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Click Intensity

A RevShare Program, MLM, GPT (Get Paid To), plus you will receive High Quality Traffic!!
Lock Down your Totally Free Spot starting RIGHT NOW along with The KNOW HOW TEAM!

UPDATE: This Program Is No Longer In Business. We waited quite a while to give this admin time to fulfill his promises to refund the members funds, but all he has given is more excuses and more delays. Therefore, we have no choice but to now declare Click Intensity a scam.

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It is important for you to respond as soon as possible, because time is of the essence with this.

We here at Know How To Earn literally just got this program information today (this morning).

(Lock in Your Spot at ZERO Cost) This New PASSIVE Revenue Share System builds your downline on autopilot.

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This business is literally exploding, and it’s in pre-launch.

I am sure there will be six and seven figure earners by the time we launch!! Do you want to be one of them?

Launch date is Wednesday March 16, 2016 and securing a spot NOW with The KNOW HOW TEAM could really pay HUGE dividends this year!!

5 Ways To Get Paid: C.I. Concept Presentation Document    Communication Head: Tara Tish

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

–> It’s an “easy-to-operate” program!
–> You get paid daily, like clockwork!
–> It’s fully automated & easy to duplicate!

The industry’s first revenue share program which pays you 7-Levels Deep (MLM). And… the system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!!

Admin: Nick Johnson … Payment Processors: STP, Payza, Bank Wire, Payeer, and Credit Card

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

Disclaimer: We can’t make any specific program guarantees, but everything looks good, so far.

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  1. Admin|Update

    1. We are hardly few days away from launching our second Gold product – FaceBook Shares which will also reward users with gold coins. I.e in other words imagine you getting paid gold coins to share someone else FB post, fanpage etc and imagine you as a advertiser getting 1000’s of shares in few $$$ and imagine 7 levels of payout being generated with the sale of the product…

    Also the kind of viral effect it can generate is insane and overnight people’s page can have 100’s and 1000’s and 10’s of thousands of shares making them look like a overnight celebrity. This one product alone will be a industry game changer and will take click intensity to next level. Stay tuned on this…

    2. Also We have been working very hard behind the scenes on optimizing our revenue share module…

    The daily revenue which you see right now is a constant and has been taken as an average figure based on our estimated profits for first 90 days. But now our tech team is done with integration of highly complex algorithms which will calculate daily actual revenues of the company and based on that revenue share will be given and hence it will vary everyday. This makes your business look even more legit , even more powerful and will help you sell Click Intensity to the market place in a much more authentic manner…

    Always remember and make sure to mention this in your videos, sales materials, sales presentations that we are a revenue share company and not a investment company and the profits we pay out to members are based on actual profits of the company which can vary always on hourly, daily and monthly basis…

    3. On the financial side , Automation of Bitcoin payouts like Advcash has taken a bit longer than expected due to issue’s at Coinbase end but it’s almost being sorted as I type and we should be good to go with that in next 24-48 hours…

    STP automated withdrawls are also coming. Paying in through Neteller also coming. Paypal limits have been revised back to $100/day/user as anything more
    than that puts our paypal account in jeopardy and we are very careful on that…

    4. We finally managed to complete first 90 days Since Click Intensity was launched and what an awesome amazing ride it was. We for sure had our challenges but thanks to our awesome leadership here in all departments, we survived the tough waters where 80 % of the companies started in our space in last 90 days closed doors…

    At this point in time, all I can say is that we are just getting started and you have seen nothing yet…

    The best is yet to come 🙂

    Keep hustling, keep making it happen and keep doing that one thing which is most important i.e sharing the message of Click Intensity with the world. The bigger the team you will build now, in next 90 days, 180 days, 360 days, more money you will make and potentially retire for life here…

    See you on top, Thanks And Regards, Nick Johnson CEO

  2. Admin|Update

    Always Keep Smashing those Direct Referrals And Rest Will happen On Its Own! About to close on 4000 Direct Referrals And A Total Team Of 63,000 +…. It’s All about taking massive action in the right time in the right place…

    The #1 advice I can give you after being 10 years in this game out of which 8 years full time and making millions of $$$ is that when you get a good opportunity in the right time, take fuc**ing massive action…

    That’s the only thing which separates the A players who make millions from people who make a bit of money. When It Comes To The Billion $$$ Revenue Sharing Industry, Click Intensity is where it is right now…

    The best comp plan in the game which pays you 7 levels deep and with structured qualifications 100 % of your team mates pretty much are in repurchase mode, Best management team, awesome software, great marketing, awesome training and great products…

    You guys have seen nothing yet… My last chat with Nick Johnson blew me away as he shared with me what’s coming next in 30 , 60 and 90 days and my o my… Lets just say you we are blessed to be a part of CI in such early stages when it is still a baby but all set to be the next billion $$$ company… Meetings In Vietnam, Singapore, UK, India, Philippines, South Africa have already started and slowly and slowly all across the world.

    Ask yourself which category you will be in? Those who make things happen. Those who watch what’s happening. Those who wonder what happened…

    I choose to be in 1 category and make things happen. How about you rockstars?

    -Ankur Agarwal

  3. Admin|Update

    It’s all about building a legacy with Click Intensity, and here is how you do it

    ==>> We are here to help you build YOUR legacy.

    Click Intensity is the fastest growing company in the industry! We are here to help people to live greater lives. Click Intensity has been built by experts and masters in the fields of business, finance, technology, marketing and more.

    Click Intensity is here to stay!

    Thanks, Tara Mish, Head Of Communications

    P.S Everyday Monday To Friday I Do Morning Motivation Calls Where You And Your Team Needs To get Plugged into. Timings : 10 AM C.S.T US Time

  4. Admin|Update

    Update… Hey folks For next 24-72 hours bitcoin withdrawls will be on hold

    Reason : Our preferred bitcoin payout processor Advcash has run out of Bitcoin Reserves and they are working on getting more bitcoins .. Withdrawls to advcash directly will continue as usual.. Thanks for the patience and understanding…. Nick

  5. Admin|Update

    So we had a pretty crazy last week with a lot of focus towards launch of Silver Pack Expiry Module .. Expiry of silver packs at 120 % is the core of the system and hence we needed to be extra cautious and careful while deploying the changes system wide as there are 100’s and 1000’s of data and tables involved here..

    Hence was the downtime for few hours yesterday and day before yesterday… Thankfully By God’s Grace it’s all done perfect now – Massive kudos to our capable technical team which seems to be able to pull off massive technical tasks with ease ..

    Now this week we are moving towards launching more payment processors in the system ( STP Withdrawls , Automation Of Bitcoin Withdrawls Like Advcash Withdrawls Via Coinbase , Launch of Neteller And Bitgold Processors For Payment In ) , improving the view text ads module even more and adding stats ..

    Work on Tasks which will give gold coins is also on at full speed and I believe once we launch that, things will go whole another level. Stay Tuned – Work Harder And Stack Those Referrals !

    Simple business. Wake up , buy packs , click 10 ads , make money , refer more people and make more money

    Let’s do it.. Ride of a lifetime
    Nick Johnson

  6. Admin|Update

    Hey CI family! Don’t forget to join me on the HALF HOUR OF POWER today at 10 am US CST!

    Today we are talking about raising your quality of life! It’s gonna be awesome!

    See ya there! Love you guys!
    Tara Mish

  7. Admin|Update

    We just uploaded a Brand New Training series in your back office titled “Free Marketing Training”. Inside We teach you how to leverage the power of FREE Facebook Marketing to get up to 10 free referrals a day inside Your Click Intensity business……

    Spend 30 mins a day on Facebook, Implement The RVL formula as taught in the trainings and you will start getting 10+ FREE Referrals a day inside your Click Intensity business

    Login now to your click intensity backoffice and start going through the trainings…

    It’s 12th tab from the top on left hand side…. “Free Marketing Training”. Hope you’ll learn a ton from it..

    Thanks, Nick Johnson CEO

  8. Admin|Update

    An Important Update
    All Id’s which have CI Corporate as Sponsor will see a pop up when you login asking for sponsor info. If CI Corporate Is Your Sponsor becuase you came to the site becuase of corporate advertising, google search etc, then kindly enter as your sponsor email address and if it has happened by mistake becuase of some IP issue, then kindly enter your sponsor’s email address there….and immediately your sponsor will be changed automatically from CI Corporate to your correct sponsor

    Also Just Finished Processing Over $30k In Payouts For Yesterday. Was awesome to see so many leaders doing $100 days , $500 days, $1000 days and even $5000 days… Just the start. Can’t wait to see everyone earning even 10x higher … So many people are now daily hitting 2 star ranks, 3 star and beyond……

    This month should be exciting with new product launches coming up, local offline meet ups starting in various parts of the world and over all things going next level. Can’t wait to have a ride of a lifetime with all of you in this journey and take this baby to a billion $$ and in process create an army of six figure earners, millionaires and multimillionaires in the company… Lets change some lifes out there….

    Our text exchange has improved a lot in last 2 weeks and can clearly see the quality of exposure which our advertisers are getting… This will only keep getting better and better with more features coming in like 20 second ads, ads countdown timer etc……

    Thanks, Nick Johnson-CEO

  9. Admin|Update

    Credit pack Expiry Graphs And Modules Have taken a bit longer than usual. Stay tight – should be up in next 24 hours or so as per the last update from my CTO ! Rest everything is going as per schedule

    Once we done with this , we are looking at addition of more payment solutions and faster payout processing and automation of smaller withdrawl requests , free member tasks which gives gold coins and corporate product launches like banner ads , pop up ads and login ads….

    Interesting June ahead. Keep crushing it

  10. Admin|Update

    Warning! Side effects include, enlarged profits! This is a POWERFUL sales campaign format that you can adapt to your business and make TONS OF SALES!!

    Here is the process:

    Tara Mish
    Head Of Communications

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