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Click Intensity

A RevShare Program, MLM, GPT (Get Paid To), plus you will receive High Quality Traffic!!
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UPDATE: This Program Is No Longer In Business. We waited quite a while to give this admin time to fulfill his promises to refund the members funds, but all he has given is more excuses and more delays. Therefore, we have no choice but to now declare Click Intensity a scam.

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It is important for you to respond as soon as possible, because time is of the essence with this.

We here at Know How To Earn literally just got this program information today (this morning).

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This business is literally exploding, and it’s in pre-launch.

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Launch date is Wednesday March 16, 2016 and securing a spot NOW with The KNOW HOW TEAM could really pay HUGE dividends this year!!

5 Ways To Get Paid: C.I. Concept Presentation Document    Communication Head: Tara Tish

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–> It’s an “easy-to-operate” program!
–> You get paid daily, like clockwork!
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The industry’s first revenue share program which pays you 7-Levels Deep (MLM). And… the system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!!

Admin: Nick Johnson … Payment Processors: STP, Payza, Bank Wire, Payeer, and Credit Card

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

Disclaimer: We can’t make any specific program guarantees, but everything looks good, so far.

85 Thoughts to “Click Intensity”

  1. Admin|Update

    Thanks For Your Patience And Understanding!

    KYC Process Is Going On Smoothly Now And Advcash And STP Withdrawls Are Also Back To Normal!

    Can’t wait to start rolling out our awesome products for you all one by one in next 30 days.

    We Go Up And Up And Up From Here On

    As I Always Say, Stay focused on what you are supposed to do i.e buying packs , clicking your ads and sharing the message of CI to the world.

    We will keep on doing what we are supposed to do and together we will take this baby to a billion $$ and in process change millions of lifes across the world.

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson, CEO

  2. Admin|Update

    Nick Johnson
    11 августа в 16:33

    Wanted to give an update on current state of KYC Policy Approvals

    They will start getting approved one by one in next few hours as we just finished optimizing the whole tech part and training of new staff hired for this sole purpose.

    The attached screenshot shows 1145 pages and each page has 50 entries. So we have a total of 57,250 entries, right in the first 48 hours, with around 500 fresh entries being uploaded every hour !!!

    As per the post on pop-up, it takes 5 minutes for each KYC verification, so as of now we need (57,250 x 5 = 286,250 minutes) 4,770 man hours to clear just this pile.

    With the current team of 20 reps working in double shifts (12 productive hours) , it will still take us 19 days = 3 weeks.

    Although, we are scaling the verification teams and fresh recruitments are flowing in every day, we expect the entire process to complete sooner than expected.

    All pending withdrawal requests have been reversed and you can place fresh requests once your KYC is verified.

    Have patience and keep doing your part i.e clicking your 10 ads daily , buying packs and sharing the message of Click Intensity with the whole world and we will keep doing our part…

    Daily 1 % Progress

  3. Admin|Update

    2 Big Updates

    August 9, 2016

    1. KYC (Know Your Customer Policy) Is Live Now And All of You Need to Immediately Go To Your Profile Page And Upload Your Selfie Pic (Kindly Note: It Should Match The Photo In Photo ID Proof).

    Once You Done With That , Kindly Enter Your Government Id Number And Tax Id Number ( Like Passport Number , Tax Id Number or Driving License Number ) and Press Verify And Save .

    Then Upload A Scanned Copy of Your Photo Id Proof ( Passport , Driving License Or Tax id Which Shows Your Photo )

    Once You Done with this , kindly wait for 24-96 hours depending on the queue for admin team to approve it

    Note : We have 110,000 members and it will take time for our newly hired customer service team to approve and verify all documents one by one..

    So patience here will be highly appreciated – Kindly don’t raise support tickets or send emails for the same as that will just unnecessary use time of support staff…

    There might be also some technical glitches in the whole process as its brand new and 110,000 people will be using these features…….

    Whatever happens , it will all be corrected one by one as tech team is closely monitoring everything for next 7 days….

    Kindly Have patience this whole week meanwhile this whole process is getting streamlined

    KYC is very very important both from legal perspective and also from Security perspective .

    Till the time your KYC is done and approved , you can click your daily ads , repurchase and buy packs…

    However transfer of gold coins member to member and withdrawls will only be allowed once KYC is completed !

    2. Advcash withdrawls upto $100/day are also live now and one by one as your documents are approved , you will be able to withdraw using advcash also

    Hope this helps – Kindly tag everyone in your team in this post and share it with all your teams so they all are on same page

    Daily 1 % improvement – we are getting there

    This whole month will all be about KYC , payment processors and tigheting of security so we can build strong foundations and then next month onwards will be all about product launches like login ads , banner ads , ppc ads and FB shares….

    So overall exciting times ahead

    Super proud of all the leadership here and happy to see we are all growing as one big happy family

    Cheers, Nick Johnson

  4. Admin|Update

    Update: I wish I had something exciting to tell you for now but at times boring things have to be done first in order to make the future exciting for everyone…

    100 % of the tech team is currently busy 12 hours a day in fixing system leaks and we have hired some of the top hackers to point out the system loopholes and lets just say we are implementing top notch security systems right now… It’s taking a bit longer than expected but then that’s nothing new when it comes to technology 🙂

    Have been dealing with tech all my life and things always take a bit longer than expected. Moment the tech team is done fixing the leaky areas when it comes to finance , KYC will start and after that other payment withdrawl options will also go live.

    For Now STP is doing fine and requests are in queue and getting cleared one by one…

    Our FB share product is ready waiting to be deployed and so are other products such as banner ads, login ads etc.

    Last month we finished a major corporate advertising deal and this month we are already in talks with few major advertisers and deals have reached final phase of negotiation…

    You should be seeing increase in revenues slowly and steadily… As I Always say – keep doing what you are supposed to do and we will do what we are supposed to do and together we will create an amazing future for everyone involved here

    Nick Johnson|Admin

  5. Admin|Update

    Financed team since morning has processed about 300 STP withdrawl requests…

    However still many are pending and in many cases we realize that STP username entered is not correct…

    Kindly while withdrawing via STP , enter your STP username and not email address.

    Work on KYC and bringing back advcash for payouts is in full swing and should be live early this coming week…

    Keep hustling, keep making it happen and doing the things which matter i.e buying packs, clicking your ads and sharing the message of CI with the world.

    Rest we will handle at our end.

    When the going gets tough, tough gets tougher… 🙂

    We are just getting started.

    With 100k members strong and strong corporate team and field leadership, next stop will be 200k members soon.

    -Nick Johnson|Admin

  6. Admin|Update

    It’s all about building a legacy with Click Intensity, and here is how you do it.


    Click Intensity is the fastest growing company in the industry! We are here to help people to live greater lives.

    Click Intensity has been built by experts and masters in the fields of business, finance, technology, marketing and more.

    Click Intensity is here to stay! We are here to help you build YOUR legacy.

    Thanks, Tara Mish
    Head Of Communications – Click Intensity

    P.S Everyday Monday To Friday I Do Morning Motivation. Calls Where You And Your Team Needs To get Plugged into… Timings : 10 AM C.S.T US Time

    Link To Participate:

  7. Admin|Update

    One of our top leaders Jess Carels just uploaded this brand new video on youtube where he shows you live proof of how he was able to withdraw money from Click Intensity all the way to cash in his hand in less than 5 minutes…

    Thanks, Nick Johnson
    CEO – Click Intensity

  8. Admin|Update

    So for those of you who are having issues logging in. This worked for me every time I experienced this.

    I was normally trying to login from this link: Which was a direct login to the dashboard. I did this when I was already logged in. But then I got the constant refresh. Which meant I was logged out of Ci.

    I then figured I would try the main site login link. So went to then clicked on the login link. It worked. So I discover that it was the dashboard refresh which was giving me initial login issues.

    Maybe I am wrong, but this seems to be the fix. Use the link below to login when you are logged out: if you want to test it, logout, then goto the dashboard link. Then go to the main login link above. You will see.

    -Gene Wolff

  9. Admin|Update

    For those of you who are New or still unsure, then I have just completed a LIVE withdrawal from CI into my Bitcoin account and it took literally minutes.

    -Daniel Elliott

  10. Admin|Update

    Hey CI family, would you like to have personalized CI business cards with your referral link, all downloadable and printable from your back office? That is exactly what we are doing! Now you will be able to easily share CI offline as well with your new cards! Look for them starting next week in your marketing tools section of your back office.

    -Tara Mish/Head Of Communications

    So A Lot Has Been Achieved In Last 72 Hours 🙂
    1.Bitcoin withdrawls upto $300 are automated now and anything above that are manually approved in 24-48 hours. Same applies for advcash
    2.Work on Gold Coin Tasks And FB share product is on in full momentum and we are hardly a couple of days away from launching those.
    3.We have worked extensively on our referral links and now I am happy to announce that your referral links have been shortened and much easy to remember now. You can check them in your referral link section in back office. This will also solve wrong sponsoring issues etc in a big way.
    4.Shortly STP withdrawls will also be live and neteller and bitgold integration for pay in’s… Will keep you guys updated on same
    5.More Stats Are Coming In your My Wallet section shortly which will show overall break up of your earnings – how much earned through revenue share and how much in referral commissions , combined figures etc etc

    Awesome productive week here at corporate… Next week will be super cool and tons of exciting updates… Have a great weekend CI family and see you guys next week.

    -Nick Johnson/CEO

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