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Click Intensity

A RevShare Program, MLM, GPT (Get Paid To), plus you will receive High Quality Traffic!!
Lock Down your Totally Free Spot starting RIGHT NOW along with The KNOW HOW TEAM!

UPDATE: This Program Is No Longer In Business. We waited quite a while to give this admin time to fulfill his promises to refund the members funds, but all he has given is more excuses and more delays. Therefore, we have no choice but to now declare Click Intensity a scam.

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It is important for you to respond as soon as possible, because time is of the essence with this.

We here at Know How To Earn literally just got this program information today (this morning).

(Lock in Your Spot at ZERO Cost) This New PASSIVE Revenue Share System builds your downline on autopilot.

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This business is literally exploding, and it’s in pre-launch.

I am sure there will be six and seven figure earners by the time we launch!! Do you want to be one of them?

Launch date is Wednesday March 16, 2016 and securing a spot NOW with The KNOW HOW TEAM could really pay HUGE dividends this year!!

5 Ways To Get Paid: C.I. Concept Presentation Document    Communication Head: Tara Tish

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

–> It’s an “easy-to-operate” program!
–> You get paid daily, like clockwork!
–> It’s fully automated & easy to duplicate!

The industry’s first revenue share program which pays you 7-Levels Deep (MLM). And… the system does all your follow-up and closes sales for you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!!

Admin: Nick Johnson … Payment Processors: STP, Payza, Bank Wire, Payeer, and Credit Card

=> Start Your FREE Home Business and you will Get 100% RCB with us: The Know How Team 🙂

Disclaimer: We can’t make any specific program guarantees, but everything looks good, so far.

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  1. Admin|Update

    Just Finished Processing over $20,000 In Payouts For Last 24 Hours. Things going next level. 100 % people making money every 30 minutes 48 times daily. Think about it – Can it get easier than this? You have more than enough social proof in the FB group itself now Leverage it and get busy marketing

    This last week was super awesome with tons of cool tech updates like
    a) Additional reports in your my ewallet section
    b) Improved text Ad Exchange
    c) Video Landing Pages Going live
    d) My Frontline Feature Going Live so now you can access contact details of your frontlines and call and welcome them
    e) Member to member messaging feature working
    f) Dashboard map stats working 100 % correctly now so you can point your mouse in any part of the world and see how many team mates you have
    g) Lots of reports in admin section to help finance team have a close eye on all money flowing in and out and making sure system is 100 % safe and secure and hack proof

    This coming week and following week after that we are working on
    1) Main Corporate Website with referral links
    2) Silver Packs Expiry Status
    3) Gold Coin Wallet section showing how much you are making exactly in referral commissions and how much revenue shares and total figures….
    4) More Payment Processor integrations And Faster payouts in case of bitcoins also…. Our current Process time for advcash requests is around 24-48 hours and Bitcoins is around 48-96 hours
    5) Launching Our advertising products such as banner ads, popup ads and login ads…..

    As I Say always , all we focus on is daily consistenty improvements to take this baby to a billion $$$ in next couple of years and in the process create 100 millionaires and 1000’s of five and six figure earners

    And To acheive this goal all we need you to do is simple 3 things daily
    1) Buy More packs everyday
    2) Click your 10 ads everyday
    3) Refer More People !

    Thats It and together we all will win. We will be touching 90,000 members now in no time and alexa rankings of top 15,000. I am already getting excited for next phase of growth which is 90,000 to 200,000 members and top 5,000 in alexa rankings…..

    Lets make it happen CI family

    Thanks, Nick Johnson-CEO

    P.S Are you plugging yourself and your teams into Daily Morning Motivation Calls with our Head Of Communications Tara Mish? Here is the weblink to participate Monday To Friday At 10 AM US C.S.T Time

  2. Admin|Update

    Video Update: Your Mind, Life, and Business
    Being in control of your mind (what goes in) changes your mind set. If you want an extraordinary life you have to have an extraordinary psychology!

    So here is how to start that change and shift into your best self and be in control. (Guard your cup!)

    Tara Mish, Head Of Communications

  3. Admin

    An Update From The CEO
    Was just checking our Corporate Email Follow Up Sequence And Realized That We already have follow up email sequence for about 70 days in place already

    Which essentially means all your teams ( free / paid ) keep getting emails from corporate on a scheduled basis telling them about various aspects of the business , training them on autopilot for you and even selling for you

    The #1 focus each one of you should have in this business is to drive 10-20 free referrals a day by advertising your links everywhere

    Send messages to everyone you know, advertise in your local newspapers, talk to 10 new people a day on facebook, message few people, post in groups, buy traffic, make daily youtube videos, distribute visiting cards, place online banner ads, fb ads, google ads etc etc – do whatever it takes but focus on getting 10 free referrals a day

    And Trust me from there the process will take over and we will convert your free members into paid members , We will train for you on autopilot via daily emails, daily calls, weekly webinars etc…… Lets get busy and productive

    In Next phase of marketing campaign optimizations, we are already working on teaser videos in more languages, more dynamic email sequences which are behaviour based, Welcome calls to your new signups, more email notifications both when a commission is based and when a commission is lost so your people automatically move to new levels etc etc

    Stay tight and keep making it happen CI Family. Super proud of all of you and excited for the future……

    This week lot of tech optimizations have already happened such as member messaging system has improved, my frontline system, revenue share system improvement and much more..

    Next week will be even better with many new optimizations going live… What a ride we are having.. Loving every minute of it

    Thanks, Nick Johnson-CEO

  4. Admin

    Wake up and see that you are REALLY able to do with this awesome business we call CLICK INTENSITY!!

    You can systematically create the future you dream of!!
    ==>> Here’s How –

    Tara Mish
    Head Of Communications – Click Intensity

    P.S Everyday Monday To Friday I Do Morning Motivation Calls Where You And Your Team Needs To get Plugged into…..

    Timings : 10 AM C.S.T US Time
    Link To Participate :

  5. Admin

    Update: Dashboard Stats
    Have You Recently Noticed The Dashboard stats map yet ? Earlier it was showing wrong figures but now its accurate and shows how many teammates you have each country .

    That way you and your teams can plan your offline tours/meetups etc Daily 1 % improvement ?

    Nick Johnson
    CEO – Click Intensity

    P.S Are you plugging yourself and your teams into Daily Morning Motivation Calls with our Head Of Communications Tara Mish ?

    Here is the weblink to participate Monday To Friday At 10 AM US C.S.T Time

  6. Admin

    Update: Top 30 Success Tips

    In today’s video I want to cover with you top 30 tips for success in life and in Click Intensity business.

    Here they are:

    Let me know your feedback in the comments section

    Thanks, Tara Mish

  7. Admin

    Update On Few Things:
    1.The Existing rev share issue is a tech glitch and not a rev share glitch as such……….It should be ok in next 48 hours or so approx……….

    I know it has taken longer than expected to sort out but that’s how technology is…….UNPREDICTABLE

    Will give an update as soon as it is done…. Till then lodging tickets on the same issue won’t help anyone ….So kindly have patience

    2.Other things being worked on this week are My Frontlines And Member messaging system and should be done in next couple of days too……

    3.Next in line are credit pack expiry statistics and email notifications for every activity in the system

    We have crossed over 85,000 Members in the system now and we are just a 40 day old company

    With such massive growth , comes massive challenges which we don’t anticipate and trust me we are doing our best to streamline everything as soon as we can as fast as we can !

    Our banking is almost sorted out right now which is a great thing and tech is where our entire focus is for the month of May …….

    With Top leaders from around the world joining us daily and alexa rankings of top 19,000 sites globally now , future looks promising….

    Lets build this big and take this baby together to a billion $$$

  8. Admin

    Big Update:
    Paypal Purchase Limits For Silver Packs increased from $50/day to $100/Day Now i.e now you can purchase 4 silver packs once every 24 hours using paypal Hope this helps

    Nick Johnson
    CEO – Click Intensity

    P.S Also on optimization side today our tech crew managed to optimize the my wallet pages by applying pagination i.e entries distributed across various pages and hence my wallet section will load much faster

    P.S.S Payza issues are almost sorted out and they will be back up sometime later this week

  9. Admin

    Guys Very Important Update
    We have disabled Purchase of gold coins using paypal and instead now allowed purchase of silver packs directly using paypal. This saves you time and hastle of purchasing first gold coins and then purchasing silver packs..

    Now you can directly purchase silver packs using paypal

    Also it makes sure that we keep the fraudsters away from the system who were making a purchase in paypal – get gold coins – then place a withdrawl request in advcash and then placing a refund request in paypal… Lol

    CI always thinks 10 steps further when it comes to ensuring the safety of money and adopting strict measures for fraud prevention and at the same time making system more and more simple and user friendly for everyone..

    Hope it helps
    Thanks, Nick

  10. Admin

    C.I. Updates
    1) Most Of Pending Advcash Withdrawl Requests Have Been Processed and for next few weeks as we are monitoring the withdrawl requests very closely – All Advcash requests will be processed once a day

    2) Few of the requests are still under review as we have deployed a new fraud monitoring team whose daily job is to pick up randomly few withdrawl requests which have a unusal pattern and ensure that everything is ok by looking inside user’s my wallet history , purchase records , rev share records etc etc…

    Just a usual random check which helps us keep the system secure and safe for long term

    3) Bitcoin requests will keep on getting processed once every 24-48 hours as always

    4) Today we added 4 more direct links to purchase gold coins

    i.e Ok Pay , Paxum , Ecoin , EXMO

    This will help you further speed up your business as more payment flexibility means more sales and more commissions for everyone

    5) Few other things which tech team is working on right now are

    a) separate section in my team section which shows your frontlines separately and you having an ability to download all contact info of all your direct recruits

    b) Optimization of ad exchange – currently when you click multple ads together , multiple window opens which can lead to user trying to watch multiple ads at once..

    Very shortly this will be a single pop up and you can only move to next window once you have finished watching the first ad. Hope this helps

    Keep making it happen
    Thanks Nick Johnson

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