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81 thoughts on “Click Intensity

  1. Admin|Update Post author

    Hi All

    So we just made LIVE the most important document for which everyone was waiting for and that was Our AdsCash Coin Development Roadmap! Its LIVE Right when you login to your backoffice

    It gives a clear explanation about various stages of Coin Development and expected price increase per stage. Those are estimate numbers based on current growth rate and vary a bit but overall will average out

    Hope this clears a lot of confusion on how exactly we are evolving as a company! Stay tuned for my next post/email about launch updates in few hours

    Nick Johnson|Admin|AdsCash

  2. Admin|Update Post author

    We Just Went Past 260,000 Members ๐Ÿ™‚ Think About it – What’s happening Here!

    We are still 6 days approx away from launch which will be another 100k + members

    We are right now growing at 7,000 new members a day and this will be 10,000+ anyday and then 15,000 And 20,000 New members a day !

    We are already working around the clock to open multiple global offices around the world in locations like Dubai, HK, Singapore, Nigeria, India , Newzealand So On and keep building from there…..

    Lots of things coming in your backoffice in this week – Comp plan docs, concept presentation in 10 more languages , stats on lots of coins and ICO process , more calculators and so on….

    With over 300k+ expected members by the time we launch , we will be circualting over 30 million coins and not counting another 100 million or so for which we have demands for ….

    There are only 2 things which are needed for a currency to be considered valuable – usage by masses and application. we got both these 2 covered

    2.5 cents ICO price will easily touch $2.5 in next 9-180 days and $25 or more in next 12 months. That is 100x to 1000x return on investment

    I don’t think so that there is an easier way to becoming rich online than being a part of this crypto currency revolution

    Get busy stacking your bitcoins right now so you can purchase as many ads.cash coins as you can in launch and hold them till we hit exchange and then whatever point you are comfortable with – start selling so you can start making 100x to 1000x on your money

    Just to give you some numbers:

    A Investment of $100 at ICO price can potentially become $10,000 to $100,000 In Next 12 Months
    A Investment of $1000 at ICO price can potentially become $100,000 to $1,000,000 In Next 12 Months
    A Investment of $10000 at ICO price can potentially become $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 In Next 12 Months
    A Investment Of $25,000 At ICO Price can potentially become $2,500,000 to $25,000,000 in Next 12 months

    Big question – is this already happening ? Yes it is already happening everyday every second. It has happened with bitcoins, ethereums, zcash, dash, monero, ethereum classic and so many other crypto currencies. We will just do it bigger and better

    Lets get ready for a ride of lifetime

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson CEO – Ads.Cash

  3. Admin|Update Post author

    Hey Everyone

    Just finished a board meeting with CI’s management team and had few quick announcements for you…

    1) Once we are done with Ads Cash Launch in about 30 days or so, we will be able to allocate tech resources to Click Intensity to launch Click Intensity Version 2.0 As of now all our current tech teams are allocated towards Ads.Cash. We are continuosly hiring more and more people to meet the demands…

    2) There will be a proper prelaunch around it and you will be able to explode your teams In Click Intensity’s Version 2.0 Prelaunch. We will be going 100% bitcoin way and you will be able to purchase your credit packs with bitcoins and get paid daily revenue share of 1% a day in bitcoins till your packs expire at 120%! After being in business for about 12 months, we know our rough margins and we are 100% certain to maintain revenue share in that range for a long period of time

    3) There will be few modifications in terms of daily withdrawl limits, amount you can withdraw daily and amount you need to reinvest in buying packs to stabilizie the system for long term growth for everyone’s benefit

    4) We are working on some more new innovative products for version 2.0 and with time I will update you regarding the same

    5) We will be opening up multiple offices around the globe to cater to our ever expanding global growth – Stay tuned on same

    6) We have already started to cancel all pending withdrawals and once Ads.Cash Coin launches, you will be able to settle 50% of invoice using your Gold coins and rest pay 50% in bitcoins. Both the systems will be internally connected and hence during checkout from Ads.Cash website, you will be able to login to your CI backoffice and use your gold coins against the 50% of invoice amount…

    7) Keep clicking your 10 ads daily and keep acquiring your gold coins so you can pick up more and more ads.cash coins in launch at 2.5 cents. ICO price which will easily hit $1 to $10 in next 12 months once we launch our own blockchain and hit exchange. Between now till ads.cash coin launch, you should only focus on 3 things:

    a) Clicking your 10 ads daily inside Click intensity so you can grab as many gold coins as you can to purchase more and more ads.cash
    b) Buying as many bitcoins as you can so you can maximize your ads.cash purchase in launch and make 100x to 1000x on your investment once we hit blockchain and exchange
    c) Spreading your referral links of ads.cash everywhere and building a big team fast so you maximize your profits on launch day

    Lets keep it simple and make it big.

    Cheers, Nick Johnson
    CEO – ClickIntensity And Ads.Cash

  4. Admin|Update Post author

    We (AdsCash) Just Went Past 210,000 Members ๐Ÿ™‚ Think About it – What’s happening Here!

    -We are still 12 days approx away from launch which will be another 100k+ members
    -We are right now growing at 7,000 new members a day and this will be 10,000+ anyday and then 15,000 And 20,000 New members a day !
    -We are already working around the clock to open multiple global offices around the world in locations like Dubai , HK , Singapore , Nigeria , India , Newzealand So On and keep building from there…

    Lots of things coming in your backoffice in this week – Comp plan docus , concept presentation in 10 more languages , stats on lots of coins and ICO process , more calculators and so on…

    With over 300k+ expected members by the time we launch, we will be circulating over 30 million coins, and not counting another 100 million or so for which we have demands for…

    There are only 2 things which are needed for a currency to be considered valuable – usage by masses and application, we got both these 2 covered

    2.5 cents ICO price will easily touch $2.5 in next 9-180 days and $25 or more in next 12 months. That is 100x to 1000x return on investment

    I don’t think so that there is an easier way to becoming rich online than being a part of this crypto currency revolution

    Get busy stacking your bitcoins right now so you can purchase as many ads.cash coins as you can in launch and hold them till we hit exchange and then whatever point you are comfortable with – start selling so you can start making 100x to 1000x on your money

    Just to give you some numbers:
    -A Investment of $100 at ICO price can potentially become $10,000 to $100,000 In Next 12 Months
    -A Investment of $1000 at ICO price can potentially become $100,000 to $1,000,000 In Next 12 Months
    -A Investment of $10000 at ICO price can potentially become $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 In Next 12 Months
    -A Investment Of $25,000 At ICO Price can potentially become $2,500,000 to $25,000,000 in Next 12 months

    Big question – is this already happening?:
    -Yes it is already happening everyday every second
    -It has happened with bitcoins , ethereums , zcash , dash , monero , ethereum classic and so many other crypto currencies

    We will just do it bigger and better. Lets get ready for a ride of lifetime

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson CEO – Ads.Cash

  5. Admin|Update Post author

    Our new investor board after repeated requests have decided to absorb the pending withdrawls also!

    So very shortly your pending withdrawls will start getting cancelled and you will be able to purchase ads.cash coins using your gold coins balance once we launch in about 3 weeks….

    Its time for all of you to reach out to every one in your CI downline, get them pumped about the vision of Ads.Cash and tell them what we have coming

    Ads Cash is now at 3000 signups a day and in next few days we will start crossing 5000 signups a day and then 10000 signups a day

    People are loving the vision , the concept, the ideology behind it, the marketing side of entire company and grabbing on to the chance of 10xing to 100xing their wealth in the next 12 months using ads.cash as a platform as the coin goes from ICO launch price of 2.5 cents to $2.5 and beyond…

    Get focused, take massive action and lets make 2017 your best financial year ever

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson CEO

  6. Admin|Update Post author

    Exciting Week Ahead!

    Pumped up for how many lives we are about to change with this once in a lifetime opportunity

    It still feels like I am dreaming, becauase what we are about to witness here with AdsCash is nothing short of a miracle! The whole world is waking up to the benefits of crypto currency and decentralized blockchains.

    The future is so clearly visible in front of my eyes with entire world going decentralized! Whether it’s real estate industry, insurance industry, medical industry, auto parts industry, automobile industry – anything and everything around you will be decentralized in near future.

    And so is online advertising industry and we will be world’s first to create the Ethereuem Block chain based Crypto currency dedictaed for the online advertising niche. Think about the size of online advertising niche – its trillions of $$$ and we able to offer world’s first advertising coin to that and bring complete transparency in the game

    *No more scams in online advertising world where publishers running away with advertiser’s hard earned money
    *No more bad quality traffic being delivered
    *No more payment issues for genuine publishers as AdsCash Smart contract will work on the escrow principle

    Advertiser makes the payment for x number of clicks – it goes into decentralized block chain and is released step by step to publisher automatically as he/she starts delivering the clicks

    Solo ad industry alone is a billion $$$ industry and this one product will change the entire industry and improve its reputation

    With bitcoin launching at $0.008 cents, within 5 days it grew 1000% to $0.08 for 1 bitcoin. Now here is the interesting part – when bitcoins launched – no one knew about it – there was no marketing muscle behind it… It was really just an idea which took off

    Here we have a idea which is equally superior, but when you combine this with our marketing muscle which is already over 150,000 members each having 100 coins = 15 million coins already in circulation – all I can say is that anything is possible

    Launch price of Adscash will be 2.5 cents. From here what will happen – only God can tell but can we hit 25 cents per coin in next 12 months – hell YESSSS

    Can we hit $2.5 in next 12 months – HELL YESSSSSS
    Can we hit $25 in next 12 months – YESSSSSS SIRRRRRRR
    Can we hit even $100 in next 12 -24 months = May Be
    Can we hit $1000 in next 36 months to 5 years – Who Knows – Anything is possible

    Bitcoin is poised to hit $10,000 a bit coin to $25,000 a bitcoin in next 36 months. So we doing $1000 in next 3 years is a real possibility considering the # of coins in circulation we are already having , the applications we are building up for ads.cash usage , the companies we are bringing on board and so on…

    We are roughly about 3.5 weeks away from launch. Here are few simple steps you want to be doing right away

    1. Get busy marketing your referral links – do the maximum and not the minimum
    (buy clicks to your links, message 100 people a day on Fb with your links, post in multiple Fb groups daily, message people on instagram, call 100 people a day talking about adscash, message 500 people a day about adscash, post ads online on sites like craiglist, gumtree, backpage, and so on and so forth)

    2. Call And Welcome Your New Team Mates – Have them do the same. If they have questions – answer them and then encourage them to get busy building their teams straight away. This will be a 7 level matrix plan so you will be making a lot of money from your team sales too…

    3. Get your bitcoins in place so you can pick up as many adscash as possible in launch. Launch day prices will be 2.5 cents at ICO and from there – they will rise everyday/every week…

    So, you don’t want to loose out on that – so many of you will be literally 10xing your money in less than 7 days when we launch… Hence it should be your ultimate priority to decide on # of adscash you will purchase on launch day at ICO prices of 2.5 cents per coin using bitcoins

    We already have peple ready to pick up 1 million adscash coins to even 5 and 10 million. Whatever is your financial thermostat – decide on that and get ready. Again you don’t want to do the minimum – you want to do the maximum

    So stretch yourself out and get ready to change your life and lives of everyone around you!

    Some of the sites from where you can pick up bitcoins
    1: For USA, Canada, UK – coinbase.com
    2: For Australia, Newzealand – Cointree.Com
    3: For India – zebpay.com, unopay.com
    4: For Philippines – Coins.ph
    5: For Singapore – Coinhako.com
    6: For Malaysia – Coins.my
    7: For Nigeria And Africa – nairaex.com
    8: For Dubai and rest of UAE – bitoasis.net
    9: For Rest of the world – localbitcoins.com

    Purchase bitcoins using credit card/debit card – cex.io, buy.bitcoin.com

    Lets start taking massive action now, get your bitcoin wallets funded and your teams wallet also to pick up as many adscash as possible on launch and get ready to lead from the front this march of time, and financial freedom leveraging ethereum blockchain based world’s first crypto currency dedicated for online advertising world

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson|Admin

  7. Admin|Update Post author

    So We Have Jumped By About 22 Million Websites In The Last 36 Hours Since We Went Live ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just goes to show what’s about to happen in next 30 days to 90 days

    With Over 1000+ people A Day Already Entering The System, We Will Easily Reach Our Goal Of 5000+ Users A Day In About 2 Weeks From Now And Can Foresee Over 100k+ People Joining The System In The Launch Period!

    This Will Ensure That We Are Able To Circualte Anywhere From 20 to 30 millions coins from Day 1 – ( the #1 factor to make a currency valuable is the circulation ) and this one reason alone should easily double the price of ads cash from its launch price of 2.5 cents to 5 to 10 cents in 30 days after launch!

    Overall the launch is running smoothly with here and there few expected technical bugs which will all be sorted out in the next 24-48 hours. With over 145,000+ People in the system and 1000+ people joining every day – over 40 people every 60 minutes – we have not gone down even for an hour and the site has not slowed down also

    This just goes to show you the level of tech expertise we have here. (Second Important factor to make the quality coin which will help further boost the prices)

    I vision all of leaders getting involved here future multi-millionaires. We already have people sending requests to pick over a million coins

    Imagine the numbers: If you purchase a million ads cash coins at launch price of 2.5 cents for about $25000 and we are able to take it to bare minimum price of $1 in the next 12 months – You are sitting on approx 1 million USD in less than 12 months

    What if this hits $5 = $5 million USD
    What if we hit $10 = $10 million USD
    What if we hit our target price of $25 in next 12-24 months = $25 million $$$$ for a investment of $25,000

    You can work out the numbers based on your risk taking capabilities

    I learned very early on in my life that people who take risks and go with the trends are the ones who make the most money in life

    Question is will you be that person?
    Keep thinking on it and then decide how many coins you are going to pick once we enter into launch phase

    I am not even counting here the referral and generation plan commissions here from 7 levels which will make people earing $1000-$10,000 a day right from launch day itself

    Just the start – see what happens next

    Nick Johnson

  8. Admin|Update Post author

    Over 1,450+ members in New Private VIP Facebook Group And Counting. If You Are Not Yet Added, Send me a message on my facebook wall and I will send you link


    Just finished testing personally databases on Staging Test servers and everything seems to work perfect. Database migration of over 143k+ members is complete into new Prelaunch System

    The Team View Section, Referral Links, Dashboard Map showing team division into different countries, virtual income calculator and so much and so on

    Huge task achieved in a very short time frame by our lovely team. Big Shoutout to them

    Today being sunday, we have limited staff. Tomorrow once again everything will be tested finally and I am hopeful for a Tuesday/Wednesday kickoff of prelaunch and it will be a 30 day prelaunch followed with launch

    For All Existing CI Users, you don’t need to create any new account. Your current CI logins will work in new Prelaunch System. All Your Teams Will Be There

    Purchase Of New Crypto Coin will be enabled in about a week after we kick off prelaunch and prices will be regualted based on growth of prelaunch system which directly co-relates to coin distribution.

    More details on that will be revealed later this week. If I am you, I will start getting super busy connecting with my teams, friends, family and talking about new 24/7

    In addition to this I will place orders with solo ad vendors on udimi.com and get my traffic ready so moment referral links are out , I can start dominating the market. I will also start making youtube videos, blog articles and other marketing stuff to dominate the search engines when someone looks for new coin…

    Time for all round massive action. Tag everyone in your team to this post and share

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson CEO

    P.S Over 1,450+ members in New Private VIP Facebook Group And Counting. If You Are Not Yet Added, Send me a message on my facebook wall and I will send you link

  9. Admin|Update Post author

    ** Best News Ever For All Click Intensity Family **

    We Successfully Managed to Convince Our Board Of Investors In This New Upcoming Crypto Coin To Give A Special Advantage To All Existing Click Intensity Users And After A Full Day Meeting, Here Are Two Things Which Have Been Decided On

    1) All Click Intensity Users Will Get 100 Free Coins By Default In The New Launch And With Pricing Expected to touch $10 in next 12 months, that’s virtually $1000 in every CI member’s account

    2) This is BIG: you will be able to purchase this new crypto coin at launch price of 2.5 cents a coin using your gold coin balance in CI wallets

    With the kind of userbase we already have and the kind of momentum we are building towards this new launch, we will easily hit 200,000 fresh signups into new launch + old CI database of 150,000+ users. Which essentially means now we will have over 35 million coins in circulation from Day 1 and also now with people able to purchase this new coin with their gold coins balance, I am sure we will sell out millions of coins more and we can easily hit 100 million coins in circualtion just in 30 days of prelaunch

    This will easily raise the price of the coin from 2.5 cents a coin launch price to 0.25 cents to 0.50 cents just within launch and then easy to a $1 in 90 days of launch and then up to $10-$25 in 12 months thereafter to 24 months

    Get ready for a ride of your lifetime CI family. So happy and excited for all of you

    I always talk about CI for life and believe in the power of not giving up. When the whole world turned against us, payment processors blocked us, our corporate employees cheated the system, our ex-admins spread all kinds of false rumours – all we did was stay grounded, and keep burning the midnight oil, and keep working on our vision, and now I can see that vision clearly becoming true I can see people clearly becoming millionaires in front of my eyes now in next 12-24 months

    Go and share this Fb post with all your CI teams – tag everyone here and call everyone in your CI team and let them know whats coming and how they will be able to purchase new crypto coin using their gold coin balance

    Lets create massive momentum and make every other launch in market place look small in front of this

    Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson

  10. Admin|Update Post author

    About to cross over 600 members in our brand new facebook group for the new launch in last 24 hours or so! This is hyper engaged super positive people. We have not yet done any email blasts to corporate email databases and company wide. If you still cannot sense momentum, I don’t know what to say

    World’s First Ethereum Blockchain Based Smart Currency About To Get Launched Dedicated For Online Advertising World!

    Over 25 million to 50 millions coins will be circulated in the next 30 days or so! Readymade products and companies where the coin will be used as a smart contract

    Launch price of the coin = 2.5 cents per coin
    Potential Pricing In next 90 days – 0.50 cents to a $1 per coin
    Potential Pricing In Next 12 months = $10 per coin or more

    Old CI leaders coming back!
    New Leaders joining Hands!
    Promotions have Already started!

    I can clearly see the future here
    I can clearly see people becoming millionaires and multi-millionaires
    I can clearly see all old CI withdrawls being taken care of
    I can clearly see this coin being accepted by giants like Facebook And Google also as a preferred mode of payment
    I can clearly see events worldwide with 1000-10000 people filling stadiums and promoting this new coin which will change the advertising world for ever upside down!

    I have already posted full concept presentation in the new secret facebook group where all other juicy details are being revealed If you have not been added there yet, comment below (in the C.I. facebook group) saying “ADD Me”, and me or one of the group admins will PM you with the links

    Inside the group we have action tasks for you already which you can start implementing and start building your teams also

    See you all on top

    Nick Johnson

  11. Admin|Update Post author

    So Content Team has Just Finished Working on 16 Slides For The Concept Presentation And They Are Looking Brilliant

    Here Are 3 Sample Slides

    The Whole Goal of The Concept Presentation Will be To Presell The Concept Of Upcoming Coin Automatically To your Teams And Prospects and hence helping you guys/gals build teams fast and on autopilot

    Apart from that the vision is just getting more and more exciting. Think about the size of the online advertising market – trillions of $$$. We will be world’s first crypto currency dedicated to online advertising niche

    Launch price of the coin will be 2.5 cents same as price of current gold coin

    With our contacts in place , we should be able to take this to 0.50 cents to a $1 easily in next 90 days and $10 in next 12 months
    CI current database is 140k+ and each member will get free 100 coins in the beginning i.e almost $1000 in potential income in just 12 months just for holding the coins

    Along with that, every new person who will pre-enroll in the prelaunch starting this comning week – will get 100 free coins. This marketing pitch in itself is unbeatable and will go viral. We should easily be able to hit 300k-500k members in prelaunch which means about 30 million to 50 million coins in circualtion from day 1 when we launch

    How many coins do you know which started with a circultion of 50 million coins? Not even bitcoin. We might not be able to beat bitcoin but for sure we can and we will the next big currency after bitcoins

    My vision is to take this coin to $100 per coin minimum in next 24 months and in the process make all current CI members millionaires and multi millionaires

    We have top leaders coming on board with us everyday. Old CI leaders are coming back seeing the vision of This. This is something big , something massive which has never done before and we have an unfair advantage

    Lets get our heads right, focus as one unit in one direction for the same purpose which is ultime financial freedom for everyone involved in the pioneer stage and retire young and retire rich by leveraging this crypto currency boom

    Together we can do it

    Nick Johnson

  12. Admin|Update Post author

    Main Website Content Work Done!

    Final Edits On Concept Presentation Happening So It Will Be A Breeze For All of You To Sell This Upcoming Launch And The Concept!

    I know It’s taking time but anything worth its weight does!

    We are ensure high standards of quality and ensuring everything to perfection before we press the GO button

    Get ready for the ride of your life

  13. Admin|Update Post author

    Latest Launch Update

    Banners Coming Along Nicely!

    Whole corporate team here is so excited and pumped up about this new mega launch which will change the online advertising industry for ever!

    Launch of world’s first Ethereum Smart Contract Based Ad Crypto Coin which will make the advertising industry completely transparent and connect advertisers with publishes across the globe!

    Few more days and we will start the pre enrollments!

    Those of you who have build massive teams in CI before , will have a great head start (as long as you can get your groups together) to start crushing this prelaunch from day 1

    The efforts which you will put for 30 days once we start prelaunch – will help you build a team 10x bigger than even CI and change your financial future for ever!

    Prelaunch’es if done right can be great for earning a lot of money in a short time of frame and CI team has executed one of the biggest prelaunches earlier already successfully

    So you know it will happen again

    We have leaders from 20 countries ready to push this hard now as they are excited with the massive billion $$$ vision

    Our team estimates that this coin will hit $1 from 1 cent in next 12 months and easily $10 in next 24 months

    Our corporate team is already in talks with giants like google , pinterest and other companies to start aceepting this coin as alternative payment currency and things are looking positive so far.

    Some smaller vendors are already on board and within 90 days of launch , you wil see at least 10-20 advertising companies which will already start aceepting this coin and that alone will hack the price of coin from 1 cent launch price to minimum 10 cents and giving members a chance to 10x their money in short time

    What you have seen till now was nothing , what you will see now is going to be beyond your wildest imaginations

    So get ready my friends – lets blow this up

    Lets do it

    Nick Johnson CEO

  14. Admin|Update Post author

    Current Update:

    Just wanted to give you guys a insider peek on how a prelaunch is executed by dividing the whole task into mini steps and then executing them

    Here is how the new launch is going so far

    1.Signup Page Step-1 and Step-2 (Done)

    2.Login Page (Done)

    3. Email Verification(Done)

    4. Lost your Password(Done)

    5.Referral Campaign page (Done)

    6.Social page theme on going(Once done we choose the best one)


    Preparing FAQ & Sales pitch

    Working with exchange

    8.Order History(Working on Process)

    And So On !

    Few More Days And I Guess We Will Be Good To Go Live !

    Be Ready And Get Your teams Ready!

    The work you put in over the course of next 30 days or so can make 2017 your best financial year ever

    For those of you who build teams in CI, you will have a massive headstart as all your teams will be migrated with you in the new launch, and hence you can start generating massive commissions from day 1

    Lets do it

    Tag everyone in your team to this post and share it

    Nick Johnson|Admin

  15. Admin|Update Post author

    Last 24 Hours Progress Update

    Design team:
    2.Order history (Done)

    Content Team:
    Working on Term & condition, Website content (In process)

    Support Team:
    R&D more about cryptocoin that helps to prepare with all doubt.
    Working with exchange requirement(In process)
    Preparing FAQ & Sales pitch(In process)
    Tech team working on backend

    Development has been started and they have deployed basic working functionality at staging.

    Just keeping all of you in loop so you can keep all your teams in loop.

    Lets make this a multi-million $$$ launch. Together as one unit we can do it and make it happen.

    Nick Johnson|Admin

  16. Admin|Update Post author

    Another Progress Report, Plus Some Questions And Answers

    So Back Office Design Work Is Almost Done And Tech Team Is Working On Data Migration And API’s Etc!

    I will have the exact deadlines in next 48 hours

    I am positive for prelaunch to start middle of this coming week…

    We will be migrating over 140,000 members data and also getting servers ready for another 100k to 200k people to come in..

    This is a huge task in itself and needs lot of technical expertise and man hours

    Hence kindly be patient – I will only kickstart the prelaunch once everything is tested 10 times at the code level so that once the prelaunch kicks off, we are glitch free and we can add in collectively 100k to 200k or more fresh members and create million $$ launch and beyond and in process make everyone massive wealth

    Remember this: Online advertising industry is a trillion $$$ niche and crypto currency already in last 12-24 months is about $20 billion industry and growing…

    people have made millions as bitcoins went from few cents to over $900 a bitcoin now…

    Now what we are about to launch is world’s first ethereum smart contract based crypto currency dedicated for online advertising world which will make the world of advertising transparent i.e advertisers will only pay to publishers when a certain action is completed and not before the action and hence no chances of getting scammed with junk traffic or non delivery!

    Think about it – how many times you have send money to publishers in ad space only to get bad traffic or no traffic at all…

    happens all the time everyday all around the world

    Now with the launch of this smart contract – it changes for ever and we make online advertising industry great again!

    I personally believe that considering our 140k strong member base and technical expertise in the online advertising world , we will easily take this coin from 1 cent launch price to a $1 in next 90 days of launch alone and to $10 in next 12 months

    Our team is already in communication with many exchanges and we are hopeful to get it listed in exchanges also within 30-90 days of launch

    Side by side already 5 external companies in the online advertising world are ready to start accepting this coin from day 1

    So for those of you who will decide to focus on this and hit the prelaunch hard moment it starts for the next 30 days , you will have a ride of your lifetime and make wealth beyond your wildest dreams

    Now Here Are Answers to few of your questions which we are getting in emails…

    1.Is this a new company:

    yes this is a new company and totally separate entity

    2.Relation between this and CI:

    no relation except that people who build teams in CI will get a headstart as their teams will be carryforward here from day 1 of prelaunch

    3.What Happens To Old CI:

    It remains where it is and improves slowly…

    You keep on clicking the 10 ads there and keep on getitng gold coins as they are…

    4.What About Pending Withdrawls in CI:

    10 % of profits of new launch will go back in CI to clear old withdrawls!

    hence it is our collective responsibility to make this new launch as big as we can so more and more funds can be allocated for clearing of pending Ci withdrawls !

    Together we can do this and make CI great again along with a massive successful new launch

    Also our legal team is behind these payment processors and in about 90 days they will also start releasing the funds…

    5.What’s the name of this new company:

    Surprise Surprise – will be revealed in few day from now! Let the excitement build up

    6.What should I do from now till prelaunch starts:

    call everyone in your team in CI , mail everyone , message everyone – get them pumped up about this new launch and share my email with everyone in your team and tag them here

    Key is that everyone in your team needs to be with you in this new launch

    The bigger the better as you will have more and more leverage, and you will build a bigger team faster in the new launch

    If any more questions – feel free to ask in the comments below

    Tag and share this post

    Lets get ready for a billion $$$ run and change the online advertising industry for ever !

    – Thanks And Regards
    Nick Johnson

  17. Admin|Update Post author

    Excited For This Coming Week – Tons Of Stuff Happening Behind The Scenes!

    I am looking for prelaunch to kick off towards the end of this coming week!

    Tech teams are working 24/7 and so is concept and design team. Lets make this prelaunch even bigger than CI prelaunch. Together as one unit we can

    I am already getting multiple requests everyday from leaders globally who are already ready with their troops to get behind this massive massive prelaunch of world’s first ethereum block chain based smart contract coin which will change the way online advertising industry works

    Our first goal is to make the prelaunch massive, then roll out the coin internally where members can come in early and then take it within 90 days to exchange and help members multiply their profits 10x to 100x… Lets do it!

    Also the bigger is the launch , more will be the profits which will go back in CI to improve it and clear old pending withdrawls while our lawyers are on the job to recover funds from payment processors…

    So all I ask is your support and your efforts in this brand new launch

    Lets Make CI Great Again

    CI for life

    Nick Johnson|Admin

  18. Admin|Update Post author

    *** Most Important Update In History Of Click Intensity ***

    – So Now Finally After Hours And Hours Of Brainstorming with core management team and board of directors Here in Hongkong , I have some concrete data to share with you lovely folks here in CI family on what’s coming!

    I am happy to announce that shortly in the next 1-2 weeks we will start the prelaunch of world’s first Secure and Decentralized Ethereum Blockchain based Crypto Currency for advertising world…

    With our current member base of over 142,000 members and awesome advertising products such as Facebook shares, Facebook Likes, Email Solo Ads, Text Ad Exchange Ads, Login ads and many more coming, this will be really first time that a Crypto coin in prelaunch will have such a major userbase already ready!

    Think about it this way – 140,000 members promoting it and another 200k joining this in prelaunch, by the time we will reach launch time (tentatively scheduled around 1st March) we would be somewhere in the range of 300k to 400k users right from day 1 and readymade advertising products where the coin can be used

    What Bitcoin Is to the finance world, will be This Advertising Coin to the Online Advertising.

    Bitcoin went from 0.01 cents 8 years back to now over $900 per bitcoin… Imagine if we even do 1/10th of that in the next 12-24 months and go from few cents to even $100 considering online advertising is a trillion dollar market…

    This coin is being build as we speak right now on ethereum block chain which is already the backbone of major smart contracts happening around the world in real estate niche, insurance niche and many other places…

    The way this advertising smart contract will work will be that advertising coins will be released only when a advertisers starts delivering results to customers…

    Imagine you ordering a solo ad of 500 clicks and doing a money transfer and then the seller scamming you and running away… Now with our ethereum block chain based ads coin – this will be a thing of the past as coins == money will be released to advertisers only once they start delivering clicks / views or whatever actions you have choosen and hence making it a fareplay…

    Hope you guys getting the big picture already and can see what me and CI management board is seeing… With a trillion $$ advertising market and our strong member base and products ready to leverage the coin from Day 1, we can cause major dramatic shift in the online advertising space…

    Our corporate marketing teams have already started the process of negotation wit major online advertising players to start accepting this coin and by the launch you will be surprised with the number of players coming on board

    For those of you who have stayed with CI through thick and thin, this will present an amazing window of opportunity which If you properly utilize will retire you rich for generations to come… Especially during the prelaunch

    I expect your referral links to be ready in about 7 days from now approx, so you can start building your teams in prelaunch for free. All your existing genealogy (teams) from Click Intensity will be transferred as it is in this new prelaunch and hence for those of you who have build big teams in Ci so far, will have a headstart provided you choose to promote this and take advantage of the prelaunch momentum

    Hope this explains to you what all we have been working behind the scenes and you can see our sincere efforts to kick off 2017 with big big stuff…

    More updates in coming days…

    Nick Johnson|Admin

    P.S Make sure to tag everyone on your teams to this post so that they are ready for what’s coming and are in the loop… Comment below and let me know your thoughts also and if you are ready and also share this post on your (facebook) wall…

    P.S.S 10 % of the profits from this brand new launch will also go in stabilizing the old CI platform and taking care of withdrawls while our legal team is working with payment processors to get the funds released in 90-180 days time window… Time for action guys/gals – Lets get busy

    What we will do collectively in the next 30-90 days will change the advertising world for ever and will also help all future advertising coin members plus existing CI members…

    I always believe in a do or die strategy when it comes to work and I promise you till the time I am alive , we will not let our billion $$ dream die and together will build things back up again and this time only 10x bigger or 100x bigger and better…

    Time for a new revolution

  19. Admin|Update Post author

    Just Finished Another 3 Hour Long Board Meeting With Our Finance Directors In Hongkong And Tech Teams And New Teams From The Finance And Ad Tech World!

    I strongly Believe that what we have coming in next few weeks will change the game of online advertising for ever!

    Not only will it bring CI back to the glory days like we were destined to be in, it will also help leaders who have stood with CI in thick and thin retire rich for ever!

    While there were some who jumped ship when the going got tough, while there were some who started showing their true colors by cross recruiting CI affiliates into their MLM ponzi deals using CI negativity as a bait, there were some who still believed in us

    Who still believed in the vision

    Who still believed in the billion $$$ dream

    Who Still have no hesitancy in saying CI for life

    I would like to take this moment to appreciate those leaders and all of you who are still with us till date and believing in us!

    Rest assured future is bright and in next few weeks you would be shocked to see what CI has in store for all of you

    A Little bit more patience and faith is all I ask and together we will take this to a billion $$$ company

    CI for life

    Nick Johnson CEO

    P.S From Now On We will also be taking a zero negativity approach and any one posting anything negative will be immediately banned from CI group, will be blocked from my FB wall, and if repeated attempts continue – his/her id Click intensity id will be blocked

    Going forward in no way we will let anyone damage reputation of the company and spread any thing negative in the group or anywhere

    Either you are with us or not with us – That’s about it

    I will though need help of all of you awesome people in this as together we want to create an atmosphere where only positivity breeds in so that in new launch the reveneue share is sky high and we all change our lives and lives of millions for ever!

    P.S.S We released our mobile app yesterday in Google Play store. Make sure to download it so you can operate your CI business on the go

    Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.org.clickintensity

  20. Admin|Update Post author

    I Just Finished A 3 Hour Video Conference Call With Our Partners And Directors Around The World And Heads of Our Customer Service And Tech Team!

    What We Are About to Launch Starting First Week of January Will be A Game Changer In Online Advertising Industry And Will Potentially Give each one of you who are still active with Click Intensity and have shown faith even during tough times a chance to 10x or even 100x their money.

    Even though their are many others who will leave no stone unturned trying to prove that we are done and out and make all sorts of videos with false information and trying to pollute your minds and then cross recruit you into another MLM deals they are promoting , I strongly urge you to stay focused and keep building Click Intensity.

    We are very much still here and we will always be here.

    When I created this company, I had the vision to be a billion $$$ company and be around for generations to come and I strongly believe with what we have up next in store will make that billion $$$ vision come true and make these current state of issues look like peanuts.

    January will be an exicting month Click Intensity Family. So Buckle up and be ready for my next post in next few days.

    Till then have a fabulous 31st December, enjoy with your loved ones and lets make it big in 2017.

    Nick Johnson CEO

  21. Admin|Update Post author

    Happy Monday everyone!!

    Today is day 12 of the CI family Push Challenge!

    Persistence, Patience, Perseverance.

    What do these words have to do with the success of your business?

    Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

  22. Admin|Update Post author


    I am working non stop right now with tech and accounting team to ensure that we are ready for next phase of growth here in CI and i.e to grow from 100,000 members to 200,000 members in next 90 days

    Here is what you can expect in this coming week….

    1) Withdrawls In Crypto Currencies Will Start Using Crypto API’s

    We will start with bitcoin withdrawls and later on add withdrawls using other crypto currencies such as ether, dash, etc

    This will be way forward as managing Crypto Based Api’s are much more easier than dealing with merchant accounts like Payza , Paypal , STP who can prove to be a nightmare when it comes to releasing funds and withdrawls…….

    We also realized that some of our users have been having issues with advcash as they ran out of balance with bitcoins and hence creating unnecessary issues for users..

    So we will be clearing out existing balance in advcash one by one slowly but all new withdrawl requests will be made using Crypto API’s

    Note : Kindly don’t send any cancellation requests as they will not be honoured..

    once we streamline the new withdrawls using Crypto Api’s, we will get back to clearing all old withdrawls one by one …..

    This will systemize and streamline everything..

    2) Our tech team is working tirelessly to launch our next product in line which is FB Likes

    Advertisers will be able to buy targetted FB likes to their FB fan pages at peanuts of a cost

    Our beta launch of FB shares has been highly successful and the feedback from our advertisers is very very encouraging…

    Some of our advertisers are spending already $500-$1000 a day in ad spend already and increasing everyday

    Will like to encourage all of you to focus on advertisinfg product sales also as it is straight 10% referral commissions to you and another 5% on 7 levels… A product like FB share is non existent in the biz opp world and if all of you start showing the demo of the product to your contacts / connections in the biz opp world , you all will end up increasing your referral commissions alone by few thousand $$ every month

    3) Also in next 7 -14 days hourly login ads product will also go live which will enable you and your advertisers to buy login ads on a hourly basis inside Click Intensity

    4) Once we are done with successful launch of these 2 products and implemention of crypto payout API’s, we will be moving towards launch of Banner ads and PPC ads..

    So yes we will finish 2016 with a bang and enter 2017 strong…

    Lots of new stuff in line…

    As I always say, keep doing what you are supposed to do i.e clicking your 10 ad daily, repurchasing till you hit 4000 ad packs and sharing the message of Ci with the world and we will do what we are supposed to do

    Nick Johnson
    CEO – ClickIntensity.Com

    P.S Apologies on the delay when it comes to withdrawl requests

    We are initially hoping to speed it up by 15th of this month but becuase of my unexpected ill health, it got delayed

    I am recovering fast now and will do whatever it takes to get it on full speed

    Lets have a big 2016 and 2017

  23. Admin|Update Post author

    We just launched yesterday a brand new product Called “Email Solo Ads To CI’s Email Database” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Already our support team is getting a lot of enquiries from leaders and our corporate connections!

    Think about it – what can one solo ad to our highly targetted list of 115k + reps can mean for any business?

    Customer is looking at 10k – 15k opens and 1k-2k clicks to his offer…

    Not just any clicks but clicks from active distributors of a company…

    The quality of this traffic is atleast 10x higher as compared to the traffic which you get from normal everyday cheap solo ads…

    With this product launch , I anticipate Internet Marketers, network marketers, real estate and forex consultants and similar niche people to be able to grow their business at twice the speed…

    This is just the beginning…

    Imagine how much quality leads we can deliever to our customers when we cross a million members and beyond…

    Just the start… Best is yet to come. Next week is another exciting product launch – Stay Tuned

    – Nick Johnson, CEO

    P.S This product like all our other products pays 15 % commissions across 7 levels.

  24. Admin|Update Post author

    I just got my paypal account back and approved for high limits – So Temporary If you Or Your Team mate wants to pay using paypal for their credit packs , here is what you need to do :

    1) Open this link – paypal.me/mlmguruankur

    2) Enter the amount in USD (make sure to cover 5 % paypal fees) and complete the payment).

    3) Once you complete the payment – send the payment recpt to training@mlmguruankur.com and also mention your CI email address where I can transfer gold coins and number of packs you paid for .

    4) Kindly be patient for 24-48 hours and gold coins will be transferred to your account once my assistant verifies the payment

    P.S You can also do the same for your teams if you have a paypal account so its nothing like I am getting extra special treatment here or anything…

    P.S.S This won’t work for India as My Paypal account is India based and paypal to paypal transfer in India not allowed…Will Work for rest of the world

    Just extending my services to help you all grow with Click Intensity.

    -Ankur Agarwal

  25. Admin|Update Post author

    Wanted to Give An Update On What’s Going On Behind The Scenes, And Where We Should Be In About 90 Days From Now ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) KYC Process is smoothened out now as expected and we have enough trained reps to handle the demand and approvals are happening fast in normally 72 hour window which in my expierence is pretty good.

    2) Withdrawls are 100 % manual now and as strongly advised by our IT, legal and accounting team , we are not going back to automatic withdrawls as that does creates loopholes which can be expolited by hackers no matter how tight our security systems are…

    Hence in interest of everyone and looking at the long term future of Click Intensity ,
    we have decided on all manual withdrawls..

    Even big big payment processors like Payza , STP etc have all manual withdrawls and an average processing time of 72 hours and we are going to follow the same industry standards as we want to be around for you guys for next 5-10-20 years and possibly more….

    3) The Limits of $100/day withdrawls will be in effect for about 60 more days till the time we are able to introduce more staff for manual verifications, improve the code even more and implement strict restrictions so that CI is bullet proof for ever .

    Your patience in this is highly appreciated.

    4) Next whole Month of September will be all about Product launches and we are gearing up towards launching our much anticipated Facebook Shares And Facebook Likes Product , Banner Ads product, Login Ads Product , Email Ads Product And Tons Of Other Good Stuff .

    5) After bagging our first major corporate advertising account with Dubai Based Billion $$$ real estate company , we are closed to finalizing deals with 2-3 more major corporate players in real estate and tourism sector and hence in coming days and weeks you should see an increase in profit share even more…..

    While most revenue share companies which have started in last 120 days have shut their doors , we are just getting started ! Best is yet to come

    Next 90 days will be very exciting…

    Thanks, Nick Johnson, CEO


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