FREE with Clikdelivery!

    Our funding has exceeded a half million dollar in less than 3 weeks which is really amazing! In the other side, we have paid 45922.83$ until now to our members which is much better than many older revshare programs.

    We are now almost 7000 members in less than 3 weeks, We never missed a single payout, We never missed a single deposit, We’ve gone through a lot of problems (site slowness, massive DDoS attacks, script bugs and glitches…) but we are still here, in a good standing and paying every single day!

    I keep seeing people promoting crappy products everyday, wasting their time and energy to make videos, facebook posts, do video conferences and live chats…etc to promote “fast scams”!

    Dear marketer, instead of wasting your time promoting programs who will disappear within the next couple of months, and put yourself and your referrals in a very bad situation, better promote something strong and sustainable, which will be still here for years to come!


    First of all, we are giving realistic earnings (around 1-3%), JUST this should sustain the business for a long longterm. Also, unlike other programs that give 5-8% daily and then lower earnings once they realize they accumulated much debt, we did this from day 1 to ensure our business does a good start and stays here for the longterm.

    We are offering good quality ad services (ppc with geo targeting, different banners sizes and behaviors (rotating, fixed), login ads with a timeframe of 20 seconds giving people the opportunity to focus on the ad, because 5 seconds others setup for their login ads is not enough for the member to focus on the ad’s sales letter, VSL or whatever the advertiser is offering, cheap PTC ads and we may introduce other ad services in the future).

    Even though our advertising sales are not currently covering 100% of the debt created by the adpacks purchases, we believe that on the longterm and when we hit some 30000-50000 (which will most likely happen within the next 3-6 months, it will be achievable.

    So it’s not happening tomorrow, but we sincerely believe that it’s achievable with time.

    Another good point is that many leaders are in and pushing the program, this should help us bring a lot of new members on a daily basis. In addition, the “5x seed money cap withdrawal” feature should prevent funds from being drained indefinitely by the same members, we may also introduce some other features in the future to control cashflow if the need is real.

    For all these reasons, be 100% sure that you are with the right company, so we recommend you to promote Clikdelivery instead of other “come and go” programs, not only you will help your friends/family to make money online easily and safely, but you’ll also earn a juicy 10% commission on all your referrals purchases which is 100% residual income!

    So Promote Clikdelivery with 100% confidence and let’s build together the most sustainable advertising platform and revenue sharing program!

    Ilyas Noukaila

  9. Admin

    An Imporant Surfing Update

    We inform you that surfing directory ads will be required to earn from adpacks as of today May 12th 2016 at 19h GMT (19h server time) exactly. We recommend you to click your 10 ads before this date and please inform your downline.

    For those who are interested in a 100% passive income, you can still purchase any of our available surf free plans. In order to purchase your surf free plan, kindly click on the “Buy Surf Free Units” Button in your member’s area overview.

    Here are our amazing stats:
    Launch Date: April 27, 2016
    Total Members: 6623
    Total Deposits: $519,555.63
    Total Payouts: $31175.58
    Alexa Rank: 76,599

    Keep promoting our program to the Money-making community and please don’t SPAM. Happy advertising and earnings with Clikdelivery!

    Ilyas Noukaila
    Admin of Clikdelivery

  10. Admin

    An Update From C.D. Facebook Group

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