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Click Intensity

A RevShare Program, MLM, GPT (Get Paid To), plus you will receive High Quality Traffic!!
Lock Down your Totally Free Spot starting RIGHT NOW along with The KNOW HOW TEAM!

UPDATE: This Program Is No Longer In Business. We waited quite a while to give this admin time to fulfill his promises to refund the members funds, but all he has given is more excuses and more delays. Therefore, we have no choice but to now declare Click Intensity a scam.

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It is important for you to respond as soon as possible, because time is of the essence with this.

We here at Know How To Earn literally just got this program information today (this morning).

(Lock in Your Spot at ZERO Cost) This New PASSIVE Revenue Share System builds your downline on autopilot.

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This business is literally exploding, and it’s in pre-launch.

I am sure there will be six and seven figure earners by the time we launch!! Do you want to be one of them?

Launch date is Wednesday March 16, 2016 and securing a spot NOW with The KNOW HOW TEAM could really pay HUGE dividends this year!!

5 Ways To Get Paid: C.I. Concept Presentation Document    Communication Head: Tara Tish

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

–> It’s an “easy-to-operate” program!
–> You get paid daily, like clockwork!
–> It’s fully automated & easy to duplicate!

The industry’s first revenue share program which pays you 7-Levels Deep (MLM). And… the system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!!

Admin: Nick Johnson … Payment Processors: STP, Payza, Bank Wire, Payeer, and Credit Card

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

Disclaimer: We can’t make any specific program guarantees, but everything looks good, so far.

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  1. Admin | Update

    Nick Johnson | Facebook
    Admin · September 7

    In Final Stages Of Relaunch Of CI 2.0 And With That We Will be World’s Only Left Last Standing Revenue Share Company In The Online Ad Space !

    Trust me things are about to go to whole another level !

    All those of you who stayed with us during hard times , will be rewarded massively !

    Adscash going strong , ICM making it big and Ci making a come back !

    Together we will achieve our billion $$$ dream fellas


    Nick Johnson | Facebook
    Admin · October 10, 2017

    Time To Put Gas on The Peddle And Step It Up !

    Get Ready For Some Major Action For The Rest Of 2017 And Grand Entry Into 2018 CI 2.0 About to Make A Come Back !

    ICM New Trading Deposits Will be Live Soon With A Improved Structure And Even Bigger And Faster Profits

    We Just Finished Reviewing The Whitepaper of another ICO and it is approved and in less than 30 days we will start the promotion of another ICO inside ICM and start the work towards our grand vision of becoming the amazon for ICO market where we connect investors and ICO creators…

    And As Far As Adscash Is Concerned – things cannot be better…

    After a successful launch of technology proof and making adscash a ERC 20 token , backend merchant work is on with full speed

    Also To help you guys have some major momentum in your business , this new promotion is live on the backoffice which pays you upto 50 % extra on your team sales and focusses on creating consistent business

    See you all on top
    Nick Johnson

  2. Admin|Update

    We are almost there family to kickstart the biggest prelaunch of 2017 – World’s First Done for you crypto currency trading trading and ICO launch platform!

    We had few last minute bugs which tech team is solving and doing stress testing for the entire system. Content wise we got all the pieces covered. We got a great looking power point presentation for you guys , compensation plan document and introduction videos ready

    The moment our tech head gives a green signal – We will go live and all of you will be immediately able to login to the new backoffice of new company with your existing adscash login details , grab your referral links and start telling the world about this massive once in a lifetime opportunity…

    The prelaunch will last for about 30 days and that is the time you guys/gals wanna work 24/7 promoting your referral links everywhere on social media , to your email lists , telling your friends and family about it, posting ads online , buying solo ads to your links etc etc

    Massive action taken in prelaunch can yield handsome profits for rest of 2017 and beyond!

    On the compensation plan side, it’s a 3 level compensation plan with 10 % on level 1 , 3 % on level 2 and 2 % on level 3 paid out. The commissions will be distributed on first purchase and as well as all future repurchases by the customer

    Real money here is in the lifetime value of the customer as strategically we will be launching new ICO’s ( initial coin offerings) every month within the platform and ultimately will become the go to platform for the entire world to which corporate giants/new startups will come to help them launch their coins to the world!

    In my opinion this is the biggest thing I have ever done in my life and I could clearly see the vision of a billion $$$ company right here in front of my eyes…

    Next update will be done in next 48 hours

    -Nick Johnson

  3. Admin|Update

    This is perhaps the biggest news recently for all our Click Intensity users!

    After months and months of negotiation with our HK investors in, we were finally able to convince them to help you withdraw your CI pending commissions in gold coins directly into coins!

    All you need to do now is to login to your CI backoffice, go to wallet, press withdrawl button and you will be able to withdraw your commissions straight into your Ads.Cash wallets in form of AdsCash Coins

    Hope this brings a smile to your face 🙂

    We are also getting ready for relaunch of CI As CI 2.0 and more exciting updates on that will be revealed in days and weeks to come

    Stay tuned…

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson CEO

  4. Admin|Update

    We Just Crossed 4.9 Cents per AdsCash Coin In Price!

    This yields handsome profits to our current investors already!

    As Of Now Price Of Per Adscash token is 4.9 cents and once we sell off the next 3 million coins , it will again increase by 0.4 cents to 5.3 cents per coin

    This as per current numbers will happen in next 5 days or so…

    So If you have been waiting on sidelines – don’t keep waiting

    Get in the action and see the growth!

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson
    CEO – Ads.Cash

  5. Admin|Update

    Few Updates For Our Awesome AdsCash Family

    1) We have been flooded with Tons of applications for business houses (exchangers + training centres) and support team is in touch with all of them and helping interested people complete the formalities

    It’s a long and cumbersome process as we have to make sure we have right people on board with us for long term and at the same time the people should be clear of what they are getting into. Soon you will see announcements of our global exchanges and training centres one by one

    2) We have few more recent recruitment in our corporate team and you will meet them shortly – New Public Relations Officer Of The Company, New Support Managers, New Zonal Managers Etc

    3) Our Ads Cash Mobile App Is In Final Stages – Should Be Good For Release In About 2 Weeks!

    4) Work On Release Of Ads Cash External Ethereum Blockchain Wallets is On in Full Swing And I Predict In About 30 Days It Should Be Good To Go

    5) We Are Also Building A Team Of Crypto Currency Coaching Consultants Behind The Scenes And Shortly You Will Be Able To Get On A Phone Call With Our Highly Expierences Trained Of Coaches Who Will Guide You At Every Step In This Ads Cash Journey!

    That’s All For Now

    Keep Buying Ads Cash – Keep Selling Ads Cash – Keep Referring New People And Tell Them To Do The Same. Keep It Simple

    Next Price Of 4.9 Cents At current numbers should happen in about 5 days. Make sure to pick some more ads cash if you can

    Thanks And Regards, Nick

  6. Admin|Update

    Big Week Ahead!

    1) Withdrawl API’s will be implemented and towards the later half of the week you guys/gals will be able to withdraw your USD commissions into your BTC wallets!

    2) We just finalized one more global office in Newzealand and details on that coming shortly

    3) Most of the pending support tickets have been solved and we have 3 new staff members joining later this week which will further help improve the support process

    4) Timers and Counters which will show the real time inventory of coins and availability will be LIVE and next expected price rise so you guys can track the progress of your coins in real time and take action accordingly

    5) Work on our Mobile Apps is in full swing and I should be having a prototype in front of me this week and after bug testing etc – we should have our app ready in about 2-3 weeks from now – that’s what I expect

    6) Work on AdsCash System integrations with external products and services where you guys can use adscash is also in full swing and in a month we willl have atleast 3-4 products/merchants going live where you will be able to use your Ads Cash Coins!

    7) Global mini leadership meets and events have already started to happen and I do forsee we entering into major momentum in about 90 days from now with 100-1000 people events across the globe ! India, Russia, Nigeria, USA, SIngapore picking major momentum already!

    8) Next price hike will happen moment we sell out 2 million coins more and at the current rate will happen in about 72 hours from now – So accordingly picks your coins while you still can and help your teams do the same

    Lets make it big
    See you all on top
    Nick Johnson

    Quick Update

    We got the withdrawls api’s implemented at testing servers and so far so good

    Hopefully in the next 24 hours they will go to LIVE production servers and we will be immediately able to start the USD Wallet Commissions withdrawl process. Hang tight!

    Moment we successfully implement the withdrawal api’s, we will start working on timers and calculators which can show you live coin inventory, time left before next price increase and so on…

    Also we have sold out 26 million coins approx and the moment we sell of 2 million more which will happen in about 48 hours from now , price will increase by 4 cents to 3.7 cents

    If you have been waiting behind the sidelines , this will be the time for you to get busy picking more coins and telling your teams to do the same

    Nick Johnson|Admin

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